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October 16, 1976 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1976-10-16

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Saturday, October 16, 1971





FDA announces phase-out
for aerosol flourocarbons


By AP and Router
HAVANA - Cuban Premier
Fidel Castro yesterday called
off the three-year-old anti-hi-
jacking agreement between
Cuba and the United States af-
ter blaming the CIA for the

crash of a Cuban airliner off
Barbados last week which killed
73 people.
Castrb, addressing a huge
rally here in honor of the crash
victims, said the agreement
could not survive "this act of

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terrorism." However, he left
the door open for a resumption
of the agreement.
to discuss the agreement with
whatever U. S. government is
elected next month, but "This
was to be on the basis of the
definite end of all acts of ag
gression and hostility against
our homeland."
The Cuban leader also dis-
closed that he suspected the
CIA was still trying to assassi-
nate him. He said the CIA had
been directly involved in the
sabotage of the airliner carried
out through "mercenaries" by
anti-Castro groups based in the
United States.
Castro told hundreds of thou-
sands mourning the 73 victims
of the crash -- among them S7
Cubans - that collaboration be-
tween an aggressive country
and an attacked country was
'impossible and that Cuba would
never again sign such an agree-
ment with the U. S. until what


' he called "the campaign of ag- ' Other officials said they could and Drug Administration an-:
1 gression" ends definitely. not rule out the possibility that nounced yesterday it plans to
RESPONDING PROMPTLY Cuban exiles may have been phase out uses of flourocarbons
to Castro's announcement, the responsible in this case. in aerosol sprays to protect the
i State Department said it re- earth's protective ozone shield.
s grets and deplores the Cuban ON THE NIGHT OF the The FDA said it will require
s action. It categorically denied , crash, an anonymous telephone' warning labels on flourocarbon
A any American responsibility for caller told the Miami Herald in spray cans in the meantime, un-
- the crash. Spanish that "El Condor," a til non-essential uses of the pro-
t Spokesman Robert Funseth name used by anti-Castro Cu- pellant in foods, drugs and cos-
said the Cuban government will ban exiles, had planted a bomb metics are eliminated.
be held strictly responsible for aboard the plane. T H E A G E N C Y regulates
any hijackings which result Authorities in Venezuela an- about 80 percent of the 3 billion
from suspension of the agree- nounced yesterday the arrest aerosol cans produced annually
yesteday he arestin the United States. About half
ment. of Cuban exile leader OrlandoI contain fluorocarbons.
Castro noted that the agree- Bosch and several other per- A National Academy of Sci-
ment includes a six-month can- sons in connection with the
cellation clause and that, ac- crash. Bosch is a resident of; ence panel reported last month
r celaton laue ad tatac-that fluorocarbons from aerosol~
cordingly, Cuba would adhere to the United States and U. S. of-hdaarnrtheooe
its provisions only until next ficials are seeking his return sprays are damaging the ozone
April 15. from Venezuela. shield, which protects against
harmful ultraviolet radiation,
The accord, signed on Feb. 15, They said Bosch has been and will have to be selectively
1973, was aimed principally at convicted for bombings in the;i rglae o be.
putting an end to the rash of Miami area and has violated the r The panel said selective regu-
hijackings involving Cuba terms of his parole. lation or a ban could be delayed
TRINIDAD and Barbados al- up to two years while new stu-
QUESTIONED BY reporters, so are questioning suspects dies are conducted, but it sug-
Secretary of State Henry Kis- about the crash. gested government agencies be-
singer called the Cuban action ss gin now by ordering labeling on c
"unfriendly and irresponsible." Last April, Castro threatened spray cans which contain fluo-
The United States, Kissinger to repudiate the antihijacking rocarbons.1
said, "condemns terrorism as agreement after several Cuban FOOD AND DRUG Commis-i
an instrument of foreign policy fishing vessels were sunk when sioner Alexander Schmidt saidi
and does not engage in it." fired on byeane u ente es he could not justify further de-
_ sel in water between Cuba and lays until new research is com-
WATCH THE The hijacking agreement "A narrowing of the probable;
commits the two countries to; range of ozone depletion caused
WO RIDprosecute or extradite persons by continued use of fluorocar-t
engaging in the hijacking of air- bons won't change the ultimatec
SERIES planes or ships. t'egulatory situation . . .," he<
at the
Blue Frogge

