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March 31, 1976 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1976-03-31

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Arts& Entertainm ent Wednesday, March 31, 1976 Page Five





EVER since the Golden Globe
awards a few weeks back,
it became apparent to all that
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's
Nest was the film with the mo-
mentum to sweep the Oscars.
And how correct that proved-
Cuckoo's Nest gained all of theF
top five honors: best film, best
actor, best director, best ac-
tress, and best screenplay.
Looking over the results and
awards in general, a few ran-
dom observations come to
-It was simply a matter of
justice that Jack Nicholson be
finally acknowledged the fine
actor he is. After having been

passed over repeatedly in favor
of such performers as Jack
Lemon and Art Carney, he was,
simply coming back too often,
and the Academy realized it,
which might prove embarrass-
ing. Heaven forbid millions of
television viewers not think the
Academy invulnerable. But of
course there were no sentiment-
al. favorites runnings against
him. It would indeed have been
curtains for Jack if Fred As-
taire had been nominated.
-AND speaking of sentimen-
tality, what more can be said
about George Burns than was
said Monday night? The Sun-
shine Boys was his first film
in 37 years, he's 80 years old,
etc. One can only speculate that

his part in the film was design- Cuckoo's Nest Sweep, winningc
ed specifically to net him an over performances by Isabelle
Oscar. Adjani and Carol Kane un-,
Jack Warden's excellent per- witnessed by the Academy. t
formance in Shampoo became --IT SURPRISED some that
a secondary matter, and one I
can only offer him the advice boJaws, te traditional Hly
that Nicholson has ,already b ur t i
learned: if you're going to win tion and managedto win over
solely on the strength of your: the critics as well as the public,
soley onthestregthwas neglected in the major
performance, you will have to awards. Bu one mustn't uner
accumulate a few more nomi-a.t
nations before you can cash estimate the power of passionst
them in for the award. The cur-' generated by Cuckoo's Nest, a
reth ratiorihs wrd.:film which to the Academy,
rent ratio is 5:1. represented "social awareness"
-The best actress award to instead of just simple entertain-
Louise Fletcher could have been ment.c
the most disgusting joke of the It was justice to see veteran
night. The 41-yr.-old actress, editor Verna Fields win for her
who is a relative newcomer to superb work in Jaws, but it
film, was caught up in the was nothing less than unlawful
to deny the film's 27-yr.-old di-
rector, Steven Spielberg, even
so much as a nomination for his
incredible work that made the,
s ? film more than the junk it coulds
4 }. have been.
I sought out every Sunday
paper I could find to read pre-

dictions, and the diversity of
opinion I found within was
amazing. While some actually
thought that Dog Day After-
noon and Nashville (!) had a
chance of winning, others were
going with Pacino over Nich-
olson and Sidney Lumet over
Milos Forman.
ALL THIS simply proves that
no one can agree when it comes
to the Academy Awards. The
voting patterns of the past do
lend a measure of anticipation,
but cinematic responsibility is
never fully accomplished. The
mentality that voted Forman
over Altman doesn't have to
pay artistic debts outside of
Hollywood, so the past records
of both directors do not enter
into the decision.
Thus, its Taking Off over Mc-
Cabe and Mrs. Miller, Images,
Thieves Like Us, The Long
Goodbyye, MASH, California
Split, and now Nashville. Really
makes sense, doesn't it?

M RISAN Berenson stars as Lady Lyndon in S tanley Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon", based on
the novel by William Makepeace Thackeray. The film was directed, produced and written for
the screen by Kubrick.

