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October 19, 1984 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 1984-10-19
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Jessica Lange. (Movies at Briarwood, Briarwood THE NEVERENDING STORY army barracks
Mall; 769-8780). Wolfgang Peterson's crudely slapped together Jewison, the dire
F DREAMSCAPE fairy tale about a ten year old boy who enters another and starring Ho
Dennis Quaid plays a psychic with the ability to en- world through a book he's reading. (Fox Village, 375 Briarwood, Briarv
ter another person's dreams. A choppy, low budget N. Maple; 769-1300).
Sci-Fi adventure that has its moments (if few). NINJA III: THE DOMINATOR TEACHERS
(Movies atBriarwood;7698780). More low budget martial arts mayhem. Where's Jo Beth Williar
N lERENDIA David Carradine when you need him (Wayside, 3020
Hallucinatory, erotic fairy tale scripted by Nobel Washtenaw; 434-1782). dignities of being
ALL OF ME Prize winning novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. PLACES IN THE HEART soundtrack tha
Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin find their souls (Ann Arbor Theater, 210 S. 5th Ave.; 761-9700). Director Robert Benton (Kramer vs. Kramer) .38Special.(Fox
sharing the same body in still another Martin THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY takes a nostalgic look back at the rural Texas of the UNTIL SEPTEMI
collaboration with writer/director Carl Reiner that A movie with very good advance notices. A 1930's in a tale of simple people looking for personal Karen Allen in a
has been getting surprisingly good reviews (con- careless pilot tosses an empty coke bottle from the redemption. With Sally Field and Scott Harris. diretor of Returr
sidering their track record together) and a lot of cockpit of his plane while flying above the South (Movies at Briarwood, Briarwood Mall; 769-8780)
business (State Theater, 231S. State; 662-0264). African Desert. The bushman who sees it plummet to PRIVATES ON PARADE THE WILD LIFE
AMADEUS Earth takes it to be a lost token of the gods and sets Second City veteran John Candy stars in a George Sean Penn's litt
Milos Forman (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, about on an odyssey to return it. (Movies at Briar- Harrison production (Time Bandits) about life in the adolescent comet
Ragtime) adapts the highly acclaimed Broadway wood Mall; 769-8780). military. (Ann Arbor Theater, 210 S. 5th Ave.; 761- kids after gradua
play about life and mysterious death of Wolfgang IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES 9700). Cameron Crowe,
Amadeus Mozart. Choreography by Twila Tharp, Always precociously cute Drew Barrymore sues RAZOR'S EDGE Ridgemont High.
music by...who else?" (Movies at Briarwood, Briar- her parents, Ryan O'Neil and Shelly Long, for a Bill Murray makes his dramatic debut as the 6264).
wood Mall: 769-8780) child-parent divorce. (State Theater, 231 S. State; restless Larry Darnell in Somerset Maugham's
Adaptation of the Henry James novel starring LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL novel of one man's arduous soul-searching journey. WOMAN IN RED
Christopher Reeves sans the Superman tights. Dia e Keaton, as a luckless Murray pulls off some of his comedy tricks in an ef- Gene Wilder di
(Christopher Reeves S.University;Supermantg. American actress recruited by the Israeli intelligen- fort to bring life to a rather bland character, but he this adaptation of
COUNTRY ce as a double agent, may not know quite what she's, goes a bit too far overboard. (Fox Village, Maple Ca Trompe Enor
A contemporary story of the hardships facing a supposed to do, but still passses off enough of her gif- Village; 769-1300). translation. (State
modern rural family. Starring Sam Shephard (who ted emotional intensity to make her role worth wat- A SOLDIER'S STORY
supposedly put his two cents in during scripting) and ching. (Movies at Briarwood, 1769- 8780). A tale of hatred and murder, set in the all black
(Mediatrics; MLB 4, 7:30 p.m., 9p.m.)
