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September 21, 1984 - Image 17

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The Michigan Daily, 1984-09-21
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bles across buried evidence in the desert linked to importantly how to kick ass, in a juvenile Rocky. REVENGE OF TH
F1I1R) S . TPresident Kennedy's assassination. Utter nonsense. (Movies at Briarwood, Briarwood Mall; 769-8780). Crude, simple m
(MdWies at Briarwood; 769-8780). college nerds who
Kevin Bacon continues to dance his acting Star Wars meets Wargames in yet another Sci-Fi (Movies at Briarw
credibility into oblivion. Flashdance on the farm. yarn where the characters are mere background for
RU (Wayside, 3020 Washtenaw; 434-1782). the special effects. (Movies at Briarwood, Briarwood TIGHTROPE
GHOSTBUSTERS Mall; 769-8780). Clint Eastwood
BOLERO Bill Murray is the sole gem of this over budgeted, outright sleazy
Director John Derek has wife Bo bare all in their over popular comedy that has too many gimmicks THE NEVERENDING STORY somewhat differer
latest (unintentional) comedy. (State Theater, 231 s. and too few laughs. (Fox Village, 375 N. Maple; 769- Wolfgang Peterson's crudely slapped together the big city adv
(State 624264).2300. fairy tale about a ten year old boy who enters another birwoodyMal;7
C.H.U.D. GREMLINS world through a book he's reading. (Fox Village, 375
The acronym stands for Cannibalistic Humanoid Joe Dante's lucrative but slightly disappointing N. Maple; 769-1300).
Underground Dwellers. The story depicts yet yarn of. mischevious gremlins that everyone thinks OXFORD BLUES UNDER THE VOL
another gore-saturated menace to our society - un- was directed Steven Spielberg. (Wayside, 3020 Rob Lowe's first starring vehicle just might lead Albert Finney p
derground streetpeople with a taste for human flesh. Washtenaw; 434-1782). him back into obscurity - it's that bad. (Movies at writer living in Me
(State Theater, 231 S. State; 6626264). INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM Bria od; 7680) War. The latest
CONFIDENTIALLY YOURS Spielburg and Lucas pit Indy against the most in- Huston. (Ann Arbo
Francois Truffaut's latest is less than great but surmountable of all villains: a lousy retread of a PURPLE RAIN
still a very enjoyable mystery/thriller. (Ann Arbor script. Plenty of action and effects, but as un- Those who find Prince's music endearing will WOMAN IN RED
Theater, 210 S. 5th; 761-9700). satisfying as a meal of Twinkies. (Campus, 1214 S. likely find his first film venture equally so. Those Gene Wilder dir
DREAMSCAPE State; 6686416). who don't, won't. (State Theater, 231 S. State; 662 this adaptation of
Dennis Quaid plays a psychic with the ability to en- JIGSAW MAN 6264). Ca Trompe Enorm
ter another person's dreams. A choppy, low budget Michael Caine is wasted in another boring thriller RED DAWN tr o n. f y
Sci-Fi adventure that has its moments (if few). that does anything but thrill. (Movies at Briarwood, More jingoistic machismo-minded jibberish from bad they're noth
(Movies at Briarwood Mall; 769-8780). the man whose original script for Apocalypse Now through the whole i
FLASHPOINT THE KARATE KID glorified the war. (Fox Village, 375 N. Maple; 769- 6624264).
Kris Kristofferson plays a Texas sheriff who stum- Young Ralph Macchio learns philosophy, and more 1300).
C A i9 mP U S DNYANKEES (George Abbott & Stanley Donen, ;h.
A Washington baseball fan sells his soul to help his
team beat the Yankees in an adaptation of the
Broadway show. Now we know what Sparky did this
year...(Mediatrics; Nat. Sci. Aud.,7p.m.)