'Blues' at Rackham
ome on get happy
K. a By CAROLINE SMITH "Burgers and Beers" was an
ad man's delight. The group
"Forget your troubles, come wore McDonald hats and paid
on, get happy, we're going to tribute to America's favorite
take all your cares away" hamburgers and beer using dra-
aMaizin' Blues performance at matic recitation. Burger King's
Rackham Auditorium on Sunday "Hold the Pickles" song was
night did an admirable job of sung angelically in true choral
doing just that. The ensemble form and the whole number was
combined smoothly blended very entertaining.
tones with clever choreography The soloists are worth men-
sin diverse musical selections tioning: Susan Boyd's "Piecesj
ranging from "Get Happy (a of Dreams," Bryant Frank,
30's montage)" to "Burgers and Steve David, Steve Powell, and
Beers," a spoof on commercials. "It Had to Be You" seductively
M ina MvudI ( r1 The student performers have sung by Karen Garrett demon-*
toured with the show through- strated professional talent.
iusic's leading female vocalists, iuscheduled to appear at Hill out Michigan including a per- The one major criticism con-'
luldaur's singles have included such hits at Midnight at the formance at the White House for cerns the over-powering of the!
Leg." Also appearing at the concert will be folk singer Jesse the President last year. As a instruments which tended to
result, the show is well-polished. drown out the voices. This made
The pace was lively due to the some of the lyrics difficult to
vocal selection and the enthu- comprehend and lessened the
Don't b dsiasm and showmanship of the total impact of the songs. ,
performers. However, the pro- But all in all, director John
' a slami y o/ gram was a bit long and dragged Smith and his entourage showed
. at the end until some Michigan up a lot of musical talent in+
haven'~j't aotsongs involved the audience. Ann Arbor and a highly enter-
cr. t taming program in their first
"Alexander's Ragtime Band" annual campus concert.
-By MARK FRIEDLANDER_ _ _was a razz-ma-tazzy excellently
choreographed number. Another' MORE WOMEN THAN MEN
would be more difficult to make I ents could cash an ace-king in highlight included a barbershop PRAGUE
six notrump. one suit. If North's hand were quartet comically ribbing their E (AP)-There are 111
And e ws rght Thedia A J x, A x , *x xtenor in "Won't Someone Please'! women judges in the capital of
And he was right. The dia 4 K J x x, t A K x x, x x Speak Kindly to the Tenor." Slovakia, Bratislava, a local
Smond slam makes about 80 per x, 4 K x, the slam would un-'paper reported, claiming they
rn of th tim RJh~nV dAT btP d mke

Simon to
John Simon, distinguished film
and drama critic for Esquire,
New York, and various other
magazines in different points of
his career, will be delivering
the 1975-76 Hopwood Lecture.
His topic will be "The Word on
Simon follows the previous
Hopwood 1 e c t u r e r, Pauline
Kael, film critic of the New
Yorker magazine. Her style was
to give a short speech, and then
to spend most of the time in
fielding quesions from the audi-
ence. Simon's style, perhaps,
will be more subdued.
The lecture is scheduled for
4 p.m., Wednesday, April 14,
and is open to the public.
Summer Roundtrip
9 to 9
(800) 847-7196


d2iE: MVOIN -SAT 7'4:00 &
SUN 5:00.-27:00 - 9:05


Maria Muldaur, one of pop mi
Aud. Saturday night at 8:00. M
Oasis" and "Don'tcha feel my
Colin Young.


(Vittorio de Sica, 1975)
Superbly acted, skillfully filmed and an exceed-
ingly mature story of a working-class woman
(Florinda Balkan) in Milan, who contracts TB
and is sent to a lush mountain sanatorium.
Beatuifully written and directed by de Sica
THE BICYCLE THIEF) with an overall reality
and tenderness. Perhaps his best film. Italian
with subtitles.
at 7 & 9-$1.25
MON. THRU SAT. tO A.M. TI. 1:30 P.M. SUN. & OS. 1? NOON TIL 1:30 P.M.
ScT1ir TR SENIOa CITIm NDISCNTS(Ex FF ri. &t. Ev es.

