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December 05, 1976 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1976-12-05

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Page Four


Sunday, December 5, 1976

Page Four THE MICHIGAN DAILY Sunday, December 5, 1976


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Jose. ev
(asexcerpted from Chapter27of The Book.)
Yes, Chapter 27, wherein it says that Jose Cuervo is not only the
original, since 1795, supreme, premium,,ultimate white tequila. But,
goes on to say that Jose Cuervo, as the ultimate, is also the ultimate

~L.J~ ~ ~ ILI f ~~I ~nevertheless wonder about this
T H E E EK IN R EV IEW man who was so intimately in-f
volved in the decision-making'
a c n a e .during our involvement in1
ya Ceanu0 LanCe ~' Southeast Asia.
F pMr. Lance, on the other hand,t
PRESIDENT - ELECT Jimmy is one of those "fresh faces"c
Carter's timetable for mak- that Carter promised us dur-
ing his top governmental ap- ing his campaign. Lance, aN
poaintments is apparently on respected leader in the busi-'
schedule as he announced Fri- ness community, is Presidentl
day that Cyrus Vance will be #jof the National Bank of Geor-j
his secretary of state, and gia and a fiscal conservative'
Thomas "Bert" Lance will take ,who strongly believes in bal-t
over as, director of the Office anced budgets and keeping aI
of Management and Budget. close watch on governmentals
Carter called the Wall Street spending. He served under Car-
lawyer and former governmen-'ter in Georgia as commission-
tal official a "superb advisor er of transportation. i
and negotiator, a competent, It appears that the appoint-1
good manager." Additionally, ment was made in part to ;
the outgoing secretary of state, quell fears by the American;
Henry Kissinger, praised Vance business community that Car-
as "exceptionally well qualified ter would run a high-deficiti
for his new responsibilities." Vance administration. Lance, who is
But there is a question of not subject to Congressional
just what Vance's new respon- appointment, subject to approv- approval will be in charge of
sibilities will entail. He is re- al by Congress, could possibly carrying out Carter's promise1
spected in Congress by mem- signal that Carter, like Kennedy to reorganize and streamline1
bers of both political parties, but unlike Ford, plans to keep the federal bureaucracy.
but is not known as a -particu- a tight reign over foreign af- * * *
larly good innovator with strong fairs. After all, one of his big;Gilmo
personal initiative. ! campaign themes was accusing ore
This is exactly the kind of Kissinger of being a "Lone ; ,
person Carter wanted to head Ranger" when it came to deal- COntfl ueC
the Department of State. The ing with other nations. U TAH'S GHASTLY theater of
- - ---- And Vance, an alledged "lib- the absurd followed a fast-
eral" in some circles, served paced, convoluted and unpre-;
under President Johnson as' dictable script last week, yank-
Deputy Secretary of Defense ing leading actor Gary Gilmore
iand under Kennedy as the Sec- in and out of his date with
retary of the Army. He was a firing. squad in a morality;
the chief negotiator at the Viet- drama the nation will not soon'
nam peace talks in Paris, and forget. And as the curtain fell.
Johnson's personal troubleshoot- on Act III, Gilmore's death
er during the 1967 riots in De- wish ran into an 11th hour;
troit. roadblock from the, same Su-t
He's done some good deeds preme Court that paved the;
and some less noble, but many way for his firing squad finish-

