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August 15, 1973 - Image 9

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Michigan Daily, 1973-08-15

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I Wednesday, August 15, 1973


Page Nine


4 ensaAgs 5 7 TESME AL aeNn

for Direct Classified Ad Service, Phone 764-055i7
j Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
URGENT! Oe brother to shre 2 bci. 10 S PEE D RALEIGH Competiton, DUG wh tsingr-uitrit, piooabass; SUBJETS NEEDED fo oo epeiment.
-HELP WANTED { furnithed pt $10Atyst 22-an; Copy derilesrs ad dpedals, Record; Plyre an0rhythsmtdrumsunitt, oavai CoallTerry, 73-227 fromtt1-4. t86F64
@ 663-3977. 69Y641 3TTT hndlebars, etc. A csttotmbilt % otle for compete parties, weddings,- _...
-GEREPR__ CCUNANRtil WATEFmle to chr bite. $275best offer. 761-5734. 5Z65 a Or club enggemetsot Resonble. WEGV_ AN iseAohcr
W N D Fr e to sae floor of'63225o 330.. 1112 S. Uiveersity Ae. ctc
snral with ccontig0,SOn anannual eirgross. hoste. Oklnd. Coll 971-7074 or 91- 1971 HONDA CB45,.like new with hel-; ---__
Gera cn~ga ndbsceig 2190 --57Y65 ces, chin/lck nd inturance. 62-'..NUMEROUS satisfiedcustomernecan LET ANN ARBOR'S nip dinsond o iaca ttmns 86 6itsiyt yacrcptecadna e -
Pepatin ofsfianals.stmets, '755.Z et; ys m--secpainead pert help yost style yor engagement
apabie through trial balance. Send t USED CARS ND HONDA 30CS. Esellest condition fritd.Epr yiga lr-rn tPtsls.Gr ,6 -
reanase with saare requirements to Los frsteasCloDae,6b3le - .. rates___..o 66-5050. d69I men have. AsnloDtaonstd, 1209 S.
lebigan Dily, So 1. 53H66 AAB 'tail W 0 70 0Id 0 d '00Z65 TORPEDO TYPIN-,69-2645, mornings. usriy 6-11 i
d $8te. 950 769-076 77N65" 'C
c~tr R AD OFFEE HOUR Wed.nigit0
caTOT in cutom0 kleary 0staingss1956 LINCOLN, 50; 163 Plymouteh, 75; ?1965 SUPeryH a 30r e btiketengine, 10 p.m. Lots of people. Special! Hot
carer5i3cutomskiledtssnlMOMne baterleeecirebrnderte. Thesis v&. MS Typing Chocoate. 4th floor Rorcbal. New
steel worts. Eperience anighelpuisaiae.but i5 athes- 0c inl ylne $300 Inested 500 imum s ago, runti Ta srpinpol ecm! - et
not nfsay riigaalbe Motorcycle, $450. 761-7500. '72N64 -good , wiil only go into neutral &Tasrpin . pol ecm!ct
Fine opportunity available in our- 1 SAAB '71 V4 StationWao.Fe 2nd. Best offer. 710063. 3663 Printing &eri rsuhr FoiaOea aon iePitn JXeroxing SMOKE, the new community anarchist
DerisrsotenFoid hpr.aape ,AM-FM 3radio. Radial tires HoNDe ali35-07rober.90.Taebet 15 ears experience Paer is now n sale. 26F2
trans. Modemn woring faulise at Cailievening 63 -16. 5 H Offer.50ca mbl61-07, 1 112562 Tat!Y sthitts itcut--vt-encmeu---_
ptentia. Contat Greg KRosa, 1970 OPEL Station Wagon, 23006mtll- m '---" - - _- 3734 CslaSMOKoalenw a -CCV1C62U
Sinbles Equipment Mfg. Cs., 310 good eond., $90. 71-67. ,46N43, LOST AND FOUND -
Piquette, Detroit, M. 873-1300. 4H69 all LOST-- ----- -SLACRPEDOutered mal eat. . mooinings.
