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January 16, 1977 - Image 7

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Michigan Daily, 1977-01-16

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Sunday, January 16, 1977


rage even


'Basically somebody
has got to be first'


Radical fugitives may,

(Continued from Page 1) "BASICALLY, somebody has MADISON, Wis. (MP)-Leaders
laws for the American Civil Lib- got to be first," Shevin said, the radical Weather Under-
erties Union in New York. adding he was relieved the dis- o edical W e Unr
tinc ion was not Florida's. He ground, including some facing
thas aftr he firs. few'federal charges, have begun to
SHE FEARED that as execu- agreed at er implement a plan to give them-
ions increase the public will executions public attention inay selves up, according to state-
simply become bored with the wane and politics weigh less ments attributed to dissident
gruesome spectacle, heavily in the timing of an exe- members of the clandestine
"Some people think it's no big cution.d group.
deal. How many times has the "I don't view it (Gilmore's The fugitive activists are
public seen Rubyl kill Oswald on death) as terribly historic," sought in connection with nu-
TV? They've seen the Kennedy Shevin said. "'The historic part merous acts of political sabo-
assassinations replayed many was the Supreme Court deci- tage', including the 1971 bomb-

times and the Vietnam War. sion." -
"But the executions might In strictly legal terms, Gil-
work the other way and remind more's execution will have vir-
people what the death penalty tually no impact anywhere.
really is and make them dis- Even in Utah other death row
gusted with the barbaric prac- inmates can contest the scate's
tice of human sacrifice," Levy death penalty law at the Utah
said. land U.S. Supreme Courts. The
twist in Gilmore's case is that
BUT SHE added that "politi- he wants to die and chose not
cal pressure will be more dif- to appeal.
ficult to bring to an end capital F
punishment if everybody thinks In Florida, the first exeution,
it's an episode of 'Kojak'." is at least four months away be-
Lawyers disagreed with a cause the governor and his cab-
Florida inmate's view expressed mnet personally review the case
several weeks ago that Gil- of each condemned man or wo-,
more's xwould be like man before a death warrant is
popping the cork on a cfnamsigned. That schedule will notl
pagne bottle" and make other be hastened.
executions speedier. A GEORGIA assismat attr-
Florida, for example, has
more persons on death row than ney general said no execution
any other state, about go. At- dates are definite in that :tate,
torney General, Robert Shevin whose law was also lirec ly up-
says Gilmore's death simply held by the Supreme Court.
represents a "first" that was David Kendall is a young law-
predictable since the Supreme yer who has spent his profes-
Court upheld certain kinds of sional career fighting the death
death penalty laws - including penalty for the NAACP -Legal
Florida's - last July 2. I Defense Fund. But he agrees
....................:::m with Shevin that Gilmore's exe-
. cution will have little direct im-
Daily Officl Bulleti pact on others.
<"A stay of execution -n a cap-
The Daily Official Bulletin is an ital case is one of the most agon-
official publication of the Univer-
sity of Michigan. Notices should be izing decisions a judge can fade
sent in TYPEWRITTEN FORM to and it is made no easier Dy CI-
409 E. Jefferson, before 2 p.m. of more," Kendall said.

ing of the U.S. Capitol. They
have successfully eluded the
FBI for seven years.
DISSIDENT members of the
Weather Underground, including
Bernardine Dohrn, probably the
best known of the fugitives,
complain that the group's lead-
ership plans to abandon violence
and to concentrate on above-
ground political work.