A K 5
A 7 9

; 72cent o te o tw enever u oe y) maze. ad a majry erme**
West East neither spades nor trump .splits EAGLE HONORED ad majority o male
9 But ihteNrtjada udges.JonT eD l
1J8,5 3 A Q 962 horribly and there is no ruff NEWt wthRthe(orth haduash __
r J 10 9 6 t 8 5 on the opening lead. The no- given no slam can make. South. NEW YORK (AP) - Author >_c>; ; <;;;>;;;
* 8 5 * 7 6 2 trump slam makes only eleven initiated a well conceived se- Rick Carrier is the founder and;
9 6 3 4 A 8 4 tricks unless hearts break 3-3 quence to discover this. By bid- president of the United States
South (36 percent chance) or a major ding four diamonds, his cheapest of America Bald Eagle Cor-
SA 10 4 ;uit squeezehwnres (abomtj0 ace,South denied holding the mand, an organization created
V A 7 2 per cent chance) for a total of ace of clubs. North bid four to honor the eagle.
hathichaetaeand The Command hopes to erect;PEET
10 3 only 46 per cent. Six diamonds is hearts, his cheapest ace,PRESENTS
.. K J10 the best contract. 'South replied five diamonds, a monument to the bald eagle,
St WesthNsrthcEast which must be his cheapest which was selected by the Con-
Northking because he already showed tinental Congress June 20, 1782,
5fT pass 4NT pass A K J 9 7the ace. as their motif for the Great!
Noth onludAtatssse: A K 10 4 Seal and the symbol of thisL
Opening lead: J of hearts ' Q 9 3 North concluded that since nation.
Slam bidding is like any other . J 6 South denied holding either the A new book by Carrier, who
sort of bidding except that it is West East ace or king of clubs, the op- has written books on skin div- T
at a higher level. This has two! 6 5 3 A 8 ponents would cash the first two ing and filmmaking, is "Fly-
effects: the safest slam should y 9 3 y 8 7 6 2 tricks in the suit. He therefore The Complete Book of Ski Sail-
be bid because of the importance + 10 8 5 * 7 6 4 2 signed off at five spades, just ing" (McGraw-Hill).
of securing the bonus and more 4 A K 8 5 2 .A10 7 4 3 making. IN CONCERT
room is available to explore for' South By the way, don't forget to Tailback Cleveland Cooper
the best spot. A A Q.10 4 2 olay in the Ann Arbor Sectional covered 638 yards in 166 at- j
The above hand illustrates a y Q J 5 Bridge Tournament, April 9-11 tempts for Navy's 1974 football ThdaAp i 1
number of salient points and ; A K J in Crisler Arena. team. G
each bid is an important part; .4 Q 9g-- ------
of the slam-bidding sequence' South West North East ''Power Center- 8:00 P.M.
South's one notrump bid showed 14 pass 3A passA9
16-18 points and a balanced 4A pass 3Al pass' AL JOLSON in 1928
hand, thus lettiing North know pass A Alla THE SINGER TICKETS NOW ON SALE
aylmost immediately that a slam Tp a KA All pas JAZZN
was possible. All 'he had to do; Opening lead: K of clubs CAT 7
was add his partner's points to Even more important than To the strains of Mmmy, How I Love All Seats $4.50 Reserved
hisow toreliz tat he weebidding good slams is staying!
very nto realize that they re i g go d oesOne of the the talking picture came into vogue. Al sings TICKETS AT
requirement. worst things that can happen to them and Hollywood eats the concept up.... TICKET CENTRAL, HILL AUDITORIUM
But North could not be sure a slam contract is for the op- JOSEPH VON STERNBERG'S 1932 .
that slam was on unless his ponents to cash the first two ' >< O mO<-< o o o
partner had the maximum for tricks. It s nahtefrot difficult to keep NN---_'-__-__ " _-_--'
his bid. So hetasked about part- from reaching a slam off two BLONDE VENUS
ner's strength by bidding four aces-Blackwood is enough for (AT 9:05)
notrump. This was not Black- that. 0, C/e Iip e j z
wood; South would pass with a' But Blackwood would have Cary Grant and Marlene Dietrich in this story AC/eclipse jazz
minimum hand. But South ac- been useless in this hand. If of a woman who accepts money from a playboy
cepted-holding seventeen points South had bid four notrump, l to save her husband from a terminal illness. PRESENTS
and three tens-and on the way North would have responded *
showed a four card suit. North five diamonds to show one ace,. CINEMA GUILD BOTH SHOWS OLD ARCH.
also had four cards in the suit and south would have had no FOR $2.00 AUD.
and raised it to slam, hoping it way to tell whether the oppon- _-..--._______.___-___...___________________...-._________*_E A T H E

Michael Smith
traditional folk songs and western swing
Dick Seigel Hudson Clearwater Sloop



Fri.-Sat.-Sun. $2.50
from the British Isles



rTguitar, banjo, concertina


!' I

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