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February 06, 1976 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1976-02-06

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A rts & Enterta inm ent Friday, February 6, 1976 Page Five



crnemc~wekend a
Sherlock Holmes' If you go to the theatre ex- a good time. Paper Chase prison. they were told to appreciate the tu
pecting the polish of a Brooks -Jeff Selbst Meanwhile, Pat O'Brien goes exquisite composition, the nov- F
Smarter Brother or Woody Alen film, you will . Matrix to the seminary and later re- el lighting, and the brilliant m
State leave disappointed. If you go ex- Dr Zhivago Director-Writer James Brid- turns to his old neighborhood symbolism, and to ignore the
Sherlock Holmes' Smarter pecting a good joke, some ex- New World, MLB 3ges gives us Paper Chase, a as pastor. There he fights a lack of tempo and continuity. W
Brother is not about Mycroft citement and a throwaway song Sat.7 witty, discerning film which is continuing battle to keep t h e Kubrick's Barry Lyndon, the 9:
Holmes, as' many Holmesians and dance routine, you will be as real and honest as are its Dean End Kids out of trouble, I oracles said, represented a new F
might deduce from the title. It rewarded. Set in wartorn Russia during people. It deals principally with a task which is made even testament for American cin- A
might be considered as Gene -Philip Bloch the Bolshevik uprisings and re- the academic burdens facinga tougher when Cagney comes to ema - a liberation of moviesA
Wilder's doctorial dissertation ' - ye (T y o- town, and all the kids want to from the ponderous literary tra- O
for the Mel Brooks School of Flesh Gordon doubtedly one of the best epic toms) at Harvard Law School. emulate his attractive life of dition that had heretofore re-
of Matrixfilms of all time. John Houseman, well-known crime. Cagney and O'Brien, ' quired great filmmakers to es- A
Wilder's mentor is quite evi . Zhivago stars Omar Sharif as Writer-producer-director, p o r- former childhood friends, end tablish a tangible theme a n d g
der The appeal of Flesh is gut- the brilliant and sensitive doc trays Kingsfield, Bottoms' ty- up in stark opposition, w i t h.
de yg t t level. It's a filthy movie, but tor-poet whose writings touch rannical, ascerbic and haught O'Brien battling the political identifiable, substantative char J
of Sigerlson Holmes, younger its funny, too, which comes as the heart of the Russian people ily sardonic professor of con- corruption upon which Cagney , aters.
broherof SgeoHo y ooung- a bit of a surprise because we and are outlawed by the Bol- tract law. builds his criminal empire. I understand that," said the
brother- Sherlock (pronouns all know why viewers go see shevik government. Bottoms becomes involved' Michael Curtiz directed An sw p
abetted by such othersBrroksian ic t Zhivago is torn between his with a charming girl (Lindsay gels, one of the best in Warner small child in the front rw, C
graduates as Madeline K a h n, It seems that our hero, Flesh, love for the beautiful and pas- Wagner), not knowing that she Brothers' series of gangster "but, wise scholars, tell me
Marty Feldman (playing a Wat on a primitive airplane s o m e sionate Lara (played by Jule is Kingsfield's daughter. Their films. In addition to the bril-' this: why did the master devise B
son-type character) and Dom on a , p i earthe planes Christie in her most outstand- relationship develops while the liant portrayals by Cagney and his film at such a deep, com- B
DeLuise. years ago, when the plane ising role to date), his adoring scholastic pressures on h i i O'Brien, Humphrey Bogart picated level that nobody but
The sibling rivalry portrayed ray from outer spaceo wife, (Geraldine Chaplin), and continue to grow. turns out a perfectly corrupt the master can meaningfully -
by Wilder is a perfect example the war-torn country he refuses Essentially, this is a film gangster in a lesser role as Cag- -
of a child that has somehow Instantly, the scene becomes to leave, about students' mad, meaning- ney's partner. comprehend it in one sitting?
reached the age of maturity. Si- an orgy. Flesh and a friend This film has an almost poe- less pursuit of higher grades. All -Joe McMullen -David Blomquist
gerson, having spent his life parachute down to a field, tic quality in its combination of the frustration and agony is * *
under the crushing burden of where they are discovered by !magnificent cinematography abruptly reduced to pettiness by BI ' rry ndon
being Sherlock's younger broth- eminent scientist Dr. Flexi Jerk- (capturing both Russia's beauty the film's infuriting last scene. I.
er is offered the opportunity of off. They board his rocket ship and war-ravaged emaciation), Even though Bottoms' revolt The Movies, Briamvood F
taking on a case his talented and fly off to the Perverted musical accompaniment (t h e against the ways of the educa- Thus it came to pass thatF . -4i
brother has left him. Planet, where they meet t h e now famous "Lara's Theme" tional establishment means too: Stanley Kubrick's latest brain- D
Though at times the film is a evil Emperor Wang, and- which evokes the beauty of a little and comes too late, the child emerged from W a r n e r VLNINEIDA
brilliant example of campy com- Listen. If sex is just organs, Russia that could never be com- viewer will realize the absurd- Bros. into the entire English-
edy, it is also a prime exam- then Flesh Gordon is j u s t or- pletely obliterated) and t h e ity of pursuing academic achi- speaking cinema world with ac
ple of one man trying to do too gans and a lot of dirty jokes. loves and life of the sensitive evement rather than personal veritable host of excitement, Remember omon
much by himself. The film was The movie makes fun of homo- Zhivago. fulfillment, publicity, and advertising.
written and directed by Wilder, sexuals, heterosexuals, virgins, Russia will never again seem -Gene Goldman And the reviewers of N e w
and unfortunately there is not serials, and sex flicks. You're quite the same to you. Truly a* York thought that it was good,'VLNTINE
a more trained hand tempering not going to improve your mind film not to miss! Angels With and showered praises and plat- T
the flow of the film. by watching, but you may have -Amy Einsidler fFitudes on the creation born of UGREIN GS
Dirty Faces three years of painful planning,
PERFORMANCE A T MICHIGAN-Ann Arbor Film Co-op execution, and editing by the E
MLB 4, Fri., 9:15 eccentric master filmmaker. DEADLIE: NOON
Angels with Dirty Faces shows But theater audiences were FRI., FEB. 13
that even gangsters aren't all bewildered. For three h o u r s, v
bad - they're just products of the actors in Mr. Kubrick's Sal Rtest
This 1938 Warner Brothers colorful scenery in search of c Sorry No Phone Orders
film concerns two tough kids in Life, a precious quality that ap- 1
By JEFFREY SELBST dermine the country; they want There'sn i Lower East Manhattan whoeared to e exceedingly absent

