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August 03, 1972 - Image 12

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Michigan Daily, 1972-08-03

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Page Twelve


Thursday, August 3, 1972


DOUBLE FEATURE-2 movies for the price of one-see both as late as 7:40

"'J.W. COOP' is engrossing and beautifully ful-
filled . . . and it isn't a rodeo movie. Robertson's
portrayal is a figure of near-tragic stature, a figure
embodying, perhaps, the dichotomy of contemporary
American life. In its originality and its integrity,
'J.W. COOP' offers the hope that it needn't al-
ways be the same old Hollywood."
-Judith Crist New York Magazine
-Cue Magazine
"Full of feeling for rootless American lives."
-Vincent Canby, N.Y. Times
-Richard Schickel, LIFE
as liz
t' r

"'GUMSHOE' is a d a r n
good tough mystery. A pri-
vate eye caper that tips its
hat and bows low to Bogie."
-Judith Crist
New York Magazine
"Sharp, entertainingly off-
beat, and successfully nos-
talgic. Clever, dandy tribute
to the world of pictures like
-Cue Magazine
sts siaaoiesi

(Continued from Page 2)
ed lyrics by Dylan and Young,
seemed slow, dragged out long-
er than necessary, at times in-
appropriately jazzed - up . .
but perhaps this was only part
of her style.
Outstanding in her back-up
band was the pianist, whose
musical contributions made the
entire set worth listening to.
Pine Knob Music Theatre, lo-
cated on the site of the simi-
larly named ski resort, is a fair-
ly recent addition to the Michi-
gan cultural scene. Built in less
than two months, the bright
orange metal structure pro-
vides a vibrant contrast to its
rustic surroundings. Comfort-
ably seating 10,000 - half on'
the lawn and half in seats -
(Continued from Page 2)
of place, seeming sometimes like
awkward intrusion into the elec-
tric exchanges of George a n d
Martha, instead of serving as a
foil to them. Honey should be
26 and act 14. Instead Montagna
looks 14 and acts 5.
Director Donald Boros u s es
some strange blocking, often
placing his actors with their
backs to the audience. Though
his purpose may have been to
fully utilize the stage's poten-
tial, he used the arrangement
once too often.
Michigan Repertory '72 will
be presenting Who's Afraid of
Virginia Woolf until August 5
and A Funny Thing Happened
on the Way to the Forum from
August 8-12. All performances
are at the Power Center. Tickets
from $2.00 to $3.00.

in concert
the theatre is a nice outdoor
retreat from city auditoriums.
Neil Diamond and Jackie De-
Shannon will be appearing
there for the remainder of the
Richie Havens, Sha-Na-Na, qnd
The Fabulous Rhinestones will
appear in concert at the PIne
Knob Music Theatre in Clark-
ston on Monday, August 7 at 7:00
Sha-Na-Na, 12 performers who
banded together to preserve
"Good Old Hock and Roil" of
the 50's, appear in slicked back
DA haircuts, gold lame suits, un-
dershirts and jeans. Both Sha-
Na-Na and Richie Havens per-
formed at Woodstock.
Tickets priced at $7.00 and
$5.00 for reserved seats and $3.00
for unreserved lawn seats are
on sale at the Fisher Theatre
Box Office, all J. L. Hudson
stores, and Pine Knob. No tick-
ets will be sold at Pine Knob
on the day of the concert.

"J.W. COOP"-7:40

. INFORlSAATION;7' 4) -4,700;::