The dissidents' criticisms re- cal violence apparently lies at
veal a deep division within the the center of the group's intern-
organization, according to Take- al controversy.
over, an alternative newspaper;. In a statement dated Nov. 20,
here which will publish the 1976, which was reportedly cir-
statements this week. The state- culated at secret meetings in
ments, which are quietly circus California and New York, the,
lating among leftists, are un- dissidents charged the leader-
usual because bickering within ship committee had "aban-
the supersecret group has rarely doned their revolutionary prin-
been allowed to leak out. ciples and directions" and had
Texts of one of the statements eliminated "the political basis
and a transcript of a tape-re- of many members' original com-
corded message by Dohrn were mitments - support for black
obtained by The Associated liberation, Vietnam and armed
Press from Takeover. ' struggle."
DOHRN'S message makes it THE LEADERSHIP group,
clear that she has split from the known as the Weather Under-
leadership committee. She re- ground Central Committee, has
fers to the Weather Under- not responded to the November
ground at one point as "the old statement, sources said.
organization," indicating the The dissidents call themselves
group may have broken up over the "Revolutionary Committee."
the plan to "surface." It was impossible to learn who
Law enforcement officials in the dissidents are or how many
Washington and in California, Inembers of the Underground
where police believe leaders of they represent.
the Underground may be living, According to the dissidents'
said yesterday they are aware statements, Jeff Jones in 1975,
of the split within the organiza- hatched a plan to begin surfac-
tion, but know nothing of plans ing the organization. They said
by the leaders to give them- Jones called the strategy "in-
selves up. version," to describe the pro-
It was impossible to authenti- cess of emerging from fugitive
cate the dissidents' statements life.
through law enforcement offi- THE THEORY behind : the
cials. strategy was apparently Jones'
HOWEVER. Takeover said its belief, adopted by the leadership
sources close to the Under- committee, that the group would
ground have confirmed the au- he better able to enlist other
thenticity of the statements. in- radicals if they were organized
cluding Dohrn's message that, into an above-ground group.
"I cannot say this plan for the "The original plan to surface
leaders to turn themselves in. two members of the Central
ha been stonned." Committee to lead the inversion
The Weather Underground is was reiected that summer 1975,"
tfrL o,,ht .to number several hun- said the dissidents. "It was
dred white political activists, thought that two peonle would

give up
lance under Republican admin-.
istrations in exchange for'pos-'
sible leniency on criminal
Many members of the group
are under indictment on various
charges, -but o hers face no out-
standing warrants.
BUT EVEN persons not!
sought by warrant would be sub-
ject to grand jury scrutiny if
they surfaced as federal and lo-,
cal prosecutors attempted to
close their books on unsolved
political violence.

A Festival
of Women
in the Arts
lectures, performances, guest art-
ists, exhibitions, dempnstrations.
second floor
For further information cal:
763-1107 668-7884
764-3234 763-0087




(Continued from Page 1)
of Bu sin e s s Administration
Klee says that although his of-
fice gets affirmative action and
anidsrimnto statements

Limited Edition Michigan
Lamp and Football Stein

from all companies, "the Uni- wbh emnerged from the '60s anti-
versity shouldn't pretend to po- war movement in 1970 to create
lice the world." a secret gron to wage 'arined
A'bDPflTAffAT~i Qn str' ugle" against government

the day preceding publication and
h. 9 inAm.Fidnv fr r aturda and

by z p.m r ay for y uraan
Sunday. Items appear once only. "THERE IS much rhetoric
Student organization notices are about a bloodbath that will fol-
not accepted for publication. For low Gilmore, but what real im-
more information, phone 764-9270. pact can it have on judges?
Sunday, January 16, 1977 Would it really be easier for a
Day Calendar judge sitting in Georgia not to
WUOM: p t i o n s in Education, issue a stay because Gilmoret
"Teachers and Teaching," 1:00 p.m. was shot in Utah? I think not."{
Music School: Michigan Youth Kendall said Gilmore's execu-
Symphony, Hill Aud., 3:00 p edalsidGmmr'.ee;
Faculty chamber concert, Rackham tion and attendant publicityI
Aud., 4:00 p.m. might have one major social im-
Monday, January 17, 1977 pact, encouraging "suicidal hom-i
Day Calendar
Physiology: Jean-Phillippe Bon- icides" in which persons whoi
jour. U of Bern, Switzerland, "Regu- really want to die themselvesl
lation of the Renal Transport of commit capital crimes for both
Phosphate,' 7745 MS II, noon. attention and death.
Music School: Harvey Soilberger,
"New Music for Flute," SM Recital' He noted that Luis Monge, thei
Hall, 8:00 p.m. tlast person executed in this coun-1
Ctr. Human Growth/Development:, try, also chose not to appeal his
Truffaut's Wild Child, Aud. 3, MLB, ss
8:00 P.m. conviction in Colorado.
3200 SAB - 764-7456
Jan. 17 -U.S. Army Nurse Corps.
and Curtin Matheson Science, Inc.
Jan. 18 - U.S. Navy, Montgomery
Ward & Co., University of Chicago
Hospitals & Clinics, and Energy
Research & Development
Jan. 19 - Proctor & Gamble,
and Ashland Oil Co.
Jan. 20 - U.S. Air Force Nurses.
Jan. 24 -- University Hospitals
of Cleveland.
Jan. 25 - Chemical Abstract
Services, Oak Ridge National
Laboratories, and Action/Peace
Jan 26 - Bell Systems, Proctor &
Gamble Distributing Co., Action/
Peace Corps/Vista, and
Libby-0wens-Ford Co.
Jan. 27 - Rike's and
Action/Peace Corps/vista
Jan. 28 - First Chicago Corporation 5
and Leo Burnett U.S.A. Y
Phone 764-7460 for information on
the following:
The Burke Marketing Research Fel-
lowship will be awarded to one or
two students who are' deeply inter-
ested in a career in marketing re-
search. Applicants should have high
levels of academic achievement in
the behavioral sciences, as well as:
marketing, quantitative analysis; or
other business-related majors. Appli-
cations must be received no later I
than March 15, 1977.
Qualified seniors with backgrounds
in Physics and Electronics are invi-
ted to apply for participation in
findamental cosmic ray research.
Following a training period during ,
the summer, each observer will
spend a year in residence at one of Tickets avai
the field stations in the South Pole, Mendelssohn Th
MoMurdo Sound, or Thule, Green- For Info
Applications are being accepted for*Tickets als
three internships beginning July 1,
1977 for the Phoenix Management
Intern Program.

