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May 25, 1971 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1971-05-25

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Tuesday, May 25, 1971


Page Five

D ail .,l a s 1 i ed sPROGRAM day care fr 3-5 yr. alds. HELP MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS and
On campus Mrs. Mdica, 662-8478. PARKINSON'S Disease rsarnch, 1-21
D a l l ss f e s2J10 yar ol~dgthanded male or f-
EXPERIENCED SECRETARY wses o neurlgical performanceN pain,
FOR RENT FOR RENT d typn in my home. IM Execuie, Earn $5 in 2 Isus. Call 76-0291.
1 & 2 BDRM. APT. $161 and $15, fles LONG^-._ RAIR--
aleass maure., Amiite aiedxepmt an SUMME~k R LEARN TO LY. est insruton, low- Na sweat. Hard work is a bummer. We
eleasereuiredPAlleuilllspi ae , jVVL-~ et price in AA. 665-390. 15J6 play hard, but we make he READ
so ecdraily. Phase3. 730 p p____m:8:30____except__
pomccu6pc.m._____ ----___________ to__ Isdo it. Rih on 665-0664. 5115
dal.6303. meocpncy. RATES WATERBED WHOLESALER-Dont pay --
llOdistributr pices. Gas your beds INDIAN'S PAINTBRUSHJ
FOR RENT-Apt. $75 total, June-Aug. whlesle from Tam and Harry dwn Wishes to talc with thse who have
769-7263. 33C16 2 Bedroom, 2 Person at Wave of the Fuue who can fer applied or won wish to apply fr full
Apartments-$69 each you factory prices - Immediate si- o atlm mlyetlaesa
BENJAMIN ST.-405. Unbelievable clean -livery-and friendly faces. JceobypSothUnempolyenf lerartoan
frn. 3 bdrm. house, new carptin- CAMUS-OCAION Tues. or Wed., between 1 and 5. 5716
new beds and furniture, ust fin- FURNISHED 1 AND 2 UTURE CPA's - Learn how to pe-
Ished redeorating inside and out. BEDROOM APARTMENTS pare for he CPA Eam. Becker CPA COMPUTER applications In Public
Aailimmed. Grad students prefer- Review Course. Call Collect 313-64- Health - Bachelor's deree, prefer
red.71-780.4,31C23 - 0128. 5Jll Honors graduate; requires knowledge
CAMPUS, furnished 3 bdrm house.DA L NN PRT E S TYPING IN MY HOME. IBM Selectric of computers, plus eperience; salary
Avail. May thcu Aug. $O5mo. Also 545 Church St. 971-11 after 5:30. 1J0I depends n eperience, education;
_______resume, references: Dr. Hanson, Alban
2tbdru.Aprihe1972, ex 9105 vins le00-71-7600 Towers Ns. 527, 3700 Mass. Ave., Noth-
909heen pilg97, $85mo7Pon 263_ Cc B IKES AND SCOOTERS west, Washington, D.C. 20016. 231
PRIVATE ROOM wkitchen for girl 1970 TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE. $1000. SAILING INSTRUCTION, needed at
LU U Yonly. Avail. immed. 50. 68-690. Ce 76-4474. 4821 summer rmp in northern Mich. E-
L-U)(.RY-.....-____ periene no. Call 663-3470. 8H15
AP RT EN S EPICIENCY, unbtable at $80m. No 170 HARLEY-DAVIDSON pnt. $575. - --------________
/-/'KI'LN leae, Hill Steet. 71-1248. 114 66-19. 14216 HAVE FREE TIME? WatIsame prc-
-" -"--'---- --- - t al nwsppe epeine? Join th
South Forest Between ROOM POR RENT, dowotwn0.$15/. HONDA 0. 0xcellt conditin, rip-f Michign 0aily Bsiess 55aff. Need
complete, for temporary stay. 62 at $25. 70-6752. 3016 trainees to help with summer work.
MOUivM'HlS59. 51 Stop by 40 Maynard, 9-5 daily. 0H15
Elctronic Security System GREATEST APARTMENTS Guaranteed mosrcycle service, os- BABYSITTER to live in, in echange
ARBOR FOREST IN ANN ARBOR structon, an4 repair. Eprienced for roam and board, Call 79-279.
APARTMENTS 1111 . State, 401 E. Madison mechnic for all makes. Call 426-4568 52H5
t A r I1035 Wall 0., 1506 Packard or 76-729. Zte
"1'sanf for Fall 1 & 2 Bdems. Air cond., well furnishedFO SAElOSuki50Eaeen PHOTO SUPPLIES
6636052 Excellent locations condton. Phone 475-931 after 5 pm --.--
Call after 5: 73-346 or 1-353-7389 9211 WANTED-Used easel and print dryer
Inqu Ie Apt 102,721 S.ForesWe hvesomfor____ .fr 1114-6x20/ Contact Jim, 100
Inur p.10,715 ues ehv om o md ccuac 1969 HARLEY 350cc. 4500 miles. $550. W. Huron, Apt. 6 ater 5 or weekeds.
' --____...................____._ 62-3059 5-7 p.m. 7026 53 11
SAVE YOUR RENT MONEY! HOOMS fee Grad Student. Summere and -
Share large 2 bdrm. apt. in 2 family all. 63-3800 0C17 MUSICAL MDSE., FOR SALE
home. Costissyour personal expenses, - --..........._-__.----- __.---- ---___ _
*siare food csts is eschange for nr- SUBLET RADIOS, REPAIRS COUCH ad TWO CHAIRS, $25 or best
mat- cleaning, laundry, and some a... ______ - -,_ _ - ffer. 065-0951, 43B7
cooking. Call ate 4 p.m. weekdays, ONE OH TWO MAN, $130. Clse t WOLLENSAK TAPE RECORDER wcase,-
anytme wekeads. 7-1036. 901.5 campus. Call 62-8412 ater a p.m. assrted creds, mike and 7" reel. WHITE GOLD diamnd ring - pear
- - ----"-- -- -- 9i God cnditin. Best offer. 971-7366. shaped, 1.20 karat. Appraised at
LAHOE SELECTION ot campus apart- I~t4X17 $120, best affir. 71-8090 after 4 p.m.
meaits avail for fall rentas. Summtu HIDnOMMTEnad01n1ov1-9Ol
Asac Hamilton Maa'ement. 737 furnihed 2 bdm. ap. Hase in lo- $100GISON Gullar, sall aodel sv-
Packardr 761-8055C el!C1 5,76-09, r esp rIyaa old. E. cnd. 63-1943, EROS 4 vas, $125, prayr ugs, aI
