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January 10, 1984 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 1984-01-10
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General Information
Ann Arbor Learning Network
617 E. University #260
Ann Arbor Michigan 48104
Director: Paul Samarco
Program Secretary: Virginia He)iner
Catalog Art: Michael McGowan.
Ann Arbor News
Interior Art: Elizabeth Lada.
Ann Arbor News
Layout: Susan Tanner.
Ann Arbor News
Typesetter: Judith iolly.
Ann Arbor News
The Ann Arbor Learning Network
I AALN) is a private community
educational program. This program
was formerly administered by the
University of Michigan as the U-M
Courses for Adult Education (UMCAE )
The main purpose of the Learning
Network is to administer a program of

learning activities designed to help
local residents actualize their positive
potential. By sponsoring or co-
sponsoring a year-round series of
classes, workshops, films and lectures,
the Learning Network endeavors to
provide opportunities for persons to
gather together and obtain the
knowledge, skills, and guidance
necessary for growth and development
in the direction of their choice.
COURSES in this catalog are
planned and administered by the Ann
Arbor Learning Network.
ADMISSION is open to all.
Prerequisites, if any, are stated in the
course descriptions.
COURSE FEES are the sole source of
support for this program They are
payable in full at the time of
registration. A registration fee of $4.00
is charged to each person once each
term (not once for each course).
required for some courses and
recommended for others. Specific

instructions about materials or books
will be given either at the time of
registration or at the first class session,
whichever is appropriate.
specifically indicated in the course
description, individuals may be
admitted at one half the full tuition if (1)
they are over 65 or (2) they are second
or additional members of a family unit
registering in the same course. Only
one reduced fee plan may be applied per
course. Each individual must pay a
$4.00 registration fee..
postponement of classes is sometimes
unavoidable. In such cases every
attempt is made to notify you by
telephone or letter. If in doubt about
your class schedule, inquire at the
AALN office.
NO GRADES are given for these
courses. A letter, however, verifying
your enrollment in a course will be
issued if requested before the end of that

REFUNDS: After the first session.
the full course fee is refunded if your
notification of withdrawal reaches us
before the start of the second session.
After the second session, 50I% of the
course fee is refunded if your
notification of withdrawal reaches us
before the start of the third session.
There are no refunds given after the
start of the third session of any class.
AALN does not refund: (1) the $4.00
registration fee in withdrawal cases, (2)
course fees for withdrawals from single
session or weekend programs when
notification of withdrawal reaches us
less than 72 hours prior to the beginning
session, (3) course fees for withdrawls
from programs that last three sessions
or less after they are half over, or (4)
sums of less than $2.00. Processing of
refunds takes approximately six
CANCELLATION: If enrollment is
insufficient to justify continuing a
course, a full refund of course fee and
registration fee is made.


Registration Information

Registrations are accepted during
regular office hours (9:30 a.m.-5:30
p.m., Monday through Friday)
beginning Tuesday, January 3.
Most Winter term classes begin the
week of January 23. FREE PREVIEWS
both on Jan. 23. NEGOTIATIONstarts
on Feb. 2. RECORD-KEEPING is on
commences on Feb. 10. RIGHT-BRAIN
both take place on Feb. 11.
MARKE TING meets on Feb. 18.
COOKING WITH TOFUbegins Feb. 22.
way on Feb. 24.

You may register for Learning
Network courses by phone with Visa or
Master Card only. To register by mail,
enclose a registration form or facsimile
and your check, company purchase
order, or credit card number and
expiration date. A stamped, self-
addressed envelope speeds processing.
Pre-registered students will be notified
if there are any schedule changes.
Mail to:
Ann Arbor Learning Network
617 E. University, Room 260
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

r- -""----- ----------- -------------- -----------------------------------------------
I : AALN Winter 1984
Last name First name Wide Initial I
Home addres.
1 city Zip I
Home telephone Bu-ines -telephone
Occupationa Emplo
Social Security No Date obir
Cours ekSte. No. it" tia Fee I
Q Check enclosed [] Purchase ordar enoseE Razz fee $.0
E- piratonDartTotal I
- -.- ------ --- -- ---- a-----.. ------...-----.-...----.--.----.J
+." " "'""."--""f"-"""-- - - --- - -- --------- ""!---------"----------------------"'----- -"---
I :AALN Winter 1984 I
I -
Last name irst name Middle initial
1 I
Home addre. I
I city ZipI
Home telephone Business telephone
Occupation. Empr
Social Security No IDatertk
Course Tie SNc. 14.a 0 r F
t I
CC eno. ., Purchaq.
Ch'ag No
Eq.ao .i..--n D... TOW

