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May 11, 1971 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1971-05-11

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Tuesday, May 11, 1971 THE MICHIGAN DAILY Page Five
For IDirect Cassified Ad Serviee. P 1uomsw 764-0557
Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m.-Noon
SUMMER w/alo ption, lago.1brn E V T 1963 ARSPRITE ME. IT-I -10 Fo 1 to, PROFE SONAL TYPIST, eaperienced/ PAINTING JOBS DESIRED 5 yearsex
ap- lse- palR I a ti'.-\/T P 1668-6278. 5N9 secearIBI I.tri, fasatseice. ptee.' Fre l etmt.Relibl, Ie,-
..JJ.IY/I..I 665-8403. 5M9 erences. Call 662-4736. FD
able. 781-9032. 5C91 1966 V.W. BUG. Excellent co1dt1on
ROOMS FOR RENT-Call 769 1266n5l~' per man elattse.$0.CIsrag HEPWN D WARBS$2;F 6;51
761-1431. 308 or" afternoons 668-8667. 5N9 __ 6._ 1$9.. Price ascltude 1 . As argI
- - -- ------ ---- -- --ARTIST ewho wauldcikse to sow and ad smaoli nisolesale. Call Earth. Pig,
AVI.IMDAEY2bot o-2bdom4mnCHEVY, '64. Escellent conditions Panwe sell his sworls. Wite, OisI sase, ac'e, 663-9274. 2F5
nished house-new beds. ntw carpet- L"Ar1 bosadsteigrdoiesaddress. descrypties aof c -sdas NEGC
i. 504 Benjastia St. 971-7150. SC9 - O- )"-'I nerynw 6-61 fe . Il and if possible a snashot of some-Wel n eknekn rus xlr
196 MUTN FATC 289, pao. thing youve donse. Expresson Inter-Wely04sekngep.Epir
* FURNISHED ROUSE far rent. Raspital 16 UTN ATAK29pwrntoa ea ne . o 11 neproa eaincnrn or
area. Fail. 761-2943. 7 Campuls Management, Irsc. -steering/brakes (jlot relined). maony Lonising Mich. 40909 51R9 sell, express feelings. Coil 663-7616.
- - 3 .H r n extras. Excellent condition. Goasg _o C--_
SUME PATMNS E urn uop-Ms Sll 61934 4IPERSON NEEDED to set tsp. secve, and---
st9AdaER 2hft 1,068 S seden. lan J saeis~ Roy. 15.olFyr6-97 SUMMER RATES -UNION LANES
ANNaARBOR TRUST, CO.f Coils 76-6, olow 6n 'C S OPEN NOON MON.-SAT 1 P.M. SUN.
AN RO RS O al 6-25atr6 71srance, balasce of I yr. starssly 1
P OE T MG.DP.434-2072. 25 WRITER for narratiott o1 Rotian Pc'- ---- S --- _-- -
761-2100 so - --- --- -tre sponsorerd by AsmerirsnFil Pn 1H AVE YOU SEEN "FREEDOM" YET?
4Ctc .'.sei-- 1962 TEMPEST Costvertbessechanical stiluote. Screen Credit ia( aay re 0aisi crooaysscs
2MI//~~IV~~LK ond body o k.; good arounsd tLots carc Call 1-278-6096 or write Baa 6, Oesr- Wdssa ssral cellces
2- l GIlSc e NEEDE folr l aciuft - Br. ofer 76426. lI baca,,M. 41121. ,- lI3 delsce of te msind's trse nstuee, nith.
76ra185 5oc7e RApi. Coil Mactonoof Otteren 6.can ArtA5.51 the cause and resoluion of all.prsb-
76-11I X\L 91V acltttla-TYPIST 'nd/or hose ceanto. 761-3121. 1 les ad ha-ustoo Don' 'liev i'?
