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October 23, 1975 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1975-10-23

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Page Two
Historian Toynbee dies'


Ihursday, October Z3, 1973

Judges refuses gay
discharge reversal

(continued from Page 1) draw back from the brink of a
for the pigmy central states; Third World War.
it will also be a cultural ca- HE WROTE more than 50
lamity for society as a whole." books, but of the main 12-vol-
Later, in the postwar atomic ume work, six volumes were
a ge,the British academic said published before World War II,
the subordination of national and six afterwards. Abridged,
sovereignties to world authori- I the work became a best-seller
ties was the. one condition for ,in Britain and the United
the survival of nations. States.
m On another occasion he said
the United States should form A reporter once put to Toyn-
a world government with the bee a point made by some cri-
Soviet Union to save mankind tics that he was not a "pure"
from annihilation. He is als historian, but was also part
said to have predicted the corn- philosopher and prophet.
ing of both World Wars - but "I don't mind what category
had faith that mankind would people put me into," the be-
Mental Health Research Institute
from the Artificial Intelligence Lob
MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Thursday, October 23
SEMINAR: 3:45 p.m., Room 1057, MHRI
TEA: 3:15 o.m., Room 2059, MHRI

spectacled professor replied
with a twinkle in his eye. "Per-
sonally, I'm fascinated by my
TOYNBEE. had the doubtful
distinction of having unwitting-
ly provoked riots in India in
which four people died.
In a January 1969 article
written for an Indian newspa-
per. The Statesman, he made
a comparison between the Pro-
phet Mohammed and the late
Indian leader Mahatma Gand-
Hindu-Moslem riots broke out
in Calcutta when the article
was published.
PROF. TOYNBEE said he was
sorry if the article had led to
violence but his views were un-
changed. "Gandhi managed to
avoid violence, whereas Mo-
hammed went into politics and
has involved in several bat-
Toynbee expressed strong'
views on a number of contro-
versial matters including Viet-
nam, where he accused the
United States of pursuing a
policy of "colonialism", and
family planning.
Addressing a World Food
Congress in Washington in 1963,
he declared: "We have been
god-like in our planned breed-
ing of our domesticated plants.
an danimals, but we have been
rabbit - like in our planned
breeding of ourselves."


WASHINGTON (Reuter) - A "I will state my personal feel-
federal judge refused yesterday ing," the judge said, "that in
to issue an order which would this case, involving a man of
prevent the Air Force from dis- exceptional qualifications for the
charging Leonard Matlovich un- military who has served his
der the regulation barring hom- country well in both peace and
osexuals from military service. wartime, that the Air Force is
The judge expressed admira- proceeding by the book when
tion for Technical Sergeant Mat- possibly a more compassionate
lovich and distress that the Air approach could be taken."
Force was "proceeding by the
book," but said he could not see ALTHOUGH he rejected the
any legal basis for intervention. request for the temporary re-
straining order, Judge Gesell
SERGEANT Matlovich, who agreed to hear arguments No-
compiled a distinguished record vember 3 for an injuction that
in 12 years in the Air Force, conceivably could undo the dis.
became an instant celebrity charge.
earlier this year when he de- Such a trial might consume
liberately informed his super- weeks or months, however, and
'ors that he was a homosexual the losing side almost certainly
in order to test the regulation. would appeal to higher c 1rts.
Sgt. Matlovich's lawyers rush- Meanwhile, a U.S. military
ed an emergency petition to judge in West Germany refused
Judge Gerhard Gesell yesterday to say in a military court yes-
after the sergeant was told by terday whether he .had ever
his superiors at Langley Air committed sodomy.
Force Base he would be dis-
charged today. THE QUESTION had been put
The petition asked for a tem- by the defense at the military
norarv restraining order that trial on sodomy charges of a
would have preserved the status U.S. intelligence lieutenant.
quo, keeping the sergeant in
uniform while the case was The trial is seen as a likely
looked into more fully by the test case for the freedom of
cor t"military personnel to indulge in
their preferred sexual practices.
ONE OF the tests judges must Special Forces First Lieuten-
anoply in deciding whether to ant Joseph Hatheway is charged

Moroccan women, carrying pa
Hassan II's "March for Conqt
Algeria over territorial rights t

AP Photo
Conquest marehers
ns to use for cooking meals in the desert, assemble for King
nest." The march is Morocco's way of handling a dispute with
to Spanish Saharra.

