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November 12, 1980 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1980-11-12

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he Michigan Daily Wednesday, November 12, 1980 Page 8

With this Saturday 1
college bowls, only on
fhere will be myriad
and team officials alik
-The plethora of ups
curred this year, a va
played key matchups,
none of the various c
jons have as yet been
this year's bowl pictur
Although very few
narrowed their choir
teams that they wot
kve formulated a lis
consideration. The fo
leof the teams being c
efferent bowls as sta
vews with bowl officia
tomranked Georgia ha
'p# representing the S
Jerence in this game.
0 do is beat Auburn t
the Bulldogs will be
Orleans. However, the
New Orleans-based cc
complex. Bowl offici.
leaning to the winnel


e bowl games


element o
LLACK games: Notre Dame-Alabama, Pit-
being bid day for tsburgh-Penn State and Michigan-
e thing is certain; Purdue.
of nervous bowl ORANGE BOWL - The prospective,
e. choices for this contest are even more
ets that have oc- ambiguous than the Sugar Bowl
st number of un- because of the fact that neither the (Big
and the fact that Eight) host team or a clear-cut at-large
onference cham- team have been determined. The Big
crowned has left Eight is currently a three-team race,
e very unclear. with Oklahoma, Nebraska and Missouri
of the bowls have vying for conference honors. The Cor-
ces down to two nhuskers and Sooners are both un-
uld prefer, most defeated in conference play, while
t of teams under Missouri has one loss. The other bid will
llowing rundown probably go to Alabama, Notre Dame,
considered for the Florida State or Georgia, (which will be
ited during inter- eligible only if it loses to Auburn).
als. COTTON BOWL - Like the Sugar
As of this week, Bowl, one of the spots here is close to be
is the inside track ing wrapped up. The surprising Baylor
outheastern Con- Bears need only to beat or tie floun-
All Georgia needs dering Texas or a mediocre Rice team,
this weekend and and the host spot in Dallas is theirs. The
headed for New teams in the running for the other Cot-
other birth in the ton Bowl spot are the same as those that
ontest is far mpre are in contention for the Orange and
als are currently Sugar Bowls:, Alabama, Notre Dame,
r of one of three Nebraska, Penn State, Pittsburgh,