In recent weeks the Ann Arbor SUN
has been running a series of articles
pretending to expose my real policies
and past. The truth is that the SUN has
distorted my platform and printed out-
right lies about me. After talking with
David Fenton, Minister of Information,
Rainbow People's Party, I have concluded
that the SUN is aware of the true situa-
tion, that the lies and distortions were
deliberate, and that the.y have no inten-
tion of setting things straight. I have
taken this ad in The Michigan Daily to
present my views about the Sheriff's
Office, to maake my commitments openly
nd in writing so that voters can decide
for themselves.
One of the few accurate claims made
by the SUN was the statement that I
want to professionalize the Sheriff's De-
partment I would like to clear up what
this means:
I do not intend to train deputies
like secret agents.
I do not intend to buy more riot
control gear.
I do not intend to use or tolerate
excessive force or unreason-
able searches.
Professionalism means sheriff's depu-
ties who know the law and how to en-
force the law, and who know how to
respect the dignity and civil rights of
citizens in the process.
Professionalism means deputies who
will be prosecuted when they break the
I do not believe that any law en-
forcement officer can say that he will
not enforce some -laws. The sheriff is
required by law .to enforce all laws to
the best of his .ability. He must not set
himself above the law by not doing this.
Since there is no way that the sheriff
can arrest every person who violates
every law, he has to decide which laws
are most important and concentrate on
those. He may never arrest anyone for
violatina the bad or unimportant laws,
but he can't sav that he won't enforce
As sheriff. I would assign highest
priority to crimes of violence and other
crimes that threaten the safety of the
public, such as drunk and reckless driv-
ing-also theft. Lowest priority would
be minor traffic violations and posses-
sion of maruona. The present mari-
iuano laws are bad laws: I believe mari-
juana should be lenalized and controlled
in the. 'nme wo" as alcohol.
Anyone who has seen Doug Harvey in
action will agree that the sheriff has too
much oower and needs to be controlled
more by the community. I would like to
see the county create a Citizens Advisory
Board to investinate complaints about
the conduct of the Sheriff's Department

and its members. This board should have
on it the sheriff, a representative of the
deouties union, and members of the pub-
lic. There should be enough citizens on
the board so the sheriff doesn't control
it. The county cannot make. such a board
legally binding on the sheriff, but I
would agree to carry out any disciplinary
measures that the board recommended.
Relations with the cormunity depend
on conditions within the sheriff's de-
partment. Right now it is run like the
army, with stress on spit and polish, and
no tolerance for dissent or long hair or
different life-styles inside or outside the
I would change this by relaxing the
military atnosphere, by demanding that
the deputies be polite and respectful to
all people. Deputies who will not or can-
not do this are not what I consider pro-
fessional, and I will not keep them in
the department.
Only when the deputies can show this
respect for people inside and outside
the department who are different from
themselves will we be able to attract the
sort of qualified people who can relate
to the black and youth communities. It
is not enough to hire young and black
middle class people. Right now the peo-
ple we need would not want to work 'for
Sheriff Harvey, and he would not hire
Under Sheriff Harvey, the deputies
union has not gotten beyond the point
of providing some job security for its
men. I favor a real union which would
bargain collectively for wages and work-
inq conditions, handle grievances, and
not allow its men to cross picket lines
while off duty to perform scab labor.
(Harvey and some of his men have
served as scab security guards at CPHA
during the strike there by the UAW).
Under Sheriff Harvey's control the
county liol has been like a dungeon from
the dark ages. Prisoners have not been
orotected from each other, with the re-
sult that there have been several gang
rapes and many beatings and other in-
dignities that prisoners, especially those
who ore black or who have long hair,
have suffered at the hands of deputies.
As sheriff, I will ensure the safety of
prisoners from each other and from any
abuses bi my deputies.
There is no way to make the present
ail into a good jail: the state, which
tolerates a prison as bad as Jackson
State, has ordered the county to build a
new one because the present one is be-
vond hope. 1, would try to insure that
the new ioil has adequate medical,
recreational, and library (including le-
gal) facilities. I would like to set up
rehabilitative services in the jail, par-
ticularly in the area of drug problems.
Money and people are available to set
up a proaram along the lines of Ozone
or Drua Help in the jail.
Doug Harvey has victimized and

