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March 20, 1976 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1976-03-20

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Saturday, March 20, 1976


Page Three

SatudayMarc 20,1976THE ICHIAN DILY age hre



I Will, I Will . .. For Now-
(The Movies, Briarwood) - An
absolutely abominable f il m
about the attempts of a di-
vorced, filthy-rich New York
couple (Elliott Gould and Diane
Keaton) to rekindle marital
bliss. The picture abounds in
all kinds of pseudo-mod, frank-
chic (non-explicit) machinations
involving cohabitation contracts,
sex crimes and other hot items,
but these '70s-ish trappings
serve only to expose rather
than camouflage a wheezy bed-
room-farce plot that could have
been filmed thirty years ago
and seemed archaic even then.i
Add to this tedium a visual glut-
ting of Beautiful People-opu-
lence slobbering through endless
shots of rich, garish apartments
(there's scarcely an outdoor
scene in the entire film), and
one is left with a cinematic ob-
ject-worship ritual as offensive
as it is unfunny. As the ex-hub-
by, Gould offers us his most
leering exhibitionism to date in
a film (following Spys, Busting
and Whiffs, his much-publicized
comeback continues to excel-
lerate 90 miles per hour in re-
verse). As for Keaton, one can
only re-express the fervent (and
failing) hope that she doesn't
do for Woody Allen what Cybil
Shepherd did for Peter Boq-
danovich. BOMB
Swept Away - (Campus) -
L ena Wertmuller's hig hly-
praised class and sex warfare
films, involving two shipwreck
survivors on a desert island.
Unpreviewed at this time, but
almost surely worth seeing.
BROOKLYN (P) - The East
New York. Savings Bank has a
new Christmas Club program,
to bring entertainment to hos-
pital shut-ins.
In previous years, the bank,
like most savings banks here;
has offered small gifts such as
hot plates and writing pads to
depositors who open Christmas
or Chanukah accounts. This
year, the East New York Sav-
ings has pledged $15,000, the
amount it spent last year on:
Christmas Club gifts, to Hospi-
tal Audiences Inc.
Hospital Audiences, I n c.,
started in 1969, provides enter-:
tainment for shut-ins in hospi-
tals, nursing homes and other
institutions. It also takes
groups of patients to plays and
food ideas
The dried apricots that come
in 11-ounce packages are usual-
ly smaller and less expensive
than those that come in 8-ounce
packages. The smaller apricots
are practical and economical to
use in any recipe that calls for
chopping them (to add to
cookies or coke) or for cooking
them and pureeing.
Always leave on about an
inch of the tops and the root
ends when you are cooking
fresh beets whole and unpeeled
so their color will remain a
bright and attractive red.
Grated Parmesan cheese is
an excellent addition to a

tossed green salad or a hard-
cooked egg spread for sand-
A layer cake covered with a
fluffy white frosting looks par-
ticularly inviting when choco-
late shot is sprinkled over the
Have a flair for
artistic writing?
If you are interest-
ed in reviewiiig
poetry, and music
or writing feature
stories about the
drama, dance, film
arts: Contact Arts
- Editor. c/o The
Michigan Daily.
D11 I1

Barry Lyndon-(The Movies, ma II, Ang. Aud. A, 7 only)-
Briarwood) - Stanley Kubrick's William Wellman's film from
film from the Thackeray novel the famous Western novel about
comes across pretty much like the lynching of three innocent
folks have been saying: huge, men. Well-known study of mob
breathtakingly beautiful and ab- violence noted for its excellent
solutely bloodless. Oh, the first performances, but the film's
hour or so lopes along interest- message is laid on so thick that
ingly enough, with duels, bat- it often seems more civics les-
tIes and the promise of greater son than cinema, with surpris-
things to come. But as the film ingly unimaginative directing by
sinks ever deeper into stilted, Wellman. Ox-Bow's cast is so

events and entertainment
ags ...for the week of March 20-26
reality-blitzing horror f i 1 m Heidelberg Rathskeller-Mus- ioned journalist switches iden-
'cliche of a frenzied announcer tard's Retreat, folk 9, no cov- tity with a dead acquaintance
screaming doom into a micro- er. ; in Northern Africa, and soon
phone. He also provides an iron- Loma Linda - JB & C o m -C finds himself dangerously im-
ic, thoughtful climax that sharp- pany, 9:30, no cover. mersed in the other man's for- CIN
ly differs from the mindless Blind Pig - Sea of Nurnen, mer existence. Antonioni's first Pather Pancli
good -over - evil send-'em-home jazz, 9:30, $1.25. film in five years boasts his un- Guild, Arch. Au
happy formula of the monster Rubaiyat - Open Road, top challenged mastery of the cam- See Tuesday Ci
genre. Can you imagine, a philo- 40's, 9:30, no cover. era plus a wonderfully evoca- Shanghai ExI
sophical ghoul film? Well, this Bimbo's - Gaslighters, r a g - tive performances by J a c k Guild, Arch. At
one is-and within its range, time sing-along, 6-1:30, 50c af- Nicholson as the journalist, but Early Von Stei
it lasic.* ter 8 falls flat whenever the director intrigue. set in