i surprise
Georgia, Florida State and, as a long South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi
shot, a Big Ten team. State and LSU. Spokesman Bill
FIESTA BOWL - This bowl game, Gregory indicated that the Peach Bowl
considered by many to be the best of the committee would prefer North
second echelon of bowls, has narrowed Carolina. Top candidates to oppose the
itself down to bidding three types of host team are Michigan, Purdue, Texas
teams: independents, Big Eight mem- and Missouri. Nebraska, Oklahoma,
bers and Big Ten members. Which two Penn State and Pittsburgh are
of those three types will be chosen is longshots, according to Gregory, since
undecided, the teams which comprise "some teams will be disappointed and
these three lists have been limited to not receive major bowl bids."
three apiece. The independents are Pit- TANGERINE BOWL - Another bowl
tsburgh, Penn State and Florida State, that is nowhere near a decision. The
while the Big Eight and Big Ten teams long list of candidates includes
are comprised of Nebraska, Oklahoma, Alabama, Notre Dame, North Carolina,
Missouri, Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan, Purdue, Missouri, Florida,
Purdue. Tulane, Mississippi State, Navy,
GATOR BOWL - According to bowl Houston, Clemson, Maryland and a
officials, teams under consideration darkhorse possibility in Minnesota.
are Alabama, Pittsburgh, Florida HOLIDAY BOWL - Candidates to
State, Georgia, Florida, Penn State, face the Western Athletic Conference
Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri; Ohio champion, which receives an automatic
State, Michigan, Purdue and North bid, are Purdue, Washington,
Carolina. However, a spokesman adds Oklahoma, Texas, SMU, LSU and
another team, South Carolina, to this Navy.
list as he claims the Gamecocks have HALL OF FAME BOWL - Despite
the inside track on a Gator Bowl bid. numerous meetings, this bowl still has
LIBERTY BOWL - Compared to the not narrowed down its possibilities. At
Gator Bowl, this bowl has narrowed its this point, as many as 20 or 30 teams are
list down to remarkably few teams. The still in the running.
five teams that are under consideration GARDEN STATE BOWL - Unlike
are the Big Ten and Big Eight runners- all the previously-mentioned bowls, this
up, North Carolina, Texas and bowl is almost certain of its decision.
Mississippi State. Assuming the top-notch teams go
SUN BOWL - Once again, the trio of elsewhere, bids will e offered to Navy
teams from the Big Ten (Ohio State, and Maryland.
Michigan and Purdue) and Big Eight Unlike all of the other bowls, the
(Nebraska, Oklahoma and Missouri) ROSE BOWL participants both receive
head the list of prospective participan- automatic bids by winning their con-
ts. Other teams in the running are ference. In the Pacific-10, Washington
Florida and Mississippi State. is one-half game behind ineligible
ASTRO-BLUEBONNET BOWL - Southern California, but a game and a
The officials of this bowl are not only half ahead of the second-place team
looking for the best possible matchup, among those that are eligible - Stan-
but also a game that will generate local ford. However, the Big Ten is not in the
interest. This contest (which is played situation of having a clear-cut winner,
in Houston's Astrodome) will probably as going into the last two weeks of con-
have a Southwest Conference team ference play, Ohio State, Michigan and
represented. Leading candidates are Purdue are all tied for the lead.
SMU, Texas and Baylor. While there With all the uncertainty surrounding
are a dozen contenders for the other conference races and bowl decisions,
spot, the leading candidates are Ohio many difficult choices will have to be
State, Michigan, Nebraska and made this Saturday at 6 p.m., when bids
Oklahoma. can first be issued. However, when the
PEACH BOWL - This Atlanta-based bidding is opened up, the choices will be
bowl shares the Astro-Bluebohnet made quickly as the bowls gobble up
Bowl's sentiment toward selecting a whichever school they finally decide
team that will have local interest. upon, so as to prevent other bowls from
The best bets are North Carolina, doing so.




THE MICHIGAN WOLVERINES would like nothing better than to end their
season here in the Rose Bowl. Victories over Purdue and Ohio State will
propel the Wolverines to this sight in Pasadena, California.
Bowls to waft
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Should Michigan be knocked out of Rose Bowl contention by either Purdue or
Ohio State, Bo Schembechler and his troops need not cancel plans for a holiday
trip. They will merely have to rearrange them.
Instead of journeying to-Pasadena, the Wolverines would find themselves in
any one of a number of bowls, according to various bowl officials.
Bowls showing interest in Michigan include the Fiesta, Gator, Sun, Astro-
Bluebonnet, Peach, Tangerine and Liberty bowls. Other bowls considering the
Wolverines are the Sugar and Cotton Bowls. However, the Wolverines must either
lose or the one of their two remaining games against Purdue this Saturday or Ohio
State November 22. "We feel that we can get a team with a little better record
(than Michigan)," said Cotton Bowl Executive Vice-President Jim Brock.
But Sugar Bowl President Mike Smith overlooked ;the Wolverines' losses,
saying, "Despite their (Michigan) three losses, they would add a national flavor."
Realistically speaking, Michigan has a far better chance of going to a minor
bowl should they have three or four losses, than a major bowl.
According to several published reports, an agreement that would
automatically send the Big Ten runner-up to the Fiesta Bowl has been reached by
bowl officials. When asked to confirm or deny the reports a Fiesta Bowl
spokesman said, "This is incorrect. We are looking at the Big Ten runner-up, but
are not necessarily inviting them."
Michigan Athletic Director Don Canham and Assistant Athletic Director Will
Perry were not available for comment yesterday.
The Fiesta Bowl would be of interest to Michigan because it is one of the most
financially rewarding minor bowls. It is reported that each team playing in this
game will receive between $400,000 and $480,000.
Another interesting bowl possibility for the Wolverines would be the Peach
Bowl. According to a Peach Bowl official, North Carolina would be the preferred
team for one of the bids. Hence, if the Wolverines were to go to this bowl, they
would have the opportunity to even the score with a Tar Heel team that upset them
17-15 in last year's Gator Bowl.


