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November 06, 1975 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1975-11-06

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Thursday, November 5, 1975

Face Five


Thursday, November 6, 1975 fHE MICHIGAN VA fLY

P~eto Five





Opposition parties


MADRID (Reuter) - After are aware that the twillight of
nearly 40 years underground, the regime could linger long af-
Spain's opposition parties are ter the death of General Franco,
emerging in the twilight of the the 82-year-old Chief of State.,
Franco regime. Prince Juan Carlos took over
They are joining forces to as acting Chief of State yester-
pressure Prince Juan Carlos, day.
the 37-year-old chosen heir of ; THEY WARN that the pros-!;
General Francisco Franco, to pect of political upheaval sim-
reshape the authoritarian re- ilar to that now convulsing
gime he is to inherit. neighboring Portugal will wrack
But the opposition politicians Spain unless the prince breaks
'Condor' swops and
stoops to a new li
WITH THE CURRENT lambasting of the CIA reaching anX
unprecedentel popularity, Sydney Pollack's Three Days of
'the Condor reaches theatres across the country at a time when
audience appetite for such product is at a zenith.
The commercial outlook for the film is nothing less than
optimistic, with the audience cheering Redford and Dunaway the
same way they whopped it up when Spielberg's shark ate the
scuba sandwich. It's all great fun with a somber note of despair
thrown in for legitimacy.
Don't get me wrong-the film isn't a waste. Pollack, whoI
rates as one of Hollywood's better mechanical directors, com-
mands control from the start with a superbly executed massacre:
of the CIA branch office that is remnant of the gut impact of
Don Siegel's Dirty Harry.
And of course, the cast is predictably superficial, with
Redford looking cute, Dunaway helpless, John Houseman awe-
some (again) and Max Von Sydow sinister.
THE PROBLEM OF THE FILM isn't with the superficialities,
but rather with its questionable intention that suffers because
of inane scripting by Lorenzo Semple, Jr. and David Rayfiel.
Resorting to the old commercial formula that creates heros
rather than humans, we get a stereotype that becomes a laugh-
able cliche, urning the rebel into a machismo matinee idol.
The doubt begins to surface when one realizes that the
intention of the screenwriters wasn't to make a film about the
CIA-it was to make a film starring Robert Redford about the

with Francoism and introduces
rapid liberalization.
But in a way both Prince Juan
Carlos and the opposition par-
ties are prisoners of the past.
Designated by General Fran-
co as future king of Spain, the
prince is closely identified with
the regime.
And the opposition parties,
while seeing the need for con-!

since the end of the Civil War,
are grouped in two broad coali-
tions-the Communist-led Dem-
ocratic Junta and the Socialist
dominated Democratic Plat-
Both groups advocate a com-
plete break with the Franco re-
gime and the formation of a
provisional government that will
lift the ban on political parties

to submit his monarchy to a the present power structure ers than the Communists but ist - led international brigades
referendum. would severely increase exist- fewer militants. made the Communist Party the

"Unless there is a profound
transformation of the political
structures within a year or a
year and a half, Spain will be in
a position similar to that of;
Portugal," said Professor En-
rique Tierno Gllvan, leader of
the Popular Socialist Party7
(PSP), which is closely linked
to the Communists in the Demo-
cratic junta.
of Spain's Orthodox Socialist
Party and of the Democraticl
Platform, said any attempt byl
Prince Juan Carlos to continue

ing tensions.


certed action, are divided by and allow independent trade
quarrels of the past and the unions and amnesty to political
trauma of the 1936-39 Spanish prisoners and exiles.
Civil War in which nearly one
million people died. They want Prince Juan Car-
los to call free elections for a
THE MAJOR opposition par- constituent assembly within two
ties, outlawed and repressed years of taking power and then'