C 964) SEVEN FACES OF DR. LAO (George Pal,
Tony Randall was not very finicky when he made
F I L 5Sthis one, so they were able to get him to play seven
different parts. Dr. Lao is the most important, as he
is the owner of a circus in which the other six per-
n__ _ _ _ _ _form. And quite a circus it is, as it has odd effects on
A Y a Western town. (Alternative Action; Nat. Sci. Aud.,
7:30 p.m.)
more to come later....
REAR WINDOW (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954) THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T(Roy Rowland, 1953)
Of the five Hitchcock films re-released over the This is not the second part of a Tony Randall twin-
past year, this was undoubtedly the best. The cast in- bill in which he plays a total of 5,007 parts. It is in-
cludes James Stewart, Grace Kelly, and Thelma Rit- stead an unusual fantasy in which a boy hates piano
ter. Stewart is confined to one room in his apartment lessons so much he dreams of having ones even wor-
and has nothing better to do but look out his rear se than what he already has. (Alternative Action
window, where he thinks he sees a murder. Builds to Nat. Sci. Aud., 9:15p.m.)
a great climax. With so few films showing this week, ENTRE NOUS (Diane Kurys, 1984)
not seeing this one is unacceptable. (Cinema Guild; A very well received French film which crosses the
Lorch Hall, 7p.m.,9:05 p.m.) border into autobiography. After World War II, a
THE BLACK PIRATE (Albert Parker,1926) housewife and an artist find their rut-filled lives
We have a problem. Not seeing this is also unac- changing through friendshipl French with subtitles
ceptable. The Michigan Theater is at it again, (Cinema 2; Aud. A,7 p.m., 9:30 p.m.)
showing a classic silent film with Douglas Fair- SEEING RED (Julie Reichert and James Klein,
banks, having a real live orchestra (the Ann Arbor 193)
Chamber Orchestra conducted by Carl Daehler) and An Ann Arbor Premiere is next The film is a
an organist (Dennis James) to accompany the film, documentary about the American Communist Party,
and a musical prologue. The movie is the first which features a lot of interviews with one-time
feature to be shot in color. Things like this are what members. Nominated for an Academy Award. (Ann
the theater was built for. (Michigan Theater Foun- Arbor Film Coop; MLB 3,7 p.m.. 9p.m.)
dation; AMichigan ooTheater,7p 8p,9pm.)
An Elvis Presley movie, and a very accurately World War Two. A Jewish doctor is unable to prac-
titled one. The singer plays a convict who learns how tice. Instead he works in a warehouse filled with con-
to put on a concert while serving time in jail. When fiscated possessions. Czech, with English dubbing.
he gets out, he puts the talent to use. There seems to (Hill Street Cinema; 1429 Hill, 8p.m., 10p.m.)
be a concensus that this is his best movie. (Ann Ar- THE NATURAL (Barry Levinson, 1983)
bor Film Coop; Nat. Sci. Aud., 7p.m.) Fortunately, only one must-see is playing tonight,
THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY (Steven Rash, 1978) and this is it. A lyrical baseball fantasy is the best
Decent enough entertainment if you don't like rock way to describe it- Robert Redford tops a very good
and roll and an excellent one if you do. Gary Busey cast, and he plays Roy Hobbes who wants to play in
plays Holly, one of the early pioneers of rock and roll the big leagues. And finally, he does. Lurking n the
in the '50s, and his performance, for which he shadows are some who want to take advantage of his
received an Oscar nomination, is one of the movie's success. Lots of good images, good acting, good
best aspects. (Ann Arbor Film Coop; Nat. Sci. Aud., music. I plan on seeing it again. (Cinema Guild; Lor-
8:45 p.m.) ch Hall, 7 p.m., 9:30 p.m.)
