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February 17, 1977 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1977-02-17

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Thursday; February 171;1977


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Thurday Febuar 17 197 TH MICIGA DALY Pge hre

m mm



FEBRUARY 17, 1977

Israel may .join
peace talks '
JERUSALEM - Israel is
willing to join Middle East
peace talks, but only without
the Palestine Liberation Organ-'
ization (PLO) Prime Minister
Yitzhak Rabin said yesterday
after meeting with U.S. Secre-
tary of State Cyrus Vance.
Vance told Israeli leaders on
the first stop of a Middle East
fact-finding tour that the Unit-

oceans, will recommit the for- Aeronautics Space Administra-'*
mer relationships which existed tion (NASA) said yesterday.
in Cuba toward human rights, The flight will be the second obe committee
then I would be willing to move international space mission for
toward normalizing relationships the United States. In 1975, three WASHINGTON -The House
with Cuba," the President said. American astronauts linked up AS INton Teaode
At a recent news conference,in space with a Russian ship a ssd n Wdsda o
Secretary of State Cyrus Vance carrying two cosmonauts. . powerofnits nehaaofre
said he would 'not impose any Three other Americans wil fly Richard Sprague as chief coun-
preconditions on discussing nor- on the first Spacelab mission. sel and adjourned without re-,
malization of relations with Cu-!-
ma nf aThey will be the two pilots and solving the issue.
the flight engineer who will man Chairman &Ienry Gonzalez,
Castro said last May he want- the U.S.-built Space Shuttle, (D-Tex.), said afterward he
ed to remove troops from An- which is to ferry the Spacelab thought the committee and its
gola at t rate of 200 a month, into orbit from Cape Canaveral, mission to investigate the slay-
but he did not make it clear! Flia.
whether he intended to remove ; The two scientists are to work IKennedy and Rev. Dr. Martin
all of them. Subsequently, there different shifts so that experi- Luther King Jr., were doomed
was nb evidence he was carry- ments can continue 24 hours a unless the members followed
ing out the withdrawal. day dufring the week-long test of his demand to oust Sprague.
The most recent U.S. estimate the big laboratory. They will or-1 In a prepared statement, Gon-
is that 10,000 to 15,000 of Cas- bit 155 miles above the earth. zalez explained his reasons for
tro's troops remain in Angola, The Spacelab will remain at- Ifiring Sprague last week and
which suggests no substantive tached to the Shuttle during the I said: "When I see a rattlesnake
change from the peak commit- mission. On later flights the on my doorstep, I don't hesitate.
meat of Cuban troops at the Shuttle will-deposit the Spacelab I stomp on it and answer ques-
height of the Angolan civil war. in space and return up to 30 tions later."
There also have been recent, days later to bring it back to Sprague was unavailable for
reports of Cuban's training Rho- earth. As many as four scien- .comment. He has consistently
desian black nationalists in Tan- tists, including all-foreign teams, declined to speak with reporters
ovementinththee-- A__same ^ activ

I znia and increasect ..uuwiin-!w .iupym a u tub;

vo1v'ement 12n the same activity
in Mozambique.
Thai princess

later trips.;
The American scientist will bei
selected by NASA, the other by
the European Space Agency, an
11-nation group. The scientists
won't have to undergo rigorous
astronaut training and thevl

BANGOKThailand - Corn- ~ .
BANGKOKTaiwork in a shirtsleeve atmos-
ian e munist insurgents riddled a gov- phere.
eminment helicopter with ma-I
ed States wanted peace talks chine-gun fire yesterday, killing The scientific team will be se-1
by the second half of 1977, but a Thai princess and seriously lected a year or so before the,
would also keep refusing to deal wounding four other persons, po- flight. The European scientist
with the PLO as long as it lice said will come fron one of the ESA
would not recognize Israel'sl. nations - Belgium, Denmark,
right to exist. The dead woman was identi- France, Great Britain, Ireland,
"The answer is simply no," fied as Vipaowadi Rangsit, a Italy, the Netherlands, Spain,
Rabin said of prospects Israel cousin of King Bhumipol Adulya- Sweden, Switzerland and West
would participate in talks in- dej and a key lady-in-waiting to Germany.
volving Yasir' Arafat's PLO. Queen Sirikit. A palace spokes-
Rabin said after meeting with man said Princess Vipaowadi J hite supremist
Vance that he disputed a U.S. was "one of the closest persons
government view that Arab at- to the king, if not his closest 2vages battle
titates t owardIsraelthad mod. friend."


