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September 09, 1977 - Image 28

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Michigan Daily, 1977-09-09

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September 9, 1977-The Michigan Daily

rconcerned are more or leasand
ti.lcu g (in'tlr-lokroo-tr).:
ntMr between and loqui, to tal ).
lug partinacnesto.2ai
i trel show who acts as mater o
*o~~wry (in'tgrlok'yoot8r'i,
f,. having the nature of, or oouwrrin
vseeational. 2. in law, n
"lpe (in'tilr-l8p'fr). [P .
< Fr. entre between ) oz
n who mqddies in otheU
{ , between +{" ldus, play), a t;
oropus play formerly presented
of mimacle plays or moralities
ormance between the acts of a pia
.4 between the parts of a song,p
hing that fills time between twoi
tear-!y (in'tir-mar'i), val. [-RI
*o become connected by marriage:s
families c laps, tribes, races,et
of cicej related persons. --in'ter-
t ddle n the affir of others
*mnedl~ar~y (in ter-mI'di-er'i),as
en two persons " acting as medtiat
ate, . . L-Ize, a go;-between,
"me~di ate(intLr m8'di-it), e.4J
-between -+- mediu, middle,
between; in- the middle, a.
rmediate. 2. an intermediary. v.
- oJ, to act as intermediary " media
dI"ate"iy, a. -.-inter-me di-ate~na
in mtent (in-ttlrmnnt) na.[see rr~r
-meszW(in tgr-met's5, -med'ad)
- -sI-ai)][lt.),- 1. a short, light
cal entertainment between the act
o 2. In musio, a) a short movemen
t 'main parts of a composition. b) as
s t works ;ijnilar tot is.
its *maia de (in-tflr'mi-na-bl1),-adj
n ng, lasting, or seeming to last, fore
.Ctr'ml~na-'bty,. ad.
In msitt-gle (in'tlr-mi;r'l), v..dl
oI , to mix tofether; bnle
in asion (in tir-mish an) * a. 1.
t or being intermitted; interrupt
I rval of time between periods ofI
,aiowe petween acts cfia play
in .mit (in tor-mit'), v.. & v.i. -ii
1.([< L. < inter-. between +mitte
to or a time; "Ae at interva
t n, . -Ia 'tertmitingy, adv.
In *Mittent (in'Ar-mit 'nt),.41d. a
a lug again at interials: pausing f
ti . periodic. --intermitftea ce, In'ti
ft'ter mit'tent-ly. adv.
in *mnlz (i'tlr-miks). v t, d v X to m
-~d in'ter"mlitture a".
In(in'tlrn), n. [< Wr.< L. interne
a ter serving as an assistant reaiden
Generally ,lust after graduation h
01: also sp. Intern. wi. to servea
stern-ship, a.
in (in-tflrn') vt. to detain and ccia
a try or a do nits area: as. to ink
t ofwar. -4n~teru'ment. a.
it" "*al (in-tflr'n'l), ad. [< ML. <
1. or on the inside; inward; inner.
I10 iig to the inner nature of a thing;
4 1 evidence. 3. of or belonging
n re of man; subjective, tie
re U.5. to be take
in edies. a. 1.:
t inner or ease j
it +ba-
ebony. 2.
btditre, to
inggwith e



