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May 17, 1975 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1975-05-17

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Saturday, May 17, 1975


Page Five

Hppenings. f
llong $2.50. gell, 7, 9 p
mu w eeK Golden Falcon - Ambrosia, of Hitchcx
COMMERCIAL CINEMA Rock - Soul, $2.00. ters makes
The Phantom of Liberte Mr. Flood's Party - N e w tennis star
(Campus - Louis Bunnel'st Lightning Blues Trio, Blues, change for
et cormn y ho e to poke fun $1.00. happening4
estL Lmeye"h Enlisho kS u- Pretzel Bell - R.F.D. Bsys, Wash. and
at La Liherte (English Sub- Bluegrass, $1.50. able.**
titled)" EVENTS
A Woman under the Influence Baseball - U-M vs. Wiscon- Blind Pi
- (Michigan) - John Cassa- sin (2): Fisher Field, 1 p.m. Show Band
vettes does a stunning job of Women's Clutral Center -- Chances
directing this sensitive drama Coffee House, music, entertain- Rock, $1.00
of a housewife's (Gena R o w- ment: Guild House, 9 p.m. for others.
lands) psychosis and her hus- THE TUBE Pretzel B
bands (Peter Falk) attempts The Brewers meet the Twins gels, Count
to cope with the situation.** * at 2:15 on channel 13 for hose T
Sounder and Claudine - (Dou- of you who want to stay inside The NBA
ble denture, State) - Cicely Ty- this afternoon. An mndepth re- evening, bi
son and Paul Winfield star in port on Breast Cancer by CBS on channel
Sounder, a domestic comi-rag- preceding the evening news at special at
edytwhich conc ns a black 6:30, should be worth watching ends the
uthern family during the De- while those who are bored at "Has marri
press'on and a houn dog, nam- 10 p.m. can tune in to CBS
ed Sounder, of course.- tn again for the annual meat par-
Claudine, Diane Carrol of "Jul ades on the Miss U.S.A. eauty
ia" fame gets it together with Pageant.t sw
her garbage man in a rather g .
soanv romance .*
Four Musketeers - 'Fifth u The King
Forum) - It's the second part Arbor Film
of the famous Three Muske- MAY 18 gell, 7, 91
teers, fill of slapstick and sword- CINEMA classic par
fighting. Though the squel Everything You Always Want- man who e
doesn't match ip to its vrede- ed to Know About Sex (Metre, lage afterV
cessor, Michael York, Richard 7:00, 9:00) - See Sat. Cinema, it deserted
Preston, Faye Dunaway and a MUSIC habitants o
host of other big names do a Chances Are - Orleans Rock, asylum -1
commandable job of bringing $2.00. Le Petit
it off.*** Dooley's - Ted Li.s, Folk, Guild, Arc
Yakusa -(The Movies, Briar- $2.00. p.m.) - A
wood) - The Seventh Samuri Mr. Flood's Party - Starlight conflict bet
is reisited in this drama star- in the Rails, Country, '.75. Algerian Ti
ring Robert Mitchum, w h c h THE TUBE 1958. JeanI
could best be described as pure A choice will have to be made lion is brill
trash.* between the NBA playoff at 3 ters don't qu
Shampoo - (The Movies, p.m. (2) and the Stanley Cup
Briarwood) - Hairdresser War- Playoff at 3:30 p.m. - or you Ark - H
ren Beatty spends is spare can watch a little of both. Night, $.75.
time seducing the clientel, Julie Afterwards Logins and Messina Blind Pig
Christie and Goldie Hawn among star in a Sunday night music jazz, $1.00.
others: a decent Hollywood flash special with Linda Ronstadt, at ChancesA
and glitter flick.*** 8 p.m. (50). End the evening Rock, $1.00
Scenes from a Marriage - with an old movie - Thu Bird- for others.
(The Movies, Briarwood) - Ig- man of Alcatraz, (11) or the Pretzel B
mar Bergman's latest master- Weekend special report: A pro- Country We
niece is condensed from a six file of the Korean EvangelistI
hour Swedish documentary ser- Sun Myung Moon and his Amer- U.S. Chin
ies; an intense portrayal of ican followers on channel 11. ship associa
marital bliss and bedlam.**** slides, "R
Alice Doesn't Live Here Any- China: At
more - (The Movies, B r i a r- flfda V and New:"
wood) - An out-of-place Holly- First United
wood ending ruins this other- MAY 19 bor, 120 Sta
wise roignant dramatic comedy CINEMA TI
about a woman who pulls up The Big Parade (Cinema The Expo
stakes to start like over on Guild, Arch. And. 8 p.m.) - at 7:30 on c
her own.*** A classic comic-tragedy of the members of
" silent era. An American soldier let perform
u daat war falls in love with a choreograph
Frenchwoman - some good anchine, ch
scenic effects and a litile old- mentary on
MAY 17 time romance. *** be aired at
CN. MUSIC And for a 1
The Manchurian Candidate - Blind Pig - Boogie Woogie Western, try
(Cinema Guild, Arch. Aud., 730 Red, Blues, $1.00. Horses," on
& 9:30) - A young American Chances Are - Orleans, rock, a.m.
captured by the Commies $2.00.
brainwashed and sent back to Mr. Flood's Party - S t il t-
his country as a vicious assas- house String Band, Oldtme Mu-
sin. Competent directing by sic, no cover.
John Frankenheimer is over- Music School - Carillon Re-
shadowed by the blatant anti- cital, Burton Tower, 7-8 p.m.
communist propaganda per- THE TUBE Charade
meating plot.** A Swedish documentary fo- Coop, Aud.F
Everything You Always Want- cuses on Harlem, chronicling - A rom
ed to Know About Sex (Matrix, life inside the nation's largest comedy, sta
7:00, 9:00) - Woody Allen lays , ghetto, at 8:00 p.m., channel 56. Audrey Het
ito everyone's favorite sub- Then all you T.V. junkies can burn, Walte
ject, sex, with seven skits de- tune into channel 2 at 9:00 and the stars zi
signed to make you laugh, find out which of your favorite this fast mo
yawn or throw-up - depending shows wins the annual Emmy tainment.**
on your preferences. awards MildredI
A Clockwork Orange - (New Bone up on birth control at Guild, Arch
World Film Coop, Nat. Sci. 10 p.m. on channel 30, the IUD p.m.) - Jon
Aud., 7:00, 9:00) - Stanley Ku- (interuterine device) is the sub- gallantly in
brick's brilliant direction com- ject under discussion is "Wo- murder mys
bines with a novel by Anthony man." Late night movies in- of an adopt
Burgess, to produce Alec - he clude a comedy, "The Mae Ani- turns on her
loves rape, murder and Beet- mal" 11:30 channel 5 and a
hoven. The movie is a disturb- mystery, "Dangerous Money," American
ing statement on whether the at 1:00 on channel 2. Michigan M
will for violent self-expression " teria, 5-7:15
is preft-able to no will at all. tions for "T
MUSIC tuesday musical com
Ark-Diana Markowitz, blues derson and