PUL-TIE hlp antd. raar'aPu, end. $10. 20-1a4 3409reward. Call 70-207. 82A6 Eperincd movera of furnitue and ..___
76-8747, 23903 _______- .. appliances. Lw rat. Joba large or WEDDIN IVITATIONS-Md. r tra-
_______ SUMMER SALE $1! EADSaeekte aSa small 63-82.02, Jtc ditional style. Call 761-042 anytime,
MESNESsatn meitl.Pint. Eye infected. 431 Cross Pack- FEGAATEproa tets n- __--- ------------
Mot have er and be familiar with TO O A___vson 648,- 6A4 EGAATEprsnlatninI -
A2 re. leiTO ous inluin/ T\.-.._.. -handling shipmentns, f your personal 'XEROX AND OFFSEI
event), go000gp and gas allwance.- FOUD-Smalupyna Post Office effects wrldwide Contact A, F, COPY QUICK
Call 685-255. 40H64 CS o Stadium, 79-245. dA64 uaem ,Gn.0343. c~c~~ nvr~y3000
ROMTSBRING TOUR TITLE ;--.. .-".---ROMTS FOUND-A hrt-haired striped male PERSONAL TNNIS LESSONS - former U-M play-
OOMAE1wmnwnetosae WE'LL BUY YOUR CAR! at in vicinity of U. Hospital. At--____- er, Country Club pro, Priate cour.
iarge bedroom in 2bdrm, bilevel. lt T1OP $$$Hmn oiey A-RLIBEBME 7054.ot
bath, 2airconitiner, dihwaher ABRTIN SRVIC BUPERSTIKER cutomprinted
baths, 2 air esnditlosers, dishwasherFOUND - Long-haired, sotted whi AOTOeEVC hl-I-at 2 S rs,11
balcoies. alnu St.,3 bik, frm -SPRTS &IMPOTS- Cinicin Mih.-ClinicweeknprMlcwbil-U-tot)242 weekrepse12-
alconis. alnu optas.,3biks. Cfro7MGSPTS&,00 iMPOs female cat, 9 mo. 7 toms n frnt nances terminated, by licensed o- Prospect, Ann Arbor, 71-042. eFte
Bcmpsad863 pt-9.4$0/m.8all'71MOBT,19,00wls 15 ow$95feet. Vicinity of Art Museum,76- stetrcian gyneologst. Quick tev- -_______
Beky 63942,IT ".. .ws$395"ow$29 5404, 434-251 eves, dA4 I1em will be arranged Low rates. ~ AT'
-------- - - ----- ------ 70 MG Midget, red, chnme wires __ ___ A LC L E Ta -f-TY'S "
DEPENDABLE Housem Ate to sare ?z. . was $1000, now $1795 FOUND-Pair of -Otnted ble cantact PALCLLC Wlyed ' ufe
oose.Bcyrsaknim 7 PLGbuatmtc lrd' ufde.nal or private. Prefer cheerful, tans. ... $2491 lerseie.See HEicA LT H ASERV~ehICE (16HOUR 60Kito Ko
lieaedpron2-5.Ci Try 71 FIAT 50 Sport Coupe, CASHIER'S OFFICE or call 73-2420, 24HU SERVICE Jeans 'n Jakets
74-659, 662-5012, Leave message. 1,000 miles .... 195 dO4------ MART'S MEN FASHION CLOTHING
83Y3 '70 FIAT 124 SPIDER, red . $229..... $2295 d___ COMIC BOOKS, cience fiton, base- 310 B. State St.
---- ---- ------ ------- '71 JAGUAR XKE V-2, Full PET FOUND-Near IM Young mae, ball ard, paperbacks, CURIOUS ct
3RD ROOMMIATE wanted for 2-bdm., power . was $85, now $845'ge a.7107,dO USED BOOK SOP TOOt 340 S. ._
A/ p.a 3 ~~nna ilS.'2 CAPRI V-,4speed, L - State (usirs 71-0112 (Open 1-0 -ed n s
Call Ted after Aug. 31, 76-9834 75Y67 11,000 miles s. . .,wan $295, now $2895 LOST-elgian Seepdogo, solid blck, "pm.l e~to edan s
-'- Rd71 VOLVO 14, Ful power, long hair, pointed ears that stand up
bIWdM aLES sek erroaceAtsforp-al, AM-FM .. . was $4295, nsw $4095 stagt. Name Damen. Bring to 820 TRANSVESTITE want to met other DI Clsied