BURDEN OF DREAMS (Les Blanc, 1982)
Judging by published reports, the filming of Fit-
zcarraldo was quite an experience, with cast and Glenn Close: 'The Natural' plays on Saturday
crew not liking the Amazon locations, and the direc-
tor keeping them there at gunpoint. With that kind of a British amusement park. (Ann Arbor Film Coop; where it began t
material to work from, this behind the scenes look at THE CISCO KID (Robert Aldrich, 1979) Aud. A, 9 p.m.) the North Africar
the filming should be interesting. (Alternative Ac- Either Harrison Ford or Gene Wilder is the Cisco THE BIG STORE (Charles Reisner, 1941) (Cinema Guild; L
tion; MLB 4,7 p.m.) Kid. One of them must play someone else. See the Some Marxist entertainment is also on tap this MOSLEMS IN SP
FITZCARRALDO (Werner Herzog, 1982) movie and you'll have the answer to a future Trival evening, but if you thought Karl you thought wrong. Would you beli
A film about an obsessed man by a filmmaker who Pursuit question. (Hill Street Cinema; 1429 Hill, 7 You should have thought Groucho, Harpo, and Chico. at the same per
became obsessed with the subject. Someone tries to p.m., 9:15 p.m.) they go on a romp through Dumbrille's Department African twin-bill
build an opera house in the middle of the Amazon CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (Josef von Sternberg, Store. Margaret Dumont is on hand for her usual role however. (Cinem
rain forest and will not stop for anything. Klaus 1935) as a foil for the brothers' antics. (Mediatrics; MLB 4,
Kinski stars. Subtitled. (Alternative Action; MLB 4, The Dostoyevsky novel comes to the screen. Peter 7 p.m.) ,
9 p.m.)Lorre plays a man who wants to investigate social GO WEST (Edward Buzzell, 1940)
SPLASH (Ron Howard, 1984) theory and decides to commit a crime to do so. The And still mroe Marxist entertainment. The
A third film which just cannot be missed. The result is insanity. Also with Edward Arnold and brothers three head out to the old West, where they, LORD OF THE F
comedy is low-key but hilarious as Daryll Hannah Patrick Campbell. (Cinema Guild; Lorch Hall, 7 among other things, take apart a train. Both films Beautiful anin
plays a mermaid who learns to speak English by p.m.,8:45 p.m.) this evening come as their comedy was fading a bit. sion of the J.d
watching TV at Bloomingdales. Tom Hanks is an in- A TASTE OF HONEY (Tony Richardson, 1961) (Mediatrics; MLB 4,9 p.m.) Animation and S
fatuated fruit seller. John Candy and Eugene Flaher- Rita Tushingham stars, and her performance won ALL THAT JAZZ (Bob Fosse, 1979)l a, te pace
ty are on hand as Hanks' brother and a suspicious her an award at the Canes Festival. She is an unat- Many splendid things, including the work of Roy in a cliff-hanger
scientist. A real delight. (Cinema 2; Aud. A, 7 p.m., 9 tractive, lonely teen who gets impregnated by a Scheider, in this autobiographical work. But in the reasonable to sa
p.m.) sailor, adding to the troubles she already has. (Ann end, it treats death with more joyfulness than it (Ann Arbor Film
Arbor Film Coop; Aud. A, 7 p.m.) deserves. Italian buffet included. (University Club; ALL THE KING
THE SPORTING LIFE (Lindsay Anderson, 1963) U-Club, 7 p.m.) Only three Osc
A T Another award winner at Cannes is the star. This Robert Penn W
time, it is Richard Harris, a rugby player who finds Picture, Best A
that the things he needs to succeed on the playing 1,Supporting Actre
LIFE OF BRIAN (Terry Jones, 1979) field are vastly different from the things that he very difficult to I
The Monty Python comedy group engages in a needs to succeed at love. From the David Storey AL ANDALUS (R. Frerck, 1974) political tragedy
retelling of the life of Jesus. In this case, the name of novel. Also showing is a shorter work by the director, Many hundreds of years ago, Islam swept through Cinema; 1429 Hil
the Messiall mdividual Brian. The New a documentary that looks at popular culture through Northern Africa, and crossed the Straits of Gibraltar
Testament will most likely never be the same again. - O


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