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November 09, 1975 - Image 6

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Michigan Daily, 1975-11-09

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Sunday, November 9, 1975

THE MICHIGAN DAILY Sunday, November 9, 1975'

"A solid, well-researche

dimaginative piece of
--Mary Chatfield,
Library Journal
Motives, Effects, Policies
Steiner takes a searching look
at the conglomerates of the
late 1960s - ITT, Gulf and
Western, ling-Temco-Voucht
-in light of current economic
theories and of legal controls
designed to protect the public


skeptic's experiences.




(Continued on Page 3) "Let's go back to the first ques- lar way of relating. But no one ness-expanding arrangement, a generally, Esalen is geared to- heads. They glance at each oth-
Now Janet sits down and tion." He tells us Esalen is a way is right" declares Julian place where you can go to dis- ward "experiencing whatever's er, then Julian speaks. "We
Julian, from a small rise on place in Big Sur, a beautiful with another smile. I cover the total, integrated ex- available." can't deal with institutions, with
the side of the room, says, place with mineral baths near- As I walk home in the near- perience, body and mind, of For the next hour and a half, what you've called the 'real
"Esalen Institute. Now you by, a place where 4,500-5,000 freezing are (wishing fervently;which the Esalen people feel we all play with ideas: we talk, world.' They're just a fantasy,
want to ask questions." Julian people (at an average of $240 that I had one of those strang- everyone is capable. Anything we argue, we interrupt. We dis- no more real than you and me
is a striking man: slim, tanned, per week) come to "do groups. Ier's hands to hold now), I am goes; almost any means of cuss mental illness, Julian's ego today, sitting here together. I
and energetic. Black hair, olive Gestalt, psychosynthesis, en- caught between the two halves eliciting such awareness is ac- trip as "boy psychologist," ego can relate to you, I can relate
- and a brassy New-York ac- counter groups. Contact games. of my Esalen experience such ceptable, as Esalen - the ex- trips and acts in general. to myself, I can relate to each
cent.1''We do things that make us feel as it is. The first half, the perience is the point.jof the individuals who make up
We do have questions. Peo- pretty good. The way you con- th bl AND I AM CLOSE to won the institution, but how can I
ple ask Julian repeats. "How tact the world determines the cation, etc. did make me feel hen arrive he Union over. These people are so relate to the institution. It
did you get started?" "What way you experience it-change happy and alive and, yes, more se net m ig, th ace the happy, so sincere in their world, doesn't exist. Oh, I could burn
is Esalen?" "What techniques the contact, change the experi- appyand alive sandns mor Esaleancrowd spent the night, in themselves. Are they mission- it down or ... or fill it with ce-
o y ysurroundingsaandrJuyia ence.nJanetmyndranother s- aries, I wonder. In a way, I ment or something, like that
to you use?" "What are youence. myself (and my overriding need len person named Star have just guess we are," says Julian while idealist last night would have
doing with all the money you're Esalen does not represent anyfor my glasses). The second returned from getting coffee.Jnet nods. "Thoug not in any mebdo. But then, where woul
maigti ekn? Hwone method, point of view or ap- haf h upsdyifraieJla swaig Clfri religious sense." As they say, I be? You take a position;
much money are you making proach. Julian calls it a reac- half, has left a very bad feel- clothes and shivering violently it doesn't much matter to them somebody takes opposition.
this weekend?" And so on. tion, a way to "keep stuff hap- ing behind it. I'm sure some- in them. whether or not everyone be- There's an energy there, a ten-
ui s pe g e - g." he is cered th We all retreat to Star's sitting comes aware of himself or her- sion. Outside, you use that en-
tions until someone finally asks, istewrn gaeneal;oretaiothi nehay i on na a
Are you going to answer these ment in ones own body. "We weekend alone the Esalen peo- room. He has opened the win- sef as a graceful, integrated, ergy to breakeach other down.
questionse fo 'he break- ple will conduct workshops with dow because she and the Cali- nside, we use it to become
Julian flashes a very winning ingdownofbarriers. Learning -650 people - each of whom has fornia others cannot deal with because Esalen is essentially a aware, to break down bad
smilea Californa sie ten is toal immrers.i Lanevi forked over $50. Further, I am the central heating which has self thing -- "a good, essential b a r r i e r s which keep us
says in his New York voice, ronment, one or another particu- enough a child of my genera- been blasting out of the vents kind of self-centeredness." l away from ourselves, each oth-
-sh N Y , mn ne _ ath pr -tion to be amazed and unhappy all night long. The room is I can't help it; I have to know er, from gut, sensual feeling.
at Julian's professed lack of in- freezing; throughout the next why they feel free to ignore Inside, we try to grow, to get
terest in the broader implica- two hours, I am aware to a political implications. (They've the whole picture, the now."
tions of his actions. Relating greater or lesser extent that my already satisfied me on the fi- Throughout this impassioned
to individual people is just fine, hands are like two ice-cubes. nancial question; in fact, it turns declaration, I have been aware
but it's not enough when it's I ask what the philosophy of out that half the money taken that the room is icy. Julian has
at the expense of society in Esalen is. Julian and Janet look in over the weekend goes to been throwing his arms around,
general, I tell myself. at me blankly, a trick I noticed the University.) "But," I plead, gesturing rising inches out of

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lian spoke of it as a way of
finding contact which is more
exciting, which admits of more
personal exciting, which admits
of more personal, gut aware-
ness. It is evidently a conscious-

last night. Finally, after I have
elaborated on what I thought
was a fairly obvious question,
Julian explains that there is no
Esalen philosophy or, rather
that the philosophy metamor-
phoses with the directors. There
are many different philosophies;


"wouldn't it be better to try to
change the structures and insti-
tutions which make us uninte-
grated, non-spiritual? You are
really only reinforcing them by
making people better adjusted
to them."
1 Julian and Janet shake their


isanqidwe edo

Lessons Featuring
Tuesday, 2-5 p BCKAMO

his chair with what is clearly
and sincerely the excess of en-
ergy he feels right now. ,He
ends by holding his arms out to
me. Janet and Star are smiling
- Janet, in a thoughtful, hap-
py way; Star, in a warm over-
flow of good feeling.
Am I sold? Their impact is
enormous; I love their com-
fort, their vitality; I even love
their blissful obliviousness to
the nastiness I know is in the
world whether I acknowledge
it or not. I've just spent two
of the more exciting hours of
my life. I've found three peo-
ple who are aware of the limi-
tations to the verbiage they
spout, but who do their best
to go beyond to the core of
experience, vitality, self that it
Big Sur is too beautiful, their
lives are too indulgent. Some-
how, though I long to join them,
to live only for myself in a
heautiful world of graceful ex-
nerience, something holds me
We say good-bye, we tell each
other to take care; I think
them. And we part: they to
go back to their exclusive little
paradise; me to go on wonder-
ing whether perhaps that world
I've called 'real' with all its
nastiness and all its lack of un-
derstanding is really just as ex-
citing in its own faltering way.
I hope so.





t -

_ _ - ---

"Children are
the world's
most valuable
resource and
its best
hope for the


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