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January 24, 1976 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1976-01-24

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Saiturddy, Jonuory"24, 1976


Vage Five

Saturday, January' 24, 1976 THE MICHIGAN DAILY I'age Five




events and entertainment
.."O" for the week of Jan. 24-30

all week

didn't understand Michael's:
motivations and could nevert
really get into the role). ***
Straw Dogs - (Mediatrics,
Nat. Sci. Aud., 7:30 & 9:30)
Sam Peckinpah's one great

ilm, and one of the most com-
plex and affecting motion pic-
ALL WEEK LONG' tures ever made. An American
COMMERCIAL CINEMA mathematician (Dustin Hoff-
Amarcord - (Campus) - man) moves with his wife to a
Fellini's most touching, low-key small Cornish village in an ef-
Flmin's yes, fouing on-kis fort to escape U. S. civil vio-
film in years, focusing on his lence, soon finds himself sur-
childhood in a small Italian lene by fin hisel sur-
town. Slight on plot but incred- rounded by it in his new dwell-
ibly rich in atmosphere, Amar- ng place. An extremely contro-
cord consists of a series of versials film due to the very vio-
loosely-connected events in the lent sequences, but they are a
town - most comic, some necessary part of PeskinpahsI
t serious, all affectionate- exploration of the dark side of
starkly seiualafcint~iman's psyche. He is not advo-
ly and stunningly crafted by the mangpthe.bre it adsos
director. This is the kind of ating the brutality hetshows
film Fellini used to make be- -he issimply asking whether
fore he fell into the abyss of such violence is an unavoidable
opulent trivia; let's hope he elmnt in the human soul. A
has permanently found his way aaidedfiiJery crafted film,
backagai. ~ aided by Jerry Fielding s ri-
back again. ,ie -liant musical score which en-
C hpsy (C gal veloes you' like a coiled snake.
pus) Bergman's psychoocal,
study of three sisters and their
servant girl pitted against each Dirthy Harry - (Couzens
other amidst the trappings of' Caf, 8 & 10) - Famous film of
an isolated summer estate. pistol-toting cop Harry Callihan,
Hailed by many critics as the boasts exceptionally imagina-
Swedish director's greatest tive directing by Don Siegel and
achievement, but from this an exciting if over-melodrama-
writer's perspective a thorough- tic story line. These plus fac-
ly pretentious bore. Overwrit- tors are counter-balanced by a
ten, floridly directed, poorly parade of one-dimensional card-
acted (save Harriet Andersson board characters, notably a
as the dying sister), the film hysterical, too - bad - to - be-
comes across as almost a par- true murderer. Also, the influ-
ody of Bergman's other works. ' ence of Clint Eastwood is a
It strains mightily for profund- liability both dramatically and
ity, but strikes one as nothing philosophically - in his mono-
so much as a master director tone portrayal of Harry and in
running scared, trumpeting his his unrelenting eye-for-an-eye
greatness to a public which had concept of justice, which goose-
already acknowledged it lon'g steps its way across thedscreen.
ago. ** No, Clint, the Old West does not
Romeo and Juliet - (Michi- apply to today - and thank
gan) - Shakespeare purists God for it. **
howled with rage when Franco The Groove Tube - (Matrix,
Zefferelli's film was released: 7 & 9:30) - A collection of sa-
Imagine, having 15 and 17-year- tirical skits mingling sex and
old kids play the parts of 15 TV, about half of which are
and 17-year-olds! How disgust- funny. **
ing! Well, here's one instance Pink Flamingos - (Matrix,
where the public has it all over midnight show) - An abortive
the elitists; Romeo and Juliet attempt to make a serious art
is the greatest love story to form out of bad taste. Don't let
date on film, something mil- the nonsense and the perverse
lions of moviegoers know even sex throw you-they were add-
if most lit professors don't.**** ed to appeal to the whips-and-
Monty Python and the Holy black-high-heels crowd. One of
Grail - (The Movies, Briar- the only truly unified films go-
wood) - The overrated British ing. John Waters could be con-
group's interpretation of the victed of poor judgement, but
Arthurlan Legend - come of it not poor filmmaking. Either
very ,funny, some just sopho- I **** or *, depending on the
morie. Go if you want, but ' strength of your stomach.
don't set your hopes - or your mUSIC
standards - too high. ** Blind Pig - Tribe, 9:30, $1.50.
Death Wish & 'he Longest Chances Are - Cheap Trick,
Yard - (The Movies, Briar- rock. 8, $2 to $2.50.
wood) Golden Falcon - Melodioso,
jazz, 9:30, $1.
Heidelberg - Sorgebrecher,
German band, 9:30, no cover.
Heidelberg Rathskeller-Mus-
tard's Retreat, folk, 9:30, no
JANUARY 24 cover.
CINEMA Pretzel Bell - RFD Boys,
Rebecca - (Cinema Guild, bluegrass, 10, $1.50.
Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05) - Hitch-' Loma Linda - Mixed Bag,
cock's American debut - and 9:30, no cover. * j
the new influence of the Holly- Ark - Norman Blake, folk,
wood studio heads unfortunate- 8:30, $2.50.
ly shows through. Based on Rubnivat - Bar None, top
Daphne du Maurier's Gothic; 40's, 9:30, no cover.
,suspense story, the film comes Mr. Flood's Party - Griev-
over as pretty stodgy stuff, os Angels, country, 9:30, $1.
lacking the creative flair of Sure Thing (formerly Bim-
Hitchcock's British films. But bo's-Ynsi) - Inner Visions,
Lawrence Olivier and Joan Fon- rock, 8:30, $1.
taine are quite wonderful as Casa Nova - Him and I, 9,
a mismatched couple, and no cover.
Hitchcock somehow keeps the Bimbo's - Gaslighters. rag-
whole enterprise lumbering time singalong, 6-1:30, 50c aft-
along entertainingly, although er 8.
rather like an elephant carry-' Arts Chorale and Collegim
ing a couple of hundred suit-:Musicum - Richard Crawford
cases on its back. Rebecca won conducting a concert as part of
the 1940 Oscar for Best Picture, the Midwestern Musical Con-
the only Hitchcock film ever so ference. Power, 8 p.m., free.


