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June 13, 1973 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1973-06-13

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Summer Daily
Stnummer Ei/ion of
Edited and managed by students at the
University of Michigan
Wednesday, June 13, 1973 News Phone: 764-0552
Thiu blowcks pea-cle
YES, VIRGINIA, there is a- war going on in Vietnam.
And as negotiations between Henry Kissinger and
Hanoi's Le Duc Tho move even closer to yet another
cease fire agreement, it appears that once again the Sai-
gon government is interfering with its implementation.
A Vietnam document has already been approved
by the U. S. and Hanoi, which calls for a cease-fire within
24 hours of the signing, as well as other timetable pro-
visions such as an end to the Cambodian bombing.
This document was scheduled to be signed last Sat-
urday, but as could be expected, South Vietnamese Presi-
dent Nguyen Van Thieu refused to participate in the
IT IS IN the interests of the U. S. to see this treaty
signed, for President Nixon steadfastly refuses to
abandon Southeast Asia, thus dooming us to remain in
this civil war until Congress says otherwise. The treaty,
besides ending the bombing in Cambodia, would also pro-
vide for an immediate halt of U.S. reconnaissance
flights over North Vietnam, as'well as the resumption of
U.S. minesweeping operations in North Vietnamese wa-
ters, to be completed within 30 days of the signing.
Thieu apparently does not want a cease-fire--he
wants a militarv victory. The treaty would delineate the
occupied zones in South Vietnam, and establish them as
territories. Thieu insists that they must be labeled "mili-
tary zones of control." He apparently sees the delineation
of land zones as a temporary concession to "the enemy"
to be taken back as soon as the U.S. pulls out.
()UR SUSPICION is only augmented by Thieu's other
objections. He is opposed to the North Vietnamese
in the occupied zoneo receivine any renlacement war ma-
terial through the demilitarized zone, and he also opposes
a set date for any national elections, which could allow
the North Vietnamese to win nower nolitically. Thieu is a
power hungry dictator, and he will fight any moves,
legal or not, to take away some of his power.
Contrary to its policy of the last twenty years, the
United States should and must ensure enforcement of
our agreement with the North Vietnamese.
O CONTINUE to throw its support behind Thieu would
be a mistake for the American government. Such a
policy can serve only to perpetuate the agony of a di-
vided Vietnam.

Is City Council's opposition to
marijuana purely symbolic?

Editor's Note: The following
statement on the city's mari-
juana ordinance was presented
before City Council at last
Saturday's marijuana hearing.
1 WONDER if any of you Repub-
lican councilmen have ever
been in jail? From what I hear
it's not a very nice place even if
yin're only in there overnight.
And if you have to stay there
for any length of time it's like
a living death. Jobs are lost.
Friendships are broken. Families
are split up. Heterosexual relation-
ships are imposible.
I think you'll agree that t h e
death penalty should not be lightly
inflicted, even if it's only tempor-
ary. And some people never do
recover from jail.
AND YET, the Republicans seem
intent on saying that anyone who
uses, possesses, or sells marijuana
in Ann Arbor shall suffer this to
happen - for as long as one, four,
or more years. For that is the leg-
at intent of the state law.
It seems like a high price to pay
for smoking or selling plants. And
I'm sure we are agreed that a
very high burden of proof should
be met before an action is taken
which approves of such human de-
This burden of proof has ob-
viously not been met. The only
persons who might be damaged at
all by smoking marijuana in a
society where it is legal are the
persons who smoke it. The commis-
sion appointed by Nixon recom-
mended legalizing use and posses-
sion. The Mayor himself in his in-
augural address on April 9, said
that legalization was likely.r
SO WHY are the Republicans so
intent on causing the theoretical
possibility that people might be this
cruelly treated?
In his address the Mayor said it
wn nessarv to Star sta')le fam-

-Daily Photo
THESE ARE STRANGE TIMES in which we live. A lot of this ..
had been blamed in part on drug use instead of on its real causes.
So the Republicans are striking out at marijuana as a symbol of the
things they dislike.

