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November 22, 1975 - Image 6

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Michigan Daily, 1975-11-22

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Page Six


Saturday, November 22, 1913

Page SIx - THE MICHIGAN DAILY 5aturday, November 21, 19 I~

at AEPI, 1620 Cambridge
Sat., Nov. 22-8:30 p.m.



events and entertainment
... for the week of nov. 22 - 28

$ 10
on a 10-K Gold
regular deposit.
$10.00 I
if you
pay in full.
322 S. State St.

I gusto, and is backed by an worse. famous sci-fi writer's works. A night-club vamp Marlene Die- bor Film Co-op, Angell Aud. Bimbo's (Ypsi)-Salem Witch-
g 1 imaginative cast including Alan, The Iceman Cometh - Faith- British scientist sits in his ma- trich and foreign legionnaire A, 7 & 9:30) - The first un- craft, rock, 9:30, no cover.
Bates and Oliver Reed. Royal ful, solid adaptation of O'Neill's chine, sees eons pass before Gary Cooper. Interesting for stagebound film of the Marxes, Bimbo's On The Hill - QSF,
Flash seems a rousing film on gigantic epic of lost souls in a him without ever moving an film historians, but just too and nihilisticaly hilarious. It rock, 8:30, no cover.
the surface, but then slowly, New York bar. The film's ma- inch through space; eventually creakily dated for most view- marked the beginning of the: Casa Nova - Susan Michaels,
surely, in sinks the uncomfort- jor stumbling block is the cast- he battles underground mutants ers.** Brothers' golden age, which pop-folk, 9, no cover.
able feeling that you've seen ing of Lee Marvin, who is all to save what remains of human- A Nous La Liberte - (Cine- lasted a brief seven years but Chances Are--Whiz Kids, rock,
every scene somewhere be- wrong for the part of the satanic ity thousands of years in the ma II, Angell Aud. A, 7 & 9) changed the face of comedy 8, $1 to $1.50.
fore,"** protagonist Hickey. Fortunately, future. The film's later stages - 1932 comedy about mechan- forever.****
CINEMA Monty Python and the Holy Marvin's awkwardness is coun- get a little too immersed in ized society by French director Horse Feathers - (Ann Ar-
Royal Flash - (Fox Village) Grail - (Fifth Forum) - The ter-balanced by brilliant per- hero-vs-monster cliches, but the Rene Clair. Supposedly inspired bor Film Co-op, Angell Aud., A,
-19th-Century British war hero: overrated British group's look formances by Frederick March special effects are glorious and IChaplin's Modern Times, but we 8:20 & 10:50) - The Marx
(Malcom MacDowell) gets at the Arthurian Legend. To this and Robert Ryan, the last of the script remains literate and really don't know much about it. Brothers destroy utterly the
caught up to his neck in foreign observer an exercise in sopho- both actors' careers and a fit- thoughtful throughout - a rani- Take the Money and Run - American university - maybe CINEMA
intrigue. Richard Lester's latest moric foolishness (maybe the ting finale for both.*** ty for cinematic science fiction. (Matrix, 7 & 9:30) - See Sae- not their best film, but prob- International House and Alice
film is rather trivial stuff which British really don't have a sense Jaws - (The Movies, Briar- urday Cinema. ably their funniest. Groucho's n Wonderland-(Matrix Inter-
seems primarily an excuse for of humor). Go see it if you wood) - The most famous film From Here to Eternity-(Cine- MUSIC anatomy lecture ranks among national House at 7 Alice at
some extentions and variations must, but don't set your hopes in the world back for a return ma II, Angel Aud. A, 7 & 9 - Chances Are - Melodioso, the lunatic interludes of all 9:30, $1.50 for one $250 for
on his Musketeers epics. There's or standards too high.** engagement. And admittedly. This adaptation of James Jones' Latin jazz, 8, $1 to $1.50. comedy.**** both-See Monday Cinema.
the usual superdose of pratfalls Rooster Cogburn - (The Mov- within its range, pretty grand W.W. II novel was one of the Bimbo's (Ypsi)-Sweet Crys Lacombe, L i c i e n - (New
taoosrocko9:3,rno-cover. WoldwMLBh3, 7t&9:30)-ThepAUSI
