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November 13, 1976 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1976-11-13

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xi Saturday, November 13, 1976


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Saturday, November 13, 1976 THE MICHIGAN DAILY Page Three




S.. o

events and entertainment
week of Nov. 13-19

Happenings film reviews are
written by Christopher Potter.
all week
Two-Minute Warning - (Fox
Village)-A mad sniper decides
to use a huge football crowd for
target practice. Sorry, Bo, it's
not West Lafayette,and Captain
America Chuck Heston's on
hand to save the day.
Shot at the Devil-(The Mov-
ies, Briarwood)-Your guess is
as good as mine.
The Next Man-(The Movies,
Briarwood) - A new spy flick
starring Sean Connery and the
world's worst actress, Cornelia
The Ritz - (State) - Richard
Lester's film version of the
Terernce McNally comedy about
a Cleveland garbage man who
hides out i na gay New York
bath house in order to escape
his murderous brother - in - law.
About half of it is deadly, but
the other half contains enough
really hysterical gags to make
things w o r t h the admisison
price. * * 1/
Marathon Man - (Michigan-
John Schlesinger's mn u d d l e d
thriller about an ex-Nazi dentist
(Laurence Olivier) stalking a
Columbiagrad student (Dustin
Hoffman) over the possibility
of a stolen fortune. The film has
some exciting, well-spaced se-
quences, but is thematically in-
comprehensible so much of the
time that what suspense there
is tends to submerge in viewer
confusion over just what the
hell is going on. * * /2
The Front-(Campus)-Woody
Allen stars in this "serious"
comedy p b o u t entertainment
blacklisting of the early '50's. Is
it supposed to funny or tragic?
Obviously the film's creators
never made up their minds, and
e are left with a weak-kneed
mouse of a film that does little
credit either to the witchhunt
victims of the time or to the
unremembering audiences of to-
day. * *
Burnt Offerings--(The Movies,
Briarwood)-Surprise! This pre-
sumed horror howler by Dark
Shadows' Dan Curtis turns out
to be a well-paced, low-keyed
psychological chiller, involving
a mysterious force housed in an
ancient mansion and the sinister
upheavals it wreaks upon the
emotion of a family of sumner
residents. Some of the usual
ghoul-cliches crop up including
an ending lifted straight from
Psycho, but by and large Burnt
Offerings stands out as one of
the more intelligent and patient
products of a normally oral-
gratification genre. * **
Silent Movie - (The Movies,
Briarwood)-Mel Brooks' one-
word-only film may appear a
parody of the silent genre, but
really isn't at all; it's a full-
fledged member in good stand-
ing of the wordless art, ready to
take its place beside the best
works of Chaplin Keaton and the
other geniuses of the field, to
which Brooks's name must cer-
tainly now be added. * * * *
Dr. Strangelove - (Ann Arbor
Film Co-op, MLB 3, 7 & 10:30)-
The recent chic of detente does
nothing td dim and ,in fact, only
illuminates the timeliness and