groups who are staying here partly
because of the ordinance, and if the
University has image problems it's
because it's not serving the needs
of the people. I guess it all de-
pends on where you stand.
Certainly none of this justifies
wanting to destroy people.
Now I know most of you Renub-
licans nersonally. I know you to be
basically good and honorable peo-
ple. I have worked with some of
-think that you are reacting in
a purely symbolic way and are at-
temnting to strike back at a lot of
things you don't understand.

was necesa y LP
ilies and groups from
city and to help the
with its image proble
know many stable fa
David Cahill, a law
acting chair of the cit
Rights Commission. Th
is meant to reflect onl




. t r :
h Y

the THESE ARE strange times
leniversi y which we live. Universities ha,
ems. But I been seized and sacked by stnden
amilies and Divorce is no longer a skeleton
the family closet, but instead is
most routine. Crazy-looking peoi
student, is with long hair and blue jeans
ty's Human everywhere. Women have risen
he statement against their subservient roles, a
y the vieas abortion has become a constil
tional right. Blacks rebelled and c
ies burned. Gay people dared to s
that they were people and not si
queers. For the first time in livi
P memory a substantial segment
the citizenry has actively oppos
a war. And some very strange p
ple started getting elected to c
A lot of this ferment has be
blamed in part on drug use
stead of its real caises. So f
Renublicans are striking out
marijuana as a symbol of t
things they dislike. They kn
there is no real danger of neo
being jailed here because the
lice, nroseciutors, and judges
all sick of dope cases.
But I would call to Council's
tention two more historical fat
One fact, which is not to wid
known, is that marijuana was me
illegal in the late thirties by
campaign of former Prohibit
bureaucrats who needed new j
as enforcers. They deliberat
created the "marijuana menac
circulating stories they made
like the one about the Flor
boy who, when he smoked a reef
went mad and murdered fivep
ple. Hence the expression"
killer weed." They panicked C
gress and the state legislatures i
passing the first anti-mariji
Using marijuana is one )f
very few crimes ever created
the police to make work for C
There then followed the fami
pattern of undercover agents,
lice entrapment, spying, corrupt
and bugging. And it was based
a fraud and a hoax from the v
T O Ribegining.
a THE OTHER historical fact

the use of illegal funds and those
same police tactics. Burglaries and
other high crimes and misdemean-
ors were committed in the name
of "national security." They said
they were just "following orders"
and almost took democracy away
from us by a campaign of sabstage
and warfare against an opposition
I suggest that this president's ef-
fective term is at an end. You
should bear in mind that Richard
Nixon was one of the few putblic
officials still favoringa hard line
on marijuana.
As a political scientist, I am
fairly confident that all of the
state methods associated b o t h
with political espionage and the
so-called war against drug abuse
will be completely discredited in
a few more months. Already t h e
whole national system of political
police is collapsing right in front
of our eyes. So there won't be
many more convictions. The cases
will be laughedrouthof court. You
,.should also bear this in mind.
"By repealing the mar-
ijuana ordinance, (the
city council) will be
drawing a in e that
need not be drawn ...

are By repealing the marijuana ord-
inance you will be drawing a line
at- that need not be drawn, and across
cts. which I am trying to speak while
ely there is still time.
ade You will be drawing that line
a around yourselves in a vain effort
ion to repossess what you mistakenly
ohs think of as "your town."
e," SO FAR, this new Council ma-
up, jority has behaved more fairly
'ida toward other groups that I thought
fer, would happen, perhaps realizing
ieo- that it is a minority regime which
the must reach out to others if it is to
'on- have any lasting influence. You
into surely know that if voting turnout
ana had been as high last April as it
was in 1972, several of you would
the not be here.
by If you' repeal the ordinance now,
em. you will be ruting yourselves off
liar from most of the town for no real
po- reason. And your ability to govern
ion, will end, just like Richard Nixon's,
on although for different reasons.
'ery So far this spring people have
been able to get along at least
partly adequately. You did not
is campaign on a pledge to repeal
.an- the marijuana ordinance. Maybe
ad- your own people don't want repeal.
npt- I suggest that you continue the

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