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June 20, 1972 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1972-06-20

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Harvey bolts toAl
By l)AVII) STO L Harvey especial]y came under fire for his
Washtenaw County's "Lawy 'n Order" sheriff conduct durnn" student demonstratiosni the
Douglas B r v e y announced yesterday he is city.
'itching from the Democrats to George Wal- In explaining his choice of rise AlP, Harvry
lace's American Independent Parly. said yesterday. "t am prosud to be an Amnerican
Declaring that the local Demuocratic Party and certainly no one can deny that I am sond
i"controlled by a lottd minority of Ann Arbsr- have been independent."
ites" who "rarely reflect" his own stands "on Fred Postill, formerly Harvey's chief op-
issues which are important to the majority of ponent for the Democratic nomination charged
citizens," Harvey declared his candidacy for yesterday the party switch "shotss that Har vey
AIP via lone-distance telephone fron tshe Na-'nsa no integrity."
tional Sheriff's Convention in Palm Spring. Calif. Postill. a former, deputy sheriff, has Is or'
During his three terms as sheriff, Harvey satsKeen iired by Hsrvey. Some observers have spec-
alienated sttidents, blacks and liberals while ess- slated that it swas Postill's insurgent liberal
Toying supeport amen" conservatives and in rsral candidacy wshich forced Harvey tn abandon the(
areas of the county. Hear open warfare existed Denmocragic Party as his vehicle for re-electtotn.
betwseen Harvey and the Ann Arbor Democrats. Harv'ey's candidacy was confirmed at a meet-
ma~ny of whom object. to his tacties for main- tog of the Wassitestss Cotinty AlP lost Saturday
taining ordes, nigt.

:Tuesday, Juno 20, 1972

News Phaie : 764-0552

Page Three.:

'T1he longest il*e:' the
Hy PEl'ElfAIIN'StiT iers confied in foxholes,. flitoted on tem is not knsownt,
TH fANTHfLt, Vietnsamn!A>, Evensas 'Thieunwssurging hiss because snobody ihas booms sees'
--A ierssied doswn Route 13. trooips to a nationwsside ottesisios- ins a motth by the infantry reg-
tse body ot a U.S. adv'iser to commetonrate Arnmed Fortes invenst frosthte Vietnanmese 21st
swrappesd tts a ponchoo n the Day. soldier s hievond fteAntt Division, ordered to osccupy "the
iotod. "rimt steel - hefmetd ill"scould not taise their lonigest ile."s
Ameritoamis inside sti' car. fitads switihout being sihot. Ther cost ins blood paid bytAie
Frmthfishef-pocked toad- A Vie tnamiese battaioss cons tnts almost fatalistic little Viet-
side, bloodied Viensms ira siade"' or'de'red by isis superio0r samese troopers of ftse forward,
gees gs'stusred Vweiarnlysetard to soaks a special efforttsas fine can be measured by the
the' p'assing' vekly Ton-asd kitftd by a shsanushooteo riuhens amulances racingsouthward
of soei'raisger- we'r'e-ban'dage'd, ihestoodontaink tosurvey ftron's"the Atil'eacht day
oter dipedblodfrm h srtir best srinse los his utfor - in flons dusk so dawsnis
tiin isisdbto ~stsircsd o'sT'hie tirst five' sminutses of thte
tntc ditbrtlievlai The rcommuntiists ihav's'beer ett sivssse ssoduced fiv's'truck-
eruptinsnesitatvsasiks rum- ivsbetruhu.Whatdamsage te endlsess asrtillseis asid loads sitfwounded. Tise dead
tiing elf tise highwsay to shelter aerist hosssbasdsu sts isave in- "See TIlP'a"e 12

'W' U T VuIs''t aassETNAMES'E OLE emS tddeins a foxhole
during' a morati att'ack from North 'is-tt;m ' ~em :possitimos hlock-
ing bloady Raute 13C'njo tbsi bseg(ed pto\insctat eaptal of Am its,
for 1esahzc. grass

SAN FRANCIS'CO id') -_--- The
Amreriocan Hedical Associstin't
hotard of trustees recsonmended
to as.socistion msembsers yester'-
day thsaitthe docors group srip-
port eliinsations of criminal
penalties for psossssion sortuse
of marissana,
The Michigan Marijuana In-
itiative petition h'a heen de-
clared leg'aI hy the State Board
of Canvassers. See story, Page i.
The recommsendation quickly
brought vig'omits debate before as
reference committee. aetticig the
sta ge for an expected floor figist
when the matter conses before
the pawerful AMA Houise of
Delegates for final action later
this week.
The comnmittee, one of nine
hearing testimtony on about 150
propoalis before the Houae of
Delegaes, was -to iasue a report

todafsvy r'cotssi'sslio" unit'oliOt
'fistat jssWsIiiississ' sill Otiisi
hi-fossretehosessfitsactiso, lists--
rega' dess o t'e oit-s
les rfecsiion.
Thesdoors saflssissst ,grappli'
wisththe thsornit question of cot-
lective batrgaininsg for dosctos re-
garding medical fees paid by its-
suirance conupanies and othser
agiencies.Missy doctosrs are op-
ps ed to collective barsgsining,
althougis physicians its sonssi
paris of rise country usve formed
isniosns for this purpose---soie at'
filiated with orguniced labor.
Evoking debate wis the por-
tion of te marijuasna report thsai
reads: "Possession of mariuana
for person'a1 use and transfer
toot sales of insignificant
amount' should not be criminal
acts; nuarijuaamiaue in public
should be prohibited; and a p1l'a
of marijana. intoxication should
not be a defense in any criminal

