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November 16, 1984 - Image 19

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The Michigan Daily, 1984-11-16
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DePalma calls this ". . . the most erotic, surprising, about on an odyssey to return it. (Movies at Briar- novel of o0
F and thrilling movie I know how to make." Movies at wood Mall; 769-8780). Murray pt
I I S Briarwood, Briarwood Mall; 769-8780) KARATE KIDforttbi
CHOOSE ME goes a bit
Latest film by Robert Altman disciple Alan Philosophy and a little martial arts ass kicking in a Village; 7
Rudolph. Stars Keith Carradine and Genevieve mildly amusing adolescent Rocy. (Wayside, 3020 A SOLDIE
Bujold. (Ann Arbor Theaters, 231 S. Fifth; 761-9700) Washtenaw; 434-1782) A tale o
1A contemporary story of the hardships facing a Diane Keaton, as a luckless Jewison,
ALL OF ME modern rural family. Starring Sam Shephard (who American actress recruited by the Israeli intelligen- and starr
Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin find their souls supposedly put his two cents in during scripting) and ce as a double agent, may not know quite what she's, Briarwoo(
sharing the same body in still another Martin Jessica Lange. (Movies at Briarwood, Briarwood supposed to do, but still passses off enough of her gif-
collaboration with writer/director Carl Reiner that Mall; 769-8780). ted emotional intensity to make her role worth wat- TEACHEE
has been getting surprisingly good reviews (con- CRIMES OF PASSION ching. (Movies at Briarwood, '769-8780), Jo Beth
sidering their track record together) and a lot of this lame 4
business (State Theater, 231S. State; 662-6264). Kahleen Turner and Anthony Perkins play two OH, GOD-YOU DEVIL city high
AMADEUSsexual aberants who collide head on in this, Ken Celebrity relic George Burns reprises the role of 1300)
AMADUS (Russes most controversial film in sometime. (State God in this, the second inexplicable sequel to Oh,
Milos Forman (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Theater, 321S.Sae 646)Gd SaeTetr 2S. State; 662-6264)
Ragtime) adapts the highly acclaimed Broadway God. (State Theater, 321 S. State; 662- ) THE TER
play about life and mysterious death of Wolfgang Weightli
AadesMzr.Coegapyb wl hr, GHOSTBUSTERS Schwartze
Amadeus Mozart. Choreography by Twis Tharp, Bill Murray is the sole redeeming element of this P C Ihwfre
music by...who else?" (Movies at Briarwood, Briar- big, expensive, but mostly boring comedy that PLACES IN THE HEART future on
wood Mall:7 -70 oeo eaels umrsbght Fx Director Robert Benton (Kramer vs. Kramer) we're luck
wod al: 61--470)somehow became last summer's big hit. (Fox takes a nostalgic look back at the rural Texas of the struggle wi
AMERICAN DREAMER Village, 375 N. Maple; 769-1300) 19k0s innastaleim look ing or e a l (State The
The fine talents, Conti and JoBeth Williams, trap-
ped in a dubious romantic comedy. (Ann Arbor THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY redemption. With Sally Field and Scott Harris.
Theater, 210 S. Fifth; 761-9700) A movie with very good advance notices. A (Movies at Briarwood, Briarwood Mall; 769-8780) TERROR I
BODY DOUBLE careless pilot tosses an empty coke bottle from the B-movie
Brian DePalma's latest, a murder mystery, mixes cockpit of his plane while flying above the South RAZOR'S EDGE Allen host t
sensuality and cold thrills in still another per- African Desert. The bushman who sees it plummet to Bill Murray makes his dramatic debut as the classic hor
mutation of the standard Hitchcock formula. Earth takes it to be a lost token of the gods and sets restless Larry Darnell in Somerset Maugham's (Campus Ti
THE PHILADELPHIA STORY (George Cukor,1940) the vacating. Altman does his version of Phillip
Also the second time for this second part of the Marlowe, and it is a funnier one with Elliott Gould.
double-feature. scripted by Ruth Gordon and Garson Worth seeing for Altman's experiment at keeping his
Kanin, it stars Hepburn, Cary Grant, and James camera constantly on the move. (Mediatrics, MLB 3,
Stewart. (Alternative Action; Nat. Sci. Aud., 9:30 7p.m.)
p.m.) VICTOR, VICTORIA (Blake Edwards, 1982)
TOM JONES (Tony Richardson, 1963) The second half of the twin-bill is the night's best
Many Oscars including Best Picture and Director film. Julie Andrews is a female singer who pretends
went to this lightly slapstick adaptation of the Henry to be a male who impersonates females. The
Fielding novel, which has Albert Finney in the title resulting comedy is hilarious, with a very good cast
role. (Cinema 2; MLB 3, 7p.m., 9:30 p.m.) which also includes Robert Preston and James Gar-
BLADE RUNNER (Ridley Scott, 1982) ner. The songs by Henry Mancini are also good.
