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July 17, 1976 - Image 9

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Michigan Daily, 1976-07-17

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Saturday, July 17, 1976


Page Nine

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(Continued from Pge 8)
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When someone drinks too
much and then drives, it's the silence
that kills. Your silence.
It kills your friends, your
relatives, and people you don't even
know. But they're all people you
could save.I
If you knew what to say,
maybe you'd he less quiet. Maybe
fewer people would die.-
What you should say is, "I:11

coffee never made anyone sober.
Maybe it would keep him awake
long enough to have an accident.
But that's about al.
The best way to prevent a
drunk from becoming a dead drunk
is to stop him from driving.
Speak uIp. Don't let silence be
the last sound he hears.

drive you home.Ur,"-,et me callta r -- --- ----------
cab." Or, "Sleep on my couch I DRUNK DIVER, DAET.Y AtzI
tonight." I BOX 2345
Don't hesitate because your I I don't want ta remain silent. I
friend may have been drinking only ''e0l me what else I ruan do.I
beer. Beer and wine can bejgust as I
intoxicating as mixed drinks. I My ase i____________t
And don't think that black IAilsltpsn_____________t
cofewill make him sober. Black L ty-- stt___ I

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