cally. Good ts, Soew 9100st. Apip 1 Fidaofr' yoslf!Evr phour 11
RHARE ROUSE ithswimmon past. j -Call 662-4736. ND 0.00 ,a m-9 p.m. 6 .01 brek. UGLI
1404 Jorts Cft. May-Sept. $101 ma. CAMPUS LOCATIN 1710-------- WANTED TO RENT M Rstlliporpose Rooom. F11
761-4700, esnx. 211 :3,83-15 9-C31, 37P5URNISHED 1 AND 2 ROOMMATES WANTED --- --- - ---
BEDROOMI APARTMOENTS 2 GRADS wast resoasble moder 2- RIVE GAUCRE 1 o eep Mns-Sat.,
BOARDER WANTED. 'hae ma 'I oak- °3RD MAN NEEDED! Ner a sstpus Coi bdu Odstube I far summr. 663-217 msc 6-12 p meCast friedl riople fray
.s lag lihobhe a rad sudnts Near Mike, 661-4081 (oheap) 5Y5.LS 5t, 5 cOfIatpo ra
caps6342.-C5. ALA AATET interso 51 set,3F
115066-421 DHLANAPRTENS MAY-AUG. 1 NEEDED! 4 tan api Nea MUSICAL MDSE., LRTCPERY c00rse,
8111 PACKLARD-his '1 roaom tsr Male ;141 Chturch St c1atoos, 761-1050. 5Y7, RAIS REPAIR CA11 TR Reodwpsstgaod feob~s
gra0. W/kitche 00ot hre with 2 othereI 761-76000RDORPIS tl los n d os
Otudents. Atoil now. 661-4736. 1C6 ( tocATTENTION-Need 1 femaletoo 4 mat--- Nel b-e. Call- 62-T PD
.. _--- ...._. _-_-- v _ - apt. far loll Neaccoatps. Cosstacti CROWN, Ferrogeaph, Ragnecord -All
NOWSME 2 Bedroaam, large, fur- ROOM IN APA.TMPNT - Nto eoor Mary 0r Rolly. 900 050 68-6086. 5Y9 h brs fros Tape Recorder Special- HYPNO-TRERAPY--Ta betp you5 l0sc
nihdsCprig, t4ro. 927 S.)-- Ysts 269E0 Ltbrrty, 663-4112. 5X51 weighs antd stop smokintg Dosiglas
atsesd. ACe .r 662-61406. 21 sese One-54or twso seople, attly 11/ TWO ROOMMATES wanted foe stodeent Beltz, 761-0440. C~tc
Sorst.Af~r , 62616. C1 sek 02-195 10 at-codiiond at. ca caaps.l SPINET-CONSOLE' PIANO - Wanted
^ DOUBLE ROOM FOR RENT Walkiag 'o o-_Cl 6-19 Y epnil at otk vrsie
diatance to oats casmpus. Call 769- SUBLET or4sa.Cl 6-19 Y pnob arsy toms Cakn aber sese SHEEPSKINS
ptano. ~ ~ ~ ~ lo EayTit.Ca ese 0 Ae beatful. Iafenday I willlhave
9232 1C4 FEMALE ROOMMATE wanouted Osost OMw os .$5prmnh iro n3mnat Hl n aln.26 StlbyvilleCrdia Mnaf, P61. Boa4 skins in all colors, natural asid dyced,
ROOM ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ - hoscpl769r--ost os , tcsOl 11as olosg 26 hlytle ala 67.11 at a fatasticl low. prior. Greats tat
SO TH U , 11-74.Ui9 $16 soo. Sprintg ansd Summeoatr. Coal75
SOU)tHUI71-74 3700. 5y7 HERB DAVID GUITAR STUDIO cots, rugs, water-brdspresh. Clt
THRILLING stodrn, clean,. qiet, aie- . -- Utnavailable inslsst ents, repairs and -6 04 fr inforaton attd o seea
WHERE WvHAT'S codsiioned. 1 bedroomo Osteosslte 4510 2 ROOMMATES 1st,11dsimmstsedately-- tstolttigltO 309 S. State. 66-0661.( sastle. 401
HAPPENl RopVlJ( anard. Availaoble Juste 1. $170. 709-1 31" bedroom bi-level apt1. Coil 001- OXts We Are Trying Harder to Give
HN 3716 after 6 p.at 5U7 370.1 0r slap by 54t Chsoochi, Na.9-------
I5HAPPENING 4Y SALES poriceee $00,libi 3it21 641t Ann Arbor a Radio Station.
