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May 13, 1975 - Image 9

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Michigan Daily, 1975-05-13

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Tdesday, May 13, 1975


Page Nine


Cambodia seizes ship

(continued from Page 1)
ment spokesman Robert Fun-
WARSHIPS from the U.S. 7th
Fleet reportedly were ordered
to begin moving in the directio
of the Gulf of Thailand.
The United States considers
all waters more than three miles
seaward to be in international
territory. But Cambodia is one
of about 40 nations that claim
jurisdiction over waters extend-
ing 12 miles from shore.
S i n c e Mayaguez reportedly
was within eight miles of an
island claimed by Cambodia,
this apparently would put it in
waters claimed by Cambodia
but viewed as international ter-
ritory by the United States.
"1. . We consider it outside
of territorial waters," said Nes-
THE PRESS secretary said
the ship was not a spy vessel.
He said the United States has
had no communication with the
Cambodian government but that
"as far as we know" no one
aboard ship was injured during
the seizure.
Nessen said radio messages
from the ship saiddit was "fired
upon and boarded by Cambo-
dian armed forces from a Cam-
bodian navaltvessel" and then
was forced into the Cambodian
port of Kompong Som.
HE SAID the incident occur-
red early yesterday morning,
Washington time.
Nessen said that President
Ford "considers this seizure an
act of piracy. He has instructed
the State Department to demand
the immediate release of the
ship. Failure to do so would
have the most serious conse-
The Mayaguez was the first
U.S. ship seized by a foreign
Navy since the U.S. spy ship
Pueblo was captured by North
Korea on Jan. 23, 1968. The
Pueblo's 83-member crew was
(Continued from Page 8
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held captive for 11 months be-
fore being freed.
Bucher, who was captain of the
Pueblo when it was seized, said
in Ponay, Calif., that the United
States had an obligation to re-
trieve the Mayaguez. -
"They should take whatever
steps are necessary to get the
ship back as quickly as pos-
sible," said B u c h e r. "That
should not rule out the use of
Administration sources said
no U.S. ships were close to the
Mayaguez when it was taken.
They said the warships ordered
to move toward the Gulf of
Thailand were told not to take
other action without further spe-
cific directives.
IN ADDITION to the U.S. 7th
Fleet and its aircraft carriers,
there are about 200 Air Force
fighters and bombers in Thai-
Congressional reaction was
mixed. Sen. James Allen (D-
, Ala.) said the seiztre was an
act of piracy "which we cannot
let 0 unchallenged."
"If force is necessary then
force must be used," said Allen.
SEN. JACOB Javits (R-N.Y.)
urged patience, although he
a-reed the seizure was an act
of piracy. "Let's keep our shirts
on and see if they return the
shin" said Javits.
"I believe a little patience is
deserved rather than cause an
attack on the new Cambodian
He said the new Cambodian
reime, "in the first flush of
N'ictorv, may not realize what is
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When in early 1900 volcanic
Mont Pelee erupted on the
island of Martinique in the West
Indies, all the inhabitants of the
city of Saint Pierre were killed
except for one man. He was
safe in the dungeon of the city

JAVITS, an arcihtect of the
1973 War Powers Act, said he
believes Ford would have the
right to use military forces to
retrieve the ship. The law gives
the President the right to intro-
duce military force into hostili-
ties for up to 50 days to protect
Sen. James Buckley (Con.-R-
N.Y.) urged the President "to
order immediate punitive air
and naval attacks on appropri-
ate targets in Cambodia."
"In no other way can we un-
derscore the fact that we will
no longer tolerate acts of inter-
national banditry," said Buck-
ley. "In no other way can we
guarantee the future safety of
American vessels in interna-
tional waters."
BUT. SEN. Charles Percy (R-
Ill.) said information was too
scanty to determine whether the
seizure was an act of individual
piracy or "a carefully planned
plot to embarrass the United
He said radio reports from
the ship indicated that none of
the boarding party spoke Eng-
lish. Percy speculated that if
the attack and seizure of an
American vessel had been plan-
ned by the new government,
there would have been someone
-who could have communicated
with the crew in English.
Percy said it would be un-
wise for Congress to take any
action until more is known.
SEN. JOHN Sparkman (D-
Ala.), chairman of the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee,'
said, "We ought to go after it."
He said he would favor the
use of any necessary force to
get the ship back.
- ac
h ire,
Of course you would.
You work hard. And you're good
at it. Like most Americans.
But, if all of us did just a
little better, we'd wind
up with better products, better
services and even more
pride in the work we do.
America. It only works
as well as we do.
TherNational Commusronon. Ioductiy, Wahin, on, Dr.

Council wrangles
over new budget
(Continued from Page 1) careftil consideration of city
fails to agree on a budget, services," she declared, and
Murray's proposal automatically labeled certain items in the
goes into effect. HRP budget 7s "irresponsible"
Even if the five Democrats and "crazy."
on council win over councilwo- The administrator's proposed
man Kathy Kozachenko, the frugal budget is an increase of
lone H u m a n Rights Party 5.2 per cent over.the last fiscal
(HRP) representative, t h a t year with over half the reve-
would only result in a six-vote nues coming from property tax-
liberal-radical bloc - one vote es and the remainder mostly
short of the required seven made up of federal and state
votes. grants.
Few, if any, council members "Revenues for the General
expect a tri-partisan coalition to Fund are operating at an in-
obtain the' seven votes needed crease of 2.6 per cent. That's
for budget amendments. Coun- right, only 2.6 per cent," Mur-
cilman Jamie Kenworthy (D- ray emphasized, but added "the
Fourth Ward) stated, "I don't increased costs of fuel, supplies,
expect seven votes for change." materials, and labor far exceed
the 2.6 per cent."
NEVERTHELESS, I i b e r a M U R R A Y lamented that
corncil members are trying to his proposed budget keeps "cur-
garner the six-vote majority, in rent services at a level that is
hones that a majority cottcil adequate btt not superior . . .
opinion would sway Mu rray to It reflects the general economy
make favorable budget changes as faced by all others. Times
on his own. are hard."
Murray has consistently de- arrd.g
fined his iob as best carrying Murray's proposed budget in-
out the policies of a majority of clides: laying off some 24 city
council and, if six council mem- enployes - an area of major
hers present an altered budget controversy, a 69.5 per cent
to Murray, the administrator is swtiment purchase reduction;
expected to institute the re- and debt service payments in
quest. water, sewers, and parking
The administrator reempha- comnrises 20 per cent of the
sized his job function while in- bideet total.
trodticing his budget stating, The University slashed its
"Council. of course, has the de- fundine of half the-City's patrol
cision for determining final afficerc'sal-ries for a total of
cuts." 0150.000 which added to the fi-
nnncinl difficulties.

COUNCTL, Democrats w i I
meet with HRP and Rerneblican
council members early next
veek to "hammer out" an ac-
ceptable budget, Kenworthy said
HRP submitted an alternative
budget to council last week; and
Democrats plan to announce
their budget Wednesday; while
Republicans are expected to
present their budget Thursday.
The Democrats' budget was
expected last night, but Wheeler
explained the delay saying,
"One or two days are not
enough" to completely under-
stand the administrator's pro-
posed budget.
Carol JonesC(D-Second Ward)
blasted the HRP budget, which
calls for decreasing administra-
tive salaries and funding 36
more service - providing posi-
tions. "This does not reflect

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