costumed soap opera and one superlative, though, that they World, MLB Ark - Tracy Schwarz, folk, 9, decides to inject his chronic
I &re aliz e seth atiSo u n d erL B-4(N e0 .I! d e i d e s w to i njc t his c h o i c:
raiethtnothing of further alone carry the picture throughI
interest is forthcoming, ther13 many of its more awkward mo 7 & 9) - An overpraised film $2.50. I pop existenialism into the pro-
viewershas no alternative other ments-note especially the work about the joys and hardships of Sure Thing - Jet Black, ceedings. Still, an enjoyable
than to settle back and concen- of Henry Fonda and Harry Mor- a black sharecropping family in rock, 9:30, $2. film if not taken for more than
trate on the scenery - rather gan (yup, now of MASH), who Depression-era Louisiana. It's * * it is. Gr -rI
akin to strolling through a gal- constitute a kind of cowboy- obviously an earnest effort, but Flesh Gordon - (Matrix, 7
lery of Constable paintings, all Greek chorus commenting on it's just too bogged down in . & 9:30) - See Saturday C
gorgeous but rather numbing the actions of the murderous white iberal To Kill a Mocking-aJUtdtvema.
after about the 400th entry. One types surrounding them. * * * bird-ish sentimentality to ring ! All the Kings Men - (Alice
can only specualte on Kubrick's Black uryondinema * 9 true - and besides that, its CINEMA Lloyd Blue Carpet Lounge, 9:30
motivations for choosing both B F - n CIt not a very interesting story. Ann Arbor 16mm Film Festi- only) - See Sunday Cinema.
story and style, but film enter- only) - 1935 Michael Curtiz Sounder is salvaged somewhat val - Winners Show - (Arch.: BARS
timn dosntapa todrama about attempts to union- bkPn ogeWoi
tainment does not appear to ;ze coal workers. Might be more by Cicely Tyson's stunning por- Aud. & Angel Aud. A, different Blind Ping - Boogie Woogie
have been one of his goals. Fine izeers.ta he trayal of the mother - perhaps shows at 7, 9, & 11) - Presen- Red, blues, 9:30, $1.I
for him-too bad for us. * interesting than the plot sum- the finest performance thus far tation of the (sometimes hotly Golden Falson - Silvertones,
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Mu piu neio feature atvl of the '70s. But Paul Winfield is I disputed) cream of the crop blues, 9:30, $1.
Nest-(The Movies, Briarwood) M ifew roles oonly fair as the father, and from the week-long competition. Mr. Flood's Party - Catfish
-This long - awaited f i1 m e rKevin Hooks is horribly wooden Three separate sets of f ii m s I Miller, jug blues band, 9:30, no
emerges as an earnest, osten- Oliver - (Matrix, 12 noon and as teir son, around whom much will be alternating at Angell cover.
sibly faithful re-creation of the 2:45) - A rollicking version of of the action unfortunately cen- and Architecture, so you should Loma Linda - JB & Com-
novel, but somehow manages to the Dickens classic that is better ters. ** have ample opportunity to see pany, 9:30, no cover.
reverse the book's philosophical than the Broadway musical it Tommy - (Mediatrics, Nat. what you want. Chances Are - Mojo Boogie
point almost completely. Jack was based on. Normally, musi- Sci. Aud., 7:30 & 9:30) - The Tommy - (Mediatrics, Nat. Band, rock, 9, $1 to $1.50.
Nicholson is certainly the ideal cal comedies are bowdlerized to wretched excesses of director Sci. Aud., 7:30 & 9:30) - See Sure Thing - Jet Black,
R. P. McMurphy, and Louis death in over-gloppy film ver- Ken Russell crash head-on with Saturday Cinema, rock, 9:30, no cover.
Fletcher creates a Big Nurse but i Olver's case the The Who's hard-rock opera - Flesh Gordon - (Matrix, 7 * *
much subtler and, in the pro- eimination of some of the weak- and the result is a surprisingly & 9:30) - See Saturday C i n-
cess, more terrifying than that er songs and the transpositioneffective film. Russells dime- ema
in Ken Kesey's original. But di- of others to more crucial mo- stre garishness seems for once All the King's Men - (Alicet
rector Milos Forman has alter- ments improve the show's unity tor are s eelfo on ce LM
andaddto he hrils.It' ce- to have stumbled on a malleableLly BueCrtLon,7!
ed the ending ever so slightly, product; the resulting collabora- & 10) - Robert Rossen' s pro- CINEMA
so that now McMurphy's final tainly not Dickens, but so what? tion drives, drives, drives un- duction of the Robert Penn I Pather Panchalli - (Cinema
tragic sacrifice seems lass a lib- Enjoy yourselves. * relentingly and often unpleasant- Warren novel. Tale of the po- Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 only) -
crating martyrdom than a de- The Three Musketeers - ly at the audience, but the on- litical rise of a Huey Long-ish Part I of Satyajit Ray's Cepu
luded act of self-destruction. (Bursley Enterprises, Bursley slaught of sight and sound is Southern demagogue (contem- trilogy, chronicling the lives of
True, Chief Broom still escapes, West Cafeteria, 8:30 only) - The never dull and is often undeni- rha a Bengal family.
but no one else is saved, the first of Richard Lester's two- ably compelling. I think even hindered by ocasional Holly- Bonnie and Clyde - (Cinema