I ras fod _- 4- ROOMS pr-o -tgsibc 321_- --. B3sowed Psalterys 030. CLARK OAIEN-
stan. Call after 6pt 0-11 U WORKINGO MOTHER. Pit.0., oith 8- RIO MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MAE- WNRZ-FM Stereo -102.9
toad. 76081 171y.01d chld iso lookist" tor ass ap1. ER. Rollsr wor 17110 Dete Ae. WNRS 1290-Try Us.
peop1e, tfrits. 2-RDRM., bat 01 kitchen iintgrom 3 an ott roomte5, al1. a itmaotr, who= 60-6869. -- Xc
Atflickat nIn lrot catrpsso.9llto. Call761-1 c'n shar evensty babysittn*.. Start- - _-5t..
tse Caampus. 1311. 5U6 1sig Junse or Sells Coil 769-0501 aftt LARGEST eErtslectiosn 21Bootleg Records. STUDENT SPECIAL Wtatebeds $2099
Baogel Factoro, 7 pstn. 4Y8 loMli ass 1 .Sae X King S1c, 111 year guaantee. All sies
The Jsug "2 RAN APT. Avit Joly-Allg. 701-89.021 __ped-01.W e T
at coue fBeerltrlncestg 0 EML o andss .11 'htI-Mor Aotg FOR SALE Pansonict cassette ac bat- avalabe. Seddeiery. Writ:T
-ll she--- Bell -t~ --- 01 6-7277. 4y6 tosy taobs rc.c Barely used1 $60 sew Enterpeises, 2066 Woods Blvd. 1301,
. asigedobe'SUBLET,3 bedroos t l. Very lare,.otsao$0oi s spo 6-29 x Lincolss, Nbraska, or call 402040-
00craledpu00051. 761-2943. 4U39 2 SPACES OPEN ins 2 -bedrooms erco--- -05
at. Muller,. MA-AG 1iioe s4-man.l0l lbe Clot-p, 709-0847 3Y7 PROA
Nexisse 4-asl PERSONAL.1 n 2bdrw. i bl CreativePhtgay -
neaor the actona p010iCoie63012 C OWN REDROOM its 4 -mtan housose. REDUCED RATES 'WEDDINGS and portraits. Proesolt
Toleloo -RA EFFCINC toi 00-o Available sid-Masy till arountd Jutly B11LtIARDS & TABLE TENNIS qsaity atstuldesst cotes, Call Jias
Tak itlok a (-MA EFICENC aail fo sbl 5. ModesI prc. Call 661-7206. 3Y5 00 a1nt.-Non Moos -'11 1-6 p ,m. Soot Evats '5 79-00.3 fott aint men~t t 5to
0,11riay Houe Ro IC My-Also. 1324 N. U.. Na. I. Pilots'epotoio-
CARRIAGE HOUSE 6620 386. 2U7 TWO GIRLS need 0for 4-smtoo bi-leve 1 orFls. t
I\ BEDROO AP.10Nft,;i- 0-io fil Each 1 050 own rom 01110G0 Now slomer class begi bs WEDDING INVITATIONS-Mod or r
1204 Watttoctiw 6 65-8825 Cl0001 tY BE R O slo., 11,1 ig Ileai inl~os Issl i lonl Style. Clii 761.-0942 anytme
oCoc 1:144 00 603-45220 u~totttihtctoooed-1 fis ~ 8 ml alom n
Iicltly. 3U~i A7"0ENTIOt -Need I loooalo lo 4 man01 10000 - - -- fo rMich, Unionss heginnes: 7 p0.100, l~
A BOARDER, toot tog liheral or straight --- -- ails, los fll. Nearcampus.i~l Consact 1.01 alto. $12. n tttotlodiatlc 9 p.ms, 11-
-a 68-86. yswk1 1l5. 0111 advanced aestratio719 CHARD LEE, Inc.