and swordplay, but the whole ies, Briarwood) - A revival of entertainment indeed.**** most famous films of the 1950's.ta, rock, 9:30 no cover. WorldMLBL3,c7i&n9:30)-The'MUSIC
enterprize seems rather warm- the adventures of True Grit's Drama of a fanatical officer's Loma Linda - Mixed Bag, best film of 1974, Godfather and Spaghetti Bender--Russ Trom-
ed-over and a little forlorn. Les- hero. Not much in the way of attempts to bludgeon and bully jazz, 9, no cover. Chinatown not excepted. A rest- bley, progressive country, 9-12,
ter employs a dual-identity gim- plot or direction, but containsian independent - minded recruit Mr. Flood's Party - Catfish, less, minimally - educated teen- no cover.
mick as the crux of the plot, the remarkable dual edifices of into joining platoon boxing team 9 no cover. I ager in W.W. II France is re- Bimbo's - Gaslighters, sing-
which doesn't help matters any; Wayne and Hepburn. And it's marked one of the earliest ex-' jected in his efforts to join the along, 6-1:30, 5c after 8.
but McDowell plays the duped amost worth the price of admis- CINEMA amples of the individualist vs. French underground. Frustrated: Bimbo's On The Hill - QSF
hero with appropriate comic sion just to watch these two ag- Casablanca - (Cinema Guild, monolithic society theme so pop- and totally non-political, he in- rock, 8:30, no cover.
ing monuments fading grace- 7 & 9:05) - Bogie and Bergman ular in more recent years. A stead joins the Nazi SS and is Bimbo's (Ypsi)-Salem Witch-
fully, joyfully one last time into play it again. Not exactly great sweat-andguts film which some soon turning in former acquant-craft, rock, 9:30, $2.
the sunset.** arbtsrlIn ftems times borders on florid corn-If
nart, but surely one of the most ess but manages to stay CINEMA ances with no adjoining guilt Blind Pig-Silvertones, blues,
FMEE -gany " (State) -Drear "", un iversally "accessable an p""grInternational House and Alice feelings. Enraptured with the 9:30, $$1.
creaky soap opera of young girl pealing films ever put together. in Wonderland - (Matrix, In macho thrill of wearing gun and Chances Are-Whiz Kids, rock,
finding fame, fortune and mis- With Rains, Loore, Greenstreet' MUSIC ternational House at 7, Alice at pushing others around, he swag- 9, $2 to $2.50.
ery in the wicked, wicked city. Dooley Wilson - and how can 9:30. $1.5 for one,$25 for ers along like a hood out of -
iaaRssdt ai o epsil d ntigmr? Ark - Lou and Sally Killen,9:0. 1.0 fr ne,$2.0Rorterhalngliklaroo-ouuo
Diana Ross, sad to say, is no we possibly add anything more? both) - International House is West Side Story, his concept of Hidelberg Rathskeller-Mus-
Ivbetter than anyone else in the a little-known Fields' film deal- f$the world conflict going no fur- tard's Retreat, folk, 9:30, no
SATURDAY cast, and in fact maybe a little Take the Money and Run - Blind Pig - Melodioso, Latin i ther than his own self image.cover.
____ in~~~~~~~~~g with (of all things for 1933) te hnhsonsl mg.cvr
NOV22 - -- - (Matrix, 7 & 9:30) - Chroni- -jazz, 9:30, $1 television. Not much known Louis Malls sensitive study of G l con-Street Fiction,
5m & 7pm ********* cle of hardened criminal Virgil Bimbo's - Gaslighters, singa- about the plot, but with the un- children playing at war raises jazz, 9:30, $1.
SUNDAY There S a * Starkey's descent into crime lon 6-:30 50 cents after 8. likely star combination of profound questions of individual Loma Linda-Mixed Bag, jazz,
and degradation. Woody Allen's Mr Floods Party - SilverGeorge Burns and Gracie Al- guilt and responsibility, and also 9, no cover.
:m" difference!!! *. first self-starring film is a bit tones. blues, 9, $1. len, Bela Lugosi and Rudy Val- offers the proposition that for Rubyait-Strutter's Ball, top
- p4pm * A O rough around the edges but Chances Are - Dr. Bop and lee, it's probably fairly mem most of us war is less an ideol- 40's, 9:30, no cover.
" E PREPARE FOR: s ; mostly funny, and in some ways the Headliners featuring the orable. Alas, not so with Alice. oligcal struggle than an ultimate Casa Nova -- Susan Michaels,
: M CAT Ofep5earnce I better than his more opulent White Raven, rock, 9, $2 to Despite a comparably off-beat ego trip. Whether or not one pon-folk, 9, no cover.