in recent days. His spokesman
said late Wednesday that "this
is a matter between the com-
mittee and its chairman."
Gonzalez told an impromptu'
news conference: "I can't
imagine the House would con-
tinue this committee under these
"I cannot see asking myself
to ask the House to extend the
committee unless there is a
change" in the attitude of its,
members, he said.
In the absence of a change, he
said it would be "impossible to
make a case for extending the
life of the committee beyond 'the
I present March 31 deadline.
However, he stopped short of
saying he would resign as chair-
man if Sprague was retained,
saying that was "a hypothetical
question with an infinite number
of answers."

Arab goals, he said, ares
"something that is less than
peace - total withdrawal and
the establishment of an Ara -
fat state in the West Bank andj
the Gaza Strip, conditions which
are totally unacceptable to Is-;
Fatah, the main guerilla group
of the PLO, repeated yesterdayt
its refusal to recognize Israel
and denied there had been Pal-
estinian-Israeli contacts aimed1
at recognition.t
Cuban troops
to leave Angola {
WASHINGTON - President
Carter said yesterday he hast
received information that Fidel
Castro intends to remove Cu- t
ban troops from Angola. Car- t
ter said this would be a posi- 4
tive step toward normalizing
U.S. relations with the govern-
ment in Havana.
Carter made the disclosure
in responding to a question dur-
ing an appearance before em-
ployes of the Agriculture De-
partment. He said the informa-
tion came from "indirect sourc-
es," which he did not identify.
"If I can be convinced that
Cuba wants to remove their ag-
gravating influence in tlis hemi-
sahere, will not participate in
violence in nations across the l



The wounded included the ATLANTA - J. B. Stoner has
area commander of the border been waging a battle against
police. blacks and Jews all his life.
Police said rebels on a moun- Now, at 52, he is chairman of
tatintop in southern Thailand the National States Rights party,,
fired streams of AK47 bullets which he calls the world's great-
into the helicopter as it flew est hope for white supremacy.
about 1,000 feet above the peak. In an interview yesterday,
The helicopter had been called Stoner emphasized racism, and
to pick up a wounded soldier, left no doubt that he and the
they said. States Rights party are for
Officials said the 58-year-old whites and whites alone.
princess was touring military Frederick Cowan, 33-year-old,
bases to boost the morale of gun enthusiast and Nazi sympa-
troops fighting Communist in- ICthizer who killed five persons -
snrgents in southern Thailand.'f including three blacks and one
She often made trips to remote East Indian - and himself dur-
villages and was sometimes ing a 10-hour siege in New Ro-
called the king's personal repre- chelle, N.Y., on Monday, was
sentative in the south. identified by a city official as a
The palacetspokesman said member of the StatescRights
the king would interrupt a visit party.
to northern Thailand and return Among the racist literature
to Bangkok this morning to at- police said they found in Cow-
tend funeral rites for the prin- an's room afterward was a book
cess. they. said he had inscribed:
"'Nothing is lower than blacks
.and Jews, except the police who
N ational protect them."
Stoner would not comnment on
Cowan's membership in the par-
U.S., European ty, saying it is the party's policy
not to identify its members.
space team "They can identify themselves
if they want to," he said.
WASHINGTON - An Ameri- "What happened up there in
ran scientist and a European New Rochelle is unfortunate,"
scientist will fly in orbit togeth- he said. "We don't advocate vio-
er when the first Spacelab is lence at all except in self-de-
launched in 1980, the National fense. We believe in self-preser-
AL ULLE IN "Actually, I think the white
AL BU LETINraces that live ib New York
-" y,¢?,r.;?,;; }{;.:' X}r ;?;;}r,;,?"'{°" a should move down South and let
Robt.' C. Wooley, Sotheb~y Parke- us ship all our niggers up there
Bernet Inc., N.Y.C., "The Interna-
tional Art Market," Union Ballroom, until such time as we can ship
7:30 "p.m. _ them to Africa."