said. "Given the effects on hu- made this recommendation be-
man health, even a 2 per cent cause the ozone theory is un-
ozone depletion from "unessen- certain and there is no risk in
tial" uses of fluorocarbons is waiting to reduce the uncertain-
undesirable." ty before making regulatory
"The known fact is that fluo- decisions."
rocarbon propellants primarily The academy report said the
used to dispense cosmetics are United States accounted to
breaking down the ozone layer. about half the 1.5 billion pound
Without remedy, the result t of fluorocarbons released world
could be profound adverse im- wide last year. td r
pact on our weather and on the;
incidence of skin cancer in peo- Seventy-four per cent of the
ple. It's a simple case of negli- fluorocarbons originated in aer-
gible benefit measured against osol sprays, the report said, and
catastrophic risk, both for indi- 58 per cent came from antipers-
vidual citizens and for society. pirant, deodorant and hair
Our course of action seems sprays. Those products are reg-
clear beyond doubt," the com- ulated by the FDA as cosme-
misioner said. tics.
phase-out and labeling plans re- as hydrocarbons and carbon di-
main to be worked out. No time oxide gas which havecnot been
figure was mentioned. The first linked to ozone damage, have
documentdealing with labeling been substituted for fluorocar-
is expected by-mid-November. bons by some manufacturers.
The second proposal dealing
with the phaseout will follow a{ The aerosol industry contends
few weeks later. that there is no substitute for
The FDA said the phase-out fluorocarbons in some products,
of fluorocarbon sprays will not I however. Until it was determ-
require product recalls, and will ined to be a cancer-causing sub-
be "developed on the basis oflstance, some aerosol spray
reasonable regulation and mini- manufacturers used vinyl chlor-
mum cost to consumers." ide as a cheap substitute for
The DuPont Co., the largest fluorocarbon propellants.
producer of fluorocarbons in the Johnson Wax removed al flu-
world, called the FDA's deci- orocarbon propellants from its
sion "astonishing." U.S. spray products in mid-1975
A SPOKESPERSON claimed and now affixes labels reading:
the academy had "clearly re- "Use with confidence. Contains
commended against the kind of 'no fluorocarbons claimed to
action the FDA is planning. It harm the ozone layer."

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WASHINGTON (iP)-Although er, say administration sources.
the U.S. government is develop- Present nuclear power plants
ing a plutonium breeder reactor are fueled by a rare form of
as the atomic powerplant of the uranium, some of which is con-
future, a top-level confidential verted into plutonium in the
report to the President suggests spent fuel; the proposed breed-
that it may not be worth the, er reactor is designed to con-
risks. vert a more common, but us-
As a purified nuclear fuel, the able, form of uranium into plu-
radioactive metal plutonium is a tonium, producing more new
dangerous cancer-causing agent atomic fuel than it, burns up.
and could be misused by nation- The confidential memo, ob-
al governments or by terrorists tained by The Associated Press,
to fashion nuclear weapons, also offered the President ano-
says the memo submitted by the ther option-to abandon the idea
13-agency Nuclear Policy Re-1 of extracting and concentrating
view Group. plutonium from spent nuclear
fuel and search instead for oth-
PRESIDENT FORD has al- er ways of capturing its re-
ready endorsed some of the maining energy.
memo's recommendations for THE MEMO offers arguments
discouraging the spread of nu- for and against both options,
clear weapons, including a pol- and Ford reportedly endorsed
icy of continued, but cautious, the one that would continue plu-
development of plutonium pow- 'tonium development, particular-
ly through government comple-
tion of a plutonium-reprocessing
Iifference:"" plant gun by private industry at
Barnwell, S.C.
.SA T =DAT But the memo says a decision
to abandon plutonium-reprocess-