F ADINER (Barry Levinson, 1982)
A very well received film about a bunch of friends
who hang out at the local diner in Baltimore and have
BERLIN AaLEXANDERPLAtTZ (Werner Fassbin- p )of just plain fun. (Mediatrics; Nat. Sci. Aud., 9 "e, 90 .
der, 1980) ADAM'S RIB (George Cukor, 1949)
The film event of this term, against lots of com- One of the great teams, Spencer Tracy and
petition to be found this week, is getting underway Katharine Hepburn. They are on opposite sides of
this evening. Done as a series for German television, the court room as he prosecutes someone who she
this climax to the famed director's career is about defends. A script by Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon.
Franz Biberkopf, an ex-con who wants to leave the (Alternative Action; MLB 4,7:30 p.m.)
underworld, known as Alexanderplatz, and live an PAT AND MIKE (George Cukor,1952)
honest life in Berlin. The Ann Arbor Premiere will Cukor, Hepburn and Tracy in another team-up.
be shown in five parts over the weekend, and four Hepburn decides she would just love to play on a
parts during the week. It will be $15 for the whole team managed by Tracy. You can guess what hap-
thing, and $2 for an individual episode. The co- pens next. (Alternative Action; MLB 4,9:15p.m.)
presentation of three of the campus film coops starts
with the first three episodes this evening. If you have
the time, be sure and see it. German with subtitles. ,
(Cinema 2, Cinema Guild, and the Ann Arbor Film Altman: (Martha Cooke's) girls on film
Coop; Aud. A. 7 p.m.-lp.m.)
TERMS OF ENDEARMENT (James Brooks, 1983) BREWSTER McCLOUD (Robert Altman, 1970)
For those without time for Fassbinder, the same BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ (Werner Fassbin- Shelley Duvall makes her film debut in a rather
three coops are present the most recent Oscar win- der, 1980) unusual film by Altman. Also in the cast of a film
ner for Best Picture. With fine performances by The weekend version of the film marathon con- which has bird crap as a running gag are Bud Cort, BERLIN ALEXAN
Jack Nicholson, Shirley McClaine and others, the cludes with three episodes at 2 p.m. and the final Stacy Keach, and Michael Murphy. Two people can 1980)
movie deserved the honor. Funny and touching, the ones in the evening. See Friday's listing. (Cinema see two films for the price of one. (Michigan Theater A big week in An
din of sniffling at the end is overwhelming. (Cinema Guild, Ann Arbor Film Coop, and Cinema 2; Aud. A, Foundation; Michigan Theater, 9:10 p.m.) And not a mom
Guild, Ann Arbor Film Coop, and Cinema 2; MLB 3,7 2 p.m., 7:30 p.m.) filmgoers willha
EMMANUELLE II: THE JOYS OF A WOMAN F While I cannot vouch forthe quality of the Italian W E D N EY Friday's listing fo
(Francis Giacobette,1976) buffet, I can say that the movie it accompanies is one 2, Ann Arbor Fil
A woman embarks on a journey toward freedom of funny comedy with Chevy Chase in above average BAT rbT
a sensual sort, which includes discovering the sen- form, Goldie Hawn, and a plot to kill the Pope in San dERA1980)r1982)
suality in other women. (Alternative Action; Nat. Francisco. (University Club; U-Club, 7p.m.) dhe second half of the second showing starts Ma
Sci. Aud., 7p.m., 8:40 p.m., 10:20 p~m.)Thseodhlofteecnsowgsars M ytigsee
CAT PEOPLE (Paul Schrader, 1982) tonight, with episodes 8-11 of the German TV series the obvious thing
cariPestLe ackae that made a big splash at theaters in this country. Rights Amendme
Scariness takes back stage to eroticism as ovie aboutSee Friday's listing. (Ann Arbor Film Coop; Cinema 7:30p.m.)