boy emotionally destroyed by missed by this writer for years
the big city, while Hoffman is;(even on television), but has
remarkable as his sidekick, a: acquired a considerable cult
sickly hustler. The two are off- following in recent times and
beat pair, aiding in the film's may be pretty good.
total impact. One of the great The Ballad of Cable Hogue-
studies of human loneliness and (Ann Arbor Film Co-op, Ang.'
of h u m a n companionship Aud. A, 9 only) - Low-profile,
amidst the aching isolation. almost gentle Sam Peckinpah
**** film about a rugged individual-
The Groove Tube - (Matrix, ist (Jason Robards) making a
7 & 9:30) - See Saturday Cine- go of it alone in the 20th-cen-
ma. tury West. Atmospherically a
MUSICMchange of pace for the director,
Chances Are - Masquerade, and a little too long, but inter-
rock, 9, $1 to $1.50. esting throughout. ***
Loma Linda - Mixed Bag,' Ivan the Terrible, Part II -'
jazz, 9:30, no cover. (Cinema Guild, Arch Aud., 7j
Ark - Norman Blake, folk, only) - At last, Ivan Two ins
8:30, $2.50. Ann Arbor! (It hardly ever ap-
Mr. Flood's Party - Griev-I pears here). More compelling
ous Angels, country, 9:30, 75c. than Part I, as Ivan gains ulti-,
Sure Thing - Inner Visions, mate triumph over his throne-,
rock, 9, $1. room rivals. The film contains
Del Rio - Tribe, jazz, no a dazzingly beautiful color seg-.
cover. ment towards the end. ****
EVENTS Buster Keaton Collection -
Prague Madrigal Antiqua (Cinema Guild, Arch. Aud.,
Rackham Aud., 2:30 p.m. 9:05 only) - A group of films
Piano Chamber Recital - starring and directed by possi-
Music School Recital Hall, 4:30 bly the greatest of all film co-
pm medians.

ing, and Joshua Logan's direc-
tion is properly intimate or epic
as the situation requires. And
Vanessa Redgrave is a stun-
ningly memorable Guinevere.
Take the Money and Run -
(Matrix, 7 & 9:30) - Chronicle
of hardened con Virgil Stark-
well's descent into crime and
degradation. Woody Allen's
first self-directed film is a bit
rough around the edges but
mostly funny, and in some ways
better than his more opulent
later efforts. ***j
Ivan the Terrible, Part II -
(Cinema Guild, Arch, Aud., 7
only) - See Tuesday Cinema.
Three Strange Loves - (Cine-$
ma Guild, Arch, Aud., 9:05 on-
ly) - Marital problems of a
traveling couple. Another in the
series of early Bergman films.
Blind Pig - Melodiosi, jazz,
9:30, $1.
Mr. Flood's Party - All Di-!
rections, 9:30, 75c.
Ark - Hoot night, folk, 9, 75c.
Loma Linda - J. B. & Com-
pCv, 9:30, no cover.
Chances Are - Foxx, r'ock,
9, $1 to $1.50.
National Marionette Theatre-
Children's show, sponsored by
UAC: Mendelssohn., 1 p.m.
Loot - University Showcase
Production. Arena Theatre,
Frieze Bldg., 8 p.m.
Max Lifchitz - Piano recital,
works by University composers.
School of Music Recital Hall, 8
th rsday