amsidltse hirusfs Soldies isuist
nilng bhinsd hieot thir barks its
escaspesiltfromiste expslod-
ing' rocke ts.
This ws 'thir ts, fivsis sui-
rites sit ass oilssissi s ons Route 13
south of As' Locisis' of a score
ods-itd vesterdayt'by presidenst
N; its is VaniTs hies toiro tlt barck-
tt'Nosith Vitnamses'i'offenssise
Ii: as et nothr s'iat i 5 mn ts
ishtt'liiought s bomb-ci atem sd,
oehiscle- istsesrid str etch of rt
IiisAs , stiltlisild bh Nohei
Vii isususes' rosop?, a streth
ones'Americ'a'm'nmoss-- lie loss"
est mi'e" in i055's5's
For a's moonthltiii"Commusnit
defen'sders is-is"'hungt' smt tts's
desp fioholes, srivsingdait'
os striskis anrd isrtillt-ebom-i
bsardmen sts tha st's- sheseddisi
ftse treess and soe i'd -slt ansd
stvitistomitof shlm el
As fts' h asgonm tsank-,ssss'sbt d
soiltIs s's'"f'rd'sv ft'e stubborni
drifemi:os oenid up 'moitswills
rocket ssm'sd mosrtrs.lT'eattack
lists wsas thsrowtn' inti disarrsat
R nnin tode s'i're'chop-s
lied dossn.
Ifs sat a bloosdyste i ofs 's ti
ta successflt coiun'teroffesivesos
agamist thes NosrthiViietnamses
Saigons goternmenit55 priopa-
gan'da altready is celebruting;' rie
victory atiniAtscfis-with mnedals
isanded ouf and imemorial serv'
ices held m'i t'eruin'ed city for
time thousanids ushsoidie d ftsemeis
01se past 74 doyss Hut tlife-i
lists'toft'eity- Rotei'13 -
re'rnainms cut.
At thes msost s-siticail road ser-
tom. time mi'slistetch norti' of
this isounid of ed eairti'sknsowsn
as "tite Aithill." Saigonm governs-
menttroops hats- gainsed less
titan time lenigth of a fostball
field i mmsanonth.
As they have donme each day.
H o r t h Vietnamese rocketeers
and sharpshoots-rs kept the
grimy South Vigetnamese sold-

NIX OilaIe seized in
/111office 11t _1-i
WASHItNG'lON iPs - - Jamses McCord, s torms'er CIA agenst
seized durinsg a soei'lrisd break-in ts 1.Ds'toeratio Nationsat Cam-
msittee hesadiquarters s sihired astsis'itthtpubicansecuotrity corodinator
sit' th'e'mi riecom'mndtionssfut s i Ssli rtSr iu ' n i.. siour'ces
'i'sr'sourcess ids'stitied tst' attisis Atl\Wontss, lws'd routh'
S'crest hS'e'vices 'T'echicsalSecrs-i its Diivisisoss
HBftsh'Wongut sndsitsofficil sitoemfrte Sec'tSer ioe
dittrdec it to oirmstsrtsdinttisiha '"truss knwMcCord or recoin-
misnmdied isisstistosstf-IsepublicanssNaionaltCotittee. or to Presi-
diesit Nixon' tl''ss pi commissttee.' liihefisCssmsits's'to Re-lscts''tthe
Mcordsi siont st the paisollsit rut Niont siussttes'espartes
entiity Isrous the ltGOP NitionaltCommttee. ot 'liestheis nd 'tuid terc'

Accrmdingtorg 1m Dmet leptof-
ficials Quaaludes-a conmmom
street. drug in t1e city-are
hig hly addictive ' n d with-
drawtal is ' dansgerous process.
With'dr'awsal,.thisa sy, is sate
only timde.r nmedicasl supser'vision,.
ansd "cold lturke'y'"switthdawa'ls
'ass hisftl Iit somnecases.
Boths Drnn'Helps 765-HELPs
an'd tse IFree People's Clinsic
(761-8a52) cams arrainge fret'
inedicaltys' upervised witiudraw-
al. These agenicies urge anayoe
wise suspecrs he or shtenmay be
addicted to call nr visit.

musts idieniifiedl is hainguities to
Ms imis Cubaitsexile comsinun-
iy sties'esseed insside Dioscta-
tic lie-didr-sS h'tt u:r d a '
TopusRfep'ia fiiossssnals fiate
e'd'eeof or sa'ti thumbrek-ins
.Demuocrat s'-ts v fcl'd it ''lus
Hiicleussionasgne." )Hie
chtair-maofst ithin'Dimstints- is-
tionial Ceommisttee said ysesterdamy
tt tris misystakes-tut tactions
over timeauk-its
0'rntsm said time De'smocrats
iselthumr FirsstAmndmenst
rigts,,, id civil rights osay
hsave beets viola-ted, timd intend
thou rhine ihas'e'bees'ssimislar
previusns cden'ss.
In a inemsarkCthtat bormdered otn
accusatieos, 0O'Brienmsastd "I
thteughst tliss administrations
ws a last anuderder admiis.-
Mreauwile, Nixem's purblic re-
lations persnnel maintained
thartIther Pesidemnt has iso inter-
es in the attains

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