TENDER MERCIES (Bruce Beresford, 1983) A very good movie, highlighted by an unusually Recommended. (Mediatrics; MLB 3,9 p.m.)
An excellent way to start of week of movie-going. well-envisioned idea of what the Los Angeles of the WARGAMES (John Badham, 1983)
Robert Duvall won the Best Actor Oscar for his per- future will look like. The film has to be seen more This would be the best film if it weren't for an en-
formance as a country singer who tries to turn his than once to notice everything. Harrison Ford stars. ding that is a bit too moralistic. Even with the en-
life around. The screenplay also won an Oscar. Both From a Philip K. Dick novel. Recommended. ding, the film is very entertaining, though. Matthew
were deserved. Highly recommended. (Alternative (Mediatrics; MLB 4, 7p.m., 9p.m.) Broderick is supreme as a high school student who
Action; MLB 4,7:30p.m., 9:15 p.m.) taps into a Defense computer and almost causes
WHEN THE MOUNTAINS TREMBLE (Pamela nuclear war. Dabney Coleman is also good. (Ann Ar-
Yates and Thomas Sigel, 1983) bor Film Coop; Lorch Hall, 7 p.m., 9 p.m.)
An Ann Arbor Premiere of a movie designed to go U
with El Nore, which the Coop showed last week. An
Indian peasant narrates a look at the civil war in Weekend will not publish for the week of the Rihar
Guatemala, which has caused so many to flee. There VERTIGO (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958) 23rd. The following listings apply for that Friday,
will be a panel discussion on the current situation in See Saturday's listing for details on the Hitchcock
Guatemala after the first showing. (Ann Arbor Film thriller. (Ann Arbor Film Coop; Aud. A., 7 p.m., 9:15 weekend.
Coop; Aud. A, 7 p.m., 9:30 p.m.) p.m.)
1976) The plot might not be much, but it really doesn'tmt
David Bowie once again descends upon Ann Arbor, matter. The main reason to see this adventure tale is MONTY PY
as he plays an alien looking for the water his people to see some work by Ray Harryhausen, the master of Gilliam and
need so badly, and then becomes overwhelmed by the stop-motion animation and assorted other special See Yester
Earth culture. (Cinema 2; Lorch Hall, 7 p.m., 9:30 effects tricks. (Michigan Theater Foundation; THE LION IN WINTER (Anthony Harvey, 19Y8) dation, Mich
p.m.) Michigan Theater, 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 7 p.m.) ' oTe good moWier(anth eyken8)fdrTIE ,BAND
DAY OF THE DOLPHIN (Mike Nichols, 1973) TELL ME A RIDDLE (Lee Grant, 1980) Some good movies are playing the weekend after TIME BANI
A vicious plot to use dolphins to assassinate the Lila Kedrova is a family matriarch who attempts Thanksgiving for those staying around. Katharine See yester
President is the centerpiece of this George C. Scott to become closer to he family before dying. The cast Hepburn won one of this movie's three Oscars for her dation; Mi
vehicle, with a Buck Henry screenplay. Better than also includes Melvyn Douglas and Brooke Adams. role in th y II historical drama that also stars BRINGING
the plot makes it seem, but not that much better. (Hill Street Cinema; 1429 Hill, 7 p.m., 9 p.m.) Peter O'Toole. (Cinema 2, Aud. A, 7 p.m., 9:30 p.m.) When son-
(Mediatrics; nat. Sci. Aud., 7p.m.) THE SEVENTH SEAL (Ingmar Bergman, 1956) NOTORIOUS (Alfred Hitchcock, 1946) this is a pe
PATTaNudnkfnnehf ,197,1970) THMaxEVENT S ELrIs rgm eCads in the Another well-received Hitchcock film. Cary Grant referring t
PATTN(rnlnchfnr190Ma von Sydow returns o from the Crusades i h persuades Ingrid Bergman to marry Claude Rains, Katharine Hi
A George C. Scott double feature concludes with a 14th Century and finds Europe dying of the black whorseads.Nid Bprgn o mrc ains, Katri no.
film that won Best Picture, and featured a Best Actor plague. He then plays a game of chess with the Devil, wo ud like to h infiltrated Wrien bynBnoo ML
in Scott, who played the World War II general, with a life at stake. Swedish with subtitles. (Cinema' Grant would like to have infiltrated. Written by Ben Coop; MLB
(Mediatrics; Nat. Sci. Aud., 9 p.m,) Guild; Lorch Hall, 7 p.m., 9 p.m.) Hecht. (Cinema Guild; Lorch Hall, 7 p.m.) SYLVIA SC
PRIVATE BENJAMIN (Howard Zieff, 198). THE 39 STEPS (Alfred Hitchcock, 1935) And I thoi.