by o.eACal o d 9, adro ehvas. 58SX6 bokt a , plad. BORDER'S BOOK
by No. A-t0 at 1700 0e44es,_nearthe____ SHOP, 211 . Sta, 668-753. 6119
AIR-CONDITIONED! Ciea nad quit. Uaailable instuments, rpairs and HOSHOLD funishings, t s1.
Mayaard House, 1 bdm. furnished. lsnstructions-209 S. Stae. 665-8001, Large desk, queen aiae hd, dining
$65 er m n Aail.Jun 1. alloptin. 69-356Xc roam table and chirs, shelves, cn-
derbocks and mre. 63-4341, 61816
Rentnagoiabe, 9U16UHER TAPE RECORDER, 4000 reprelr-
mondoo 4 maa-------"- -------- peed wleather case. 5" reel. pe- MOVING - Sale-stuff includes: '2
FE MAtE.Yall663501nfrem5:00.room- fesaional mike, NC battery pack and Spie, Vax guitar amp., upright
663-410 maes Cal63517afeJ:0 91 recharger, AC cnverer. Newly r- pan, dds and ends, and household
TWO BEDROOM APT. June-Aug. $110. cnditoned Bet offer. 971-730. 45X17 things. Walnut at East Shore Dr.,
In.761-7225. 9416- Whtmre Lake. 2215
C'aompus Mvangement, -Inc. SONY 355 Tape Deck. Call 65-498 foe ___ _---_______
335 E. Huron APARTMENTS AVAIL. fr summer sub- Info. 26X5 REBUILT VW '63 ENGINE, 6,000 or 6
CCIlet. 737 Packard. 761-055. Summit -ma. guarantee. $150. 663-739, 5-7 eves.
C~c Assciata, Use HEATRKIT AR-, 2-m. old, eelent, -4116
- -_--_-- ----_ ---- - --° _----___ $495 (negtable. 71-9463. 72X1
LARGE EFFICIENCY o one chck___ _ 1 AEIK x ad hrle a,
F111 ad$2 6-80 C7 ROMTSWNE EMALE ROOMMATE wanted far pt. 769-5790, 81B16
-- -- - -- --in olde house. Must be clean ne
FEMALE ROOMMATE wned for apt. quiet Fo informion call 668-7517. LOST AND FOUND
inM E old houe. Mu.I be clen and ' 70X1 __________________
SU M E_7T ANN ARBOR FOLKLORE CENTER scrpion lenses. Lot probably around
SU L T SHARE 3 BDRM. house wih one o 516 E. Willim-668-9836 S Quad or Law Quad. Rewrd, 769-
summer. Furnished, color tube, $50 Guitars, Banos, Fiddles Old & New 7136. 47A16
S U B LET Mickie, 663-767. 42X1 Boughs not Sold, Pomp Repars~0LS-mlpsil rgal lc
FEMALE ROOMMATEwatd $40m.-"e---at. Call Diana, 761-5040. 29A16
665-8825 One week frees rent, Ner campus. FR USED CARS PROA
Call 761-6565, 39Y17 PERSONAL_______________
CHA TERFOR FAIRLANE XL, 1966, V.at---- _________
SHARE COUNTRY home-Own rosi, mate hok kets seats, one nr. $05. MALE STUDENT seeking female o
* C A T R fireplace, laundry, acres, Chuk, 665- 79-273.ucsf ga 37N16 play a few 0004 chain games a week,
8712__54Y16 _ _____- Call 9 a m-4 p.m. only. 662-7067,18F5
RE L Y NEED 1 MAN for lrge ar-cndtione~d -56N18_70~ Fn1 a BRIDGE-TODAY
roinfrihedhus till Sep.1. Final day__ to enter spring classes, Small
OCc$2 8.7L899Y1 1960 PEUGEOT Sadn, god cond. aol blroo, 2nd fl. Mih. Union, 7 p.m.
NOW AVAIL - Lage 4-man apt 27 - nedasvalve jb. Bast offer. C11 75F1
Cdl7 2 bts ar cn .C ep 11 E SA D S P L E le,6214.3N9Call 769-2250 r 662-5494. 11015 - --- --- - ------- -- --- ------ _ INTROACT
___.FREE good-oking kiten 3 tabbie '3 CHEVY St-Wag. Gaod motor, tires, Weekly nd weekend grupEplree
,A,008 E. KINGSLEY, kitchen pivieges, and 1 black. I'll spply 1 wko, free $225. 71-1091 after :08, 36N1 interpersonl relations, cnfront v'our-
weakly and/or monithly. 79-8837 after food and kitty 11t1r. Cal: 63-8813. ------ - - -------- self, express feelings. Call 63-7616,
0 p.m. 5517 44Tht RENAULT 10, 197, one owner, law CF4
___ mileage, good cod. Leaing ounty,__
HIOUSE--Off-campus,oted on bus- SIAMESE Kittens, AFA registered. mot salt. Call 662-7645. 25N10 Ba Glatorous-Be o MODEL. All you
lisne. Avail, oo 5-0 eloae Call 62- Blue poin feasle seat point mle. ------ -- need is beauty, and a photo cm-
3484, 9019 12 weeks, $25. 761-7322. 79T17 '66 MUSTANG convertible, rebuilt en- posite Have Richard Lee do one f or
____ - - gin, Best offer, Glen, 665-042. 21N9 you. Costs lss than an arm and a
SUMMER ROOMS near cestra catmpus. Adorable FREE Kittens, litter trained, - --- - - lag. Call 71-9452. 4Fc
$35/mo Lnena tcluded. Call 761-517 Call 05-2800 eves or wkends 3'C7 1968 VW, Sunroof-Good condition. 769- --
evenings, 517 - ------ --- - -- --- 0330. 39N15 CAT LOVERS! Os e 3 affecionae, well-
' ' --- - --- WANTED TO RENT '1900VW, snrof-ood condtion. 76-,yeasrsldsvaely-need newslovan
Next Fall is not for owoy, $25 REWARD 03005029N14 tomas; muto ve. 1-97-2972. 17F2
The best campusfor cpure of an aprtento cupncy-
Tebs opsoporten statingi Augus. On bdrm., smi- TRANSPORTATION 2 SALES!!
ore renting right now. furnshd. to $125, Call 663-709. 37L17 RID
(- - - - RIDE WANTED Ia Colarads fo firt HANDMADE CRAFTS
Give us o call. MARRIED STUDENT werkin' at FodI wek of Jote. Cll Jae, 764-045 m0,y lclartisansedued by 30 as
Lgal satof this aummr deicesOquiet, 65-9451. 40191 A Aror' only NON-PROFIT caf05
SCHARTER r~eaonabatppartment oa ouse. Oc- -- al- - soe .RECORDS rdc4 to a Iow
cupancy by 61. CosntacrID. Lisa DRIVERRIDER for Wt Coatspateer v $2.75. Fsll slcon It th iv-
EC A T R226LobrAv. DuhamNC noth PfSn riaountod May 27. pie's atoe ALATON 330
REALTY 27705. Lo8br6A0L16 77-053. So as, 3017 Haynrd. Opn 'tot9. 13t