$2.50. MAY 20 South Entra
Blind Pig - Tribe, ; a z :, CINEMA p.m.
$1.50. Strangers on a Train (Ann
Chances Are - Orleans, Rock, Arbor Film Coop -- AI. A, An- Blind Pig

.m.) - An'o:her one
:k's bizarre chara-
an offer to a young
- a murder in ex-
a murder It's all
on a train between
New York. Unbeliev-
g - Friend's Road
, Progressive, $1.00.
Are - Masquerade,
for studeats, $1.50
ell - Grievous An-
ry Western, $.75.
playofs highlight the
eginning at 9 p.m.
2. A Wide World
11:30 on channel 2
evening by asking
age had it?"
MAY 21
of Hearts -- (Anni
Coop, Aud. A, An-
p.m.) - DeBroca's0
able about a Scots-
'nters a French vil-
World War I to find
except for the in-
'f the local insane
high comedy."**
Soldat - (Cinema
h. Aud. 7:30, 9:30
violent drama of the
ween French a n d
errorists in Geneva
Luc Godard's direc-
iant but ine charac-
ite come across. -
tootenany, Amateur
- Nelidio, Latin
Are - Masquerade,
for students, $1.50
ell - Diamond Rio,
stern, $1.50.
a Peoples' Friend-
tion. - Discussion,
eligion in Peope'
comparison of Old
Chapel, Methodist,
* Church of Ann Ar-
te, 8 p.m.
s meet the Braves
hannel 9. At 9 p.m.
the New York Bal-
in three ballets
ed by George Bal-
annel 56. A docu-
nursing homes will
10 p.m. channel 57.
late night old style
"Last of the Wild
channel 2 at 1:15
MAY 22
(Ann Arbor F ills!
A, Angell, 7, s p.m.)
antic melodramatic
irring Cary Grant,
pburn, James C o -
r Matthau. Watch
p around Paris in
ving piece of enter-
Pierce - (Cinema
. Aud., 7:30, 9:30
an Crawford suffers
this slow burning
tery, at the hands
ted daughter w h o
Heritage Night -
enu: League Cafe-
p.m. Open Audi-
he Janitoss'', a new
sedy by Peter An-
Warren Jay Hecht,
nce East Quad, 7
- Reunion, Jazz,