heoric and funny as a Brown-
shirt rally. Aldrich obviously
expected audiences to laugh
and cheer at the stomps,
gouges and other unrelenting
brutalities on the screen, and
by and large he's been proven
right. Can't we find better val-
ue systems than this? *
Something Different - (Cine-
ma Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 $
9:05) - Czech film of two wo-
men experiencing similar con-
flicts despite widely differing'
life style.
Yojimbo - (Ann Arbor Film
Co-op, Angel Aud., A 7 & 9) -
Kurosawa's Japanese spoof of
American Westerns. Unseen by
this critic, but said to be one
of the funniest films ever made.
Take the Money and Run -
(Matrix,. '7 & 9:30) - See
Wednesday Cinema.
Golden Falcon - Melodioso,
jazz, 9:30, $1.
Pretzel Bell - RFD Boys,'
bl'iegrass, 9:30, $1.
Blind Pig-John Mooney and
Rob Weiner, blues, 9:30, $1.
Mr. Flood's Party - Mike
Smith and his Country Volun-
teers, 9:30, 75c.
Casa Nova - Him and I, 9,
no cover.
Sure Thing - Purple Gang,
rock, 9, $1.
Heidelberg Rathskeller -
Mustard's Retreat, folk, 9, no
Arms and the Man - This
time, the Acting Company
takes on Shaw. At Power, 8
p.m. Tickets $3, $4.50, $5.50, $6,:
and $7.
Piano Chamber Music-School
of Mlrsic Recital Hall, 8 p.m.
Natio~nal Marionette Theater
- Adult production sponsored
by UAC. Mendelssohn Theatre,
8 p.m.
University Philharmonia Or-
ehestra - "Pops" concert.
Frank , H1nter conductor. Hill
And. 8 p.m.

Christmas Eve, is diverted by
an angel who shows him in ex-
plicit terms just how valuable
his life it. The plot sounds thor-
oughly goopy, but it's not - it's
one of the most remarkably en-
joyable pictures ever put to-
gether, and Frank Capra's last
great film

strong story line as for any
overt garishness involved. Des-
pite its notoriety, really a very
good film.
Even Dwarfs Started Small
- (Ann Arbor Film Co-op,
MLB 4, 8:15 only) - No doubt,
no doubt.
Flesh Gordon - (Matrix,

Young Frankenstein - (Me- Midnight
diatrics,- Nat. Sci. Aud., 7:30 &; ballyhoed
9:30) - Mel Brook's best film, ' a rip-off

sex &

only) - Much
scisfi comedy is
start to finish

She Stoops to Conquer - The
Acting Company in a superb
presentation of Oliver Gold-
smith's classic farce. Power, 3
'and 8 p.m. Tickets $3, $4.50,
$5.50, $6, and $7.
Nothing scheduled.
Mr. Flood's Party - John
Moonev, blues, 9:30, no cover.
Blind Pig9- Boogie Woogie
Red, bles, 9:30, $1.
Chances Are - Mojo Boogie
Band, rock, 9, $1 to $1.50.
Golden Falcon - Silvertones,
blues, 9:30, $1.
Carole King - UAC presents.
Hill Aud., 8 p.m.
El Dorado-(Ann Arbor Film
Co-op, Angell Aud. A, 7 only)-

Loma Linda - J. B. & Com-
pany, 9:30, no cover.
Chances Are - Lightnin, rock,
9, $1 to $1.50.
Blind Pig - Cory Sea Quar-
tet, jazz, 9:30, $1.
Mr. Flood's Party - Gemini,
folksy blues, 9:30, no cover.
Carole King - UAC presents,
Hill Aud., 8 p.m.
Karen DeCrew - President
of NOW speaks at Hill Aud., 3,
p.m. "Expanding the Women's
Movement". Sponsored by Fu-
ture Worlds.
Camelot - (Ann Arbor Film
Co-op, Angell Aud. A, 7 &
9:45) - This film version of the
stage musical was roundly
blasted by the critics when re-
leased, but really isn't that
bad. To be sure, some of the
best songs have been foreshort-
ened or even eliminated entire-
ly, and Richard Harris' soupy