H Y~(V~lY1H1 L L Yu p er
cent of both the Business and
Engineering students take ad-
vantage of placement services.
Director of Career, Planning
and Placement, Evart Ardis,
doesn't anticipate any increase
in the number of companies
coming to recruit the 40-45 per.
cent of the Literary College
(LSA) students who use the pro-
"The companies all have af-
firmaive action, even if the law
doesn't require them to get it,"
he said.
So when the Senate Assembly
meets to consider the revision
next month, the faculty mem-
bers may end up passing into
polic what is already being
Elk Ott ce
lable at PTP Ticket Office
eatre Lobby, Mon.-Fri. 10-1, 2-5
rmation Call- 764-0450
o available at all Hudsons

The FBI credits the groun
with a wide array of criminal
actions. including the Canitol
explosion, and a number of at-
tacks against .big business and
multinational corporations such
as the 1974 blast at Gulf Oil
headquarters in Pittsburgh and
the 1970 prison escape of firmer
drug guru Timothy Leary. At
one time. several of the leaders
of the group were on the FBI
"Ten Most Wanted" list.
SOURCES said the dissidents'
statements were being circulat-
ed outside the Underground
probably as an effort to stop the
"surfacing" operation.
The question of using politi-

be ineffective so the concent
was broadened, nrobably to in-
xrol e the entire five-nerson
laershin erolln and possibly
tho entire grolln. '
"'from the fall of 19'5, tis
-hn was mnt into nractice with-
not the k-nw!Padge of most mem-
hers " said the dissidents' state-
"LAWYERS were oraanind
+n vrennre leoal d-fense. The
film "Undergro'md" released
hast year was nlanned as both
a means to sanitize the image of
the organization and to raise
money for legal defense: new
ornanizational bases were set up
from which to surface."
. The dissi,'nts alto said under-
cTroe1nd leaders "made over-
tfres" to Democratic party of-
fi-ials in an effort to trade in-
fornation about police surveil-

1) Rugged 18" high DESK LAMP
decorated in Maize and Blue.
N a t u r a I burlap fabricated
shade. Practical and unique.
2) 8" high Football-shaped STEIN
Decorated in, Maize and Blue
with Michigan inscription. Holds
up to 14 oz. of your favorite


SEND: 9.95 plus .40 tax
for each LAMP
2.95 plus .12 tax
for each MUG

247 E. 14 Mile
Clawson, MI 48017,
(313) 588-4455





NEW YORK .... $102* NEWARK..... $102* ,. -
BOSTON . . . . . $111* PHILADELPHIA . . $95*
FT. LAUDERDALE (airfare only) ... . $150
HAWAII (airfare and hotel) .........$359
ARUBA (airfare and hotel).........$339
JAMAICA (airfare and hotel) ........$359
ACAPULCO (airfare and hotel) .......$349
CANCUN (airfare and hotel) ....$342.10

The news isn't always black and white.
In reporting, it's important to have an
understanding of minority points of view
and such representation on our staff helps
to promote this understanding with the
If you're at all interested, give us a call
-or better yet, stop by one afternoon.

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