Goldie Hawn got good notices for her role as a The third well-received Hitchcock film this week, was difficull
A_ TURD AY_ wealthy woman who decides to join the Army after and it is a goody. Robert Donat is the classic Hitch- again. She s
her husband dies on their wedding night. Arcomedy cock protagonist, an innocent man caught up in following G:
Uhersandies onb UtCeir, wedm nthings he doesn't know about. He has to figure out McKenzie ne
(University club; U-Club, 7 p.m.) what's going on, without being killed. Do see it. p.m.)
(Cinema Guild; Lorch Hall, 9 p.m.) DOUBLE W
VERTIGO (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958) A HISTORY OF THE BLUE MOVIE (Alex DeRenzy, William I
Another of the Hitchcock films now returning to 1970) screwball co
the screen after a long absence, many consider this 1'Do I really have to explain this? A blue movie is the feature of the
to be his best. I disagree. The story of James kind of thing which the State shows in one of its p.m.)
Stewart's following a woman he becomes obsessed theatres each weekend. History is what you find in THE KENN
with has too many holes. It is good, and I do recom- BERBER VILLAGES OF SOUTHERN TUNISIA Haven Hall. In other words, a look at stag films of the 1933)
mend it, but you will be disappointed it you expect a (Hallet, 1971) past. (Ann Arbor Film Coop; MLB 3,7 p.m.) The unifyi
masterpiece. (Ann Arbor Film Coop; Aud. A, 7 p.m., The relation between Islamic conquerors and The INSERTS (John Byrum, 1976) William Pow
9:15 p.m.) Berbers is illustrated by an examination of local A companion piece to the film immediately above. cem, who de
THE YEARLING (Clarence Brown, 1946) cave homes and grain storage facilities, as the North Richard Dreyfuss is a porno film director in the early which every
Gregory Peck and Jane Wyman star in a family African Film Festival continues. (Cinema Guild; depression years. This cult film has received an X- - Lorch Hall, 8
movie which tells of the attachment between a young Lorch Hall, 7 p.m., FREE) rating. (Ann arbor Film Coop; MLB 3,9:15 p.m.)
boy and a deer, the deer being the title character. RAMPARTS OF CLAY (Bertucelli, 1969) MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL (Terry LIFEBOAT
(Hill Street Cinema; 1429 Hill, 6:45 p.m., 9:15 p.m.) Tunisia's struggle for independence is mirrored in Gillian and Terry Jones, 1975) The final
MY BRILLIANT CAREER (Gillian Armstrong, the struggle of a young woman to become indepen- If the Grail popped up as often as this campus evening star
1979) dent of the second rate role given wome. Arabic with favorite, the film would have no reason to exist. The probably one
Waiting to pursue her own career and not bein the subtitles. (Cinema Guild; Lorch Hall, 7p.m., FREE) spoof of Arthurian legends by the British funnymen profile in, as
shadow of her parents, a woman in 19th century has some excellent opening credits, and should be which one c
Australia moves to her upper class aunts home, set- seen for them alone. (Michigan Theater Foundation; others. (Cine
ting the stage for some class conflict. (Cinema Michigan Theater, 7p.m.) THE THIRD
Guild; Lorch Hall, 7 p.m., 9 p.m.) TIME BANDITS (Terry Gilliam, 1981) Highly acc
THE DESK SET (Walter Lang, 1957) Some nice moments in this universe-spanning Orson Welles
Second time this term for ne of the Spencer comedy, but to a great extent, it looks as if the film- Welles is sup
Tracey/Katharine Hepburn movies. He wants to THE LONG GOODBYE (Robert Altman, 1973) making stopped when they signed up all of the cameo and goes loc
automate her apartment and love results. (Alter- The eve of Thanksgiving vacation has three decent appearances, of which there are many. (Michigan (Cinema 2; A
native Action; Nat. Sci. Aud., 7:30 p.m.) films, making it a good way to get an early start on Theater Foundation; Michigan Theater, 9 p.m.)

10 Weekend/Friday, November 16, 1984

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