brilliance of Stanley Kubrick's
ultimate Bomb paranoia study.
Obviously more a period piece,
this hilarious and terrifying film
will be played and replayed so
long as mass hysteria and brute
force are employed as substi-
tutes for human intelligence and
human love. A work of genius.
* * * *
Paths of Glory-(Ann Arbor
Film Co-op, MLB 3, 8:45 only)-
Stanley Kubrick scored his first
major success with this World
War I film about the trial and
execution of three French sol-
diers selected to symbolically
represent a regiment falsely
accused of cowardice by a psy-
chotic general. Kubrick's 1957
effort was probably the first
American anti-war movie since
All Quiet On the Western Front
nearly thirty years earlier, and
though its matreial seems less
powerful today than at the time
(we've been through a lot since
then), it remains an uncompro-
mising and riveting film. * * * %
Truck Stop Women and Teen-
age Doll-(Ann Arbor Film Co-
op, MLB 4, Truck Stop Women
at 7 & 10:30, Teenage Doll at
8:45 oly)-The titles probably
say it all. Truck Stop Women is
supposedly an intentional satire,
Teenage Doll an unintentional
one, but the only true objects
for parody may be the paying
customers. Proceed entirely at
your own risk.
The Story of Adele H-(Cine-
ma II; Ang. Aud. A, 7 & 9)-
Francois Truffaut's recent film
about the daughter of Victor
Hugo and her almost comically
self-destructive years-long pur-
suit of an army officer who
cares nothing for her. Falling in
love with love is the name of
the game here, and though Truf-
faut's direction is rather stolid-
ly severe, Isabelle Adjani's en-
ergetic portrayal of the doomed
heroine succeeds in bringing the
film off. * * *
The Three Musketeers-(Me-
diatrics, Nat. Sci. Aud., 7 & 9)-
The first of Richard Lester's
two-part Dumas epic, and by far
the weaker of the two segments.
Lester's decision to divide his
film in half rather than over-
condens,°t was probably a good
decisio,; rtistically (and cer-
tainly commercially), but Part
One inevitably suffers since
most of the important action oc-
curs in the last half of the no-
vel. The result is a succession
of roughhouse. scenesobviously
employed as a substitute for
meaningful plot progression, but
a wonderfully off - beat cast
keeps things alive reasonably
well. * */
The Lady Vanishes-(Cinema
Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05)-A
little old lady disapears from a
train. I've never seen this film,
but many people consider it the
best product of Alfred Hitch-
cock's British period.
Naughty Mariotta-University
Musical Society operetta, Power
Ctr., 8 p.m.
Camelot - Musket/M&M pro-
ductions' musical; Mendelssohn
Theatre, 8 p.m.
Men's Glee Club Joint Concert
-Michigan and University of'
Illinois singers; Hill Aud., 8
Contemporary Directions En-
semble-Rackham Aud., 8 p.m.
Ars Musica-Baroque Ensem-
ble, 8:30 p.m., St. Clare Episco-
pal Temple Beth Emeth, 2309
Ark-The Natioinal Recovery
Act, with David Prine and Ty-
ler Wilson, 8:30 p.m.
Bimbos - Gaslighters, rag-
time, 8.
Blind Pig - Buntline .Special,

Golden Falcon - Melodioso,
Latin jazz, 9:30.
Mr. Flood's Party - Mueller
Bros., 9:30.
Pretzel Bell - RFD Boys, 10.
Rubaiyat - Celebration, 9.
Second Chance - Dr. Bopp
and the Headliners.
The Stranger-(Cinema Guild,
Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05) -
Visconti's straightforward cine-
mazation of Camus' alienated
evervman. An almost impossi-
ble novel to film successfully,
given the plot perspective com-
ing exchisively from the inside
of Me'irsault's head and the dif-
fic'ilties of Camus' long existen-
tialist sermon near the, end. But
Visconti succeeds about as well
as anyone could; you can really
feel the stifling, enervating heat
of the Algerian sun burning
mercilessly down, and in the
process catch at least a little
of thenprota Onist's- calm des-
paration. **
Utamaro and His Five Women
- (Ann Arbor Film Co-op, MLB
4, 7 only)-Japanese film about
a painter in the 1700's, who sub-
ilgates the lusty times which
surround him into a total dedi-
cation to his art.
Throne of Blood - -(Ann Ar-
bor Film Co-op, MLB 4, 9 only)
- Akira Kurosawa's famous
adantation of Macbeth, altered
to the Middle Ages of the Far
East, I haven't seen this, but
it's thought by many to be the
best of all variations on The
Diary of a Chambermaid -
(rinema II, Ana. And. A, 7 &
9) - Jean Renoir's first Ameri-
ran film, which I'm afraid I
know nothing ahont.
London Philharmonica - Uni-
--ersity Musical Society, Hill
And., 8:30.
Collegium Voicum - Eng-
lish Baroqiue Music in Court
and Country; School of Music
Recital Hall, 4 n.m.
Del Rio - Jazz, 5 to 9.
Golden Falcon - Benson-Drel-'
les Onartet, jazz, 9:30.
Mr. Flood's Party - Madcap
Maruga Band, 9:30.
Second Chance- Masquerade,

