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October 06, 1981 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1981-10-06

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The Michigan Daily-Tuesday, October 6, 1981-Page 7

.Civilian, miitary
officials debate

WASHINGTON (AP) - The chairman
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said yester-
day that key element President
Reagan's proposed buildup of strategic
forces was approved over his objec-
tions, sand Senate Minority Leader
Robert Byrd likened the package to
"putting our money in a used car."
But Defense Secretary Caspar Wein-
berger insisted that the Reagan ad-
ministration will not reconsider its
recommendation to build 100.B-1 bom-
bers nor resurrect a now-abandoned
plan to shuttle long-range MX missiles
among desert shelters in the West
tagon's to civilian and military leaders
was aired as the Senate Armed Ser-

vices Committee opened hearings on
the six-year, $1180.3 billion strategic
modernization program announced by
Reagan last Friday.
Air Force Gen. David Jones, chair-
man of the joint chiefs, testified that the
mobile basing plan was dropped over
his objections in favor of an interim
program to put about three dozen MX
weapons in strengthened underground
silos now occupied by Titan and
Minuteman missiles.
Jones, saying he was speaking for
himself and not necessarily all of the
service chiefs, said, "I remain to be
convinced" that the missiles can be
made to withstand a Soviet attack by
any means other than the so-called

"snel game" of multiple bases that the
Carteradministration had advanced.
Rep. Norman Dicks, (D-Wash.,) at a
House Defense appropriations sub-
commitee hearing, Jones denied that he
was trying to resurrect the multiple
shelter plan.
Senate committee chairman John
Tower, (R-Texas), a strong proponent
<of the shell-game MX, said he hoped it
will get a new look when the ad-
ministration makes a decision in 1984 as
to how to deploy the 100 new missiles

MX. missile

-... apposes Reagan plan

{. ... . . .G ยข . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . ..i .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . .a. . ..*.*.* .
.... . ... . "... . c, : T .;* . , ..(. ,.,.*.* .* . . .s' o.,,: '3. ) . .. . . a , s ._ .'Z . . . , .,.. . i,..
" w a.<; . A~..*: 9i". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..::. . . . . . . . . . . ..1. ..is'. . . . . ..:. . . . . . . . . . . . .... .;.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . ..Mill
F w :: E: .:.::::.:....................................................................................................................................................... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .N ..4w..;

Congress e
(Continued from Page 1)
act on the issue of campus spying for
lack of hard evidence of foreign in-
telligence operations.
The Michigan Student Assembly will
examiine the spying issue at their
weekly meeting tonight. MSA Vice
President Amy Hartmann said the
student organization has not yet
decided on a course of action to address
the issue, but added that the idea of a
"harrassment hotline" at the Univer-
sity merits further consideration.
UNIVERSITY President Harold
Shapiro said that while he is still
looking into the idea of a telephone
hotline for Taiwanese students here
who feel harassed or intimidated, he
wants to examine the issue very
carefully before setting up an "internal
investigative body."
"One person's emancipation may be
another person's police group, "
Shapiro said, adding that he hopes to
issue an official statement "regarding

xamines Taiwanese spy issue


8:3 pm

all activities which threaten values in
the University community."
Shapiro said he has asked an official
faculty group-the Senate Advisory
Committee on University Affairs-to
examine the issue and advise him on
possible courses of action.
SACUA Chairman Morton Brown
said the faculty assembly decided that
"nothing constructive at this time can
be done."
ANOTHER University committee,
comprised of both faculty members and
students, also has announced plans to
look into the possibility that Taiwanese
students may be having their rights
violated. The Civil Liberties Board,
whose function is to assist members of
the University community who suffer
threats to their civil liberties, will meet
Oct. 16 to discuss Chen's death and
campus spying, said CLB Chairman
Lawrence Berlin.
At Carnegie-Mellon University,

where Chen was an assistant statistics
professor, President Richard Cyert has
led a movement to eliminate alleged
foreign intelligence opeartions on his
Cyert and others have asserted that
the National Chinese government in
Taiwan took an interest in Chen after
fellow Taiwanese students acting as
agents for the KMT governement,
reported Chen's political activities in
the United States back to Taiwan.
Cyert has established a
"harrassment hotline" within the In-
ternational Center at CMU, to which
students may report any acts of
harassment or intimidation which they
feel threaten their civil liberties. The
CMU president has also set up a faculty
comittee "to look into the situation and
make further recommendations for ac-
significant number of Taiwanese

. students at least half will be associated
with the KMT," Cyert said in a
telephone interview. "And it's
inevitable that you'll have this kind of
This after-noons hearing on Capital
Hill will be the second such hearing on
Chen's death and its alledged link to
Taiwan's intelligence operations.
An earlier congressional probe was
held in late July, but congress members
reached no conclusions on the matter at
that time.
The hearing today is aimed "to do
something to end the abuse" of
Taiwanese in the United States, said an
aide to Rep. Stephen Solarz (D-N.Y.),
who is chairman of the subcommittee.
At the first hearings, Rep. Jim
Leach (R-Iowa) charged that Chen's
death was directly related to the
operations of Taiwanese spies in the
United States who reported Chen's
allegedly anti-KMT activities to the
government in Taiwan.

