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August 01, 1979 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1979-08-01

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Page 4-Wednesday, August 1,1979-The Michigan Daily is &carter worse than Jixon?
ODNEY KENDALL is a By CUB SCHWARTZ deli, on1 don't want to def
vch i a D AIery imortantman.Not oice"There is no reason short double digit inflation," Rodi
4rvLich gajob; ass matter of fact, he buses of insanity that Carter should be began, "but I m not convin
EEblesateofacalrestaunteforregarded lower than Nixon. the problem rests entirely in
Eighty-nine Years of Editorial Freedom ta at a local resuRnh I agreed that being rated lower White House. Everybody wa
than Nixon is pretty cruel, the spiral in wages controll
420 Maynard St. Ann Arbor, MI. 48109 an uncanny ability to influence especially in that Carter hasn't but no one will take the first st
political events committed any crimes in office And people are continuing to
Vol.,XXXIX, No. 56-a News Phone: 764w0552 I first met Rodney three years through which he could later at very high levels.
where he works. In betweenstaua capitalize on the novel and lec- "CARTER TIGHTENED
Edited and managed by students clearing the dirty dishes from our turcircuitE has messed up this credit quite a bit and the resi
ctteUiest fMcia ale antdirtylshgEgrog ur "TILlanhsmesdtpthsjust weren't that good. And wl
at the University of Michigan table and splashing Eggplant gasoline situation," I continued, the interest rates went up, pe
Parmesian on my shirt, he ex- "The right to gasoline is almost bitched like hell. As far as
a plained Ahat he had cast the guaranteed by the U.S. Con- recession goes, Carter co
I' 1 c ir f a U il C dciieblolnte-ao stitution. Take away an tamper with the economy I
SAlbert Wheeler's onevote victory American's gas and you may as Johnson did to make everyth
over challenger Lou Belcher. well take away his freedom of smell sweet - but he knows
b est 1i cNaturally, I was impressed by speech and freedom of religion. will just cause bigger problem
this revelation, since there had It's that basic." the long run.
been so much speculation over "Like hell," Rodney said. "He "I guess he's a pretty
who had cast the crucial vote, told us the energy situation crisis politician in that resect,"
ETROIT REP. Charles Diggs has been con- SOME TIME LATER, Rodney represented the moral equivalent contiinu coudhapc
victed of crimes and nearly expelled from told me he had affected the out- of war. You shouldn't blame Car- wni the economy an csave
the U.S. House of Representatives. He is clearly come of a very important City ter simply because Americans ass, but he won't.
not the most honorable man ever to hold a Council vote by spilling rice pud- are unwilling to face up to the "It's strange isn't it,"
ding on a council member prior to raiy"akd Pol lce a
congressional position. Yet he is doubtless not the a meeting. The council member reis the President He should asked? "People elected Ca
least honorable member of Congress in history. had rushed home to change suits, have done something, HI saidu because he wasn't a poitic
The Republican-led move to expel Diggs was but in the meantime, Council "He did," Rodney shot back. him out of office for the
supported by assertions that he was dragging narrowly voted to approve some "He sent an energy package up to
down the House with his own reputation. Rep. Dan city-shki egislaon.h Hd t the Hill. It wasn't great, but it IFOUND myself agreeing o
member been present, he would would hv vie h esw
Lungren (R-Calif.) said most Americans would have voted against the measure, dagain Nevertheless there
not want someone who stole $40,000 to keep his Council would have been
job. But most Americans are not the decision- deadlocked, and the proposal
makers; Diggs' constituents are and they want would have failed. i
him to stay. It is doubtful that Rep. Diggs could It was no surprise, then, when
single-say.detdl d fe thatousep.f Deiggs ud Rodney confided to me last
single-handedly defame the House of Represen- Friday over lunch that he had -
tatives. again wielded his political in- 06
Expelling Rep. Diggs from Congress would be a fluence. Hut this time, he said, it -
transgression by his fellow members. For- was something really big.
tunately, the motion to expel Diggs was tabled "How bi" I asked. "The
Monday, and will not come to a vote again unless Presidential Search? The
his attempts to appeal the conviction are unsuc- Regional Health Planning
cessful. Board?" Rodney told me it was
While allowing a convicted felon to sit in one of bigger than any of those, then -
the most powerful bodies in the nation is lowered his voice, and motioned
me to draw nearer.