ly silent save for the musical
numbers, but still sent out shock
waves that ruined some careers
and saved others. The Jazz Sin-
ger's historical importance as-
sures its immortality, but that
shouldn't obscure the fact that
the film's pot about a young sin-
ger making it big doesn't carry
much excitement. **
Swept Away - (Ann Arbor
Film Co-op, Ang.. Aud. A, 7 &
9) - Lena Wertmuller's class-
sex warfare film about a right-
wing female aristocrat and a
Communist sailor on a Mediter-
ranean cruise who mutually
loathe each other, then ironical-
ly find themselves stranded to-
gether on an uninhabited island.
Mostly extraordinary. *** %
Latin American Teach-In-No
Time for Tears, Campamento,
Campanero: Multipurpose Rm.,
UGLI, continuous showing, noon-
5 p.m.
Elly Ameling - Soprano; Mu-
sical Society, Rackham Aud.,
Yeats' Ensemble/Museum of
Art - "The Cuchulain Saga and
Celtic Mythology": Pendleton
Rm., Union, 7:30 p.m.
Golden Falcon - Roots Jazz
Band, 9:30.
Mr. Flood's Party - Gemini,
Second Chance-Black Pearl,
Enter the Dragon - (Ann Ar-
bor Film Co-op, Ang. Aud. A,
7 & 9) - Super-agent Bruce Lee
poses as a tournament entree
at an island martial arts school,
which is actually a front for a
massive drug operation. Be-
neath Lee's visual poetics and
the usual campy mayhem, Dra-
gon 'seems to me to be chronic-
ling - indeed, rejoicing - in
the collective withering of the
human spirit. Negatively speak-
ing, this is probably one of the
least hypocritical works of re-
cent cinema: Some films such
as Clockwork Orange make a
great show of pretending to ab-
hor the brutalities they depict
onscreen; Dragon makes no
such pretensions - it revels
in its violence, feasts on it.
Lashing out is the sole cath-
arsis,the onlysmeans to assert
one's manhood, the lone proof
that you'e alive.
Apologists for the film can al-
ways write off its sadism as
mere patterns of Oriental re-
venge and face-saving; but Dra-
gon was made for Western audi-
ences and has obviously touch-
ed - however innocently-some
drak chord in our collective na-
tive psyche, as the phenomenon
of its jam-packed war-hooping
audiences will attest. Pow! Zap!
- Will this be the Brave New
World of the '80's? *
Persona - (Cinema Guild,
Arch. And., 7 & 9:05) - Prob-
ably the most quixotic film Ing-
mar Bergman ever made. It
may not help much to grope
for hidden meanings in this
story of the relationship be-
tween a disturbed actress and
he nurse and the gradual mesh-
ing of their personalities; bet-
ter to just sit back and bask
in the director's spellbinding
technique and in the incredible
performances of stars Bibi An-
dersson and Liv Ullmann, who
clearly understand things most
mortals are not allowed to
- -