an othse nie woman who can turn into abcat. Guild, Cinema 2; Lorch Hall, 7 p.m.-11:30 p.m.) THE WILD ONE (
(Mediatrics; MLB 4,7 p.m., 9rp.m.) If you have diffi
BRIAN'S SONG (Buzz Kuik, 170) the leader of a m
ORDINARY PEOPLE (Robert Redford, 1980) BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ (Werner Fassbin- An American TV movie goes head to head with a an audio-visual ai
An excellent drama with sparkling performances der, 1980) German one, and if only all TV movies were as good just the thing you
by Donald Sutherland and Mary Tyler Moore as the The four day program gets under way with the first as these. James Caan and Billy Dee Williams star in and he is also th
parents of Timothy Hutton, who won an Oscar. All three episodes. Thought for the day: How many a true story of cancer victim and Chicago Bears run- (Mediatrics; Nat.
three are changed by a suicide in the family, and people will see this twice in one week? See Friday's ning back Brian Piccolo. The ending should occur in ON THE WATER
Redford shows how they deal with it. (Michigan listing. (Cinema 2, Ann Arbor Film Coop, Cinema front of a crowd too busy crying to notice. A movie classic
Theater Foundation; Michigan Theater, 7 p.m.) Guild; Lorch Hall, 7 p.m.-11 p.m.) (Mediatrics: MLB 3, 7:45 p.m.) once again. Mark
DANIEL (Sidney Lumet, 1984)M c7oncrgain a
A film that died on the art circuit gets its Ann Ar- CANNERY ROW (David S. Ward, 1982) look at corruption
br Premiere. But the film did not deserve to die. CANNERY RV oWvid S. a wardllwih1982)sogoo scaron ast idcs
Timothy Hutton and Mandy Patinkin were splendid U Eo A A^e**hchstod movie on a wi-bill wth a no so go itself on Best Pi(
in a fictionalizing of the Rosenberg spy trial. The UmvewihsasNc ot n er igri 9p.m.)
film is flawed, but I recommend seeing it while you an adaptation of Steinbeck's story. (Mediatrics; SECRET HONOR
can. (Michigan Theater Foundation; Michigan MLB 3, 9p.m.) Filmed at Mart
Theater, 9:20(p.m.) BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ (Werner Fassbin- many University
der, 1980) STREAMERS (Robert Altman, 1983) man play gets it
Moviegoers held hostage, day two. Four more An acclaimed Broadway play was filmed for the movie palace. A
episodes in the epic by the famous German film- silver screen by Altman, something which he has Foundation; Mich
maker. Full details can be found in Friday's listing. been doing more and more often in recent years. SNOW WHITE Al
®___________ (Cinema Guild, Cinema 2, Ann Arbor Film Coop; Most of the praise has been heaped upon the ensem- Disney, 1937)
Lorch Hall, 7 p.m.-1130 p.m.) ble acting, with actors playing men in an Army Another winner
M*A*S*H (Robert Altman, 1970) barracks at the dawn of the Vietnam War. (Michigan fects Series contii
BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ (Werner Fassbin- The final week of the term's Altman Film Festival, Theater Foundation; Michigan Theater, 7 p.m.) the on-screen acti
der,n1950) leading up to a premiere showing of his newest film, beauty for the Di
An afternoon session of episodes 4, 5, and 6. An gets underway with a showing of one of his older COME BACK TO THE FIVE AND DIME, JIMMY See this, unless y
evening session of 7, 8, and 9. See Friday's listing. films, which spawned the TV show. This is typical DEAN, JIMMY DEAN (Robert Altman, 1983) cellent offerings
(Ann Arbor Film Coop, Cinema 2, and Cinema Guild; Altman, roaming from plot to plot, and it is good Altman himself staged the Broadway play of which movies. (Ann Ar
Aud. A, 2 p.m., 7 p.m.) Altman. Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould are this film is an almost exact reproduction. The cast p.m.)
TERMS OF ENDEARMENT (James Brooks, 1983) among the star. (Michigan Theater Foundation; includes Cher and Karen Black. (Michigan Theater
See Friday's listing. (Cinema Guild, Cinema 2, Michigan Theater, 7 p.m.) Foundation; Michigan Theater, 9:10 p.m.)
Weekend/Friday, S

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O Weekend/Friday, September 21, 1984 -,-F-_

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