son bae, 11001 taolle, osnd color TV wan ifo cll C uk t 63-291
26yg o l g l. Prveroo m egons ti th C otiotii',ous ort~g 0101s Modern hbil- 'AVAILABLE NOIW --lls 'so tl in -ma,0 Hury-,pc ce. o limttited. 505i PASE.' sont' orice isn oi it le
sos9145 pritnl. 470 i .Frishedo captd OSsiaeck. 545q 701-0409. y tb sioi--e ottoi opertt ingt ooi laot
Lac-c yard, 761-t132, 701-7704. 2U9 1A u nn h s at t r- N T T EC E PS 'ao, ic_
- -- --'--- FE ALE ROOMMvATO. soned s O wnal ro Gait Sii at i fo ttoti 10111 S00 i 01 e ',oihlo 0110 001 0
MODERN APARTMENTS1 Inc. 2 BEDROOM~o, 2-bahuti Mode lit AptO Soil- roo in 111000 hoot use lo,001 lto',Io10loo'' 0201 0 sci iscoCil719. oa11
000-96 aa deck, toasth ec.. Al thsi, hate100 dae 00ps,62-9340 besstwe 5-7. IYJ'. toolr cc ers 1110c 0 stol ' ii. 0 i7 111. 0 ty Fly
4C0r we000 010101ous.ly desperate, 000 ca011; he10111Rick, 06202171 57
002-5495. 1U3 1 MALE -Moderno 4-soi a11pt1 Ma- FOLK DANCE' at Bao Gyssoevy
BARGAIN CORNER Al 700-0541. I2 COiNSTANT-LY huyt"g0. tradingt used 1 1017'. 0 to IS 10111 'loutsng louter09
TOP~ QUALITY WATERBIEDS. Liatlt 're.,,, MattAssg CttOl. -9017. 'JUl PETS AND SUPPLI ES Poo01 -Situ 20 IOUN SPOO BOORS UGNooORnE7REal~001
tile $23 605-2,.95 0booe 2 p5t.15 3W5 DO1 BL
- --- - ( BUSINESS SERVICES 11100F KI'TTENS, litter tined. Coil 0005- 0110- Snt i t:ll o -01 a,1 . t -l 11 lox
PACKOAGE OPALS go Tomate osaOHrry'a aa2800011111ngs 416O WOOSH0 SLURP!0 GUIOLE! -WAT bOB- fronto Martos, a,1 a, a o So. iPto
Wave at tir Fatutc Waterbed Co. FUTURE CPA'S Lern Hao so Prep'ire.ol - I-SOU ES ARE FUN! ary oins outs 00 iPont
Amazing' hargains oS framlinr Is~ fits thecCPA Exam-o Becker CPA Ho- FREE 3 o gig 1001010!ar I0Labrador. sn Harry's Waveof athe-Posloto
osere andl 01 pool-caes esotic Capes- cual orriCl olo 37oIa~ 709-6070. 3T Waterbedu Ca, t4 0. Wasohinttn aI t= sy
sly ofe 0011se hiosor collect 31W-8840118
ofyoubizarechoie!_____r_-_i FREE KIlTEN, tlt white 0 1sle C3i OVERL1A Lndo EPDITION' TO9INDIA.
- -WEDDING Photom 101111 shi hat you'l g-st 501L' 1css-lss. $9.Aa
ass,, oil IiDlsO- 3;icbtg - charters Ia Landon, appo. $1.01
SAM\IV'S STORE s 1 Ys bioOilOt otJse PHOTO SUPPLIES 0110o01tsr Overlansd, DIs 0 111111111
LVDEIS2 AFFECTIONATE 6 m. Sianmese ree 11000031 35F
LEIDNISTYPING in smy bogs. cIBMi Selecetlo. 01000 hsome boo free. Desperote. 709-
971-0121 after 1:30. 13510 1113. 577 WIN A FREE GAME- i
Bell Bottoms. ..$8.00 71 -- ._ -PIN BOWLINGNO UNION ILANES
'k Trdtoas...-$7.5 Aol and Science of YOGA intution PRETTY KITTENS! Red o/some whit100 SUMMER RATES l0bRO U
Surioos -~t. i ASANAS and postures. Call 661 - patches. 9 wks. old wcined, bekite- 700
Button Flys .... $6.98 9619. 237 tot, Call 761-1701. 5T7 --
Super Slims...$7.00 FUTURE CPA's - Learn how to poe- NIKON Tn Outfit for babe or trade foe rtal, BEDS $9-65, 20 mit onion ar-
pare for the CPA Esast. Broker CPA Penrtas equipS. 769-1614 after 5. 5D6I laude vinyl, 20 yr. guar, HEATERS-:
LEVI CORDUROY Review Couroe. Call Collect 213-864- -_.__ $ 12-35, silicoae rusbber, 400 wat, 115 j 1t