ing-as strongly urged by some
citizen environment groups -
could also be justified.
"The basis for this option," it
says, "would be a U.S. conclu-
"THAT THE existence of
commercial reprocessing tech-
nology capable of producing
plutonium in sensitive countries
in its most usable form consti-
tutes an unacceptable nuclear
weapons proliferation risk;
"That the purported benefits
from reprocessing simply are
not worth the costs;
"And that the U.S. should now
take a marked public posture
favoring non-reprocessing alter-
natives to the fuel cycle."
IN SUPPORT of such conclu-
sions, the memo says, "We
would argue that, under the
most optimistic assumptions of
success, reprocessing when uni-
versal, could only reduce the
price of generating electric pow-
er by 1 or '2 per cent or less."
The main disadvantages of
giving up plutonium reproces-
sing and researching other tech-

niques, the memo says, would
be possible cost increases for
research breakthroughs,. harm
to the nation's international re-
putation as a technological lead-
er, and the fact that it "may
signal to U.S. industry a lessen-
ed commitment to fast breeder
reactors in their presently en-
visaged form."
Ford's reported decision to
back completion of the Barnwell
plutonium reprocessing plant
would keep open the develop-
ie.nt of plutonium-based nuc-
lear power while providing a
"mixed signal of U.S. caution,"
the memo says.
approach, it adds, is that it
"implicitly affirms that repro-
cessing is an acceptable techno-
logy, and might appear counter
to our position internationally;"
which is to discourage 'the
spread of reprocessing plants.
Administration officials say
President Ford approved most
of its recommendations and se-
lected the plutonium-processing
option in mid-September.



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Syrian forces launch new
offensive against leftists'


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1945 Pauline Blvd. N BEIRUT-Syrian tanks and in-
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tary climax on three strategic
, The Palestinians and their lef-
tists allies now expect a coun-
try-wide Syrian drive to end the
war quickly on the battlefield.
SYRIAN GUNS shelled the
port of Sidon yesterday after-
noon, driving freighters in the
harbor out to sea, and opened a
drive to besiege leftist-held west
In the isolated leftist enclave
at the northern port of Tripoli,
Syrian gunners poured rockets
and artillery shells into a
crowded Palestinian refugee
camp, acording to Beirut Radio,
which is controlled by the left-
ist-Palestinian alliance.
Peace talks have been forgot-'
ten since the Syrians hurled
their tanks and troops against
the resort town of Bhamdoun on
Wednesday, driving to reopen
the main highway from eastern
Lebanon to rightist-held east
PALESTINIAN spokespersons
said last night that commando
forces were still holding out in
the desperate battle for Bham-
doun, now nearly encircled.
In the hills behind Sidon, the
Syrians have fanned out to ad-
vance on four roads to the
coast. bringing their guns with-
in range of the harbor and the
coastal highway and threaten-
ing to cut off the vital flow of
smiplies to west Beirut.
Accounts of the fighting by of-
ficers at the Palestinian corn-
mand post at Aley conflicted
with a Radio Damascus broad-
(ast today which said that
Bhamdonn had been cleared of
"saboteurs and anarchists" last
Volume LXXXVII,No. 33
Saturday, October 16, 1976

of the right-wing Falangist Par-
ty reported meanwhile that the
Syrians had advanced towards
the southern port of Sidon from
newly-captured positions a t
Roum, on the east-west road
linking Sidon with eastern Leb-
Damascus Radio said that de-
legations from Aley, Sidon, and
the northern port of Tripoli had
arrived in Syria over the past
two days to seek Syrian help in
re-establishing security and sta-
bility in Lebanon.
The publication of similar ap-
peals has preceded all major
Syrian offensives this month.
Observers here interpreted the
reference to Tripoli as an indi-
cation that the Syrians are plan-
ning to move on the city, Leba-
non's second largest.
TRIPOLI HAS been under Sy-
rian and right-wing siege for
more than four months, with al-
most nightly shelling from the
big guns of the siege force.
Beirut Radio, which supports
the left, reported that Syrian
forces were pouring rockets and
artillery shells into Nahv Al-
Bared, a crowded Palestinian
refugee camp on the outskirts of
The radio quoted a spokesper-
son for the joint military com-
mand of the Palestinians and
the leftists as saying the at-
tack had started Thursday
night, with subsequent fighting
still in progres at noon yester-
raged on, the Saudi press agen-
cy said a six-nation summit con-
ference to deal with the deteri-
orating situation in Lebanon's
18-month civil war would be
held in the Saudi capital of Ri-
yadh tomorrow.
The statement said the mini-
vimm t would b e attended by


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' The Portabk Party:

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