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August 02, 1972 - Image 6

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Michigan Daily, 1972-08-02

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Page Six


Wednesday, August 2, 1972

b a aG4 getthejob doa

MSARY SAYS-I'm voting for Soloman. RECENTLY retaxed mail regulations
fo teState Rtepresentaive. 73F55 peemit wesetern visitor, 29, imprisoned
-- ---* ino Ohio, uolimited correspondents.
IGUY WOULD LIKE to meet omaturad Anyone wishing to, please writ@
toteltigent girt ioterested inouotdoors, IDawud A. Rahmtan, 133 506, Box 511,
teanih, bootiog, etc. Colt 703-6090. Cotlucbcs, Ohio 43216. 45

(continued from Page 51 MUSICAL MDSE., MUSICAL MDSE., UNDER as toundationagraat we re XEROX AND OFFSET
- RADIOS, REPAIRS RADIOS, REPAIRS teaching atfee, ott 0ay (t2 hocr) FslcoY Quictn
HEL WA TED- - - ---- , _ _ _ to-- cls that witt 6evetop year ESP t2t7 0. 12010rcity 769-0560
HEP ATE 150 CLASStCAL Hecocrdstor sote Excet- GUtTARS, AMPS, PIANOS. Prode,' aitities. Lina, 663-6030; Joey, 76t-
toot cocdtono U Towecs Act.9L. 769- Hohnec, Maestro, Gihson, Martin,: 7060; Peto, 663-6263. 0037 Ft
2 PEMALE ESCORYS desiced too 610n0r 7208. 07X58 OGttld. 000-stop 000000. Apollo Music,WEINIVTAOS-oorra
poety thts Sot.,oeeing. Gentlemena -- - 322 S. Moin, 760-1400. eXte PREGNANT AND NEED HELP) Coltl NIAIN o rTa
0000 to toc.I ittote cal FLLR CETRProblemo Pregnancy Help, 760-7283. dittonat Style. Colt 761-0942 anytime.
000 after 9 pase, 761-0505. 08H56 Now Martinc 00038, $430 soth cose. Used BIKES AND SCOOTERS Availatble 34 hours. 12F70 66
Si ad old strianged instruetsO. Re- HEDONFISTS! Avoid the hassle. Let
BABY'SITTING 00r108omo. old hoy. Moo, potos. Guitar tessons 316 0. Wiltiam, NEW SCHWINN 5spcoed. Light, omother M PIN BOWLING Wi afr c am.Satordoy Night 1nsurance find you
and Pci '.o m-1 p to Wetking dis- aboveCampots0the. 62-0300. xcXtocchint,anad tock okh00,65-4736. Leave MichigtnoUWi anes.Ait Condtioed. daes . 6-10 p.m. 663-1392. Cite
tac e. 00ca pus. $t/toure.700-3037. UstmessLage.At03oad7toood
t3H57 PIONEER 130 W. steeo ceceiverc with cP56
_ qudraponi adatorExcelen con. - XEROX COPIES
VAATONtNNAtUKE etoo $250 h~ooroetfer. Esco3-o7ot.c66Xd. SUZUKI TC-125. '72. 1000 oct10. 21 inch DON'T POROET.,Beod 0000o 00esHIEoYUlAI
42500peoo.e VACA63-446.N6XAutg.otINatod5-072ept.6.01500NANTUCoK0E0.Tteatt oteo0hcecoed
00100 Aog. 5-Sps.05 'O vtee AR Amtptifieroandtud era.c 760-0373 or Excellent.$55.0 65-$156852. ccsories.O225 fomtospe op oaactdliehoGiva Coot-d. tcsWqHeILy oEodotos-pcue
91-715c8.09700. 305699X560000 D oyr Blod 0000cc~e. 403-104.a 3Ccnn pestequltyrerdutono-pctrserothoe-Romtoadopuswekytoll lod ete.4colo.r4tc patl aer-puoflprlo a-po
aloac.7979. 2H6'69 HONDA CL 470, muscot sell. 760-1053. Oductoanseoc T-shirtsanod took-tops at
WATE'UASS 000, ettt. 1o 2 inch 'uittoc speakers. 200 15052 VOTE FOR toy doughnyostchoose toer$4.99.
Fewa' RS tt RSS litfete guaroatee. Hog. --
BoxP741.0Whitmo Lake, Mi $126-NOW $65. DOUGLASS SOUND, TRIUMPH, BSA, Nortoon Repaicc KAHLE -TI IMPRESS