brutalized many people over the years.
His brand of corrupt,' violent, and in-
tolerant law enforcement has alienated
many people and caused them to favor
revolutionary politics. I have been fired
twice by Harvey, unjustly, and black-
listed from other police departments by
him. He has done this by circulating a
charge filed against me by my wife's
former husband. The charge was that I
pistol-whipped him. The truth is that he
attacked her with a beer bottle, and I
subdued him without a pistol. Both my
wife (who was legally separated from
him at the time) and I were injured
more than he was, and he was convicted
of assault and battery in Pontiac. This
is a matter of public record, but Harvey
still circulates the charges. I suspect that
he has circulated this to the SUN and I
would not be surprised to see them re-
peating Harvey's version of the story.
I have tried to take legal action
enainst Harvey for this distortion and
for the many acts of corruption and
violence that I have learned about, but
with no success. I believe that the sys-
tem of law enforcement can be made
to work justly by people who are com-
mitted to it and who are willing to be
bound by the laws. This is my commit-
ment. I propose to be bound by the law
and to enforce the. law with the priorities
I listed above.
In distorting my platform and print-
ing other lies about me, the Ann Arbor
SUN is helping to re-elect Harvey,
whether this is their intention or not.
!n the July 21 issue there is mention of
previously secret "police reports, copies
of which are in the possession of the
SUN." These are all reports made by
deputies to Doug Harvey, and released
be him for use by the SUN in its July
21st issue.
The SUN claims in its July 21st issue
that when I was a deputy, I was a
"madman with an itchy trigger finger."
To prove this they offer a highly dis-
torted version of an incident which oc-
curred several years ago. They say that
another deputy and I chased down a
speeding auto and arrested the occu-
pants, one of whom was an "anti-war
brother," named Delbert Dunn, a Navy
deserter. They claim that when Dunn
tried to flee, I started a shooting spree
which endangered the lives of Dunn and
three others, and damaged several build-
The truth is that Dunn and his com-
banion were first spotted speeding away
from an auto dealer we were staking
out. We had reason to believe they had
stolen the car. We stopped them as
they were walking away from the car.
When asked, they denied that it was
theirs. When we found keys that fit the
car on them, there were grounds for
arrest. The SUN neglects to mention
that they were taken into custody on
suspicion of auto theft (a felony)f, and

implies they were arrested only for de-
sertion and reckless driving.
When Dunn and his companion were
being transferred to another car, Dunn
knocked down a deputy and ran. I fired
several warning shots into the air. Roy
Couch, my partner, proceeded to fire at
Dunn, emptying his revolver at him os
he fled. The SUN neglects to mention
this important fact because the truth
does not serve their purpose.
The truth is that Roy Couch is one of
Doug Harvey's campaign managers and
he is supplying the SUN with propaganda
against me because he knows it will help
re-elect Harvey. Couch and the SUN
seem to think people will believe any-
thing: they say that as I was supposedly
"chasing Dunn through some bushes on
foot" shooting at him, I radioed to other
units to "shoot the Bastard." This is lust
ohysically impossible as I couldn't be
running through the bush es and be in
the car at the same time.
It is possible that the SUN is waging
their smear campaign against me out of
gratitude for favors Harold Moon - a
bailbondsmn- has done the Rainbow
People in the past, as David Fenton told
me. Their feeling of debt to him must
be very strong for them to resort to
their current tactics. It is also possible
that they would like to see Doug Harvey
stay in office for four more years of
discrimination against minorities and
young people; for more brutality and
beating of heads. I am well aware that
many p e o p I e become revolutionaries
through this sort of contact with police
and that Harvey would be helping to
recruit revolutionaries. I would not do
this as sheriff; I would not help the
revolutionary movement in this way. The
people who would be victimized by
Harvey would not thank the SUN for
helping Harvey stay in office.
It is also possible that the SUN is
attacking me in preparation for a four-
Darty race involving the Human Rights
Party. This is what they tell the HRP.
However, the HRP would have to at least
quadruple the vote it got last spring in
order to win a county-wide election. If
they fail to achieve this huge increase
in voter strength, they would really
cause Harvey to win the election.
In any case, the SUN has not been
honest with their readers: they have not
told them the truth about me, and they
have not told the truth about why they
are backing Harold Moon. The whale
concept of free elections is undermined
when any part of the press takes it upon
itself to misinform the public. I believe
that elections only work when the people
have the facts, and that a paper which
withholds facts and doles out lies on
aerverting the democratic system of
Democratic Candidate for Sheriff

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