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November 06, 1983 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1983-11-06

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The Michigan Daily

Sunday, November 6, 1983

Page 5

Bishop rocks Rick's

By Mike Cramer
ANOTHER quasi-guitar legend is in town. Following
appearances earlier this year by Willie Dixon, Bo Diddly,
and Matt "Guitar" Murphy, '60s style blues-rocker Elvin
Bishop brings his guitar act to Rick's American Cafe tonight.
Unlike most of his peers, Bishop didn't begin playing the
guitar until he was a ripe and wrinkly 18 years old. Not long
after he learned his fourth chord, Bishop met Paul Butter-
field, when he was going to college in Chicago. He and But-
terfield became friends, and Bishop joined the original ver-
sion of the famous Paul Butterfield Blues Band.
After leaving that group, Bishop headed west, and recor-
ded three albums for Epic records. He also became a major
part of the late-60s San Fransisco music scene-which gave
rise to bands like Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and the
Fish, The Grateful Dead, and Creedence Clearwater
The center of the San Fransisco rock and roll scene was the

famous Fillmore West Theater. According to Lee Barry of
Prism Productions, Bishop was the final act in the three-day
multi-band rock and roll extravaganza which closed the
After the San Fransisco phase of his career, Bishop signed *
with Capricorn records, and recorded seven albums for
them. On an album called Struttin' My Stuff, Bishop mean-
dered from his blues-rock style, and recorded the smash pop
hit "Fooled around and Fell In Love." Both the album and.,
the single went gold, and Bishop ended up selling two million'
records under the Capricorn label.
Bishop recently cut a three-song demo tape with producer
Robert Margouleff (who's also produced Stevie Wonder,
Devo, and David Sanborn). Plans are in the works for a new
Bishop album, and he and his band are doing about 200 live
shows a year.
Elvin Bishop is a talented guitarist who's definitely been
around. Even though he'll probably sing "Fooled Around
and Fell in Love," the show tonight ought to be a fun, maybe i
a little off-the-wall, performance of good '60s-style blues
rock. a

Elvin Bishop rocks the cafe Sunday night with '60s-innuenceu ro

'The Forest' needs a

By Lisa Freiman
W HAT DO YOU have in common
with a young new director? Well,
if you saw The Forest last night, you
both wish that there were just a few
more good actors and actresses around
Ann Arbor. Perhaps in the '60s when
there were real political activists, real
tudents . . . maybe there were real
thespians just hanging out waiting for
parts and practicing mouth
Does that mean the play was bad? It
all depends on when you came in. If you
missed the first act and came in for the
second, you saw what could very easily
be called the best theater that Ann Ar-
bor has seen for a long time. On the
fther hand, if you came in on time you
ight not have stuck around for the
econd act.

Quite simply, the play varied. Some
of the actors were brilliant, and some
would be embarassing in the confines of
a Theater 236 class. The latter disrupt
the rhythm of the former.
The Forest's plot sprouts up around
the widow Raisa Pavlovna and her ill-
fated plan to sell her property to Ivan
Petrov, the local swindler. Raisa's deal
falls through because of the antics sup-
plied by her niece, Aksyusha, who is
having an affair with Petrov's son,
More trouble for Raisa arrives on her
doorstep in ' the persons of two
travelling actor/beggars named Gen-
nady and Arkady. When they show up,
the land deal's doom becomes far-
cically certain.
If this seems mushy or trite then this
play is for you: the performance is
designed to be a complete satire on this
very soapy story. The best example of

this is a scene in which Ali
(Aksyusha) is the maid in di
am-dead," she recites as tho
a cue card in front of her, "I
a-go," and then screws up]
the audience.
Unfortunately, Patti Attar
miss the whole point as Karp
in the household. When she d
news of Gennady's arrival, t
set up so that she tells Raisa
agonizingly, tracing a big cir
the room until she reaches
plops Gennady's note in fr(
But Attard does not seem tot
the point, and looks more l
parading in a ring without
ding why.
Moreover, only Maker s
satirizes her dramatic mono
otherwise superb performan
Nicholson (Gennady), Bria
(Arkady), and Alese M

son Maker housekeeper) are marred by their
istress. "I- serious deliveries, especially in
ugh it is on Mazor's case. For if this is a farce,
I-died-long- their serious monologues seem most
her face at ridiculous of all; where Maker makes
us laugh, these three make us uncom-
rd seems to fortable.
, a servant Performances by Charles Husa (Ivan
delivers the, Petrov) and Mark Kaplan (Aleksey)
the scene is are unconvincing. It is disappointing
slowly and that the outstanding performances by
rcle around Maker Tomlanovich (Petya), Harcourt
Raisa and and Nicholson are so poorly supported
ant of her. by the mediocre-to-bad acting of
understand Kaplan, Attard and Husa. The result is
ike a horse that the audience does not know what to
understan- expect when the lights come up.
Despite its weaknesses, parts of the
uccessfully play are definitely worth seeing. It con-
)logue. The tains some professional-quality acting,
ices of John and the direction is innovative and en-
n Harcourt tertaining. And whatever you do, don't
azor (the let the Russian names get you down.