31otE.Lobertoy, 761-4434. 01X61 Choeop otes, gurtoceed. Jioto 7o9- Onle otuden t odan tidae toe Couty 524 0. Woitoo 665-4321
89H500.c7 Cotmmosoioner, Distcict 14, Acucoot8S
ACONWOCod ot5Opo" 0;OURLITZER ELECTRIC PIANO. Nice- 761-251. 02F58 t
Bookdeepe, experience shoo trtoal- ccocoe 10 ec,626035. WEic.REPAIRe olntta ho bcycle amahes.valale4 eLHourt WANT TO MAKE A DAFrlre-O S AT
hoaaco, salary 0p00; Clerd-typitsc.0X7 S eo . Ro wcine'cttot. L 060orercctoyus.cT700Villago Apo-
seveatopenings, 000-120; Seccry,', HERR tDAVID siclaGUITAR mSTUDIO 7004 POTS 58W.Crocss Sc., Vpsi. 403- Ohecary. ctPc SiiulRae
ceerlpositiontsopensom eqcuirte oo 6Insootrumoa7d94. Ztc
orthand or dictaphone. PERSON- oade adrpoired0. Lessoncs, muasic, WEEKEND MON'S GROUP and Advisor
NEL SYSTEMS, Emeploy. Ag., 1945 Pact- occsorcoes. 665-0001, 205 0. Stole, HARLEY -DAVISON 250 cc., 0300. 761- A60g6006 10-10-20. Issuc :co m oopetition, Re.Sally preaches, tooches, anod
toe, 761-5252. 97H56 10-6 p..cXtc 7504. 87Z56, 000 r0000,100v, 000r. Intro-Act. 663-
7606. Pee. 50F64 hoots hy the poweror ait th. Let
PREE ROOM AND BOARD SPCAFSL OR SALE-SUZUKI 250-YR. 5 m6oct0s5- -Re. Solly help you Clod help
toEIA aSALpEoottot w oed-62 0 00SeoOoio 55.Moh.WooDIRECT pehaigndoi 0116oa 00happioess. Rev. Salty is a
ablesgrl12nelocht apsitcehel-'Listulact1d0OhsevatoeyOS. 57255 0ma001001 proits assure0you shot your sotctradetd ocso
abeld edos 505wot inotted titme only. $65 each. Douglass tediaond wilt he on investmoent at 157NMpeR.
chaie student with hathiog, deessing, Son,31E Liet,71HF.IAsi Dimn,10 S.U vriy, 5 7N.M peR ,
etc. Fall and possibly wiater termssSco,31 . eey 71RIt WANTED TO RENT Aotaoood 295 asely
663-751. ctc'. Ann Arbor
1072-73. Cell collect evenings, Yvonne 6375.ot
Dafly, 1-682-5245. 79H57 HERB DAVID GUITAR STUDIO NEEDED!SALGF-RTSHtesl. 663-2980
PART TIME SECRETARY wanted. 108,aPoaceofor faslsoerosde$p5.eCano
Insteructios-209 0. State, 665-0001.Plotololnecd$5CotTeRosobe47-09 927 Open eveeryday iooluding
ta 20 hours. ColltMood Rogow, 971-1 cXto 603-6350 0r06665-5209. Thonk yoc. cL5O BUMPER STICKERS cutco peioted Sunay S am-9 p.m.
25.2H7white-U-wait) $2. MBL Peess, 12117. etc
-- APOLLO DRUM CENTER. Drumt sets, WANTED: Own bedrooom SOMEPLACEPosetAoAhr,7104.Pc
over 20 sets io stock: Hogers, Sonarf oo toll) ColltRy, 763-6727. 96L57._ GRAD COFFEE HOUR. Wed. nights
Ludwig, Gretsoh, Singerlad. Prioed- TENNIS LESSONS--Formtee UM player, 0-10. Lcts o1 people, lcts 01 too, loll
KEY -PUNCH oriht deals. 322 S. Mats, 761-1400. THREE TEACHERS aeed looge houso Countey clab pro, Individual or o1 1000. 4th floor Rackham. Eveyone
Senior Operotors s
Svcraltpermanott positionsopeno
all .shi1tsia ocr epais ng a Wet4"
The follocwingweokly'workdchd0
1o 5 doys-40/hesod.° Je k i c, Z n Z3 a ?.>
Bas60RHtes 03.30-7 100 io.'
2. 4 days-SO ho sod.
0504-Oot. OcSun.-Wed. A 4a av~
Nase Roates 0.35-3.60 he.s N
Fi.-Sun., So) -Monaiad : m.r~ay + ~F
Boss Rotcs 03.50-4.10, ihc. M a 97 Ws + a . ,
Miimumcotsqooliitios : a
00te0tat mnimumtooa16,700 strokdo
Paet-timeoaiso oavailable.ao}tE
For appointmentoic'ol 1-562-4430
Daco-Tech at Michigan