juvenile court






der the same Inater na-aton~al (i't~rnashten-'1), a.j..- . be- "characteristic of, or suitable for children or young juxtapoe (uk'ta-paz), v. [-P05111, -Posr&], oristoot (ris-rot' -root.,n. the rotstok of oscill- t(.si
tween or among nations: as an iaeranattreaty. persons. n. 1. a young person; child. 2. an actor [ <L. uxta, beside; + pos, v., to put side by side; the orris, ground and us4ain perfumery or as a lare, to swing; +
a. [< L. pp. 2. concerned with the relations between nations: who takes Youthful roles. . a book for children. place close together. powder to whiten the hair In stage make-up. regiters ceillato
1. a prson &asan 4rler atioi court. na[.I, any of several -ju'ven-iUely, adv. -ju'veieenes. j3u',e~nil'- juxtaposition ('uk'to-pa-zish'an), n. a putting otho-, [< Or. ortho, straight, a combining form ocUlloscope 4-si
ntertainer in international swcalist oa zatons. -an'teuin'. l"ty [pt. -ixs]. in. or being ide by ade or close together. meaning 1. straight, as in orthodnta. 2. rght swing; +-cope)a
)farmne. tionail tIn. -in'tat da'tionaIaly ado: Juvenile court, a law court for ases Involving .y., July. a to as In orthoclase. 3. Proer correct, as in recrds an elecri
es.6 __aj£ Jraialdae , th aedie(ne2) hlrn ne ixdae ylland (yill'lin), n. Jutland: the Danish name. orthography. 4. In medie, orrecion of w - s facthd-a
igi daoge tnLr atona" '( t~ras7 -__ n h tie as in orthopedis. Also rtb...~d oscinn)
id. dth' -ot o ~s brtak~'-k~)a(< orthc- + designaing a ou
principle of itet" d o n for the 0m- Or kaes a breakng <kJla to reak] a mineral larks, etc., wth
age. .mosInterneional dae isnk the dat dn. snse 2)childen undr a fied age _as iky4n
an~no~n't~na~branch of_ denotistriconcarned ipecrecticleaage mot),1. to ,ng
tbtenpreventing Irregul'aritie of the teeth -or'tho- bioov to have
btenthe pI tConal Phonetic. Alphabet, a phonetic dontic ad.-rtb ontlsn. -a uan tlnt
et. .any it ashbet used y m o th one cana inist or tho dox (rth-d d .1< Fr LL <Or cu.a.to'ry (-o tr
ay, eta 4. tive of the 4language U Maim muRioa I.. - tofe or r eaning:,l[Fr, ar
avents. in terns(in'trn),a 'aun ptern maig 1.fUE .. 5 9o U a~~iN ~ l ~io rdc o/arot
=a -ariao),in ter ne cne (i'tlr-nS'n s SfJin) j< a[ k ~i.t i!rt ti or, d aC ti a; -ode(of),a[Fr.t<L.
ai ofdiffer- inter-, between +nswars to ill], dtru"e[as omua arn o-ce d hang[Fhe < L.te
2. to marry: ive, espeially-to boothsides t tor ia apbo.ite g, nt n, tail: 3 [0ahJ esignuain reofany ch rch inrtehdox hyib.tO tie
rmar'rage, a. Inoes ee(intlr-nS'), a a prson interned a ras lvet naseuneoaop rrninwihshoup n.dsintn oo n warhi teOtodx p b, 1Spb
ZlUP -DUNG]), prisoner of war or enemy alien. K ftk) n. 1. in assayitng, the io aa.2. kangaroao court,[C o.), a Mo ally Eastern Church. -ortho~do' [p. -as], . h "w ose-
in-ternist (in.tlr'nist), a. a dotor who specialies a ium, [Mod. L.], in chemitry, tembi frotas- passing and ex gmenI c on- Orthodox Eastern Chlu ch, te dominant Chris- ad, on, La'Ia On
adj. 1. ating in Internna medtcizre slum. ad. shaped like K tieraren, hob innaj tian churh in E Europe, W Asia, and N Africa: it o-s"e (0 hr), a.
tor 2. inter- ;inter pel late (in tr-pel't, in-tr'pi-lt'), V.. K., k., 1. karat (carat. 2. kilogram. 3. king. kangaroo rat, useikq in now inludes churches recognizing the primay of willows, any of
mediator. [-Lam, -Lainro, [< L. Lterpelltua, Interruted 4. knight. S. innvauttcai usage, knot, desert regbon ) d M the patriarchs of Constantinople, Aleandria, used for bskots an
< ML. <L, <Linter- between + poler, to drive, to ask (s Kaaba (karba, --ba), n the sacred Mose an-esg(ken Mdd ;ate Antioch, and Jerusalem, and also autonomous O elrls ( !sis), n.
beig o bp- ersn)formally for an oxplanation of is ation or at Mecca, toward which believers turn wh atf the U7.S.: .m. O' churches of the Soviet Union, Greece. Yugsavia, lower w rd husba
'it! or hap- potesaon) politicachleneogcrneta containing l trcur n h get a a et as cledOahr U ch rtooxCurhr-ae a di, L
(4t'), ATUD. m!miniters e tert~ant, @. a a. -in'- cnanigablack stone supposedly a hnteheMctc lo ~called urch, W -, n.rthOd hr. < .o staff cnit
ate.-i'tsr- terpellaftoan. Abraham by the angel abril also sp. Ca 5'ikh hs,,rgt + epos, a word], 1. the study dealie anorral g