Lawyer Jaime Cortezo, a
leader of the leftwing Christian
Democrats which are also in
the Democratic Platform, said
that if the prince did not speed
reform "our party will oppose
him in the manner we have op-
posed the Franco regime."
The Democratic Platform was
launched in Madrid last June
by the Orthodox Socialists and
15 other parties, including two
Christian Democratic parties, a
splinter Communist party, the
Carlists and several regional
Catalan and Basque groups.
The Democratic Junta was
formed in Paris in July last
year by exiled Communist Party
Secretary General Santiago Car-
rillo and former Madrid news-
paper editor Rafael Calvo Ser-
rer, who describes himself as a:

After years of hibernation un-
der aging exiled leaders out ofj
touch with the situation in
Spain, the party injected new
blood into its executive at a
congress in Paris last year
when it elected Felipe Gonzalez,
a young lawyer, as its First Sec-
pears to be better organized
than any other group, and has
more funds.'
But though it is maintaining
its influence in- underground
trade unions, it has an aging
Disenchanted with the party,
some young militants are turn-
ing to new extreme leftwing
groups like the Patriotic Anti-
Fascist Revolutionary F r o n t
(FRAP), responsible for much
of the violence in Spain these
days. Three of the guerrillas ex-

most powerful political force in
the Spanish republic.
But with the Republican col-
lapse in 1939, the party virtually
dissolved and its leaders fled
Now the Communist Party is
stressing a non-violent cam-
paign to draw all democratic
forces seeking liberalization in
"Our tactics are to help those
forces seeking to overthrow fas-
cism and dictatorship - and
bring in democracy," Mr. Car-
rillo said recently in London.
HE ADDED that the Com-
munists could not accept Prince
Juan Carlos unless he intro-
duced c o n cr e t e liberalization
Among the Christian Demo-
crats, the most active is the
Union of the Democratic Left
led by former Education Min-
ister Joaquin Ruiz Jimenez. It
could be considered on the left-
wing of the Christian Demo-
cratic movement.
Prime Minister Carlos Arias
Navarro saw the need to pro-
vide legal channels for the po-
litical forces at work in modern
Spain and passed a law last
December allowing political as-
sociations - fledgling political
parties. ..

T'HERE HAVE been overtures:----------
for a link-up between the twoe erecently were FRAP
opposition alliances. members.
But he CmmuistsandSo- In 1933, the Communist Party
But the Communists and So- abandoned its oldirebreath
cialists-uneasy partners in the fr-rah
poplarsts-ontsyovrnen before ing policies for a more subtle,
popular front government before more successful popular front
and during the Civil War-dis- approach which attracted large
trust each other as much as numbers of militant Socialists,
they oppose Francoism. anarchists and Republicans.
Recently, the two alliances'
got together to put out a joint AT THE TIME of the Civil
communique criticizing the ex- War, Soviet arms and Commun-
ecution of five urban guerrillas
on September 27 and a harsh
anti-terrorism law decreed by
General Franco. fC A
GBut assoonanos the communi-Cf A
que was in the post, bickering
broke out between the two
groups. ROCK