Artistic Expression
Figure Drawing
Primarily for those with an interest
in drawing the human figure. Working
from a live model, the emphasis is on
structure, anatomy, and expressive
design in order to gain a better
understanding of the human body.
Bring an 18" x 24" newsprint pad, a
package of vine charcoal, and a snall
piece of chamois to the first class.
High school age students must have
written parental approval before being
admitted to this class.
Ais12.8 sessions. $56. Limited. (117 N.
First, Suite 203) W 7-9 p.m. (.Jan. 25-
Mar. 21. No class Feb. 22).
Instructor: Ingrid Capozzolli Flinn
has a degree in Art Education and
currently is working on a second
degree in painting at the School of Art.
Drawing Workshop for Kids
A basic level course for those with
little or no drawing background or just a
great interest in drawing realistically.
Seeing, understanding, and thinking
about visual forms is stressed in order
to gain sensitivity and improve drawing
ability. All materials provided.
A111. 8 sessions. $32. Limited. (117 N.
First, Suite 203) Th 4:30-5:30 p.m. (Jan.
26-Mar. 22. No class Feb. 23).
Instructor: Ingrid Capozzolli Flinn
holds a State of Michigan Teaching
Certificate in Art. In addition, she has
taught art classes to all age groups
ranging from nursery school to adults.
How to Play the Piano Despite
Years of Lessons
For piano dropouts who can still find
Middle C on the keyboard, know the
names of the lines and spaces of the.
treble clef, and want to make their own
kind of music with popular songs, folk
songs, hymns, carols, and old favorites.
Most composers, from Bach to the.

Beatles, make music from a few basic
facts and a few simple ideas, such as a
basic chord dressed up, altered, or
camouflaged. Once you see how music
is made, you can make your own music
right away without spending time on
scales, keyboard exercises, or rote
learning. Co-sponsored with The Piano
Consortium, New School for Social
Research, New York City.
M1302. 8sessions plus FREE,
DEMONSTRATION. $135 (includes
$38.75 for text-book, music,
record/cassette, and study aids).
Limited. (King's Keyboard House) M 7-
9 p.m. (Jan. 30-Mar. 19). FREE ONE
methods and materials is from 7-8 p. m.
on Jan. 23.
Instructor: Mary Shaw Bates, M.M -
in Piano Performance, U-M School of
Getting to Know Your
Singing Voice
(Continuation Level)
If you have taken our Getting to
Know Your Singing Voice, or have some
other previous voice instruction, this is
your chance to get to know your singing
voice even better.
Previously begun technique is
reinforced. Sessions include
performances by class members and
individual coaching. Augmenting the
singing experience is a largel)ody of
information on vocal music technique.
music theory, and aids for sight
Geared to the needs of students, the
course also emphasizes enjoying and
caring for the voice.
M1312. 7sessions. $49. Limited.
(Campus Area) M 7:15-9 p.m. (Jan. 23-
Mar. 5).
Instructor: Carolyn Tjon, M .M. in
Voice Performance, U-M, is a
professional singer who gives private
voice lessons in the Ann Arbor area.

- Equity investments
Private consultation interviews are
available at no extra cost after the
conclusion of the course. A couple
enrolling together pay a single course
and registration fee.
G707. 4 sessions plus optional
private consultation (for no additional
fee). $40 per individual or couple.
(Campus Area) T 7-9 p.m. (.Jan. 24-Feb.
Instructors,: Staff of the Michigan
Financial Group, Inc., under the
direction of Jerome S. Rydell,
Developing Your
Business Plan
Any road is the right road if you don't
know where you're going.'Successful
businesses, however, have clear
values, purpose, and direction.
A business plan is an outline of your
company's identity it's purpose for
being, it's goals, a detailed description
of how and when to reach those goals, an.
extensive analysis of financial and
personnel needs, and the beginning of
effective marketing of your product or
service. A good plan becomes the daily
barometer of success of failure for your
Besides providing an overall view of
the entire organization, a well-
constructed business plan is also a
standard requirement for anyone
seeking venture capital.
During this course you prepare a
business plan OUTLINE and
corresponding ACTION PLAN. With
these you become better able to bring
your ideas to fruition and also to
anticipate possible future mistakes
which could cost you valuable time and
persons contemplating going into
business or those already in business
who are seeking greater clarity of their
goals, purpose, and direction. Should
greatly help those seeking to transform
business ideas into specific business
1901. 6 sessions. $48. Reduced fees
apply. (Campus Area) M 7-9 p.m. (Jan.
23-Feb. 27).
Instructor: Jo Anne Tybinka was -
formerly the national sales program
manager for Herman Miller, Inc., and
the owner and manager of Thinston's
Restaurant in Toronto. She has also
served as a business development and
communication systems consultant to
growing businesses.
You may register for the following
four Saturday seminars either
individually or as a series. Taken
individually, the course fee is $25 for
each. Elected as a group, the course fee
for the entire series is $80.
Legal Considerations for
Starting a Small Business
This. "nuts and bolts" seminar should
greatly assist the new business person
to make informed decisions and deal
effectively with the various
requirements of local, state, and
federal agencies. Topics covered
Choice of entity (sole
proprietorship, partnership, or