$1.00. Band, Blues, $1.00.
Chances Are - Masquerade, Chances Are - MViasuerade,
Rock, $1.00 for studetts, $1.50 Rock, $1.50 for studInts, $2.00
for others. for others.
Mr. Flood's Party - M i k e Golden Falcon - Ambrosia,
Smith & his Country Voniteers, Rock - Soul, $2.00.
Country, $.75. Mr. Flood's Party - Cope-
Pretzel Bell - R. .D. Boys, land-Johnston Blues Band, $1.00.
Bluegrass, $1.50. Pretzel Bell - R.F.D. Boys,
THE TUBE Bluegrass, $1.50.
The last of a series of four EVENTS
documentaries on "Primal U.S. China people's Friend-
Man" will be aired tonight on ship Assoc. Special Program:
channel 7 at 8:00 p.m. Follow- People's China and the world
ing that "It's Good to be Alive" food problem: Ball Room - Un-
tells the story of tie popular ion, 7:30 p.m.
sports hero Roy Campanella and UAC, Ethics, Religion -
his tragic injury, ctsapnel 2, Chanrasekhar Thakkur, "Ayurv-
9:00 p.m. A documentary on da (Indian Signs of Medicine)
the funeral industry, "Since the and Astrology": K u e n z e 1
American Way of Dea"i', chan- Lounge, Union, 7:30 p.m.
nel 57, 10 p.m., brings tnO eve- Open Auditions for "The Jan-
ning to an early end. itors" a new musical comedy
by Peter Anderson and Warren
" * Jay Hecht South Entrance East
ri ayQuad 7 p.m.
CINEMA If you are at all athletically
Scarecrow (New World: Film inclined, "Who's on First" a
Coop, Aud. A, Angell, 7:30, 9-30 special dealing with the status
p.m.) - Al Pacino and Gene of women in sports might pro-
Hackman star in this comic- vide a break from a steady
drama about two drifters wan- diet of baseball games, chan-
dering around the U.S.** ne 7, 8 p.m. Later on in the
Double Indemnity (Arch. Aud. night von cin still catch a play
7:30, 9:30 p.m.) - A slow but or two as the Tigers take on
carefully designed musder story, the White So. 9 n.m. hainel 4.
staring Edward G. Robinson In the snme time slot an NBA
and Barbara Sanw-rck. Can nuti'ff is s-hedtled on channel
they kill a man wih it being 2. Shoid v"r taste swing tow-
caught? *ar fi-r thin-us, a ballet
MUSIC rb-i,-hed by Eliot Feld,
Ark - Bill Vantver and Livia "In Per-r-- nae at Wolf Trap"
Dr'tkiu. Folk, $2.50. itn he Mo"md on channel 57 at
Blind Pig - Workm-in' -Bluns 10 p.m.
TV weep*-A oI nide
CArI -*MAY cttklflAY
6:302 treast Cancer Report 6: 5 ii i n60 Minues
4 13 NBiCNws- Tom30 EectitCompany
irokaw 7 24 Auto Racing
11 CBS News-Dan Rather 50 Star Trek
30 Zoom-Children Wid Wild West
5whattNowAmerica? 6:30 4Nws
57 Great Decisions 1 N C Ness
7:00 2 CBS News-Dan Rather 25 Polih Panorama
4 Profiles in Blacko 5 Carrasciendas
7 Detroit 56T o e Announced