patients' w a r d remains the part Dumas epic, and by far Russell's severest critics must wood social naivety, but is for Guild, Arch. Aud., 9:05 only)-
same, an g Nurse d the weaker of the two segments. give Tommy its reluctant due, the most part convincing and Arthur Penn's flamboyant-inti-
enance seemsabeginning. Forman Lester's divide b frightening. Broderick C r a w- mate study of the famous De-
seems to be saying "No, you film inhalf rather than over- large a lucky accident. frgd tnn roris Ca- rstud of the
endas t te bgining fim i deisin t hi evn i it suces isford won an Oscar for his com- pression crooks. one of the
se st bhe syingm"-o you condense it was probably a good Flesh Gordon - (Matrix, 7px rmosk most t pivotal motion i
negation of Kesey's redemption decision artistically (and cer- and 9:30) - Much-ballyhooded woods Machiavelli.**** tures ever made, Bonnie and
of freedom theme. As such, for tainey commercially) but Part sex & sci-fi comedy is a rip-offwBARS Clyde torpedoed forever Hol-
admirers of the novel this may ost inevitably suffers since from start to finish-bad porn, B S lywood's concept of the "well-
be one of the most depressing of the important action bad fantasy, bad jokes. A classic Chances Are - Masquerade, made film", complete with its
films ever made. * * * occurs in the last half of the example of the insanity of at- rock, 9, $1 to $1.50 . Gstock-standard plots and e n d-
novel. The result is too many tempting to make a camp ver- Mr. Floods Party - Griev- ings and gargantuan list of do's
Gable and Lombard - (Fifth fight scenes obviously employed sion of something that was ul- ous Angels, country, 9:30, $1. and don't. A "liberation" movie
Forum) - Reportedly less-than- as a substitute for meaningful timate camp to begin with. Loma Linda - JB & C o m - of sorts, which effectively de-
memorable biography focusing plot ,progression, but a wonder- BARS pany, 9:30, no cover. stroyed the Sound of Music
mostly on the love life of the two fully off-beat cast keeps things Sure Thing - Jet B 1 a c k , ethic. Besides that, it's a great
famous stars. You pays yo alive reasonably well. ** Mr. Flood's Party - J a w - rock, 9:30, no cover. film. Many thinks.***
money and takes yo' chances i bone, 9:30, $1 Ark - Putnam String Coun-
f o 1 k s - something this writer~ Night of the Living Dead - boe.:0 1 r unmSrn on BARS
S(Couens Film Co-o, Couzens !Chances Are - Coal Kitchen, ty Band, folk, 9, $2.50. Chances Are -Shooter
hasn't worked up the ambition i sp C d 0ue rock, 8, $2 to $2.50. * *C cesAe-Sht, rock,
(or perhaps courage) to do yet. Cafeteria, 10 & 12 midnight) -1' 9, $1 to $1.50.
(rprpscug)todye.A gamma ray storm from outer' Golden Falcon - Melodioso, Mr. Flood's Party - Gemini~o yBaigSdls{h ois
Blazing Saddles-(Theursday, space causes fresh corpses to jazz, 9:30, $1. folksy blues, 9:30, $1.
Briarwood) - See Thursday rise up by the thousands, all Pretzel Bell - RFD Boys , Loma Linda - JB & Con-
Cema. *driven by an insatiable lust for bluegrass, 10, $1.50.
human flesh. Despite this hope- Casa Nova - Dusty Rhodes, CINEMA
less-sounding plot line and its pop-folk, 9:30, no cover. . The Passenger - (Peoples'
' Saturday cult-status notoriety, Living Heidelberg - Austrian Quar- Bicentennial Commission, Nat.V
Dead emerges as one of the tet, German, 9, no cover. Sci. Aud., 7 & 9) - A disillus-
CINEMA mere handful of really classic ~
Ann Arbor 16mm Film Fes-' horror films, possessing all the
tival - (Cinema Guild, Arch. elements the recent, overrated They had more
Aud., three different shows a' Texas Chainsaw Massacre lack- than love-
7, 9 and 11)-The final night of ed: an adroit, controlled sense -the
competition in what has de- of pace and suspense progres-
veloped into one of the nation's sion, some truly jarring shock; 7IILfs
most prestigious film fetes. moments, and above all a con-
Each program will contain the tinuous blending of the common-'L
u s ual allotment of clinkers place with the unthinkable - a
counterbalanced by just enough qualityj essential (and usually
examples of creative imagina- Icking) in modern-setting scare IeT a9 pm,
tion to make the whole thing flicks. Director George Romero inthe
worthwhile. It's all character- has fashioned rather a miracle i the
ized by a kind of weird carnival out of his less-than-shoestring Old Architecture Aud
atmosphere that is most enjoy- budget; his achievements in- I.WINNERS & HIGHLIGHTS
able. clide the interspacing of realis- TOMORROW AT 7, 9, and
The Ox-Bow Incident-(Cine- tic TV newscasts contrasting the 11 in ARCHITECTURE and
AUDITIONS For the Musical ITickets qo on sale at 6:00
A D IN F th Mflfor evening shows.
) ~~~A isn 0 MABBYKORSIlAI PRllhLI IN [IF "1811 ANI] MBIII] 3!; AMIS IRLI Jll £AY RRI____ ________
(to be presented May 1z2-1 6 by ASIN EAYt IN[ RIM UIINS WA R y lARRY SANR8R iAsc I MI I [ISiAN M IR1ct 11 b CMY -..
Ann Arbor Civic Theatre) dc by B ARRY ORSHAI A UNVebRSAL P1 IRN sb I MICl PNA Haul ed by SIINO. 1 t'
ARCH7 n N 7 21 tn 1 -nnA m --- 'I wAIILIA Wi lA