at the

through the eyes of Sassan Mohtadi, Medical Stu-
dent at St. George's University, Granada
November 15-"MYTH AND MYOPIA-
Jane Myers, Columnist, Ann Arbor News,
Louis Belcher, Mayor of Ann Arbor
Co-sponsored by the Ecumenical Campus Center and
Church Women United of Ann Arbor
LUNCH IS $1.00



Here is a synopsis of what hap-
pened on. the campus' favorite soaps
this week, as submitted to the Daily
by students. If you're interested in
writing next week, call 764-0552.
As The World Turns
Steve convinces Whit that Craig was
the one who set him up. Betsy and baby
Danielle are released from the hospital.
After learning that Danielle was two
months premature, Margo contem-
pates telling Betsy that Steve, not
Craig, is the father. Craig gets in touch
with Ernie and tells him Cricket is
pregnant with his child. David suspects
Jeff has been taking amphetamines and
insists he take a blood test to prove he's
not. Dr. Adams comes on to Annie but
she tells him to get lost. John and
Karen tell Dustin that Gunnar is his
real father, then announces to the news
media that Gunnar, not James, is the
true Stenbeck and that Dustin is the
heir to the fortune. Unfortunately,
Barbara and Gunnar have just given all
of their money to a charity. Paul goes,
F into a deep depression over his father's
death and blames Gunnar.
-Maureen Mullan
General Hospital
Luke and Holly are shot, but escape
unharmed because Grant put blanks in

the gun. Grant manages to return the
completed disk to the expo in time for
the satellite launching, but gets
arrested. He may be freed and granted
asylum, but Luke gets Jake to be his
lawyer in case Grant must stand trial.
The Quartermaines put pressure on
Celia to renounce Grant and annul her
marriage, but she is unsure of her
feelings. Connie is ordered to Gulistan
to help prosecute Lod Rama and agrees
to go when Luke can't commit to her.
Robert and Luke look chummy again
and Holly tells Robert that she loves
only him and that Luke accepts it.
Bobby finally tells Brock that she's
pregnant. He is shocked, but suppor-
tive. -Susan Jones
All My Children
Palmer has Nina back at home, as
well as his still loved ex-wife Daisy,
who is getting over her narrow escape
from Lars. Palmer wants to get
remarried, but she feels it is too soon.
After making a new video tape, Opal
has finally gotten her wish-a man.
Her problem will be maintaining the
facade of a "lady." Tom wants Brooke
to look at the job in San Francisco, but
doesn't want her to take it. Jesse found
out that be is a father and Angie is
having second thoughts about giving

her baby up for adoption. Her father,
however, is determinded to see the
child adopted in the interest of Angie's
future. Will Jesse make it to the
hospital in time to stop Angie from
signing the papers? Tad and Liza's
mom will be leaving for St. Lucia soon.
They've got alibis all over town to ac-
count for their absence, but Opal is still
-Douglas C. Middlebrooks
The Guiding Light
Eli plants a bomb in Billy's car and
when it blows up, everyone presumes
Billy's dead. Later, he turns up alive
and says he traded cars with his
secretary. Bradley rapes Beth. After
this, she refuses to see Phillip and gives
back the necklace he gave her. She also
threatens to kill Bradley if he ever
touches her again. Ross and Rony
suspect Eli of the murders. All the
families in Springfield meet at the
Chamberlain home where Henry and
H.B. are going to tell everything about
the picture. H.B., however, doesn't
show up because Eli shot hm. Eli plans
to bomb the Chamberlain house after
Henry finishes telling the story.
- Maureen Mullan
One Life to Live
Brad ruins the seance, then kicks in a

wall at the inn and finds a secret
passage. He and Jenny argue because
Brad suspects Jenny of having an affair
with David. Ava returns to stay at
David's. Dorian meets with gover-
nment agents who tell her that David is
a subversive agent, but Dorian refuses
to help them catch him. David
threatens to tell Cassie he is her father
if Dorian doesn't. Herb suspects there
is something between David and
Dorian. Dan tells Larry he is interested
in Cassie. Marco and Edwina call off
their wedding. Delilah goes to Bo and
he tjurns her down. She packs and
disappears. Alec takes' illegal pain
killers. - Lisa Hall and Beth Bring
Young and the Restless
Tracey loses control of her car after
taking drugs and is hospitalized. She
remains in a coma until her college
English professor visits her. Jill,
believing she is pregnant, tells Mrs.
Chancellor but later learns the results
of her pregnancy test were negative.
Jill and the ex-Mrs. Abbott confront
each other. Ashley learns of Eric's af-
fair with her mother and temporarily
breaks off relations. Victor gets a bus-
boy job and later helps his employer
repair a ransacked diner.
- Joe Ortiz and John Jones

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre pesents




at 8:00pm &

' ti S
.0 ON *l0
r W O cmc t J0 men89,E.J.vs
:t c^EL69 E300 1 .
_ _ "= ' 0E '.0]an ml
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'R N Q 2040
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