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November 30, 1984 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 1984-11-30
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DePalma calls this ". . . the most erotic, surprising, about on an odyssey to return it. (Movies at Briar- novel of one ma
F and thrilling movie I know how to make." Movies at wood Mall; 769-8780). Murray pulls ofi
I Briarwood, Briarwood Mall; 769-8780) fort to bring life
CHOS ME A% KARATE KID goes a bit too f
Latest film by Robert Altman disciple Alan Philosophy and a little martial arts ass kicking in a Village; 769-130(
Rudolph. Stars Keith Carradine and Genevieve mildly amusing adolescent Rocky. (Wayside, 3020 A SOLDIER'S S
U Bujold. (Ann Arbor Theaters, 231S. Fifth; 761-9700) Washtenaw; 434-1782) A tale of hati
A contemporary story of the hardships facing a Diane Keaton, as a luckless Jewison, the di
ALL OF ME modern rural family. Starring Sam Shepard (who American actress recruited by the Israeli intelligen- and starring H
Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin find their souls supposedly put his two cents in during scripting) and ce as a double agent, may not know quite what she's Briarwood, Bri
sharing the same body in still another Martin Jessica Lange. (Movies at Briarwood, Briarwood supposed to do, but still passses off enough of her gif-
collaboration with writer/director Carl Reiner that Mall; 769-8780). ted emotional intensity to make her role worth wat- TEACHERS
has been getting surprisingly good reviews (con- CRIMESOF PASSION ching. (Movies at Briarwood, '769-8780). Jo Beth Willis
sidering their track record together) and a lot of Kahleen Turner and Anthony this lame come
business (State Theater, 231 S. State; 66-6264). Kale unradAtoy Perkins play two OH, GOD-YOU DEVIL city high schoo
sexual aberants who collide head on in this, Ken Celebrity relic George Burns reprises the role of 1300)
AMADEUS Russels most controversial film in sometime. (State God in this, the second inexplicable sequel to Oh,
Milos Forman (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Theater, 321S. State; 662-264) God. (StateTheater, 321 5. State; 662-6264) THE TERMINA
Ragtime) adapts the highly acclaimed Broadway Weightlifter
play about life and mysterious death of Wolfgang GHOSTBUSTERS Schwartzenegge
Amadeus Mozart. Choreography by Twila Tharp, Bill Murray is the sole redeeming element of this future on the p
music by...who else?" (Movies at Briarwood, Briar- big, expensive, but mostly boring comedy that PLACES IN THE HEART
"" g, Pe gDirector Robert Benton (Kramer vs. Kramer) we're lucky, Ar
wood Mall: 769-870) somehow became last summer's big hit. (Fox takes a nostalgic look back at the rural Texas of the struggle with I
AMERICAN DREAMER Village, 375 N. Maple; 769-1300) ostal il pe ualkTesonae (State Theater,
ped in a dubious romantic comedy. (Ann Arbor THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY redemption. With Sally Field and Scott Harris.
7619700) A movie with very good advance notices. A (Movies at Briarwood, Briarwood Mall; 769-8780) TERROR IN TH:
BODYTheater, DOUB210 S.L Fifth; 761-9700) careless pilot tosses an empty coke bottle from the B-movie alu
Brian DePama's latest, a murder mystery, mixes cockpit of his plane while flying above the South RAZOR'S EDGE Allen host this c
sensuality and cold thrills in still another per African Desert. The bushman who sees it plummet to Bill Murray makes his dramatic debut as the classic horror f
mutation of the standard Hitchcock formula. Earth takes it to be a lost token of the gods and sets restless Larry Darnell in Somerset Maugham s (Campus Theate
C A MAUtheir football team, the Wolverines, so how can
anyone miss this? A rhetorical question. (Alter-
native Action; MLB 4, 7 p.m., 9:30 p.m.)
F I LS 197)The director of Body Double cast Tom Smothers
and Orson Welles in this much earlier film. Perhaps
a better one than his most recent, too, because a little
0 spontaneity might be present here. Most likely s
4Plocation to find me tonight. (Hill Street Cinema; 1429
Hill, 7 p.m., 9 p.m.)