The difference, of course, is whether you want a film that
is believable or one that is appealing. This is not to imply thaty
Redford can't be believable, it simply suggests that a script;t
exploiting his image is going to battle for predominance-
and win.l
IMAGINE SOMEONE OTHER THAN Redford in this role, ex- RedfC n
cluding the Tinseltown counterparts of Newman, McQueen,r
Bronson (that would be a joke), et al. Put a fine actor of less ac
emotional stature in the role and then see if the film stands 's
on its own merits. I just can't imagine Robert Duvall or Gene
Hackman showing up for work in the morning in blue jeans
and a backpack. a
The point here isn't that CIA employes don't dress casually; c rry users death tvariitg
the point is that there is a definite image being carefully con-
structed for us to swallow. The inane sexual scenario involving Ne
Faye Dunaway is so totally irrelevant to the undertaking of the NEW YORK (AP)-The presi-: ide released per cigarette, he ing."
fiam that it becomes insulting. dent of the American Cancer said. These could be established The Federal Trade Commis-
filmthateit beormdes"insultin sSociety urged Wednesday that as the maximum levels, Dr. sion asked the Justice Depart-
When Redford "manhandles" a helpless woman off the street the government enact laws fore- Steinfeld said. ment last July to seek civil pen-
into her apartment, there 'are so many cheesy innuendos that ing the cigarette industry to Other steps that could be re- alties against the six companies:
are remnant of those Women in Chains flicks that one wonders produce only low tar and nico- quired, Dr. Steinfeld said, would for violating a 1972 order on
why Dunaway just doesn't haul out the whips and boots. tine cigarettes. be the use of very porous paper'health warnings. The suit was'
After all, when Redford ties his captive, it's not interpreted Dr. George P. Rosemond, also and filter tips, to release to the instituted in August against
as a necessary act of cruelty, but rather comes off as some a professor of surgery at Tem- air as much as possible of the Lorillard, American Tobacco,
kind of kinky foreplay that inevitably will lead to the obvious ple University, suggested that cigarette contents. Dr. Steinfeld Brown & Williamson, Liggett &
when he returns. progressive taxes be levied, is chief of medical service, Vet-, Myers, R.J. Reynolds and Phil-!
based on the levels of tar and erans Administration Hospital, lip Morris. Dr. Steinfeld added
And-presto--when he gets back, the lights go down, the nicotine in cigarettes. Long Beach, Calif. he believed the warning on cig-'
music stirs up, and thehcamera dissolves into dreary black-and- Dr. Raymond was supported Dr. Raymond also said the erette packstshould be changed
white photos that become an excuse for the black-and-white at a news conference, during American Cancer Society sup- to read: "Cigarette smoking is
freeze frame that ends the film. (Dreary photos, dreary future, the cancer society's annual ports the suit by the government dangerous and may kill you."
get it?) meeting, by Dr. Jesse Steinfeld, against the nation's six largest The warning now required
ITS SAD THAT THE ENTIRE issue involving the CIA becomes former U.S. surgeon general. cigarette manufacturers "for vi- reads: "Warning: The Surgeon;
somewhat of an out-of-place joke when contrasted with its Steinfeld said that while there olating an agreement to give General has determined that
is no safe level of tar and nico- adequate display to the health cigarette smokirg is dangerous
surroundings, particularly because it served as an interesting tine, and carbon monoxide re- warning on cigarette advertis- to your helth."
template on which to advance a premise, however speculative. lease, it is only realistic to at- ----- ---- -
It was the same screenwriter and the same melodramatics tempt to reduce the health
that marred The Parallax View, a film that projected a hypo- hazard of cigarette by setting _
thesis involving political assassinations. "maximum levels." " " " " " . " "
But when commercial concerns dictate the course of a The median, level of tar con-
production, there will'undoubtabiy arise a conflict between tent in cigarettes now is 18
intellect and glitter, and in the end, you can bet those big blue sgram s ofctar and125 milli-T
eyes will win out. ' 20 milligrams of carbon monox- FELL IN I'S
James Vak is The Daily's film - 8 1
critic. 2 (Federico Fellini, 1963)
Fellini's briliant, complex, surrealistic auto-
READ and USE BIGGER T HAN LIFE biography. Many believe it among the ten
AAT 71 best movies ever made, Dubbed. Marcello Mas-
James Mason in a frightening tale of a man troianni.
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heart condition but becomes deranged when he
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MR. CARRILLO was accused!
by members of the Platform of
sowing confusion and using the
communique for his own ends.!
Estimates of Communist Party
strength in Spain range from
5,000 to 30,000 and the Socialists
claim a membership of about'
20,000, but since they have not
been allowed to take part in
any elections since the '30si
is difficult to say what their
real strength is.
Political observers believe the
Socialists have more sympathiz-
II _ _-_ _ _ _ _


in conjunction with



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Saturday, Nov. 8-8 p.m. Rackham Auditorium

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Sun. Mat.: 3 p.m.

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