Pretzels coatd
with lye
WASHINGTON - Consumers
were cautioned yesterday that
19,000 cases of pretzels, some
distributed nationwide, are
sprinkled with lye crystals that
can burn the tongue, mouth and
The Food and Drug Adminis-
tration announced recall of the
pretzezls made by Pepperidge
Farm Ic., and distributed un-
der six brand names, along with
37,000 cases still in the com-
pany's stock.
The lye crystals look like the
salt crystals used on pretzels,
the agency said in issuing a list
of the contaminated brands
which consumers should return
to the place of purchase.
Pretzels with the lye crystal
were made at the Pepperidge
Farm plant in New Holland, Pa.,
which now is shut down, the
FDA said.
It said that earlier this month,
two consumers in Detroit "re-
ceived chemical burns to the
mouth and tongue from eating
lye crystals that were in the
pretzel bags." Neither consumer
was hospitalized and both have
"Subsequent FDA examination
of. unopened pretzel packages
has revealed the presence of
sodium hydroxide lye crystals."
The announcement explained
that lye and water are used to
"give pretzels their glazed look.
This process, properly carried
Iout, is safe because pretzels ab-
om a summer, to a semester,
riencing, helping.
ulpanim, archaeological digs,
;e projects.

sorb sodium hydroxide and the A Department of Public Health In a telephone interview from ties in his native Romania in the
chemical is converted to sodium spokesman said health officials his rectory in Grass Lake, early 1940s. The group was re-
carbonate, a harmless sub- back in principle a bill creating Mich., the 62-year-old Romanian sponsible for the persecution and
stance, when the pretzels are a potentially powerful Toxic Orthodox prelate said so-calledmurder of thousands of Jews
baked. Substance Control Commission. "Nazi hunters" have orchestrat- and Masons in the country.
"In this case the sodium hy- Another agency that has been ed a publicity campaign that has
droxide apparently was not deeply involved in an incident made him a symbol in a fabri-: His current federal court
mixed properly. Asf a result the legislation seeks to guard cated controversy, battle stems from 'his denial of
some of the chemical did not against - the state Agriculture "I don't even know why this Iron Guard membership on nat-
dissolve completely in the solu- Department - notified a Senate case is an issue," Trifa said. uralization forms when he be-
tion and subsequently got into Agriculture and Consumer Af- "No matter how you tell it, peo-
the packages along with the fairs Committee meeting that it ple still don't believe me. I am came a U.S. citizen in 1956. At
pretzels." neither opposes nor supports the i naturally frustrated by this con- that time, former Iron Guard
bill. dition." members were barred from citi-
One concern of both depart- Trifa has been named as a zenship. If he loses the case, he
e. is tt aparticipant in Iron Guard activi- could face deportation.
mission having authority over
all toxic chemicals in Michigan? M. M.
would mean a considerable dup-
Solarenergy lication of effort.
research center the sponsor of the legisla- Earn H Credits This Spring
tion, Sen. John Hertel (D-Harper t
WASHINGTON - Gov. Wil- oods), said a dual effort iain athe New Hampshire Woods
a MHIen sa yeste W-critical area might not be bad.
liam Milliken said yesterday In addition, he said, the pro-
that the industrial and commer- c ddition said th e
cial future of the entire Mid- h po cotwein would bries
west may hinge on whether e gap between state agencies
Michigan is chosen as the site over toxic chemicals.
search Institute (SE R T). gys oe-t e
of ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 4 afdrlSlrEegRe Bihpbtls Literature Program
Milliken told the state's con-
gressional delegation that there Afor more information:
are "strong indications" the de- DETROIT - Archbishop Va- IROF.mWALTERmCLARK
cision on what state the insti-PA lerian Trifa, battling accusations PF ALTER CLARK
tute will be located in will be that he participated in pro-Nazi sf 1 of English
made this week or next week. activities during World War II,
"In the short range, the im-a said yesterday he is a victim of 2003 Angell Hall764-0418
portance of winning SERI for a growing trend to "invent" war
Michigan is a case of establish- crimins.'
ing an entirely new industry,
wit wtremenos potential for
growth," Milliken said.jt
"SERI will produce immedi-
ately direct and spin-off jobs
that will contribute toward re-'
lieving our chronic unemploy
ment problem. Besides the pure
research and supportive jobs,
there will be new opportunities
or jobs that are saved in theENOON
tooling, metalworking fabricat-WEEKLY; Wed. 4 p.m. Thurs.N OON
ing and similar shops called un- L ECTU RE IL UNCH/DISCUSSION
on to nroduce parts or tech-
nology." Angell Hall Aud. "A" Lord of Light Luth.(Hill & Forest)
Feb. 116-4 p.m. Leon Howell-U.S. FOREIGN POLICY. Leon is
Toxic substance Ass't. Editor of "Christianity and Crisis" and has
Feb. 17-noon written for 'Far East Economic Review." Author:
proposal Asia, Oil Politics and the Energy Crisis. He is cur-
anINGystAmfroosicemrently a freelance writer on U.S. policy matter re-
warning system fr trox em siding in Wash., D.C.
ical contamination incidents got Feb. 23-4 p.m. John Adams-HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE U.S.-He
off the ground yesterday with is well known for his advocacy of the victims of the
lukewarm support from the Feb. 24-noon Kent State Massacre and for his work in support
state's major health agency. of the Native Americans during the Wounded Knee
takeover in 1975.
EDWARD prm. Argentina: We are inviting a representative from
PROFESSIONAL Mar. 3-noon the lnterchurch Committee in Latin America -
HAIRSTYLIST involved with the settling of hundreds of refugees
for men & women in Cqarda.
appts. 668-9329 Co-sponsored by: Lord of Light Lutheran Church (668-7622), Wesley
Dascolo Barbers Foundation (668-6881 ), Ecumenical Campus Center (662-5529),
Li ab rs Office of Ethics and Religion (764-7442)
Liberty off State