seia nter-pen~eIrate inr- pns.trt'), vi. [-TnATmu , kaba.1, ab~ba~la gkab'r-la. k br-) n. a i- (Pa - th pronunciation; phonology. 2. stanai -osit o -t) <
am i. t snncaio. od inplc(-pik trthypl fo nuns4o)re
sa], burial. -mat~lroJ. to penerate thoroughly; permeate. v.1. Kabu (l(irabool), n. the capital of .fghe s n{rncito.-r h"pc(epk)orhdpq fomousora
a. [pi. -sos, to penetrate eah other. -in'ter"pn daroa 0,0...au41 omhom0s, .-a o ce
drmtsor -a pp l ka0&'(k#.di kardi) n. a cadi. a'thQography (Or-thog'm-fi), a. [pi. -arse] < Qlv. Old tSlavic.
drofamaicor inter'pt ne(intr f na eehn ytmKaI-fir (kaf)8r), n. fj< Ar. < kafara, to r1-br Fr. < L. < Or.; see oni'o- a.RPRs .co- ss (sl, O';
ptll ofn a play elpon yse 1. a South African Bantu. 2. the1'pelng.2 aymehdo elin. . pelling Nor, sa
at connecting for ommunication between the members of the plig.2 n ehdo plig .seln owy epr
ny of certain crew of an airplane t~k, etc. Kaffr. Also Ka-fir (kif'r. kaf'-). ° ubjet or science. -ortho4'ra-pha, a. formerly called C
iatv aata~ytn t~rplan'-ter'i) .41. 1. be- kaf~flr (kaf'r), n. any of a group o phc'(6rth-grafik), or tho- rph'I- Or~manli (o-a
P r'I19~1OO~found
Q1 not termi- tween planes. £wthin the solar system but out- Br own in dry regions fr grain r h ah -c!bao (San2
ver; endless. side th~e atmosphere of any planet or the sun. + ilrcn atr(~g a+r tatan ',or t cpa~da O'hpS'dik), -LIST, an O&oman
in~ter~piay (in'tlr-pilR', a. action, effet, or in- Kaf-ka, F'ranz (frants kdtrkl), 18. fagg o d as sing.. < ortlao- +- Or. paidea 4(Womn Turks.
EV.I. [-cy~n fluence oneaWh other; unteraction. wie.,els, aa bnd ldrer < pain, childthe branch o ostnium os'mi-m
ad. inter poi (in't&-01%),n. {international police, an ka~ftan (kaftan, kif'Lln), n. a Lally for us t with the treat tne of v deformities, blush-white, amr
an intermit- international police Organ sation. kaiak (kl'ak , n. a kayak. )n or steel tjuries of the b,..es and joints: also of teplatinum ro
tion.' 2. an inter~po"late n-trp-1t', v.1. -LATUD, -ATDJGJ kaiser (kI'sir), n. °[< AS. aeit -or'the~pe'di, r'thpa.'dlc, adj. alloy wit latinu
actiity as (' L.pp. < inter- between +pouirs, to polsh, 1. Caesar , emperor: the title [Ktowt a.orhope aaa..n
to hangs (a boktext, etc.) by puttingg in. the Holl oman Empire, 962- fg:-'l' - o n pt o ro , c
dtrTTUD. -ile- words, subject metier, eta. 2. to insert bt w Austria, 1 - 8. c) the it~hmpeop-otg) nyf1, eir esl
tre to send], among others. 3. in mathematics, to sv~i 0-e isg'si a rickets, - haeoanagr I ss
Vi. -la'ter- media terms) In a series of trms, .f. 'rk-) 87-8 hptaa~ma -m: Le krts _ >> r raven vn
-itrotin.-Intapo~la'Zion, ,. i ~. dle ihiawinM- r creak]. ardlOU
topping and la'tive, ad/. --1 :tervo. la' tr n. - "* a" IdIU'1P- C-oa'ery, da./
from time to in ter pose (intlr-p~s'). v1. -posE, -POib) .a ad..s ar ravn y, a
er.mitta'cy', to place between;; insert. 2. to introduce b ay of.: ktdP ~vio n2a-n.c trr
nxogte; intervention. S. to ut in as *pt a. v. no -xea" I r an Street ~noi
arltgte; 1. to be or come between. ? n' eaves.^nbr
*Interrupt. -in'ter~poe'er,"Q
tat inna hospi- in'ter~pret (in-tlin' it) .. f
from medical <atre, negotator 2
as an intern. of;clarfy or translate, 2. t
standing of; construe- as he
iflnewithin a as contempt. a. to brIr d-
ora aliens in espeialy to givonbten
p erforming a play,
L. inernu], Laaalt 1.-latr -° raing such kr.
1.e *W. -.] translCt.eenth ystem: a,t
2. ofore- be atlat. "eatracki of a
intinsc: sin-ter-pe tatio-o-i ugmv
t o th iner ranting. 2 'lputeel
a: as, L11 tion. 3. tOoviCx ~a~ed
hs body: of a wo' bum (bu brodic<vlsWanule lpeop,
Sal organs tVegr meinto"u;f
or attribi e;2. , Slng],pe
fnter' 'S; Bae ti he;pra uim + + ti o Clooraw' : ,ic'itor'a
-C -QOn'oq"...'on GENE t
b tene' A gwomn ee ". , w * ',government,
e ntri Pa~a~nt ( tij ,eneral. 2. 1
i e]) tin. flo' "[whle +pp.
y a'p" r are, attent:
- , )welfare. 2.,
,, N solicitous t
astrade01 1z tgnso'heo
s i'na + 0 " . othersofeo
- thingst oehehodeals
2.iammenicantlsqandered;anet-sat ro-dit
wi.ththmae'thpccblb9at, parot.V 0 2.ofe frmidgthe fm
.4' -'4. a argc fseds ,. l .a .kiI -im:disalo ipte

s int~
. a ci

Lung t~
the Sf
rk. 2
! -, me
and i
v.1. t
9 e



/y'I s L Y'II



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