JULES AND JIM (Francois Truffaut, 1961)
THE GRADUATE (Mike Nichols, 1967) A combination of a love triangle and nostalgia as
When this shows, you know the end of the term is at Truffaut takes a romantic look at France before
hand. It makes for a good study break, as Dustin Hof- WW I, while Catherine has to choose between the two
fman falls in love with both Anne Bancroft and her title characters. French with subtitles. (Ann Arbor
daughter while Simon and Garfunkel sing in the Film Coop; MLB 3,7 p.m.)
background. Should be seen at least once. (Cinema SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER (Francois Truffaut,
Guild; Lorch Hall, 7 p.m., 9p.m.) 1960)
MAITRESSE (Barbet Schroeder, 1976) The second half of a double feature by the French
A thief plans on robbing someone, and falls in love filmmaker. Here, he takes a plot idea from a typical
instead. He then starts to wonder about his lover's mystery which involves a piano player hiding from
occupation, which involves leather, chains, and the his past and turns it into a look at an artist. French
like. Gerard Depardieu is the thief. French with sub- with subtitles. (Ann Arbor Film Coop; MLB 3, 8:45
titles (Cinema 2; Aud. A., 7 p.m., 9 p.m.) p.m.)
Werner Fassbinder, 1979) 1938) 4
The director of Berlin, Alexanderplatz takes a A screwball comedy which must have been left
brief look at a woman who claws her way to the top of over from last weekend, which had a ton of them.
German industry after World War II. German with James Stewart, Jean Arthur, and Lionel Barrymore
subtitles. (Ann Arbor Film Coop; MLB 3, 7 p.m., 9:15 are part of the cast of a look at a very strange New Woody Allen: Double Feature on Wednesday
p.m.) York family. From a Pulitzer Prize winning play.
COOL HAND LUKE (Stuart Rosenberg, 1967) (Cinema Guild; Lorch Hall, 7p.m., 9:15 p.m.) she finds herself able to turn into a panther, an an-
Paul Newman is Luke, sentenced to a chain gang GALLIPOLI (Peter Weir, 1981) cient tradition which seems to run in the family. '
after decapitating parking meters. His desire for My candidate for Weir's worst movie, but still wor- (University Club; U-Club, 7:10 p.m.)
freedom get him in trouble with guard George Ken- th seeing. There is nothing particularly wrong with MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS (Vincente Minnelli, 1944) JUST A GIGOL
nedy, who won an Oscar. (Mediatrics; Nat. Sci. the Mel Gibson vehicle. It is just that the movie is A musical featurg Judy Garland as she plays a Kim Novak a
Aud., 7 p.m.) another one about war that has nothing new to say, daughter in a longstanding St. Louis family. When main attractioi
AMERICAN GRAFFITI (George Lucas, 1973) leaving a certain emptiness at the film's core. she said "There's no place like home" in The Wizard Bowie. She is
An easy-going enjoyable look at adolescence in (Cinema 2; Aud. A., 7 p.m., 9 p.m.) of Oz, did she mean Kansas or Missouri, I wonder. baronial career
1962 by the Star Wars creator. Ron Howard, Richard BANANAS (Woody Allen, 1971) (Michigan Theater Foundation; Michigan Theater, army officer.
Dreyfuss and Cindy Williams all had early film roles A hilarious comedy as Allen picks up a South 4:30 p.m., 7 p.m., 9 p.m.) Theater Found
here. (Mediatrics; Nat. Sci. Aud., 9:30 p.m.) American country when he is on the rebound from SPIRAL STAIRCASE (Robert Siodmak, 1946) MERRY CHRI
THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (Jerry Lewis, 1963) Louise Lasser. One of the funniest things is trying to Ethel Barrymore stars in a forerunner to some Oshima 1963)
Besides directing, Lewis also takes the title role. figure out how Howard Cosell has more hair now more recent horror movies. A small town is Bowie'smost
Lacking much attraction normally, Lewis perfects a than he does in his cameo appearances here. terrorized by a killer, who decides a mute servant in an army offices
love potion. But when it wears out, Jerry is as unap- (Mediatrics; Nat. Sci. Aud., 7:30 p.m.) a spooky old house would make a nice next victim. Japanese POW
pealing to women as before. Oops. (Michigan ZELIG (Woody Allen, 1983) (Cinema Guild; Lrch Hall, 7p.m.)