prlance. Free etimaes Reliable, ref-
erenges Call 662-4736. D
LIGHT CARPENTRY, Redwood fenes,
tile floors, painting and odd Jobs.
Reliable, Call 662-4736, D
3 5/3-6/6 Del/Ama/Del Deprted
4 5/6-6/25 De/Ama/De Departed
5 516-/16 De/Am/Del Deprted
6 625-829 Dt/Ams/De Fll
6a 6/26-0/27 Del/LnDel Full
7 7/1-0/15 Del/Am/Dt Full
8 8/1-9/2 De/Ams/De Full
9 5/27-6/24 NYLonNY $199
10 7/12-/1 NY/Ama/NY $200
In appreiation of the student re-
sponse to our original schedule, we
are offering he following additional
5a 6/20-7/23 Det/Ais/LonDel $211
9o 6/9-8/14 NY/LnAmsDel $209
11 7/-/5 NY/Ama/NY $209
211 South Stoe Street
Ann Arbor, Michign
Dial: "ON-A-TRIP"
Open only to U of H students, facul-
ly, saff and immedite families.
We Are Trying Harder to Give
Ann Arbor a Radio Station.
WNRZ-FM Stereo- 102.9
WNRS 1290-Try Us.
PREGNANT? Befoe you choose to end
it, THINK TWICE, meditate and pray.
If you wan to talk i ver, all
Edith at 662-2942 84F1
dstribuor proes Get your beds
wholesale from Tom and Harry down
at Wave of the Future who con offer
you factory prices - immdiae de-
livery-and friendly faces, Fe
YOGA FOR WOMEN, sressing eercises
including body cleansing, breathing,
relaxaions and mediation, 71-9821
evenings. S26F8
WATERBEDS $21; PADS $6; Both for
$26. Prices include lo. Als large or
small quantity whlal. Earth Pig,
PACKAGE DEALS a Tam and Hary'a
Wave of the Fuure Waerbd Co.
Amazing bargains on frame, liner,
waerbed and pad-even eoic tapes-
try of your bzaree hail 2Wc
Bell Bottoms..$8.00
Traditionals . .. $7.50
Button Flys . ..$6.98
Super Slims . ..$7.00
Bell's .......... $8.50
several colors)
Slim Fits ........$6.98
Five Colors . ..$7.50
Five Colors . ..$5.98
In many solids and
Casual and Dress Fbrics
$8.00-$1 4.OD
Unlined......... $9.00
Blanket lined .. $13.00
iWORK SHIRTS .. $2.49
207 E Liberty

