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March 24, 1976 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1976-03-24

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Wednesday, March 24, 1976


Page Three

We. sayach2,196TE_.HGA AL

' : ' ' " "
The Daily Official Bulletin is an
official publication of the Univer-
sity of Michigan. Notices should be
409 E. Jefferson, before 2 psm. of
the day preceding publication and
by 2 p.m. Friday for Saturday and
sunday. Items appear once only.
Student organization notices are
not accepted for publication. For
mere information, phone 764-9270.
Wednesday, March 24 f
Day Calendar
WtTOM: National Town Meeting:
Carl March, Foreign Affairs News-
letter, moderator discusses "Is the
US Overextended Abroad?", with
Senator Dick Clark (D-Iowa), &~
Senator Bill Brock (R-Tenn.), 10:30
Ind/Op. Eng.. Prof. William J.
Williams, ECE, Bioengineering &
CICE, "Theoretical and Experimen-
tal Studies of Neuron Poulations,"
229 W. B. 4 pm.
Physics: John D. Dow, U of Illi-
nois, "Macroscopic Quantum Phe-
nomena in Semiconductors: Exci-
tons," P&A Colloquium Rm., 4 pm.
Statistics: Prof. Michael Wood-,
roofe, "Second Order Approxima-
tions for Sequential Point and In-
terval Extimation," 3227 Angell, 4
Macromolecular Res. Ctr.: "Do-
main Structure of Block Copoly-
mers," 3201 E. Engr., 4 pm.
Pa pal anti
. -ti fn*-I--U-U

LSA/Bicentennial Comm.: Leo,
Marx, Prof. English, Amherst, "The
Novelty of American Literature,"
Aud. A, Angell, 4:15 pm.
Hillel: Calvin Goldscheider,
"American Jewry. A Vanishing!
I *rp~H 11R1 0



State abortion laws

nreea , tni m
Music School: Honors Assembly,, WASHINGTON (/P)-Attorneys The high court held in 1973 "Certain decisions 'are made
Harold Haugh, "Studio Dynamics, for Planned Parenthood urged that a woman has a constitu- jointly in marriage or they aref
SM Recital Hall, 8 pm.
General Notices the Supreme Court yesterday to tional right to an abortion early not made at all . . . this is a
Undergrad Honors Convocation: overturn laws in two states in her pregnancy, in consulta- decision that is fundamental to1
Annual Convocation recognizing un- which they said unduly restrict tion with her physician. The marriage."
at 10:30 am, Fri., March 26 at Hila woman's right to have an 1974 Missouri law requires the,
Aud. Dean William Haber will ad- abortion. written consent of the husband ARGUING on the other side,<
dress the Convocation on t'Prepara-_____
tion for the Unexpected." All un- Counsel for Massachusetts and if the woman is married, and of
dergrad classes, except clinics & Missouri, however, urged the a parent if she is under 18 and Random E. Olds establishedt
graduate seminars, disisssed fromhigh court to uphold the laws, single. the first automobile factory in
9:45 am to noon for Convocation. igth. etfrit'auom1899.cori
Seniors may be excused from clin- which require parental consent Detroit in 1899.
ics & Seminars. Honor students will before an abortion may be per- THE MASSACHUSETTS law a
not wear caps and gowns. Doors blcof sfre
the Aur ops at 1 Public s formed on an unmarried girl required the consent of both The Ford Motor Co estab.
invited, . under 18. The Missouri law also parents for an abortion upon an lished a minimum daily wage(
Summer Placement requires consent of the husband unmarried girl under 18. of $5 in 1914.
3200 sAB 76-4117 mnof any married woman. John Danforth, Missouri at-
Camp Esther K. Newman. Coed:
Neb. Interview Tues. Mar. 30, 1 to The court took the cases under torney general, argued that his I With 39 per cent of its area in
5, Weds. March 31, 9 to 4, openings advisement, state's legislature was within its forests, Idaho produces much'
include program dir., supervs.,f
campcraft. waterfront,riding, ca-I "NO DEMOCRACY has ever rights in seeking to protect mi- lumber.'
noeing many others, register. trend toward nors and promote marital har-
Camp Interlak~en, Coed, Wisc: In-' reversed a tedtwr legal
terview Mon. Mar. 29, 1-5. Openings abortions," said Frank Sussman, mony. He said the state regu- The Communist Manifesto
for naturalist, and other camp ac- attorney for Planned Parenthood lates many activities by minors was written in 1848.
tivities, register. of Central Missouri. such as voting, drinking, making
- - "We would implore this court contracts, buying firearms and Michigan was organized as a
'to stand by its language of 1973 'even when a minor goes into a territory on Jan. 11, 1805.
-P ill stan "and not drive the young and poolhal, the consent of parents __on i g ef7tr J 1 8
the poor back to unseptic and An estate gets credit for state
unskilled abortionists," he add- As for the section requiring death taxes, according to a
iii w C1~'~ TGZ ed.I the husband's consent, he said:' graduated table.I