Belss ...ss .....a$c.50' 0128. 5I1j FOR SALE volt, therosotat. Waerrbe experiense,
wet I5 ) 2219 Polk, SF, Calif, Call (411) 441--
several colors ITYPING IN MY HOME. IBM SelectrIc.5114-24.Dlcbtooaol
L- 971-1121 cftrr 1:30. 1316 !7 SLEEPING BAGS. Royal Uteactic 'IP
f Slim Fits... ..$6.98 eleotric typewriter, alasot snew, orig-- t
EXPERIENCED TYPIST available lo nobly $200, will sell for0 $10 or best SINGLE? Moos by computle. For Fret'
LEVI STA-PRESS {home typing. Mrs. Serotiss, 761-3210. ofer, 6608-7026. 51EO information, toad amte, addes, 00 O
SLIM FITS 132; - ---- - TV' DAA-ATEo,Lo-132y4 CD-Commere 001 oss79
F v C o o s . . . $ . 0 W A N T E D T O B U Y 2 1 " R C A .C o lo r $ 9 9 9 1 +
" -- ------ -- , 9" Admirsal B&W $31.00 ,3VERSEAS JOBS FOR STUDENTS
LEVI SLIM FITS. WANTED-Used Bicycle. Wsi pay re- 21" Motorola B&W $24.95 1Austrlias, Euroe, So. Amueica, Aica, "ot._--
sossable poice. Cast 001nna after 6:00.'; Plus cany otheros ! rtc. All professtonls ad oooopatioto,.-
Five Colors . .$5.98 769-303. lEO9 .. Give uo a colt as 662-1495 0 700 Sn $3000 monthly. Expenses paid,-l-

y 5B ovae'timue, sr hI ts ,,n Free insforma-
LEVI FLARESWANTED -30or5 spedbike.Catli Rick t010 Write TWA Rescluech Servic'
LEVI FAE761-3957.AES TE- 3K5 CUSTOM ltDESIGNED Vshd inda oe gtmobile Boo 3991-A, Sass Dltog, CA., 9210.
In many solids and REAL ESAT hoe 10 by 14, tunasd ocro
stip s-i. Chiehlits pc. $20, Call 471- 1/r 1
BYONRCTSTN8 ~s 334aftse6 p.m.p $20 4,BI YO aro (olleis ot jsopri6t
Casual and Dress Fabrics BY0,71'2SoU TN -4B :11er sosce tiste to comstnatve g;h( r / -
$001hoewbasemeat opt. AOOOitoaI' OFF Demsonostratioss Tupperoare ygr rHeavosuls Faterlhrcsough aseot-
$.0$4.00 hecoe ail, Terms ansd/or cash. Fos ioemso Deaec mstolteave imstrO 662- tala and prayer for tospiraons to#
apps.call ights475-334. RE , 537.4B9, mak the ri'ht 0ecsion.- Pho te 01ck0
LEVI DENIM JACKETS ap.cltih 7-34 40 ~ LpS -2.Lt-0 704-2004 0r Edth at 602-2942, 0a eav, o ____t~
BIKE ANDSCOOERS WATEELDS- La Seas-$2' Lie-,or nighO, yf ' S So 1 1'k fIls frt.Pol gde
Unlined $.00 BIKES AND. a'dO6TER WCallR E eICOII 662O956. vro 0 ee 0 ObtaI i pra E!2F7
Blanket isned $13.00 MO TORCfYC LE SUZUKI IS0 great 3B D
shap foorsg-Ls hn40 - lSOMi AND HARRY at Wave of vte Ptetl, -oat 4,00
BLUE tCHAMBRAY' miles, one oner, $460. Call 661-0161 LOST AND FOUND Fotore offer Ann Arbor's Second ( SP ON SOCR S N AME4
WORK SHIRTS 7, afe $25 ,__ 5_ LOST - Small femtale tiger cat. Pleaae tee the "Name atherboed" . Contest RLGO NAEIA
BARLEY-DAVIDSONi, Il5c. 1968. 2066 return to Dave Streeker, 761-711. 4A6 IPlease note: Only ths ae 'Fraher-' F ICMAINAEIA
207 E. Liberty mbgaod conditon. 662-9119. 429 90FUND-Calico Cat, evening of May 5 bed" will beacepte and all ote;LFECMAG
enre alawn wiF-, wisdom or istag- NEWSPAPER AD NO. RIAL-282-70
Ftc I!HONDA S-90-'68. Ex. cond. 3,666 mls. nsear International Centef, Call 769- illation wi01 be automatically dis-
_________________ $150. Call 761-6514, 4Z6 7313. 3A5 qualified. 2Ftc

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