*" and success 0: later efforts.*** $2.50. cast, the picture is so stodgy agrees with that conclusion, La- Huron Hotel-Frederick Johns,
RIDAT -- Slaughterhouse-Five - (Medi- Loma Linda - Mixed Bag, and unimaginative that the var- combe, Lucien remains a deep- progressive country, 4:30 -7:30,
small classes " atrics, Nat. Sci. Aud., 7:30 & jazz, 9, no cover. ied talents involved are drown- ly disturbing, cinematically bil- no cover.
-oumnos o- : 9:30) - That rarest of happen Golden Falcon - Street Fic- ed in blandness. First you gasp liant effort. Mr. Flood's Party - North
i SA styateials gs with delight over an unexpected International House and Alice Country Grass, 9 $1.
IREo stuay materrals :'improves over the novel on Pretzel Bell - RFD Boys, celebrity appearance, then you in Wonderland-(Matrix, Inter-
Courses that are " 'which it was based. Director bluegrass, 10, $1.50. start to wonder how they ever national House at 7, Alice at
ATGSB constantly updated - George Roy Hill (The Sting, Bimbo's On The Hill - QSF, got conned into a potboiler like 9:30. $1.50 for one, $2.50 for
A " ' etc.) displays a most unchar- rock, 8:30, no cover. this.** both)-See Monday Cinema. Datly Official Bulletin
- '^" iR " OCuw Tape facilities for r acteristic sensitivity in depict- Bimbo's (Ypsi) - Sweet Crys- MUSIC MUSIC
eviews of class ,MSCM IC.*
sss and for use: ing Billy Pilgrin's travels tal, rock, 9:30-2, $. . Bimbo's (Ypsi)-Sweet Crys- Chances Are - Masquerade, saturday, November 22
3150 CARPENT of supplementary " through past, present and fu- Heidelberg - The Rhineland- tal, rock, 9:30, no cover. I rock, 8, $1 to $1.50. Day calendar
35CA PNEi materials " Iture, bringing to Billy's story ers, German, 9:30, no cover. odnFlo akOin TO:Fo h twyT
ANN ARBOR ER LEX "az 9:",ae id"g"Alm f Golden Falcon - Jack OrionGoFalcon-JackOrion wFrom the Midwa1.
PHO 7-N WMake-ups for : the scope and dignity that Kurt Heidelberg Rathskeller- Mus- ,. GldezFacon-3Jak O1on;.JamiesRierts-The Ats of LiEu-
H- E missed lessons "i Vonnegut's indulgent, self-con- tard's Retreat, folk, 9:30, no Jazz,'9:30, $1. Blind Pig - Aldaberan, jazz, cation:" I. Charles Wegner, 'The
P E Smslogscious novel so painfully lack- cover. Blind Pig - Boogie Woogie 9:30 $1 Liberal Arts-The Arts of ibera
, NATL MED DOS :ed* T e -Casa Nova- Susan Michaels. Red, blues, 9:30,$i',roc' Mr. Flood's Party - Gemini, Fta UM vs. Ohio State
The Time Machine - (Cou- pop-folk, 9,nocover. Chances Are-Lightnin',r folksy blues, 9, Paryo-emn i ctban aUMvs.
" wrteloksal:bluens8,-9,$1no cover. ihgnstdutpm.
-10 write or can: zensCafeteria, 8 & 10)-George IRubaiyat - Strutter's Ball, 8, $1 to $1.50. Huron Hotel-Frederick Johns w B : Saturday Graffiti Radio
* n ArboPa ine4B , 'Pal's film of the first time-tray- top 40's, 9:30, no cover. Mr. Flood's Party - Eric Bac on, H:e- FredercMagazine,Moe Slippen's t'Me-men-
r 662-3i49 " 'eler substitutes a more positive Spaghetti Bender - Russ Mr. Flood's Party - Eric B 8b1's covet taHrc: :5 5 pm.
a ii W Ten Mile Rd. ending for the pessimism of the Trombley, progressive country, Bach, 9:3no' vs(Ypsi)-sweet Crys- t Hockey: ,M vs. Michigan e,
4*fBach,(11,wnoTncoiler.d.talrok 9:30 no coverYost Ie Aren, 7:30 pm.
" southfieid, Mi. 48015 i 'H G. Wells novel, but remains 9-12, no cover. Ark - Workshop on "How to Music school: Puccini's La Ha-
BOR AREA (313) 34085 the Play the Bones," with Percy heme, Mendelssohn, 8 pm; UM Glee
" th be t fl m v rsi n-o D anforth, 9, free. Club with Cornell, Hill An d., 8 pm:
1 * ___41_ CI "lh flhLoma Linda - The Arbors, 8 w edn her, 8 4 30 pm: eanH ailtRenctah
Le * rJSunda and 10:30, $5 horn, 0 pm: both at meltta Han.
r yrrr R. C. Players: 2 1-act plays, The
WEP:ECIAUSSSINE - The Stranger - (New World, 7 only)-See Tues- PTP: Shakespeare's As You Like
" PIZZA "-MLB 4, 7 & 9) - Visconti's day Cinema t Power, 8 pm.
- HCKN vK '" - straightforward cinemazation of;: General Notices
CHCsYou Can't Take It With You- CEW announces 15 Winter term
-IECamus' alienated everyman. An CINEMA (Cinema Guild Arch And 9 underrad evening classes at UM:


0 BAR-B-
4:30-1:30 A



'Iaf 7!61-0001

211 E. Ann, Ann Arbor
next to the Armory

* ONLY U a
* U
Y To help you have a safe ski
season we will release test
yourbequipment absolutely
3 S free' Just bring in your skis
and boots and we'll test them
while you wait. .. on a first
come, first serve basis.
This freektest is available for
'>one week only, beginningU
November 20.
'Adjustment and ,rcatio n is no
included and a t ments cannot
n - be made whf'i you w .,
10 am to 6
SUN. Noon to 6
* t

almost impossible novel to film Notorious - (Cinema Guild,
successfully, given the plot per- Arch. Aud., 7 only) -- One ofo
spective exclusively from the Hitchcock's most unique experi- in
inside of Meursault's head, and ments - a film lacking a single n
Take the Excitem ent the difficulties of Camus' long gunshot, stomp, gouge or any 9:
existentialist sermon near the act of violence in any way, b
end. But Visconti succeeds about shape or form. Ridiculous, you'
as well as anyone could; you say? Not at all - Notorious
can really feel the stifling, en- proves one of the most control-
ervating heat of the Algerian led and suspensful efforts in the
sun burning mercilessly down, Hitchcockian repertoire. Impli-c
aand in the process catch at least cation is everything as Cary c
V IN CE LUVIBA RD!o a little of the protagonist's calm, Grant and Ingrid Bergman con-
desparation. Visconti is helped coct a bizarre scheme to un-ti
by a wonderfully sensitive por- cover Nazi syp Claude Rains,
trayal of Meursault by Marcello with as hair-raising a non-vio-t
Mastrioni, who provides an un- lent finale as you ever likely I rc
Football's greatest teacher and most admired coach puts it expectedly restrained counter- to see. Sam Peckinpaugh, take r
all together in this full-sized, action-packed book studded balance to his more typically note.****1
with photographs depicting his ideas on football and howbi You Can't Take it With You
it should be played. Hundreds of "locker-room blackboard" flamboyant roles of other films. Yoa' ae tWt o
diagrams lay out his plays in full detail. The best tribute-I nmo Guild, Arch. Aud.,Ip
possible to one of the noblemen of the sport, this book Morocco - (Cinema Guild, 7 9 only) -- Frank Capra's movie'
epitomizes his faith in the plover and his love of the game. & 9:05) - Early Josef Von version of the famous play. Cap-
List price $25.00 BORDERS PRICE $10.98 Sternberg desert epic featuring ra was always at his best when
- - working from scratch, and this:
THE GAMEadaptation gets dragged down
THE COLLEGE M somewhat in its stage trappings,
in contrast to the freewheeling-1
How did college football get to where it is today? No other ness of some of the director's si
sport generates so much enthusiastic support or unfailing more origial efforts. Still, Cap- n
loyalty than this unigue brand of America's favorite sport. ra with one hand tied behind 9:
Here, in hundreds of photographs and a fact-packed text jhis back is still more enter-fb
is the whole. story from the very beginning to right now,
covering every region of the U.S. taining than most other film-'
price $20.00 BORDERS PRICE $7.98 makers, and You Can't Take it'
L$SWith You remains quite funny. g
It also provided James Stewart I
with his first major role in a S
GREAT SPORTING BOOKS ,film, for which we all can be te
grateful.*** 1
SAVE 40 to 80% off list Monkey Business - (Ann Ar- co
on the MEZZANINE h
Sit and listen. Taoe notes Read
the text. Trade answers for a grade
ILearniiig? Possibly, But IMAGINE I1 S L
TH E ICE M EN whatAitGcould b i er I NE
THE ICE MEN is an inside look at the men of hockey: the don t have to imagine: students
aoaltenders and the referees, the superstars and the bad are immersed in their style of
guys. 64 pages of full-color photographs and a action-
filled account of one of the most turbulent games in play- eductton. loving wn a t ey earn.
off history through the eyes of ace referee Bruce Hood are DIRECT FIELD EXPERIENCE
iust a few of the. exciting parts of this fast-paced, colorful From the first year on, theirdclasses winlakeI
and sometimes violent book. them -
List price $15.95 BORDERS PRICE $7.98 -to Mexico's Sea of Cortez for demo-
grophy and marine coastal ecology
- everywhere in the Southwest for the YES FOLKS
TEN Nsuy of prehistoric and modern Indian
i i Be l~~~~gn Jo 9Esanu aryW e're Having Ar
This is the complete book on the entire history of Tennis-
from its first surne in popularity in the 19th century to its 2CenterfstudefTshwiatmb PicochooeiDiablo i
current rage. All the facts are here, and hundreds ofin
photos and illustrations show the great stars of all times ihe pricion ildrsnxptuience PRICES ARE TI
in top form. The text by Lance Tinav, noted lawn tenis ' gricuiturol economics in the imperial vo.E
correspondent for the Daily Telegroph gives you genuine AROUND So
insight into the inner game. Yovapoi Indans o Arizono: contemplate
List price $12.95 BORDERS PRICE $6.98 the meaning of Uea' while serving the IShorpin E
tc~minly ik nr nhmnnn th i. .', Sh ppng Early.