'U employee gets death letter

(Continued from Page 1)
from any channel in one month, you
will be formally isted in the
Roaches Elimination Program for
execution at appropriate time. "
Attached to the letter was a copy of a
news article in a Taiwanese newspaper
circulated in New York which labeled
Taiwanese government agents who spy
on fellow Taiwanese in the United
States "roaches" and called for their
Ti said she knows of at least 10 other
Taiwanese nationals who have received
similar letters. Each of them, she said,
attended the University during the time
Chen was a student here.
~TI, WHO WORKS at the University's
Institute for Social Research, and her
husband, also a University graduate
who now works as an engineer at Ford
Motor Co., said they considered moving
from the area after they received the
letter because they feared for the safety
of their 18-month-old son.
Although the probable validity of the
threat has been discounted by both
University officials and agents from the
FBI's Detroit office, the Taiwanese who
received the letters say they are taking
the threat quite seriously.
"I am really afraid," said another
Taiwanese University student who
SECANE, Pa.(AP) -American
ingenuity continues to work around the
energy crisis.
A plant grower here enclosed one of
its 60,000-square-foot greenhouses in a
giant polyethylene bubble to keep heat
in longer and reduce oil consumption,
according to Energy User News.
The result was a 66 percent decrease
in oil consumption for January and
February compared with the same 1979
period. For February alone, consum-
ption declined from 36,000 gallons in
1979 to 12,000 in 1980.
The double layer of polyethylene also
lessened the "greenhouse effect"-the
escape of hot air from the house at night
when the outside temperature was

received one of the letters. "I don't
know how they got my name and ad-
dress." He said he graduated from the
University in 1978-the same year as
Chen-but did not know the talented
statistics student. The former student,
who now is an engineer at the General
Motors Tech Center in Warren, asked
that his name not be printed because "I
want (my) personal life to be quiet."
BUT, ASIDE from the personal
significance the anonymous letters
have had for the persons who received
them, the letter--and the fear and ac-
cusations it has generated-helps to
illustrate the complex political
divisions in the United States
Taiwanese community.
The Taiwanese community here is
basically divided into two political fac-
tions. One faction supports the rule of
the Nationalist Chinese (KMT) gover-
nment, which took control of the island
government in 1949 when the Chinese
nationalists fled from the communist
revolution on the mainland. The other
faction supports independence for the
native Taiwanese from the nationalist
Chinese, who make up only a small
minority of Taiwan's population.
Those who oppose the KMT have
alleged that the government runs a
network of KMT student agents who
report back to their government the
political activities of fellow students.
KMT opponents have also asserted that
the government harasses and in-
timidates students and their families on
the basis of the information it allegedly
receives from agents abroad. '
THE TAIWANESE independents
have also insisted that Chen was mur-
dered by the KMT while visiting
relatives in Taiwan last July. KMT
government officials, however, have
said that Chen either accidentally fell to
his death from a fifth floor fire escape
or committed suicide by jumping.
Each side of this political division has
accused the other of writing the
threatening letters. The supporters of

the KMT government argue that the
threats were obviously written by their
opponents-members of the Taiwanese
Independence Movement TIM-who,
they say, plan to murder persons they
believe to be KMT agents. As evidence,
they point to the fact that the TIM has
been classified by the state of Califor-
nia as an international terrorist
"THE TAIWANESE Independence
Movement is not simply a dissident
group; this is an international terrorist
group," said Stephen Chen, who is
director of Taiwan's unofficial con-
sulate in Chicago.
A spokeswoman for the California At-
torney General's office said the TIM is
under suspicion in at least five terrorist
bombings in southern California last
Those who support independence for
Taiwan, however, believe the threat
was written by agents of the KMT
government who wish to discredit the
"MY INSTINCT tells me that (the
letter) is a typical KMT provocative
piece of garbage," said University an-
thropology Professor Norma Diamond,
who has conducted considerable
research in Taiwan.
Diamond and several ethnic
Taiwanese said they believe KMT
agents in Pittsburgh probably wrote the
letters to generate unfavorable
publicity for Taiwanese independents.
' Graduating Seniors
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BARROW, Alaskae(AP)-Plastic
pipe will help supply energy here next
year in one of the coldest locations in
the world.
The pipe had to withstand tem-
peratures down to minus 40F so it could
be used to replace steel pipelines for the
gas-distribution system serving 600
This city is located at the northern tip
of Alaska, more than 300 miles north of
the Arctic Circle.

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