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gra".temporary restraining or- with committing sodomy - for-
ders is whether, in their judg- bidden under article 125 of the
ment, a plaintiff is likely to pre- U.S. code of military justice and
(Continued from Page 1) panelling, painted angels that "He was so happy," said a vail when the case is given a punishable with a maximum
customers-talked like his family usually lend a party air to Mr.Iman with sunglasses and a full-dress hearing, five years jail. The article does
last night. They sat without Flood's, shark's tooth necklace dangling Judge Gesell said he felt the not distinguish between sodomy
drinks amidst the bar's antique "He had, to be one of the down his front. "If Roger had "chances of ultimate success in with a male or a female
trappings-Tiffany lamps, rich C gentlest souls around," they a job, if he felt like he was this matter are not great." partner.
agreed. accomplishing something, he
But Davis had his rough edges was covered."F R
as well. He was unbendingly Davis made his way by do-
forceful in wedding out the bar's ing odd jobs around the city.
ltting Involved.undesirables. His ample stomach Recently he worked as a main-
bore knife scars from some who tenance man for Trony Asso- "
weren't so cooperative. ciates, but he still spent every
DAVIS' FRIENDS insist that evening protecting his family
seats I his aggressive side was purely near Liberty and Ashley.
FALL ELECTIONS e had taken care of HIS FRIENDS say DaisContinued from Page 1) between Wish, a 45 - year - old
+ -0 Atrh a ae aeo I RED a ai ed and tape recorded. j former bail bondsman in De-
something that needed to be came to Ann Arbor for help Swainson himself was not troit, and Whalen. Some of their
15-20) taken care of that was it," said with a speech impediment when "bugged," the agents said, but taped talks, the government
RoE AT LARGE) e man. "There was no malice he was only twelve or' thirteen, they said they took photo- said earlier, showed that they
EA AG)ever." A farm boy from Chelsea, he 'te
"He'd stand back there at the arrived in the city all alone and graphs of the justice on one were involved in a bribery plot.
Friday, Oct. 31 end of the bar and make sure found a home at the bar that occasion. The tapes were played for the
everything was cool," said one became Mr. Flood's on May 1, The government is prosecut- jury, but many portions were
Registration forms woman. "Any time he saw a 1969. ing Swainson, a World War II inaudible in the courtroom
man hassling a woman he would Some other friends of Roger hero an dthe state's last Demo- because of background static
;GC offices, 3rd floor get very upset He was very members of a band that regul cratic governor, on charges and other noises. On one tape,
protective. You always knew ar y plays at Flood's, staged a that he accepted a bribe from voices discussed an "arrange-
whenever Roger was around you benefit performance lastanight Whalen in exchange for his in- ment," but there was no direct
I hnve oerwsarudyo eeftprfracels ngtflence in overturning a bur- mention of Swainson's name.
never had anything to worry in Roger's memory. Funds will aync io n Tetapes wereso bained
about," she added. g tgary conviion. The tapes were obtained
EVEN THOUGH he wasn't through Whalen, described as
Eliterate person he was, oak tree to be planted at the SWAINSON, the first sitting an FBI informer, who wore a
N INTENSVE I think, an intelligent person if corner of Liberty and Ashley. justice to face felony charges, device in his belt that trans-
listentgr'has denied the allegation. mitted his conversations with
DAT: you took the time to lse to. The tree will be Roger s, Alo h aercrigteWs oFIaet akdi
him," said one woman. "He' standing silent over his prov- All of the tape recordings, the Wish to FBI agents parked in
OGA DHAM was very sensitive." -iceFBI said, carried conversations cars nearby.
1, Ann Arbor "He wanted to belong some °
place and he did," said Rob' )AHI Y OFFICIAL IJT4F7I1N
for beginners. .rI ::,:,>" .r:;:<::.