What's happening this Cinema Weekend
This weekend, Ann Arbor filmgoers are treated to high
dventure in the form of sweeping spectacles. The Man
ho Would Be King, John Huston's long-cherished project
ebuts at the Michigan, Howard Hawks' 1940 classic adven-
re Only Angels Have Wings highlights the Ann Arbor
ilm Co-op schedule, and Flesh Gordon (at the Matrix)
akes X-rated fun of the whole genre.
Friday-Only Angels Have Wings, MLB 4, 7; Angels
Vith Dirty Faces, MLB 4, 9:15; Adam's Rib, Arch. Aud., 7,
05; Murder on the Orient Express, Nat. Sci. Aud~, 7, 9:15;
lesh Gordon, Matrix, midnight; Scenes from a Marriage,
ud. A, Angell, 7, 10.
Saturday-Doctor Zhivago, MLB 3, 7; Murder on the
rient Express, Nat. Sci. Aud., 7, 9:15; Dial M for Murder,
rch. Aud., 7, 9:05; Scenes from a Marriage, Aud. A,, An-
ell, 7, 10; Flesh Gordon, Matrix, midnight.
Sunday-The Sorrow and the Pity, Aud. A, Angell, 7;
bnathan, Arch. Aud., 7, 9:05.
All weekend-A Boy and His Dog, Fifth Forum (761-
700); The Man Who Would Be King, Michigan (665-6290);
aper Chase, Matrix (994-0627); Conduct Unbecoming,
ampus (668-6416); Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother,
tate (662-6264); Dog Day Afternoon, Fox Village (769-1300);
arry Lyndon, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Sunshine
oys, Hindenburg, Briarwood (769-8780).
FEB. 9-MARCH 22, Monday niqhts 7:30-10, 25 Angell Hal
FEB. 9-"Broken Treaty at Battle Mountain"
Film and discussion
FEB. 16-"Native Americans and the United States
Government-The View in 1976"
Ernie Stevens, Oneida, Executive Director.
American Indian Policv Review Commission
FEB. 23-"Inside the Bureau of Indian Affairs"
Louis Bruce. Mohawk, former Commissioner
of Indian Affairs
MAR. 1-"Cree Hunters of Mistassini"
Film and discussion
MAR. 15-"Michigan Is Indian Country"
Les Gemmill, Governor's adviser for
Indian Affairs in Michigan
Course directors: Professor Frances Svensson (Political
Science), Professor Edwin McClendon (Education and Public
Health), Professor Tom Storer (Mathematics). Sponsors: Na-
tive American Affairs Committee of U-M, and Program in
American Culture.
The course will consist of lectures and films from 7:30-9,
followed by seminar discussions from 9-10 p.m. for students
enrolled in the course. (Readings and papers will be required.)
Lectures and Films-Open to the Public. Course credit
through mini-course enrollment. Checkpoint has further
information about reading list.