Y r qtr'
::. " 7o- t
. i. f
dl wK
{ Y.


v . ¢ts:.:.in4"b:4rs?5[:: .:::;ir rr.:""::? "}:;:S .

Thursday, February 17, 1977
WUOM Lecture: Gen. Alexander
Haig. Jr., Supreme Allied Comm and-
er of Europe, "NATO and Western
Security in the Seventies," 10:10 a.m.
Ctr., Japanese Studies: John S -
boda, "Emerging sPatterns of Off-
Farm Migration in Korea," Lane
Hal, Commons Rm. y noon." r
Pendleton Arts .Information Ctr.:
"Open Hearth," Michael Filisky,
mime, Pendleton Rm., Union, noon,
Ethics, Religion: "King: From
Montgomery to Memphis," Kuenzel
Rm., Union. 3:15 p.m.
MHRI: M. G. Yoon, Dalhousie
Univ., Nova Scotia, "On Topograph-
ic Pattern of Visual Projections in
Goldfish," 1057 MHRI, 3:45 p.m.
Mich. Women in Science: Ellen
Zweibel, "The Stability of Stellar
Disks," 845 Dennison Bldg., 4 p.m.
Ctr. Near Eastern, N. African Stud-'
ies: A. Hess, Temple University,
"The Impact of 16th Century In-
flation upon Ottolan North Afri-
ca," E. Conf. Rm., Rackham, 4 p.m.
Ctr. Early Childhood Dev., Educ.;
Ctr. Hunian Growth & Dev.: B.
Rourke, Univ. of Windsor, "Neuro-
Psychological Assessment of Read-
ing,". Schorling Aud., SEB, 4 p.m.
Friends of Museum of Art: "Per-
spectives on Collecting, Series,"

Poetry Reading: Mystery Poets
reading from theirs3 works, Guild
House, 802 Monroe, 7:30 p.m.
Int'l. Ctr.: Raven Locke, "Marx-
ism & the Question of South Afri-
ca." 603 E. Madison, 8 p.m.
Chemistry: J. Kochi, Indiana, "Me-
chanistic Aspects of the Cleavange
ACS of Organometals," 1300 Chem.
Bldg., 8 p.m.
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Thursday, February 17, 1977
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