665-8825 Ct
NOW-SUMAIER-2 Bedyoom, large, toe-
snished, AC, parking, $140/mo. 927 5.
Forest. After 5, 662-6150, 2C15
APARTMENTS now available for sumo-
noer, anod fall nvoouol. Please ral
P.M.A., 769-4227. 7Clc
Hair Styling
Razor. Cuts & Shags

DIAL 8-6416 Toniht a
The suspense builds and builds and builds untid yaa find youself3
wanting slang with Migk Jagger and The Stases to screanm
The Rolling Stones

Fit. Adm.
Car. Seats Plasm No, Routing iDep. Ret,.('as Chg. TotaI9
CAL 106 B-707 001 GET/LON/DET 6/20 0,'28 0205 $14 $210
CAL 180 B-707 002 DET/LON/DET 6/29 0/20 $205 $14 02190
CAL 106 B-707 010 DET/LON/DET 7/2 0/19 $205 $14 9210
CAP 250 DC-8 051 GET LON/DET 8/1 9/1 $200 919 0219
CAL 93 B-707 014 NT/ LOS NY 5131 0' 13 $175 $24 $199
CAL 93 B-707 020 NY tLON/NY 6/12 8/12 91800 919 9199
CAL 93 0-707 613 NY LON/NT 629 7/3JO$185 924 9209
*Pro ata coatsasubecttooiraseodecesedpending;onthenurn-
2n'd floor-Student Union
763-2147 111 a.m,-4 p.m.
Open only to UM stodents, faculty, stt, and immediate fomilies
Administrative services by STUDENTS INTERNATIONAL

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