ons, jazz, 9, 75c.
Bimbo's (Ypsi)-Sweet
al, rock, 9:30, no cover.
Bimbo's On The Hill -
ock. 8:30, no cover.
Blind Pig-Rabbits, 9:30,
Casa Nova-Susan Mic
op-folk, 9, no cover.
A ... - - .-


"V1"14, 1 i; t- .
"flying granny," 83-year-old
Crys- Marian Hart of Washington,
D.C., arrived here after break-
QSF, ing her own record as the old-
1 est woman to fly the Atlantic
$ solo and said she did it "just
haels, for kicks."
Hart piloted her single-engine
Beechcraft from the U.S. capi-
tal to Shannon Airport and con-
tinned on to Dublin "to make a
few night circuits" over the

, " 11 .T11%1 '1V . A I., 7" '^ "
nly).-See Tuesday Cinema. all provide full U credit & require
International House and Alice admission; contact Ctr. for more
info--open 8:30 am-5 pm; 328-330
Wonderland - (Martix, Inter- Thompson, 763-1353.
ational House at 7, Alice at Alumnae Council Scholarships:
30. $1.50 for one, $2.50 for Approx. 30 awards given annually
oth)--See MondayCinema, ranging from $400-$1,000; appis.
tMU available until Dec. 20 at Alumni
MUSIC Assoc., Union; Applicants notified
Chances Are-Whiz Kids, rock, Mar. 31.
8, $1 to $1.50.
Bimbo's - Grevious Angels, "FJvin Granny
ountry, 9, no cover. -
Fr. Flood's Party-All Direc-: i DUIN Ireland (M - The


-city. Y
CINEMA AN AIRPORT official here
International House and Alice said, "Of course, this is about
Wonderland--(Matrix, Inter-
ational House at 7, Alice at the tenth time this amazing wo-
30. $1.50 for one. $2.50 for ,man has flown the Atlantic on
oth)-See Monday Cinema. I her own."
She dismissed her flight as
MUSIC "not as exciting as in the old
Pretzel Bell-RFD Boys, blue days," as she dined in the air-
rass, 9:30, $1. port hotel.
Mr. Flood's P a r t y - Mikep h
myth and his Country Volun- "THE AIRPORT has changed.
ers, 9, 75c. It's not as nice as when I was
Bimbo's - Grievous Angels, here first. It's gotten too big,"
ountry, 9, no cover. she said.

r v

- .11


Ch ristm as

nother SALE' Everything's


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