Theater Foundation; Michigan Theater, 7 p.m.) Not quite as funny as Bananas, but the laughs are OUTWARD BOUND (Robert Milton, 1930) THE WAY WE i
THE KING OF COMEDY (Martin Scorsese, 1982) plentiful in this marvelously crafted mixture of new Another movie of mystery, this one with Leslie Barbara Stre
A much better film than people admitted, as Jerry and old footage that purports to be a documentary Howard, Douglas Fairbanks, and others. A mist- chas after R
Lewis is quite good as a Carson-like talk show host about a chameleon like man cured by Mia Farrow. A shrouded ocean-liner is the rendezvous point for g
who is idealized by a slightly crazed Robert De Niro, double-feature well worth seeing. (Mediatrics; Nat. number of people who decide they are dead, the ship Cinema; 1429 H
who wants to become the King of Comedy. Well wor- Sci. Aud., 9 p.m.) a kind of purgatory. (Cinema Guild; Lorch Hall, 8:40
th seeing, and who knows when the chance will next p.m.)
arise? (Michigan Theater Foundation; Michigan YIDDLE WITH HIS FIDDLE (J. Green, 1937)
Theater, 9 p.m.) Molly Picon is a fiddler who joins a very small
THE LAST DETAIL (Hal Ashby, 1973) 1 philharmonic. Yiddish with subtitles. (Hill Street
A Jack Nicholson twin-bill gets underway as he Cinema; 1429 Hill,7p.m.,9p.m.) A Pulitzer P
plays one of two sailors who are escorting Randy Glaspelli is ad
Quaid to a prison, and decide to give him a final few EVEN DWARFS STARTED SMALL (Werner Her- deals witha 191
nights on the town. (Alternative Action; MLB 4, 7:30 A most unusual film. The entire cast consists of Film Series; MI
CHINATOWN (Roman Polanski, 1974) dwarves and midgets, and the setting is a refor- THEGARDE
A depressing and brilliant privateeye movie as matory in which the inmates stage a revolt. German ALGERIAN SAHARA (OECA,1976) another woman
Jacki with subtitles. (Ann Arbor Film Coop; Aud. A, 7 ALERytiANg youAlAys wCantedtoknowhaboutmth
Jack Nicholson is hired by Faye Dunaway for a case Everything you always wanted to know about the pression. From
that grows and grows. Even though the ending is a HOW TASTY WAS MY LITTLE FRENCHMEN Sahara and its reclamation by new irrigation (Womens Studi
bit downbeat, the film is too good to miss, and an up- (Nelson Periera dos Santos, 1971) methods, but were afraid to ask. French, with FREE)
beat ending would be a sham. See it. (Alternative Ac- The twin-bill becomes a game of can you top this. A English dubbing. (Cinema Guild; Lorch Hall, 7 p.m., THE 16TH I
tion; MLB4,9:30p.m.) visitor from France gets captured by Indians in FREE) ANIMATION (1
Brazil, and finds out that the only way to get accep- Every year t
ted by them is to be eaten. The black comedy is rated animated
S A T U R© D, A Y spoken in both Tupi Indian dialect and French. For- ALGERIA: THE IMPOSSIBLE INDEPENDENCE no exception. T
tunately, there will be subtitles. (Ann Arbor Film (Troeller and Deffarge,1976) in animation; 0
Coop;Aud. A, 8:5P.M.) An evening of the North African Film Festival also Film Coop; Aud
RED DAWN (John Milius, 1984) CAT PEOPLE (Paul Schrader, 1982) has a look at development and modernization
When the Russians invade, some high-schoolers go The remake with Nastassia Kinski and Malcolm policies in Algeria. (Cinema Guild; Lorch Hall, 7
off to engage in guerilla war. They take the name of McDowell. As she becomes more sexually aware, p.m., FREE)

8 -Weekend/Friday,-November 30% 1984.* -~.a,~. .a------.-. .-'
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