only) A 1972
as supposedly
derground film

Y NIGHT-- Double Feature
' WIC1943

MHan UnU 4 a! or/ : p.m.
Appointments now being made for private audi-
tion times (March 20-21 from 2-5 p.m., March
21-24 from 7-10 p.m. CALL 663-3424 (Sylvia f
Llewellyn) for appt.
CAST OF 40-all ages, incl. 9 major roles, j
chorus, dancers. All must have some sing and
dance ability.
Musical Director-DILL MURRELL-
Washington and Liberty Sts.-1 block East
of S. Seventh-662-9405.

SHOWTIMES: MON.-FRI. 7:00 & 9:30
SAT. & SUN. 2:00-4:30-7:00-9:30




(7P.M. ONLY)2
A shockinq dramatization of mob rule and a first class western. Tense, sombre, and atmos-
oheric, the description of the raw inhumanity of the unwritten lynch law packs as damning
a moral iudqment as any film before or since. Henry Fonda in one of his finest roles, leads a
stellar cast. Dana Andrews, Anthony Quinn, Henry Morqan.
(9 P.M. ONLY)
One of the best social commentaries of the 1930's, based on actual events in West Virginia
concerning union oraonization and industrial war in the coal fields. Features-a strong per-
formance by Paul Muni and appearances by many familiar names from the Warner Brothers
hat. Though it is not too radical by today's standards, this film was a true test of censor-
ship. Paul Muni, Ward Bond, Vince Barnett, Barton McLane.
C EMA 1 $1.00 admission
is seeking outstanding producers and chairpersons for the
following 1976-77 UAC Extravaganzas:
Children's Theater UAC/eclipse jazz
Musket Mediatrics (film)
Sp ShwMinority Affairs Panel
Etc. (lecture series) UAC Ticket Central
' Future Worlds Special Projects
Assistants to Senior officers also needed-




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