Ark - Hoot Nite, 8;30 p.m.
Blind Pig - Benson-Drelles
Jazz quartet, 9:30.
Casa Nova - Tom Sabada, 9.
Mr. Flood's Party - Tucker
Blues Band, 9:30.
Second Chance-Black Pearl,
Citizen Kane-(Cinema Guild,
Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05) - Sim-
ply put, the greatest - Orson
Welles gives birth to The Mod-
ern Film. Shown many times
on TV, but just can't be seen
too often - something new in-
variably turns up with each
viewing. A required work for
anyone interested in film, art
and the corrosive concept of
success in America. ****
2001: A Space Odyssey-(Ann
Arbor Film Co-op, Ang. Aud.
A, 6:45 & 9:30) - Stanley Ku-
brick's outer space Genesis II
is, among many other things,
one of the most completely per-
sonalized works of all cinema.
A maddeningly cryptic,film, the
merits of which will probably
be debated forever - it may
not even be a good film, but
certainly it's an incredible one.
It is, of course, a movie which
has to be seen at least twice
- but most of you have prob-
ably progressed well beyond
'that score already. ***
Pendleton Ctr. - "Open
Hearth" lectures, Mark Rees-
man, "Photography," 2nd fir.,
Union, noon.
Latin American Teach-In -
The Arts and Repression"; 1261
EO, 4 p.m.
Gnild House - Poetry read-
ing, 802 Monroe, 7:30.
Residential College Players-
Pirandello's It is so! (If You
Think So): RC Aud., EQ, 8 p.m.
The Crucible - Music School
Opera, Mendelssohn Theatre, 8
Casa Nova - Tom Sabada, 9.
Mr. Flood's Party - All Di-
rections, 9:30.
Second Chance-Black Pearl,
The Adventures of Robin Hood
-(Ann Arbor Film Co-op, MLB
3, 7 & 9) - A splashy, excit-
ing 30's version of the Sherwood
Forest Gang. Warner Bros.
really pulled out all the stops
budget-wise with this one, and
came out with one of the true
movie spectaculars of the dec-
ade. Not that it doesn't have
its flaws - the usual Holly-
wood happy ending has been
tacked on, the Sheriff of Not-
tingham is for some reason
eliminated from the proceedings
entirely, and I've always felt
Errol Flynn seemed a mite un-
comfortable in a part that
should have fit him like a glove.
But these deficiencies pale un-
der the sheer force of energy
that only the Warner studio
seemed able to alchemize with
consistency, while the richer
but stodgier MGM plodded
stately on. **'/
Robin and Marian - (Ann
Arbor Film Co-op, MLB 4, 7 &
9) - Sam Peckinpah's Lost
ApVerican Frontier is transposed
to medieval England in Rich-
-- -

ard Lester's recent ;adaptation tagonist displays nary a tear'
of the Robin Hood legend. This of grief or remorse - his sole
version presents us Robin (Sean reaction is to worry and fret
Connery) as a middle-aged, that the authorities will think
world-weary warrior returned he himself is the culprit. His
from 20 years of Crusading with response is not untypical - it
the now-dead King Richard goes hand-in-glove with every
(brilliantly played in a small other knee-jerk reaction in the
part by Richard Harris). Re- film. Frenzy fairly reeks with
united with his aging fellow contempt for human beings'
thieves, he rescues his old love very humanness.
Marian (Audrey Hepburn) from This, is a genuinely frighten-
arrest by the Sheriff of Not- ing work - not because of any
tingham, then returns to Sher- suspense in it (there is none),
wood 'Forest to rekindle his but because the film would
clandestine struggle for justice seem to reveal its director for
(which, in Lester's version, Rob-t
in had engaged in prior to the the first time not as The Mas-
Crusades). ter of Chills, not as The Magic-
Director Lester rather bla- ian of Terror, but plainll and
tantly lifts and employs the simply, as a thug. *
perennial Peckinpah theme of
elderly ruged individualists

Camelot - (Mediatrics, Nat.
Sci. Aud., 7 & 9:45) - This
screen version of the Broadway
musical received almost unani-
mous critical brickbats when
released, but isn't really all
that bad. If one can tolerate
Richard Harris' soupy portfay-
al of King Arthur plus the elim-
ination of many of the best
songs, the show's very moving
story line remains essentially
intact. And. Vanessa Redgrave
makes a truly stunning Guine-
vere. **
Silk Stockings - (Cinema II,
Ang. Aud. A, 7 & 9) - Fred
Astaire and the absolutely bril-
liant Cyd Charisse combine for
this rema e of Garbo's Ninot-

trapped by an unfeeling, mono-
lithic society; Robin and the
Sheriff (Robert Shaw) are pre-
sented as equally noble, aging
antagonists - mututally admir-
ing each other buit punshed by
sinister, unalterable forces to-!
ward a final Pyrrhic duel that'
neither can hope to win.
The net result is a very mix-
ed bag cinematically: the first
hour or so of the film is bril-
liantly structured and crafted,
but the picture gradually loses
its focus motivationally, artisti-
cally and historically, with Jam-
es Goldman's pseudo-mod dia-
logue and John Barry's numb-
inly redundant musical score
talking the plot into turgidity.
Frenzy-(Cinema Guild, Arch.
Aud., 7 & 9:05) - This film
marked the initial unleashing
of Alfred Hitchcock under The
Movies' New Morality, and the
result was a monster-a brutal,
anti-human formalism that dis-
nlaved little of the director's
fantasy - encased imaginative
charm, and, more crucially, not
the vaguest hint of compassion
for any of its characters.
Physical item: A protracted
s':ene in which a woman is rap-
ed and then slowly strangled
is probably the most repellent
sequence I have ever seen in
a major film. The famous show-
er murder from Psycho was ob-
lique, original and shocking -
the Frenzy sequence is blunt,
unimaginative and nauseous.
And obviously meant to be
Psychological item: When the
nominal hero's sometime girl
friend gets bumped off, our pro-