It was a bad week all over for Jimmy
Carter. Not only did Georgia's favorite
son get booted out of the White House
last week, but he fared miserably in his
Gridde picks as well. Carter picked a
dismal five games correctly out of 20,
putting him dead last among all the en-
On the other hand, it was a good week
for the Republicans and Greg.
Hathaway of 2225 S. Seventh. The GOP
got their man in the White House and
gained control of the Senate, and
Hathaway picked 18 out of 20 games
correctly to win this week's free one-
item pizza from Pizza Bob's. If you
would like to win the pizza, get your
i COut
1140 South University

picks in to The Daily at 420 Maynard
before midnight Friday.
1. Purdue at MICHIGAN
(Pick score)
2. Ohio State at Iowa
3. Michigan St. at Minnesota
4. Illinois at Indiana
5. Wisconsin at Northwestern
6. Oklahoma at Missouri
7. Notre Dame at Alabama
8. Georgia at Auburn
9. Clemson at Maryland
10. Nebraska at Iowa St.
11. Duke at N. Carolina St.
12. Princeton at Yale
13. Florida at Kentucky
14. Oregon St. at Oregon
15. Washington at Southern Cal
16. Penn St. at Temple
17. Central Michigan at Western Michigan
18. Eastern Michigan at N. Illinois
19. District of Columbia at Bowie St.
20. Charlie Tuna Oceanographic
University at DAILY LIBELS
Sports On Tap
Nov. 15 PURDUE, 12:25 p.m.
Nov. 14-15 at Michigan Tech
Nov. 14-15 Buckeye Invitational,
at Ohio State

UPI Top Twenty
1. Georgia (34) 9-0...............618
2. Southern Cal (4) 7-0-1 ...........560
3. Nebraska (2) 8-1 ................505
4. Florida St. (1) 9-1...............495
5. Alabama 8-1 ....................470
6. Ohio St. 8-1 .....................447
7. Notre Dame (1) 7-0-1 ..........402
8. Pittsburgh 8-1 .................355
9. Penn St. 8-1...............263
10. Baylor 8-1....................219
11. Oklahoma 6-2 ..................175
12. MICHIGAN 7-2 .................163
13. Brigham Young8-1..........101
14. South Carolina 7-2 ............ 83
15. North Carolina 8-1 ...............82
16. Purdue 7-2 ......................50
17. Mississippi St. 7-2................34
18. UCLA 6-2 ........................32
19. Texas 6-2.................25
20. Washington 7-2....... .......19

AP Top Twenty
1. Georgia (541/2) ...9-0 1,2991/2
2. Southern Cal (6) 7-0-1 1,180
3. Florida St. (3) ... 9-1 1,172
4. Nebraska (2) .... 8-1 1,105
5. Alabama ........8-1 1,067
6. Notre Dame....7-0-1 1,045
7. Ohio St (1).....8-1 9241/2
8. Pittsburgh......8-1 868
9. Penn St......... 8-1 765
10. Oklahoma.....6-2 618
11. MICHIGAN ......7-2 577
12. Baylor ...........8-1 550
13. Brigham Young .. 8-1 464
14. SouthCarolina ... 7=2 453
15. North Carolina ... 8-1 444
16. Purdue ..........7-2 339
17. UCLA ...........6-2 251
18. So. Methodist .... 7-2 243
19. Mississippi St....7-2 225
20. Florida ..........6-2 90
New York 149, Detroit 118
Washington 107, Denver 92
Milwaukee 100, Cleveland 96'
Los Angeles 126, Atlanta 97
Houston 105, Dallas 94
Detroit 4, Bostons4
NY islanders 6, Minnesota 6

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The 1979 Oklahoma football team
lost the ball by fumbling 36 times and
recovered only 14 bobbles by the op-'
I A~ A mib=. I

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