erties Union (ACLU) at the of Texas in a position to beat
forefront of a drive to halt the the others to a final judgment:
nation's first execution in near- But White, scheduled to die by
ly ten years, a seemingly sui- electric chair Friday, also has
cidal Gilmore plead Monday appeals pending before the Su-
that his death sentence for mur- preme Court, leaving the right-
der not be commuted. "Butt to-life advocates in the nation's
out," he told his opponents,. capital punishment crisis with
who cared not so much for his a faint hope that a Death Row
life than those of the hundreds bloodbath might yet be avert-
of present and future Death ed.
Row inmates. "It's my life and * * *
my death." The next day, the
three-member Utah Pardons Student elections
Board, as expected, gave the TUDENT GOVERNM E N T
go-ahead for the execution, and S
a District Court Judge set the elections have for the past
spectacle for dawn tomorrow. few years experienced poor vo-
t ter turnouts, and last week's
Almost immediately, the op- exercise proved no exception.
ponents of the execution began I Only 2,200 persons chose to
another multi-pronged campaign vote, or about 6.7 per cent of
against the decision, hoping that t the student body.
just one of their legal argu- Members of five of the six
ments or appeals would strikebh
a sympathetic target. One did campus parties and two inde-
- Supreme Court Judge Byron pendent candidates were . de-
White, who has jurisdiction for lared winners. In additional to
Utah, agreed to refer 'an ap- the two independents, MOVE
peal from attorneys represent- (Make Our Votes Effective)
ing Gilmore's mother to the full picked up three seats while
court, which voted 6-3 (Court Campus Coalition garnered two
Chief Warren Burger and Jus additional seats.
tices William Rehnqiiist and The big loser in the entire
John Paul Stevens dissenting) affair, however, are the mem-
to stay the execution pending bers of the United Farm Work-
an in-depth review. That pro- ers union in California who
cess, to repeat a cliche of the have depended on lettuce and
American criminal justice sys- grape boycotts to strengthen
tem, could take months or their struggle for decent work-
years. ing and living condition. Dorm
The ruling means the stateresidents, for the first time
must respond to Bessie Gil- since 1972, rejected the union's
more's petition by Tuesday af- lettuce for standard head let-
ternoon, and that transcripts of tuce.
Gilmore's hearings and court
appearances must be provided The Week in R e v i e w was
to the high court for possible compiled by co-editor-in-chief
consideration. Gilmore cannot . ,

he execuited until the Supnreme -KO

I monly five months ago. Court acts again. from
With the American Civil Lib- That left Robert Excell White line.
%ycne ec eFF
SHEEPSKINA Gay con eren!%ce rer
Coats, Hats,

Nieachum wi assistance
managing editor Jeff Ris-


Marvella By
Cancer Society.
Call us for help.
IHIS SPACE C: ', . . ,.