for it's Spring Musical
Apply at UAC, 2nd Fl. Mich. Union
by NOV.17

763-1107 for info.

. ...

[ Inewaor a paramount pktew*
. . n-.-

screenplay by
WILLIAM GOLDMAN from his novel

produced by


Friday: 7:00 and 9:05
Sat.-Sun.: 1, 3:05, 5:10


Nothing schediled.
Bolcom, Morris Benefit Con-
cert - Music School; Rackham
Aud., 8 p.m.
Contemporary Music Festival
- Hill Aud., 8 p.m.-
Latin American Teach-In -
'.An Evening for Reymundo
Gleyzer," film, Mexico: Thej
Frozen Revolution: Aud. 3 MLB,I
7:30 p.m.
Blind Pig - Boogie Woogie
Red, 9:30.
Golden Falcon - V-Il-I, jazz,
Mr. Flood's Party - Catfish'
Miller, 9:30.
Second Chance - Mugsy, 9:30.1
King of Hearts - (Ann Arbor
Film Co-op, MLB 4, 7 & 9) -I
All has been said. And said.
And ... ***
The Jazz Singer - (Cinema
Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05) -
Al Jolson's golden tonsils warb-
led forth over 1928 movie audi-
ences, and ' the nature of film
was changed forever. The first
talking picture is actually most-



i 2 i 4 s, university

Friday: 7:00 and 9:00
Sat. and Sun.:
1,3,5,7 and9



The film that first brought Stanley Kubrick both wide acclaim
and extensive controversy, PATHS OF GLORY is one of the most
savage, most stunning and most moving studies of men in war
ever filmed. Kubrick's vision of infantry as cannon-fodder for. the
geperals' honor is still banned in France due to its subject matter.
Kirk Douglas, Ralph Meeker and Adolph Menjou.
To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb
(STANLEY KUBRICK. 1964) 7 & 10:30
Dr. Strangelove (Peter Sellers), an ex-Naxi adviser to the President
of the U.S., advises him on the impending destruction of the
world in this hilarious Cold War black comedy on sexual in-
security and nuclear deterrence. Winner of 60 international
ayards. George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, Slim Pickens and
Keenan Wynn.


A young lady, aboard a train, strikes up a companionship with a witty old
woman, Miss Froy. In the middle of the journey, Miss Froy mysteriously
disappears and all the other passengers deny ever"having seen her. A yyoung
man comes to her aid-but he has some doubts about her himself. Vintage,
classic Hitchcock starring Margaret Lockwood & Michael Redgrave.
7:00 & 9:05 Admission $1.25
Isabel Adjani as the true romantic, both in spirit and by birth, Adele H. is
i liternllv the creation of the nreatest romantic writer Victor Huano Conceived


(MARK LESTER, 1974) > 7 & 10:30
A hilarious satire and the first truxploitation film! Directed by
Mark Lester (TRICA'S WEDDING), it tells the story of a woman
whose truck stop-whorehouse-hyjacking operation Is threatened
by the L.A. syndicate. An outrageous, must see film! "One of the
only daring and satisfying American movies I've seen this year
. . a dazzling display of story telling . . . outrageously funny
and bizarrely moving . . . sick, crazy and as American as apple
pie."-Jon Landau, Rolling Stone. Lieux Dressier and Claudie
Jennings. ANN ARBOR (and I-94) PREMIERE.
(ROGER GORMAN, 1957) 8:45
In the 1950's, Juvenile deliquency was the big box office and, as




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