MALE with intimtate knowledgeof0 the
cotrcptton and decline at the South
Caroltna legisturewillng soex
chonge knowloedge tor used har-
monica. 763-6121. dBIS
GARAGE SALE of Furniture - Beds,
dressees, ohaies, tables, desks, and
miscellaneacs. 2186 Saline Rd. 09B57
FOR SALE: Used loom. Call before 10
am. 663-8170. dBll
COOL OFF those hot summer nights
with a 3/4 ton air-conditioner. Hardly
ever used, just cleaned. $136. Karen,
764-0557 or 665-6631. dE48
AFGAN ROUNDS, creams and brindles.!
0 weeks. Vereasconable. 455-6252
PROFESSIONAL Literary Servicea:
Editing, writinog, rewriting, drofting
from data. nooks, special projects.
Box 2, Daiy. 9J58
is TON LOADS, 761-1349
6 BEDROOM HOUSE. Mo. of Augast
only. Near Compus. 662-6934. 05055
A/C BEDROOM in hocse toe Acgust-
Cheap. Call Datta at 662-6744 or leave
message. 19U50
ROOM FOR Auguct in nice house, good
locations, ltfacilitoes.Call Marevs.
763-0563. 81U56
A FINER PLACE to get yocr foreign
ear fixed. Cheap rttes, fulyguar-
ateed. WHEEL WORKS, 769-0493,
ask toe Steve. p076
NEED USED fiem bed in good condi-
tian. Mattress and bos spring, Call
662-0702 eveaiaps, excopt Thuesday.

1fyur 0taeig oEr,; 0the Mtiddesti
roth fct ouro orh ere areit o me00,6
abot tore igtogciasin stice.
51y oui,'ve ear sssinis oay inoo
somecoutrie.oa's wrooog.Or maybe
inte rffcin3to 0 010 ea I
pls f'tot)I00003l 0006rt o
I export of rs6to 6015000ar 1
I drug hares anet a0i
I pretrialonfinement.
I U. S.Emssy:tO
I C~o. DanubandPaseosd I
I Mexico City Mexio I
Pealty depends oquatty I 1
I ofds ivl ve. Ista
expulsioioethn 0
I U. SEbsosy:ooscOps
I T009. 276-30000

Th to ruthoisooterdut to s e o ugh. n sioiow . el therei forisoixoooitni o nt hs aetiootm o oe
And tty ;enfocthe ti i o teltcs, waitinpfo r ti al n atrthtseca e C ekth onr0syu'lb is t .
s Mttexicooio f to t 0pl , 00ad 060two0o6 upto egtyeas. ne fct lloo'ethrogh.Louda0d00'
nin year sen 000000000.0000l tnefrpsesino nthn. I iinooooosoi yo'ebns ntencedu'rI youe
n Carry i t i oo o h ounr i cntta000kei000660yois cas t ighco00 r0. fYou'reos Hi
utoii l o rsixO otoiif 00 t isen0yea s t ll trough.Andtoobtodi cs' gto ou00. 9U rein o!URTChassle
OoSto'osositinogntajaioutieo o eOc right aound tis.iao t's wohyoaoer90 Aec ns ryour life.
Sweden. 1Japan. DfflrU[~aa
Posessoo saleo, upto19 fIosion,06 pre-tro~iadniscoon, I'oPos eso iaddetis on oson,os onstot1 yetr.
montI adoprmaent sused s oeceind auptoS2 yetr. I U.S. Emba000. I
expuls ofomteut ryI. epusion. Trafikig U S bs os:AdI ryis i di ng~0I
maimm50as.US E s y a rshot. Dagotrtooeookoiot AlleO4 NassuBahma
Stockhotilm, Swee o -iAaakshrm el. ~TsO'R 4505
Tel. 63/05/20 * 1-5On oto-K htoc
Tel. 583-7141

Poeo, minimumco years
inysjtil 0000r asfcig aiu
91iVasitissophiat's Blvd.1
Athes, Grece
'fel. 7120921'
Posion jalsnecc ie
00.0ffickigmaimmt yar

Pos0ess oItotyeasstn
prtton. Tafickig3 to 0S
CornicheattRue Aiv I
Mrcsaeh. Beirut, Lebaoon I
Tel. 240-BOO
Posisonpio t ene
f cn cfn. rffc i s

Posessio, 3to 5years.
Traofiking,.100ye0r0 to life. ,
Teo. 1loo2-0
amun fcopoase
WI.,Lonison, Englond

mumc7years maxmum ife.I
OttaaCanaoda. I
Possonso taofikin
rioter osd on thcsltoe
wiaso 10v0000avycofinc
pre-tria ofineet.
U. S. Embassy:
It, Ruecdesr oqocaills
P ostesoosion, aiu er
Tel. 43 00 1

ran .
Possso, ont o


250 Av 0,e . k Jomshod 'Tl.30361002 710 5tao6 oOooStrco'l yea.00
I ern To tIoan 1 T hot A ivIslU.S mI sy
Tel tot 9 i1,tl25091j Tel.6171 102 Lange uooou
SI IThI C~Haguothranitods
#Niawnal Clearinghousefor DrugtAbuseInformaions.
'a.r * dvertising contibuted forthe public, goo


...L .. . .. . ,.., .............n,.i

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