due to its solid, cohesive story
line. It seems that the more
chaotic Woody Allen's films
are, the more successful (Ba-
nanas), while the opposite is
true of Brooks - Young Fran-
kenstein and The Twelve
Chairs standing superior to the{
more anarchistic Blazing Sad-
dies and The Producers. I think:
Brook's true genius lies in com-
ic narrative - firmly based
in logical plot progressions, and
enriched with his genuine giftE
for gags. Leave the nihilism to
Woody. ****
The Phantom of Liberty -
(Cinema II, Angel Aud. A, 7 &'
9) - Bunuel's sequelfto his
h u g e l y successful Dis-
creet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
may come as a disappointmentj
to admirers of that work. Once
-gain we have a series of loose-!
lv - connected absurdist eni-3
sodes generally involving the'
upper classes, but often with a
lot less humor this time around,
Audiences that could laugh at'
the reasonably straight forward
comedy of Bourgeoisie may;
find themselves perplexed and
exasperated at the cryptic, eso-
teric quality that characterises
Phantom. Iut perhaps it mat-
ters little. Bunuel at 76 stands
with only a few others as a
filmmaker supreme; his repu-:
tation at last secure, he doesn't
have to Play up to an unnredict-
able public any more. He can
create whatever is meaningful
to him - which is " the true
standard of an artist in the first
nlace. I don't think we can ask
any more of him than that. ***
Freaks - (Ann Arbor Film

- bad porn, bad fantasy, bad
jokes. The original played it
straight - and was much fun-
nier. BOMB.
Take the Money and Run -
(Matrix, 7 & 9:30) - See
Wednesday Cinema.
Golden Falcon - Melodiosi,
jazz, 9:30, $1.
Chances Are - Foxx, rock, 8,
$2 to $2.50.
Ark - Paul Siebel, folk, 8:30,
Heidelberg Rathskeller -
M'ustard's Retreat, folk, 9, no
Bimbo's -- Gaslighters, rag-
time singalong, 6-1:30, 50c af-
ter 8.
Pretzel :Bell - RFD Boys,
bllegrass. 10, $1.50.
Loma Linda - Mixed Bdg,
ja77, 9:30,. no coser.
Rubiavat - Bar None, top
40'x. 9-30. no cover.
Blind Pig - Jimmy Walker
with Pete Crawford, old Chi-
Scagepinro blues, 9:30, $1.
Mr. Flood's Party - Cope-
lhnd Bl1es Band, 9:30, $1.
Casa Nova - Him and I, 9,
no cover.
Folkdancers - Clogging and
Mountain Dance Workshop. 8
p.in,-11:30 p.m.
Barbour Gymnasium. With
GP-nn Bannerman of Virhinia.
Christonher Parkening - Gui-
tar concert. Power, 8 p.m.

Howard Hawkes' Western with portrayal of King Arthur's is
John Wayne, Dean Martin, rather hard to take. But the
Ricky Nelson, et al. Somehow story is eternal and heartbreak-
eynolds leads 'U'
bands to success
Continued from Page 4) | Reynolds, without the least
energy. , patronizing air, gave a few
Bernstein-style words of ex-
The climax of the concert, and planation to aid listeners in
probably a point of anticipation following the complicated wrk.
for members of the audience at- and had sections present each
tending the Midwest Conference, I theme, individually. Presented
j was the performance of, as immediately before the perform-
Reynolds described it, "A land- ance, the oral program notes
mark piece, a glorious piece": made the experience all the
the Hindemith symphoiy. more accessible


NOT ONLY one of tne finest
works in band repetoir e, but'
also one of Hindemith's finest1
compositions, tie Symphony in
B-flat is rarely performed with
real excellence. This was one
of those rare times, wher . the
individual lines, the sectignal
contrasts and the dens-, massei
areas were equally clear and
full. The complexity did not!
,become confusion, but remned
crisp and precise, even through
the final section, where three
themes are superimposed with
counterpoint and accompani-

To have a wind ensemble and
symphony band of such high
caliber is wonderful. To hear
them play fine works i.i a well-
balanced, carefully planned pro-
gram as musicians in concert
black dress is a relativeiv new
experience, and indicative of
the movement away fr.om the
band's military past toward the
musical level which their repe-
toire warrants.
Nancy Coons periodically
'writes about classical music for
The Dailh's Ar/s and Enlertair-
ment page.

honored. ***
The Godfather - ((Cinema
II, Ang. Aud. A, 7 & 10) -
Coppola's Mafia dissection is
splendid entertainment by any
standard, but falls short of pure
greatness due to Al Pacino's
wooden performance as Mich-:
ael Corleone (the same apt-lies
to Part II). Both films rise or
fall on the shoulders of the
Godson, and Pacino, a sunerb
actor in practically evervthing
else he does, simply doesn't
measure up to the comnlex
character of Michael. (Interest-,
ingly, . Pacino himself agrees
with this view, saying that heE

3 Films by Straub and Huil-
let - (Cinema Guild, Arch.
Aud., 7 & 9:05) - Short works
by two contemporary women
directors in Germany.
Midnight Cowboy - (Cinema
U1, Angell Aud., A, 7 & 9) -
Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman
star in this most effective,
sometimes memorable film.
Voight portrays a Texas- cow-

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Wednsday, Jan.
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