HAR IS very much a play
of its time. To see it in
1970 and then again in 1976
is to realize how silly, how
creaky, and moreover how truly
foolish it is.
B & B Productions of New
York gave Ann Arbor a some-
what less than stirring p e r -
formance of the show last night
at the Michigan Theater. Re-
plete with sexual references,
modish jokes in a 1969-set
script, and a phony attempt at
audience participation which re-
sulted in mere idiotic interplay
between a spectator and t h e
reputed star, this performance
of the play that represented a
generation became a fraud.
THE SHOW itself (the writ-
ten music and script), often be-
trayed its power to enchant the
audience. The pathos of t h e
scene where Sheila, rejected by
Berger, sings "Easy to be
Hard"; the wonderfully repre-
sentative and rambunctious ren-
dition of the title song; the my-
sticism of "Walking in Space"
-these defied the best attempts
to undermine them.
They speak for a generation,
and that may or may not be a
cliche by now; in any case, the
denizens of the "tribe" which
make up the cast of Hair be-
lieve and laugh and love.
The original kudos which went
to the show certainly had some-
thing to do with its innovative
nature, but more importantly,
a recognition that these are peo-
ple, just like the Kiwanis Club
member who told me during the
intermission that the show was
too dirty. There is a recognition
too that these people are harm-
less. They aren't about to un-

to make it fit to live in.
THE ESSENCE of the youth
rebellion is lost by now, and so
the necessity of pointing out
the characters' humanity (which
is there for everyone to see) has
flown out the window with it.
What's left? The "innovation"
of the formless show, which has
been taken to new heights by
the Sondheim-Prince team? The
use of nudity and shocking lan-
guage on stage? Oh Calcutta!
has done away with any novelty
in that regard.
The only thing left to animate
this nonsense is either an all-
pervading sense of nostalgia or
a sincerity on the part of the
cast. In fact, the latter is needed
to make the former work.
But when a song such as "In-
itials," with its lyrics "LBJ/
Took the IRT/Down to Fourth
St., USA . . ." is transmitted to
"Trickey Dick etc," and when
"LSD" is made to rhyme with
"Spiro T," even nostalgia is
impossible. And there were
Jerry Ford jokes and Veg-a-
matic jokes!
SO YOU couldn't exactly pre-
tend you were back in the '60s
and the show doesn't work as a
modern piece-so what is it?
Earlier I ventured to use the
term "fraud." I stand by that
There was material cut from
Act II, including the now-fam-
ous "Black Boys/White Boys"
number which parodied the
Supremes; the cut was due to
time-a second show went on
at 10 p.m., and Bo Golden, one
of the "B" 's of B & B Produc-
tions, assured me that the show
would be intact at the second

1 aur *SS no point nt mention-
ing the performances as this
isn't the kind of show which
makes such criticism meaning-
ful. The singing was mostly
good, and the songs themselves
are, of course, superb. But if
you've ever seen Hair before,
or cherish any sentiment about
that Quioxotic decade, don't
spoil a lot of lovely' memories.
And if they ever bring this bomb
around again, read the script

grow up on opposite sides of the in the film.
law. James Cagney turns to a And when they asked the wise
life of crime after spending New York reviewers to explain
T most of his life in and out of what the hell was going on,
I ,' g
-- s "s --



Students, Faculty and
immediate family only
Sprino Break MAR. 6-13
One Whole Week
per person
Round trip Jet airfare from
Detroit to Freeport, Bahamas
* M e a 1 and beverages in
fight0 Accommodations at
either Freeport Inn or Cast-
aways Resort Hotel (hotel to
be assigned}--quad occupancy
0 All transfers 9 Authentic
Bahamian Revue included 10
And more.
Phone: Pete Savoie-
764-0845 or

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on skirts, sweaters, dresses,
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(Howard Hawks, 1939)


DNA Recombinant Research:
Key Issues
FEB. 9: "Decision: Sci/Tech Aspects" Profs.
David Jackson (Microbiology-a leading
DNA researcher), E r n e s t Chu (Hum.
Genetics, member NIH guidelines com-
FEB. 16: "Decision: Who, When, How?" Profs.
S. Wright, D. Michael, D. Jackson, E.
Chu, and others.
University Values Program
oremieres in their repertoire
~'L~ U,&,nC 4 . ~Sl

Classic American film about airplanes, friendship, and love. Cary Grant runs a shoe-
string freight airline in South America and must make deliveries despite foq, moun-
tains, and personal conflicts. Hawks captures the machismo fraternity of the pilots
and at the same time realizes its limits. As the heroine, Jean Arthur is allowed to
keep her dianity. Strong performance by Thomas Mitchell, Rita Hayworth.

(Michael Curtiz, 1938)

MLB 4-9:15 ONLY

By a chance event. one of two friends in the tenaments of the Lower East Side is set
upon a life of crime, and the other grows up to become a corruption-battling priest.
Amonq Warner's gangster films, this puts forth the strongest statement of the great
influence of material conditions on people's lives. Cagney's performance as -the killer
is subtly shaded, blendinq outward cynicism with an underlying humanity. Humphrey
Boqart, Pat O'Brien, the Dead End Kids.

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