(Continued from Page 3) .1sed to control "innocent" men his critics of being racists.
an(Vets. IHomosexism then, Lehne said, and women. When Hitler began I have known people like that.
for Men and Women P is used to control everyone and the purge from his party of1 I always have to wonder jwhere
S LARGE SELECTiON o enforce straight behavior. So- Ernst Roehm and his Brown- they are coming from. Women
+iety doesn't care very much shirts, most of the vic'ims were know fully well that just be-
0 IDEAL GIFT Tbout what we as gay people do; heterosexual, although accused cause a man sleeps with them
FOR XMAS instead, it cares about perpetua- of homosexuality. Lehne noted doesn't mean he is not sexist.
jing a system where men have that historically the laws were Similarly, someone who only
4 and retain power. Lionel Biron used more against non-gay peo- sleeps with Asians is not ab-
alled it "cock privilege" in a pie than gays. solved of racism, and is not
recent letter to the Daily. I wondered about that corfl- necessarily less racist than
HOUSE OF IMPOR TS John Lauritsen, co-author with ment. It certainly was not the someone who would never sleep
David Thorstad of a book on case for those faculty members with an Asian.
769-8555 he German movement, inter- and students expelled or su- I had encountered the very
320 E. LIBERTY iected that rape and sodomy spended from the University of situation a few days earlier
;aws have traditionally b e e n Michigan in the fifties and six- when I dropped by an uptown
" ties because of homosexuality. bar with Asian and white cli-
p. ~Blt since anyone can be accusedi entele. Ron, an Asian Amqri-
of being "queen" or a "dyke",1 can. activist whom I'd not seen
'the potential for controlling for about two .years since he
everyone's behavior exists. came out at a conference, told-
SE, OWNSTAIRS in a large audi- me the bar was mainly a place
tori'm, gay psychologist where older, white mean came
Stephen Morin was relating how to pick up younger Asian im-
D K I N I( 0 F '(0 U R ~0 positivedy his parents reacted mgatmn elclna
D RIN K O F Y O U Rto his coming out. They all went situation, paralleling straight
. t .gto a gay bar and his parents society's racism, he said, the
C H O C E s 3were the last to leave.he report- white man exploiting the fore-
e They had turned down an ign Asian immigrant's problem
offer to go to a straight b~ar:wt h agae e sa
with this coupon and the purchase , "We have straight bars back in Americansacameto that bar.
of a 10-inch Sub. Massachusetts," his dad said. i ASIDE FROM THE indi'vidual
Morin had done an experiment disappointment of specific
in which students sat furtner seminars, the , conference was
A*away from an experimenter per- permeated by the conservative
ceived to be hoinosexual (who philosophies of sexist homosexu-
wore a "gay and proud' but- als and professionals from the
ton) in contrast to students in National Gay Task Force. As a
a control group who sat closer result. many people, including
C pb V a n / to the same experimenter with- lesbians, left early.
out a button and perceived as
* straight. Those who had seemed . overheard a remark by a
721 E. HURON, 1 Blk. east of State I most 'liberal in their responses gray-haired conference commit-
to a questionnaire tapping atti- tee member who deplored the
offer expires 12-11-76 nudes toward homosexuals, sat "low quality" of the papers be-
t ft t cause, he claimed, there were
_tA__ Rita Mae Brown, the author few people with academic cre-
of Rubyfruit Jungle and more dentials on the screening com-
recently, In Her Day, was the mittees. Actually those panelists
next speaker, introduced as with the most academic cre-
the "clean cut,' all-American Identials presented some of the
Lesbian." Rita began: "Hi Darl- most boring papers.
ings." It was a lightheaz'ted The attempt by gay profes-
I speech. She called for lesbian sionals to prevent a sanitized,
and gay activists to have more bland and ultimately straight
joy while fighting for liberation. I version of the homosexual to
r3 At a seminar on blacks and the straight world must be re-
gays, the speaker, a black li- sisted. The movement must
Sbb ~r' ~ ~ brarian, appeared to blame the deal honestly with its own hang-
black community for'being anti- ups toward transvestism and
gay, while ignoring the white! pederasty (love between men
domination of the movement, or l and boys) before it will make
the oppressive situation faced further progress. We must go
i by blacks and other minorities beyond revolutionary rhetoric
II in this country. At one point and intellectual abstractions to
a white man stood up and dra- deal with the real problems
matically announced that he faced by working and unem-
was attracted only to blacks. ployed lesbians and gay men.
The 'response was predictably In short, homosexism must be
hostile. In return, he accused eradicated.'

When someone drinks too
much and then drives, it's the silence
that kills. Your silence.
It kills your friends, your
relatives, and people you don't even
know. But they're all people you
could save.
If you knew what to say,
maybe you'd be less quiet. Maybe
fewer people would die.
What you should say is, "I'll
drive you home." Or, "Let me call a
cab." Or,"Sleep on my couch
Don't hesitate because your
T,-- mots 11! takPPn rnrnaonhr

coffee never made anyone sober.
Maybe it would keep him awake -
long enough to have an accident
But that's about all.
The best way to prevent a
drunk from becoming a dead drunk
is to stop him from driving.
Speak up. Doft let silence be
the last sound he hears.
-- -- .
BOX 2345 t
I don't want to remain silent. -
i et me what else I can do.

(i i1g
,&IrL~ Ti

Priced at -$15 per Person
Quad Occupancy, per Night
$24 Double Occupancy per Night
DEC. 29 thru JAN. 4




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