f EABier, a public relations official: tea."****"*.*. *:*'.**_ .*..:,*:
s. at University Hospital and fre- Thursday, October 23 Cornelius Vermeule curator, Bos-
of. SwamiMue.aoDda Calendar ton Museum of Fine Art, "The
of SwaminMukta unda 438 W. HURON quenter of Flood's. "He be- WUOM: Robt. Kahn, Survey Re- Criminal Processes; the Military;
btANN ARBOR longed to a lot of people." search Inst., "Alienation & Addie- and Ancient Crimes and the Arts,"
trne lh-nt a euiu __._- tion Meaning of Work in Amer- Aud. A, Angel, 4:10 pm.
ment. Ica," 1st talk in series, "Beyond the U Players, Studio Theatre: The
I bliss of the inner self. iAL TYPErOmaProtestant Ethic: Work in a Tech- Boys i nthe Band, Arena Theatre,
m. AE 0f Themagc number nological Society," 10 am. Frieze, 4:10 pm.
u can continue your practice AAUP Meeting: C. M. Rehmus. Int' Night Japanese food,
AUTOS 1 RENT is 88 Anymore "Collective Bargaining in Higher League Cafeteria, 5-7:15 pm:
udents) call: 994-5625 Education: A Current Assessment," Chemistry / Michigan Women in
gister-pay 2 in advancet-h Wates Rm., University Club, noon. Science: Jeanne M. Shreeve, "Per-
IaPendleton Arts Information Ctr.: fluoroalkyl Compounds of Sulphur
:R 26--9 a.m.-6 p.m. <pen Hearth," Jim Locker, Cer- (II, IV, VI,) 1300 Chem., 8 pm.
LUXURYLMOUSINE"rus Productions, Pendleton Ctr., Residential College Players Au-
Union, noon. thentic melodrama, The Poor of
turn away. Public Health Films: Intern: A New York, best nostalgia value in
_ _ _ _ _Long Year, M1138 SPH II, 12:10 pm. town. E. Quad Aud., 8 pn.
Committee on Medical StudentI UTP: El Ha Malik, Trueblood
663233 I A R DResearch: Forum, 2703, 2724, 2752 Theatre, Frieze, 8 pm.
Furstenberg Student Ctr., 3 pm. Women's Studies Films: The Au-
You Must Be 21 at the Union Science, Human Value Series: Gor- tobioeraphy of Miss Jane Pittman,
S YouaMusteBe21m1tMthemUnionScience, Human value Series: Lee. Rm. l,MLB9 pm.
-~ Gordon Kane, "Can we Oecide whe-
____________ ______ ____ ther Nuclear Power is Good for summer Placement
__________----------- -- - Us?" 1025 Angell, 3 pm. 3200 SAB, 763-4117
MHRI: Gerald Sussman, MIT. State of Indiana: Openings for
A "Thinking in Artificial Inteli- Biologist 'Aids to assist in Fisheries
ence," 1057 MHRI, 3:45 pm. & Wildlife projects. Further de-
n Ctr. Near Eastern, N. African tails available.
n "SI NGLE GRADUATE STUDENTS Studies: Lois Aroan, "Professional- j NASA, Goddard Space Flight Cen-
ization of Teaching in Egypt - The ter, Maryland. Openings for stu-
AND Role of Dar al-Cuum," 3050 Frieze, dents in math, computer science,
YE4 pm. engineering, clerical; undergradu-
YOUNG PRO ESSIONALS Thomas Spencer Jerome Lectures: ate / graduate Details available.
to enoy fun, food, fellowship, and flood times to-
qether. Give us a try if you want to qet to know some
more people!
Mini-COurse 412 Thursday, Oct. 23-7:30 P.M.
EGYPT: 5000 Years of Civilization 802 MONROE
a n a n s w e r : C o u rse C o -o rd in ato r: P ro fesso r E rnest T . A b d el-M assh - -_eart m e nofNea rEsternSt ud es_30 8 0_FR E Z EB-IL D I G - -7 6 4 -1 5 9
Deoartment of Near Eastern StudiesA
3080 FRIEZE BUILDING-764-1594 '
;n Theatre - -SCHEDULE-- ITPER OR R





OCT. 24, 3:10-3:20-Welcone-Openinq. Professor Ernest
T. Abdel-Massih. 3:20-5:00-Visual Survey of 5000 Years
of Civilization. Mr. Wilfred Rollman, Lecturer, History
OCT. 27, 3:10-5:00-H e a I t h and Disease in Ancient
Eqypt. Prof. James Harris, Department of Orthodontics,
Dental Schol.
OCT. 29, 3 10-5:00-Women in Ancient Eqypt. Professor
Priscilla Soucek, History of Art.
OCT. 31, 3:10-5:00-Land Use in Egypt. Prof. William D.
Schorer, Anthropoloqy Dept. and Center for N. East &
N. African Studies.
NOV. 3, 3:10-5:00-Islam in Law and Life.Lecture and
Slides by Professor K. Allin Luther, Near Eastern Studies.
NOV. 5, 3 10-5:00-AI-Azhar University: 1000 Years of
Dedicated Scholarship. Lecture and Slides by Dr. A. Fathy

"Except the BEST from TRS."
Complete Audio/C.B./VTR Service
Warranty Repair for 104 Brands
Styli: ADC; Audio-Technica; Empire;
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