9 Poice surgeon 57 C'nasmer Survival Kit
ii Hler Hswtu:0i 2 7 Nes
13 50 Lawrence Welk 4 George Pierrot
24 Last of the Wild 9 Other eon'e Other Parc
30 57 World Press 11 New CandidCamera
56 Rmantic Reei'on,7355TV-is3lRenorts
7:15 t 0Msie-MuicaBWH0 5 Mlciwith t nino Valle
7:31t2e5.000 Pyramid 24 Let's Make a Deal
4 New Candid Camera 30 Toledo Symphony Pops
7 Treassre Hunt Concert
9 Cireus It erHas
74 Let's Make A Oeal S .57Evenne at Symphony
56 Music Pra'eet Presents 7:30 2 11 Cher
u:00 2 All in the Family 4 13 World of Disnet
4 13 Emer-eney! 7 24 Six Miion Dollar Man
7 24 Piot FilmC9eFishin' Hole
9 Front arr Cbaln-r tt Party
50 That Good Ole N-i'viie :00 9 Hmn Sing
Music 20 obbh Goldsboro
56 i Mover' Reor: Inter- 30 Evening at Symphony
national Retort 50 In the Attic
8:30 2 11 The Jeferson,,-Comedy t:30 2 11 Kosak
7 24 Movie-Western 4 13 McCnd
9 Bity Liar-Comeds 7 24 Movie
20 Public Policy Forums "Friendly Persuasion"
50 He Haw 9 Irish Rovers
9:00 2 11 Mary Tyler Moore 20 Persuaders
4 13 Movie-Adventure 30 56 Masterpiece Theatre
"The Great Escane" 9:00 9 Performance
9 The Paisers--Drama 50 Merv Griffin
30 Theater in America- 9:30 2 11 Mannix
Drama ' 20 TV-20 special
56 57 Thin Edge-Report 30 56 57 Firing Line
9:30 2 11 Bob Newhart 10:0 9 Encounter With Cancer
20 Temepie Baptist Church 20 Word ot Life
So tiuth tense 5s ouLasCodson
00 2 11 Miss L.SA. .Beauty 10:30 2 Proteetors
9 The World of Gilbert and 4 News
sullivan 7 Celebrity sweepstakes
20 700 Club 1 toline
50 Lo Gordon 13 Potetrs
It Mvie-DramaBW2 0 1- e S agert
57 TimW eisberg: Jazz Rock 24 Evil' ouch
11:00 4 7 13 News 30 56 Bol, eat
9 CBC News-George Finstad 57 Monty PythonsFlying
24 ABC News-ohn Drury ircus
35 Janaki-Exercise 11:00 2 713 Nw
11:15:7 ABC News-Johnirury 4 ammyand Company
24 Movie-Thrier 9 CB,News
"Dr. Cook'ssGarden" 11 SS News
5 50 9A boL ac uk -2 ighIti.sOn
11:30 4 Weekend-Report 4 HC Ne s
7 Movie-Thriler 11:15 9 Naton's Business
"Once You Kiss a Straner" 11 News
9 Movie-Thriler 11:20 9 Reli-ion,, Scoe
Therides of Dracuia." 11:30 SNaee 5rthe Game
13 Movie 7 ABCNewss
"Eye of the Cat" 7 ABC News
20 Right On-Music 9 Movie
5 Mesic-Thii'er -Otni'eSHeae"
"Tomb of the Living Dead" 11 M eie
12:00 2 siNews "Birdman of Alcatra'"
12:30 2 Movie-Drama 13 Weeend-Report
"A Kiss Before Dying" 50 For My People
11 Movie-Thriier 11:45 7 Movie
"The Mad Room ""The Flim-Flam Man"
1:00 4 News 12:30 4 News
1:30 7 Movie-Thriller 1:00 2Movie

"The Female Trap" "Hold That Basv"
1:45 13 News 13 Movie-Drama
2:30 2 Movie I"The Night of the FoIsawing
"Hollywood Party" Day."

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