Zoning ordinances
Permits and licenses
Unemployment compensation
Worker's compensation
- Labor relations
Other concerns of participants
Lecture-discussion format. Handouts
include handy list of names, addresses.
and phone numbers of pertinent
I902. 1session. $25. Reduced fees
apply. (Campus Area) Sat 9 a m-1
p.m. (Jan. 28)
Instructors: Debora Slee and H.
Joachim Schmidt are both attorneys in
private practice in Ann Arbor. They
have been team teaching Commercial
Law, Corporations and Partnerships,
and Real Estate classes for several
years for the American Institute for
Paralegal Studies. Ms. Slee is also
Chairperson of the Citizen's Council of
the Downtown Development Authority
in Ann Arbor.
Accounting and Record-Keep-
ing for the Small Business
The IRS requires that every business
maintainup-todate records that allow
them to prepare complete and accurate
tax returns. This workshop shows you
how to set up your bookkeeping system,
maintain your cash receipts journal,
cash disbursements journal, payroll
journal, purchase journal, petty cash
journal, and other journals. It also
shows you how to: open a commercial
bank account, choose an accounting
method, choose a tax year, and more, in
order to satisfy the IRS requirements
and provide you (the proprietor) with a
sound foundation for proper financial
management. Several important areas
of financial management are also
presented, including: profit and loss
analysis, balance sheets, cash-flow
projections, and perpetual inventory
1903. 1 session. $25. Reduced fees
apply. (Campus Area) Sat.9 a.m .-
p.m. (Feb. 4).
Instructor; Claudia Cines is a self-
employed accountant with several
small business clients. She has taught
small business classes locally and also
is a consultant for people interested in
starting new businesses.
Tax Management for the
Small Business
Anyone may so arrange one's
affairs that taxes shall be as low as
possible." -Judge Learned Hand
Intended to help small
businesspeople to so arrange their
affairs, this seminar covers:
Choices of business form and
discussions of advantages and
disadvantages of using each form.
In-depth analysis of the tax
ramifications of forming a
partnership, a Subchapter S
Corporation and a regular
Tax planningconsiderations in
electing an accounting method.
- Discussion of the means of
capitalization of a small business
and the use of stock and debt.
- Small business tax deferral
techniques such as the use of an
installment sale, qualified benefit
plans, and equipment leasing.

1904. 1session. $25. Reduced fees
apply. (Campus Area). Sat. 9 a.m.-I
p.m. (Feb. 11).
Instructor: Robert Totte, M.B.A., U-
M, has been Tax Manager for Arthur
Anderson & Co. since 1980. He is both an
experienced presenter and an expert on
tax planning for small and large
Marketing for the Small
Effective marketing helps you to
create a good image for your company
and increase the number of sales of
your product or service.
This seminar considers:
- What is meant by marketing
- The importance of pinpointing the
essential qualities of your product
or service.
Determining your target market
or audience
Creating your desired business
Public relations and advertising
Possible problems and
Proper strategic planning of your
marketing helps you to make consistent
and informed choices regarding your
firm's pricing policy, inventory,
advertising and promotion, business
hours, location, personnel selection, etc.
1905. 1 session. $25. Reduced fees
apply. (Campus Area).Sat. 9 a.m.-1
p.m. (Feb. 18).
Instructor: James P. Frenza,
president of Quorum Communications,
is past president of the Ann Arbor
Chamber of Commerce.



From Rembrandt to
Rubens -Amsterdam to
The mention of Belgium and The
Netherlands brings to mind images of
windmills, canals, dikes, and wooden
shoes. Thiscompact region, smaller
than West Virginia, offers remarkable
contrasts and variety exemplified by
the contrasts between Rubens and
Rembrandt. Just as these two artists
were contemporaries, the two
countries' histories are strongly linked.
However, the divergences in language.
cuisine, art and culture make this a
fascinating region to explore. The
participant will become familiar with
the historic locales and monuments
which played such an important part in
their histories, especially the 16-17th
centuries. From Rembrandt's home to
Rubens' Italianate villa, the canals of
Amsterdam to medieval Bruges, the
windmills of Kinderdijk to the
battlefield of Waterloo, you will explore
the cultural wealth and variety of these
two countries.
T2001. Fourteen days. $1,995. Deposit
of $250 required to hold place. Balance is
due by March 16, 1984.
Organizer: Tours are organized and
run by Travelearn, located in
Columbus, Ohio. All departures are
from New York City. Call the Learning
Network office for more details.


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