go On trial
Sussman said that requiring par- setts, said that clinics some-
ental consent for marriage times do group counseling with'
means only that it might be post- adults and minors, "but the
poned for perhaps three years, physician is usually seeing the
and that such a decision is not patient for the first time."
in the same class with having In the Missouri case, Sussman!
an abortion. argued that the section requir-
Attorneys for both states main- ing a husband's consent in ef
tained that in most abortion fect gives him control over his
clinics there is no real counsel- wife's health.
ing between physician and pa- "This section interferes with
tient. Danforth said that many the physician-patient relation-
times the clinic will have a ship," he said. "It allows the
roster of doctors and one of ' husband to override the decision
them may show up one morning of the woman and her doctor.
a week "and in three and a half Her husband need not even be
hours perform eight abortions the father. He may not be locat-
on total strangers. There is no able; he may have abandoned
counseling.'' his spouse 10 years ago. The law

Dr. Paul C. Uslan
Visual Examinations
Full Contact Lens Service
Optical Lab
545 CHURCH, 769-122
"It's still
the same
old story,
a fight for
love and
Paramount Pictures presents
MAS TIC OES y y Hrw ~Hooe d CaCop ei1Wby ranee
Mc CoopfIsM mew.d AM ngfit s er~ve.
Used by Mp...an oof WarneBroI.. MWSW
eq~ Tchnicolor' A Paramount Picture

NEW YORK (P) - Findings work - the "positive force" re-
of a major Roman Catholic sulting the reforms of the Sec-
study issued yesterday blame ond Vatican Council and the
Pope Paul VI's 1968 ruling' "negative force" of' the birth
against contraception for steep control ruling, the report says.
declines in church practices, It says the "overwhelmingly"
calling the papal decision "an approved Council reforms, byI
organizational and religious dis- themselves, would have increas-
aster." ed Catholic religious practice
The conclusions were based by a sixth, while the birth-con-
on representative national sam- trol encyclical by itself would
plings of AmericanzCatholics ,have caused declines of about
with the data analyzed by the a half, but the "two forces com-
National Opinion Research Cen- bined" have yielded an overall
ter in Chicago through advanc- decline of about one-third. j
ed computer methods to meas- "IF IT HAD not been for the
ure behavior and its causes. positive dynamic introduced by
THE REV. Andrew Greeley, the Council, the deterioration
the project's senior researcher, would have been even worse,"
said the results do not merely the report says.
suggest that "the cause of The encyclical was "issued to
Catholic decline was the birth restore faith in the institution,
control decision," but "we but in fact badly weakened it,"
prove it with the kind of cer- the report says, noting that the
tainty one rarely attains in his- ruling not only failed to check
torical analysis." the increase in Catholic use of
On the basis of findings that birth control methods, now in-
linked the encyclical prohibiting volving 80 per cent of them, but
contraception with drops in also eroded support for papal
mass attendance, financial sup- authority.
port, daily prayer and other re- Not only are Catholics now
ligious practices, he said, the more likely to practice birth
impact "as far as the Amer- control, but are more "likely to
can church goes was one of the do it with a clear conscience,"
worst catastrophes in religious the report says, adding: "A re-
history." ligious institution which could
''Far from reasserting the be so patently wrong on such a
teaching authority of the church critical issue was judged to be
and the crediibility of the Pope, wrong, or at least questionable,
it has led to a deterioration on a wide range of other, re-
among Catholics of respect for lated issues."
both," the report says. "Final- The report says that declines
ly, it seems to have been the in Catholic religious practice
occasion for massive apostasy, can be accounted for "almost
and for a potable decline in re- entirely by changes in sexual
ligious devotion and belief." attitudes contrary to the birth

Suith rejects British proposal
for majority rule in Rhodesia

SALISBURY (Reuter) - Rho-
deseian Premier Ian Smith last!
night rejected as extreme Brit-
ain's proposals for giving Rho-
desia legal independence based!
on black majority rule.
Smith said in a statement af-


ter a cabinet meeting in the
Rhodesian capital that Britisht
Foreign Secretary James Calla-
ghan, who announced the plan
to Parliament in London Mon-f
day, had "chosen to disregard1
the realities and had come for-
ward with proposals no less ex- -
treme that those of the African
National Council (ANC)."
THREE MONTHS of talks be-
tween Smith and Joshua Nko-
mo, head of the internal faction
of the ANC, collapsed last Fri-
day over how long it should
take to hand over power to
Rhodesia's six million blacks,
who outnumber whites by 20 to'
Smith was not prepared to'
contemplate black rule before
10 to 15 years while the nation-
alists wanted it within a year.
The British had proposed two
years at the most.
Even before Smith's state-
iment yesterday Rhodesia's1
whites were reacting strongly
against Britain's proposals.
THE BRITISH "knew full well
- - - - --
ATHENS $57' - ROME $44'
PARIS $25" - ZURICH $40'
NYC/N.Y. 10028/21 2-348-5961