bdrm ap. Pak Trrac Apa.Tp '0 VOVO 12 5 Ligt bue, ofr Rd.,AS or call 761.-79r 434- Write Jerry Gilbert, 425 . Divsi, DolCasfid
en & Oakland. Contct Nancy.4-see. wan $195, now $595 4145. 85A4 No, 5, Ann Arbor, 80F3
Weisma, 9117 Elmwood Drive, un- '7A SAAB 96 V-4, Bige, -
tte, nd (29197-150, 04054-speed ....was $495, now $445,
ONEWOA needed to share a double -TOYOTAS--_
room in large apt. in old house. Fire- 199-1972 all models to cooe from;
plare, big windows, loundry, parking. 100 per cent warrnty o enines,-
-.._-- . ......--- : -.197 SEMO'S - Real dollar valuev.j
loetages.bedroo nttrincluiti anmsBeoscarefu iw ithr fire.lte al71760atr5 omlsor3 as 1 l
IWO MALE ROOMMATES needed to Choose frsm Cornas and Carinas.
shaelare edromin ttactve -DOMESTICE ECONOMY CAR- '
+3-bedroom house near compus. House-
f wellr, asher, dree adall 7.MVEIC,2tt9a5c
itscofotoRnoi1fo .en t.ud nofy lhoAERCK.k7Ret0 00 Vnyrmtes 7nd Tponly t. m 7,000 .. lemit, Yellow,:th re ar b b e
'EMALE-Own osn.in pt. S, 63 oyotaAn Aro I
9749, 70-7134. 12Y3 i- ue'oId1S
Cltor te 2br. sd.,ur. , ap. n76i-7935 -
Cose to romps as d hospitals. Cll 6 ~c
Li, 74-5419 ay, 761 -1243 dinner-ct'
tm.3Y62 PHT(UPLE And tiose baby fawns, rabbits, Follow all the rules of safety and
RGOMMATE -for disabled male St-, - - -.-- squirrels and trees need a safe, hap' uloxjust likean other nlace whee
denlt. Room and board in esrhange ARRI S OUTFIT inluding AngeneausapC~lI' n
ft1,oinfimal assistance. Repy Mic- 12-120 zoom leis. 3 Schedems 6mm,, home They need a pGlace where they can there arc chldren at pSly.
gOB Daily os 10. 28Y9 ;2sioi and 5mm lenses. 9mm Mako-
- --- ---- - -- ilr inc. Canot Mont.t Filtesa ase grow up strong and healthy.
SPACE 150 HOUSE alable iow.0662-' ad a11ccsroeos Cli13634053
5039, 3OY6 3 671362ike b abes everywhere "
CAMPUS otdHOSPITAL AREA-Need So lasb careful wit fire Wh Ien
tile irroommates. 69.00 per mont. plase , S.ti
7.1 E. Kingle. Call 63-9373. yureiftefoet
qitromateador oromn / mis
hotseo pt fofall. Call Detroit Clinic in Mch.-l to 24 week_9
1-342-0001.Write 19330 Halowe, e pregeaecies terminated, by li-
r0 5 4t235 0Y69 tested obstericise goecoto-
SCULPTURE stcdetd male1 7 wold 91t. Quick services will be or-_
10kefemle parthont-mat, osum- ogedLow rates,
ihhidividualcIprticipation sim11ar CALL COLLECT
totht intcoop housciig.Oisroomns1 ,
(unfotuniately i alo pasae o to
kichentian0bat);plesint seree (265
Wrrenhinnrtiresot r eeing, 769- 24 HOUR SERVICE
7508 8 SY3'____________________
ccI'VE SEEN THIS YEAR." vceiCaeby
AND 4e'.. .

EISENSTE IN'S Masterpiece . .....
Battleship POTEMKIIN. f
THURSDAY and FRIDAY, August 16 & 17

see CATCH 22 of 8 & 10 P.M., POTEMKIN of 7:30, 8:45 & 10 P.M.
DOUBLE FEATURE Starts at 7:30, 8, & 8:45

%Mtisngcributed fortoe publc pot

U' ________________________________________________________________________

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