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June 13, 1975 - Image 7

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Michigan Daily, 1975-06-13

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June 13. 1975


Page Seven


riu,.u1t 97 TE ICIGN AIY ag Sve

Gandhi. refuses to
resign Indian post

Federal committee reports
freon 'cause for concern'

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In a fighting, five-minute
speech in Hindi, she said: "We
have taken a pledge to create
a new society. We will continue
toward the goal of eradicating
"We have faced challenges
in the past, and we will con-
tinue even now to face them
with courage."
O U T W A R D L Y, Gandhi
displayed no emotion about the
verdict which overturned her
1971 election to Parliament. She
had won the contest by defeat-
ing Socialist leader Raj Parain
by 183,309 votes to 71,499. But
the judge ruled she illegally
used government officials in her
campaign, including Yashpal
Kapoor, a member of her sec-
retariat in New Delhi, when
the campaign started.
The prime minister obviously
was banking on an outpouring

of public support to justify her
remaining in office.
But her strategy could suffer
a major setback if her party
is defeated in this week's key
election for the legislature in
Gujarat State, where first re-
sults showed the Congress party
trailing badly.
WITH 147 seats declared for
the 182-member legislature,
Congress had won 51 seats while
a non-Communist opposition
front had 75 seats and indepen-
dents and other parties had 21.
Voting took place on Sunday
and Wednesday..
Gandhi had campaigned vig-
orously throughout Gujarat for
the past month, urging voters
to support Congress candidates
as a demonstration of their own
backing of her policies.
In the last election in Go-
jarat, the Congress had won 140
of the then 168 seats.

Bill to teach birth
control postponed

eral task force said yesterday
that the world's invisible ozone
shield against skin cancer may
be damaged by the gas that
shoots deodorants and hair-
sprays ot of cans.
The task force recommended
immediate consideration of a
rewnirement to label aerosol
cans containing fltorocarbon
rorrallants, but it said consid-
eration of banning them could
watt a year until completion of
a further studv by the National
A-alenav of Science.
THE TASK force concluded,
hIwe-r. that "there seems to
b- leritimate cause for seriosuis
cm-ern" over the use of these
raronellants, strongly susnected
of working their way into the
earth's sinner ozone.
Ozone in the stratosphere fil-
ters o'it much of the ultravio-
let radiation from the sun. The
task force warned that deple-
tion of the ozone would let more
radiation reach the earth's sur-
And increased exposure to the
radiation would cause increas-
es in human skin cancer, as
wei as possible harm to plants,
animals and the environment,
the task force said.
THE GROUP, composed of 14
federal agencies, urged r a p i d
pussate of a proposed T ox ic
Su bstances Control Act that
wold require safety-testings of
new chemicals before they are
approved for release int a the
The renort was issued at a
news conference by Russell Pe-
terson, chairman of the Presi-
dent's Council on Environrental
Quality, and H. Guyfod c'(ev-
er, chairman of the Feinral
Council for Science and Tech-
Acting jointly, those t w o
agencies established last Jan-
uary a Federal Interagency
Task Force on Inadvertent Mod-
ification of the Stratosphere.
ITS FIRST assignment was to
check out scientific warnings
first raised a year ago, about

the potential threat to the ozone
layer from productin of chem-
icals known as fluorocarbons,
or "freons," one of their trade
The task force said somc 138
billioin pounds of fluorocarbNs
have been produced worldwide,
excluding the Soviet bloc, a n d
abo'ut half of the total was pro-
duced and used by the U.S.
Peterson said the State De-
partment will start a program
of international cooperation on
research and policy development
on the fluorocarbon problem.
HE SAID about 51 per cent
of the fluorocarbons it the U.S.
are used as propellant in cans
of deodorant, anttissarspirant,
hair spray or other personal
grooming products.
About 28 per cent is used in
refrigerators and aic condition-
ers; about 10 per cent goes in-
to the manufacture of plastics;
7 per cent is used in foaming
agents; and S per cent is used
in solvents.
All of it eventually ends up in
the atmosphere, through delib-
erate release, leakage, or de-

struction of discarded contain-
THE TASK force said fluoro-
carbons might be used safely in
refrigeration and air condition-
ing if meas-res were ado1ted to
prevent leakage and to reclaim
and reise them from discarded
But the flworocarbons used as
sorav pronellants ara blasted
directly into the air.
If the flnorocarbonl-ozoTe can-
cer theory is confirmed by fur-
ther study, the task force said,
snrav-can se of this chemical
unav have to be banned.
The renort said that fluoro-
carbons in tha air might take
ten years to have their fail im-
nat on prone and the damage
mnight not b- renaired by na-
tlral nr'oesses for more than
a century.
The fluorocarbons already pro-
duced may reduce the earth's
ozone shield as much as 1.3 to
3.0 per cent, the tas' force esti-
mated; and a 3 per cent ozone
reduction might cause a 6 per
cent increase in skin cancer

(Continued from Page 3)
that it's held up in committee
andthere's nothing to worry
At the same time, says
Craft, "It has the very highest
legislative priority from NOW
this year, and even Gov. Milli-
ken supports it. I'm quite sure
it won't pass between now and
September, but I feel optimis-
tic for the next session because
it's sort of a concept whose
time has come."
A WIDER knowledge of birth
control information among
teens, explained Craft, could
have a substantial impact on
Michigan Dept. of Public Health
TV. tonite
us24Wide Worls Mystery
"Ring Once for Death"bstars
Miehael Jayston as a butler
who runs the household of a
wealthy widow-and increas-
ingly, her life.
11 Movie-Adventure
"Modesty Ol ase." (English;
1966) Nonsensical spy farce
about a female agent (Monica
Vitti) trying to keep a gein
shipment from an effete vil-
lain (Dick Bogarde).
20 Manna
30 Janaki-Exercise
50 Movie-Drama BW
"The Keys of the Kingdom."
(1944) well-acted version of
A. J. Cronin's novel ahout a
priest (Gregory Peck) doing
missionary work in China.
57 ABC News-Smith/
Captioned f or the hearing-

statistics which show:
-27,808 children were born
in Michigan to mothers between
the agcs of 15 and 19 in 1973;
-infant mortality rate in
teenage pregnancies is 52 per
cent higher;
-babies born to teenagers on
the average weigh less, retard-
ing their growth.
"It's also a local control is-
sue," says Craft. "Right now
the state is telling the local
schools that they can't teach
about birth control." Under the
new bill, community school
boards would make the final de-
cision with the help of state
12:00 Movie-Thrilier nw
"Face of Fear." (English;
1:00 4 13 Midnight Special
Seals and Crofts, and singer-
composer narry Manilow are
the hosts.
7 Don Kirshner's Rock Con-
The Ohio Players ("Jive Toe-
ley," "Skin Tight"); John Sehas-
tian ("Black Satin Kid,"
"niaie Chicken")t
24D on Kirshner's Rock
Music by Blue Swede, Weath-
er Report and Fleetwood Mac
1:30 2 Movie-DramaVBW
"The Bowery." (1933) Wal-
lace Beery vs. George Raft in
a rowdy, vigorously acted
slice of New York life at the
tornoat ike century.
11 News
0:00 4 7 13 News
3:00 12MayberrysR.F.D.
3:30 2 News

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