that a hand-over in 18 months; was needed for holding general
to two years would result in elections that would include the
chaos," said Tim Gibbs, leader Rhodesian black majority.
of the liberal-leaning, all- K E N N E D Y, IN A
white Rhodesia Party. Des Senate speech, said, "I believe
Frost, head of the ruling Rho- that we in the United States
desian Front party, forecast should give this general ap-
"bloody uproar" within the par- proach our firm support-though
ty if Smith agreed to the terms. with a much more rapid time-
In Washington yesterday,'table."
Senator Edward Kennedy called He said the United States
for U. S. support for the British should commit itself to provide
proposals. economic aid to Rhodesia if
But he said a faster timetable I necessary after majority rule.
University Housing Council
is holding its Spring Election
March 29 -April 2
Register in MSA offices
3rd floor Michigan Union
Call MSA at 763-3242 or Tim O'Neill at 764-8860



study, preliminary portions of
which had been released ear-
lier, were issued in a 483-pagef
volume called "Catholic Schools
in a Declining Church," pub-
lished by Sheed & Ward.
The data was drawn from two
nationally representative sam-
plings of Catholics, 2,071 of
them in 1963, and 1,128 in 1974.
In the decade between those
years, two major forces were at

control ruing, which in turn nas
eroded papal authority.
"It is rare," Father Greeley
commented, "for a social re-
searcher to be able to explain
a correlation completely, but
this turns out to be one of those
rare cases. Support for the
Vatican Council correlates posi-
tively with religious devotion,
and the decline in the birth con-
trol position and respect for pa-
pal authority accounts for the
whole deterioration."


- Serve Your Own Best Interests .. -


Just look how much Rackham Student Government has already accomplish-
ed in areas which critically affect graduate students:

POSITIONS INCLUDE: Resident Director and Resident Advisor.
Advisory positions require Junior status or above for the Resident Ad-
visory positions: Graduate status preferred for the Resident Directors
positions. However, qualified applicants who have junior status or above
during the period of employment may be considered for the Resident Di-
rector positions. Some of these positions are available to single or mar-
ried Graduate Students without children who qualify for Graduate work
at the University.
QUALIFICATIONS: (1) Must be a registered U. of M. student on the
Ann Arbor Campus in good academic standing during the period of
employment. (2) Must be Junior status or above during the period of
employment. (3) Must have lived in residence halls at University level
for at least one year. (4) Must have a 2.5 grade point average at time
of application. (5) Preference is given to applicants who do not intend
to carry heavy academic schedules and who do not have rigorous out-
side commitments. (6) Proof of these qualifications may be required.
Current staff and other applicants who have an application on file must
come to this office to update their application form.
Staff selection and placement in East Quad shall be determined
in the following order:

PART-TIME JOBS. RSG co-sponsors the Graduate
Employment Advocate for Rackham which helps
students find part-time jobs.
CAREER PLANNING. RSG co-sponsors the annual
Non-Academic Job-Hunting Conference for grad-
uate students.

RSG activities will then expand into these areas:
NON-ACADEMIC JOB PLACEMENT. As a direct result of ORIENTATION AND HOUSING. RSG wants to establish a
RSG's influence, the university has agreed to establish a permanent Orientation and Housing Office to meet the
Graduate Non-Academic Counseling Service in connection special needs of incoming graduate students. Reliable, up-
with the Offic of Career Planning and Plalcement and the to-date information woulud be supplied to graduate stu-
Rockham School, beginning July 1st. To insure that gradu- dents concerning the housing situation, cost of living,
ate students receive the individual attention they need, availability of employment, registration procedures, stu-
RSG's money will be used to hire extra counselors for the dent services offered by the university, and many other fa-
new non-academic division. cets of university and Ann Arbor life.
needs more money to insure that this highly successful an- cial researchers to investigate day-care centers and Mar-
nual job conference will continue to be productive and ried Student Housing in Ann Arbor. Right now our staff is
well-attended in the future. researching the effectiveness of the Office of Student Ser-
ACADEMIC JOB-HUNTING CONFERENCE. In view of the vices in meeting the needs of graduate students. More
increasingly tight academic job market, RSG plans to in- money is needed to continue RSG's research into these
stitute an onnual Academic Job Conference to help gradu- and other vital areas.
ate students find academic positions with 2-year and 4-
year colleges and universities. Guest speakers and work- RESOURCE FUNDING. RSG will continue its policy of giv-
shops will give practical advice in letter- and resume-writ- ing financial aid to student organizations whose activities
ing and other skills needed for a successful job search. serve graduate students.
A referendum to increase the RSG fee assessment is being held from now through Friday, March 26. You
should already have received a ballot in the mail with the current issue of Rackham Student News. If not,
you may pick up a ballot at one of these polling places:
Rackham Building Lobby
WED. MARCH 24. OR 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
ED MA Fishbowl

1 .

Current staff in East Ouad.
Current staff throughout the Residence Hall system.
Staff recommended in East Quad for 1976-77 academic year.
Other ualified aopplicants.

Staff selection and placement in Baits shall be determined
in tlan fallowin aordr:+





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