reprehensible, it must go on. Rep. Diggs is in- "THE PRESIDENT of the
vested with his constituency's trust via its votes, whole goddamned nation," he
which were delivered after his conviction. Despite said gravely. I was stunned. ~
that denigrating knowledge, he won re-election by "How? When? Where?" I asked
in disbelief. I could tell Rodney w "- -+~-
an overwhelming margin, was serious as the sweat trickled
Since the constituency decided to be represen- down his brow.
ted by a felon, it must not be denied that represen- "You see, I was the last person are in now." the question of leadership.
tation, unless Rep. Diggs is sent to jail. The House Lou Harris polled in his latest I REMINDED Rodney that ney couldn't possibly say Ca]
must remain within its bounds, as it did by voting presidential popularity poll," part of the President's job is to was a good leader.
Rodney whispered. "Harris told move his bills through Congress. "Yeah, he's a good lead
to censure Diggs. me that Carter was only a tenth He just can't propose something Rodney said. I begged an
Adam Clayton Powell, the precedent in this of a point ahead of where Nixon and expect Congress to jump. planation. "Anybody could b
case, was expelled from the House in 1967 while was in June 1974. He told me that "I understand all of that," he good leader, according
being held in contempt of a New York court for if I gave Carter a bad mark his replied. "But Congress isn't Americans, if he tells them
calling someone a "bag woman." The Supreme rating would be the lowest of any looking for solutions to national they want to hear," he be
ngsbgwPresident in history. He said that problems anymore, it's looking "But that's not leadership, th
Court later ruled that Powell was improperly ex- no president had even survived for solutions to political just running in front of
pelled, but by then the House had already rein- such a low level in the ensuing problems. If the people back masses."
stated him. Powell's voting rights were restored. election. In short, he told me if I home want to keep their big cars "A leader is someonev
gave Carter a negative rating I and buy gas at artifically low directs people down an unci
Therefore, if the House had expelled Diggs, the would be determining the future prices, by God, Congress is going ted course - one they have t
decision might have been judicially overturned of the presidency." to let them-regardless of the through - but are afraid to d
later. Diggs felonious status might be an excep- "Don't worry," I told him, "all total impact. their own. When you're g
tion to the Powell precedent, however. Never- that stuff about a Georgia Mafia "The House of Representatives down that path no one liket
t h is media play-you're safe. is 435 special interest groups," he That is why his ratings ar
theless, only his constituents should control his Besides, Harris will never said. "A member of Congress low. But when you're fin.
representation, release your name, that stuff is isn't a national decision-maker, through, you realize what a g
confidential." he's a local ombudsman. People move it was.
Censuring Diggs was a just move; however, it "IT'S NOT that at all," Rodney don't want to feel the energy "Then everyone respects
lacks teeth. Fining him may express displeasure said. "I made a mistake. We all crunch, and Congress is content leader-after its all over. Ith
concretely, but due to the court costs he has in- made a mistake. All of us that to mask the problems for as long pened to Truman. And I bet
curred already, it would be somewhat gave Carter the negative rating as possible. if Kennedy had told the pu
meannglss.So eprsenaties ustsufice got sucked into a trap. He's not "TH E ONLY energy package how close we were to nuclear
meaningless. So Representatives must suf fice that bad." Carter could have moved through during the Cuban Missile cr
with a censure, and let the voters decide. "Sure he is," I said trying to Congress was one that didn't rock his ratings would have been p
- _soothe him. "Look at the energy the boat, one that didn't effect the ty low too. But after it was
situation, look at the rate of in- people, one that didn't attack the over, we acclaimed him a g'
hE&iiflation, how about the lack of problem." leader."
leadership. Carter is a real I had to agree. But the problem Rodney Kendall may b
SPORTS STAFF bonehead. He doesn't deserve a of inflation still nagged at me. Af- powerful man, but maybe
GEOFFAROi ..SP T........sposEd second term. You just saved us ter all, inflation is running ram- ought to finda new job-
Iti .........i............ ivs itr, making the decision." - pant, recession appears ,Forr - Daily sports editor
iiiY i'i'. . . . .aarging. Sp.r ditor "No, you're wrong." , He said ' inevitable. These are the bread .chwarz attends Law school at
it N.i iimit ..,.t na.,np tatel5 p r. std%.,. lowly, .with .conviction in hi h1 and butter issues apresident must University. -

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