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July 10, 1974 - Image 9

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Michigan Daily, 1974-07-10

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Wednesdoy, July 10, 1974


Page Nine

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Committee releases transcrpts
ntinued from Pagel) nearly the same except for min- get that. I know money is hard According to both versions, positions are sympathetic.
he F i f t h Amendment, or differences, deletion of ex-,, to raise. But the point is, what Nixon said, "get it." T h e Judiciary Comosittee
or anything else, if pletives," as edited transcripts we do on that-Let's look at the In a second meeting the same transcribed the same tape re-
e it-save the plan." made public later by the White hard problem-" day, the subject of Hunt's de- cording this way:
President then said he House. The committee transcript has mand for money came up again. Nixon: . . what to do you
refer to do it "the other The House committee issied him saying: The White House gave this do about his present demand?
us apparent allusion to a ose domittee ma- "But let's now come back to account of an exchange between Now, what, what, uh, what nn-
ference that the Senate orat-raedomment ci ng rta the money, a million dollars, Nixon and Dean: intelligible about that?
:eenacepht the Dente jor variations btwen its own and so forth and so on. Let me Nixon: . . What do yu do Dean: Well, apparently Mit-
theDr full W hiaterHouse vesios by ting psse say that I think you could get about Hunt and his present ft- chell and, and, uh, uh.
ing Wte version by e oting passages that in cash and I know money nance? What do we do annut Unidentified: LaRue.
the number of jackass Pesident "Tn-tae is hard, but there are ways. that?" Dean: LaRue are now aware
hat they've got that theyA President eivne reased on That could be unintelligible. Dean: Well apparently Mit- of it, so they know what he is
h the stgort they get anrit ceri g 43 taBed Hut the point is, uh, what would chell and LaRue are now aware feeling.
Slest hge n transrits coverin's . 4 Te you do on that-let's, let's kook of it- so they know how he is 'Nixon: True. Unintellible, do
and innuendos, sill be n residential cnversations. The at the hard facts." feeling, something.
ofa lotwosthan senight before. in an address to THERE WAS another poten- Nixon: Sure, are they going Dean: I, I have, I have not
tey're going to get out by he nation, he sd thos ei-nn- tially explosive variance. The to do something?" talked with them either, I think
St t re on scrints nrvided all the evidence Huse version eems to indicate Dean: 'Well, I have not talk- they are in a position to do
i neededti get Water ette be-
the President may have ordered ed to either of them. Their something, though.

T h e Judiciary Committee,
which has been receiving evi-
dence from ,its impeachment
staff snce May 9, made its own
transcripts from - tapes it had
obtained from the White House
and a federal grand jury.
While the committee tran-,
scripts, worked up from sophis-
ticated electronic equipment,
filled in many passages marked
unintelligible in the White House
transcripts, it was not able to
clear up all of them.
Committee Chairman Peter
Rodino (D-N.J.) said seven
White House transcripts turned
over to the Watergate special
prosecutor last January "are
file for
(Continued from Page 3)
THE ACTUAL election could
take place anywhere from a
few weeks to a few months
from now depending on disa-
greements between the parties.
The clericals will choose be-
tween UAW or AFSCME repre-
sentation or they may elect to
have no union at all. The elec-
tion must be carried by at least
a simple majority. If no option
has the majority of the vote,
then a run-off election will be
held between the two top con-
The unions are attempting to
represent clericals at the Flint
and Dearborn campuses as well
as Ann Arbor. They are also
trying to organize University
technicians, professionals and
administrative employes and li-
censed practical nurses.

hind us and to get it behind us
He added that "as far as the
President's role with reenrd to
Watergate is concerned, the en-
tire story is there."
Ouickly a's'aarent was the ad-
dition of the March 22, 1973,
portion which the committee ex-
plained doesn't annear in either
the White House transrints, nor
in the conies provided by the
White House to the snecial
Watergate prosecutor or the
The House transcripts cover-
ed the conversations of Sept.
15, 1972; Feb. 28, March 13;
two on March 21: March 22,
and two on April 16, all in 1973.
There were several changes
in emphasis between the differ-
ent version of the March 21
discussion of Watergate con-
spirator E. Howard Hunt's de-
mand for money.
THE WHITE House transcript
ouoted Nixon as saying Hunt
"might blow the whistle and his
price is pretty high, but at
least we can buy the time on
that as I pointed out to John."
According to the committee
v e r s i o n, Nixon said Hunt
"might, uh, blow the whistle,
and be, he-and his price is
nrettv high, but at least. uh, we
shold we should buy the time
on that, uh, as I, as t pointed
out to John."
Later, the White House tran-
script quoted Nixon asasaying,
"Well, it sounds like a lot of
money, a million dollars. Let
me say that I think we could
aithe Union
OPEN Monday-Saturday

aides to "do something" about
paying the hush money to Hunt.
The White House quoted the
President only as inquiring
whether Mitchell or his cam-
paign aide, Frederick LaRue,
intended to act. The House ver-
sion leaves open the possibility
that Nixon was giving an order,
not asking a question.
The conversationatook place
the afternoon of March 21, 1973,
hours before LaRue allegedly
delivered $75,000 to Hunt's at-
torney. The Judiciary Commit-
tee's impeachment investigation
has sought to determaine whether
Nixon himself ordered she pay-
ACCORDING to b'o t h the
White House version and the
committee version, Nixon was
told on the morning of March
21 that Hunt was demanding
money for support and legal
fees and was threatening to re-
veal embarrassing information
about the White House.
* Refreshments
o Volleyball
" Surprises
Meet & Greet
Every Wednesday
.8:00 p.m.
1429 Hill Street

(Continu tdfrom Page 3) with many contributions from
liams said that separate stan- sources outside the congression-
dards should be applied to draft al district.
resisters and actual deserters. Reuther conceded that he has
In the past the candidates received "a lot of support from
have not agreed on busing and people not living in the district"
abortion, but neither issue came and that he has lived in the area
tip for much discussion, at the a shorter time than any other
meeting. candidate. He said this was be-
cause he moved around the
THE ONLY semblance of a country working for many other
confrontation between candi- Democratic candidates includ-
dates came when Pierce ac- ing former presidential con-
cused Reuther of running "a tenders George McGovern and
rich man's campaign" financed Robert Kennedy.

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Mass Meeting
Come to: 554 THOMPSON
or Call: 764-9297, 764-9179
from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Jear Cocteau wrote the screenplay for this bizarre operatic film that draws
upon the tragedy of Tristan and Isolde. A young man falls hopelessly in
love with his aunt and is doomed to frustration and .ungratified desire.
Intense dramatic performances, romantic Wagnerian music and imagina-
tive settings combine with Cocteau's poetic.realism to create one of France's
most unusual films.
C 7:30 and 9:30 AUDITORIUM


$10 per donation
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
234 W. Michigan Avenue
Ypsilanti, Michigan-Phone 487-9400

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