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October 20, 1977 - Image 7

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Michigan Daily, 1977-10-20

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The Michigan Daily-Thursday, October 20, 1977-Page 7

;e 1)

energy program, which I also agree is
probably the most significant
legislation before Congress this year. I
share his anger and disappointment at
tlhe inability of the Senate to resist the
lobby of the energy producers. Some
people said he was pretty intemperate
last week when he was going after the
Senate and the oil lobby. I think he was
pretty controlled given the extent to
which that is really a monumental
problem that must be addressed and
the extent to which the Senate caved
BUT OTTERBACHER said he found
Carter's foreign policy to be unpredic-
"There have been instances where
the Carter Administration has not acted
consistently. The arms sale to Turkey
this summer, when Congress was in

recess, was absolutely inconsistent
with the non-aggression treaties that
we have, and that's also true of the way
military aid has been used in Cyprus,"
he said.
Otterbacher admits that he may
draw the same sort of hot criticism on
the issue of federal funding for abortion
that Carter received earlier this year.
"IF I WERE to vote on that issue
tonight, I'm afraid I would have to vote
against the use of tax money for abor-
tions, and I assure you that is the most
tortured decision that I have been up
against in five-and-a-half years of
politics. It is my belief that pre-natal
life has -the right to constitutional
"You have that terrible choice bet-
ween infringing upon the rights to
privacy and control of your own biology

and the infringement on the essential
right to life. It's worse when you get to
the Medicaid funds because there there
is so obviously an inequity based on raw
"If I agreed with the abortion policy
in this country, then, of course, I would
lead the fight for Medicaid funding,
because it is absolutely unfair that
women not be afforded the same sort of
health protection, in truthfulness, sim-
ply because they're poor."
OTTERBACHER was asked how he
would walk the fine line between the
state's automotive employment in-
terests'and his own beliefs on pollution
and gas mileage standards and auto
Hart was a vigorous critic o.f the auto
industry during his years in the 'Senate,
while his successor, Donald Riegle,
recently introduced an amendment to

strip tetax on gas-guzzling cars from
Carter's energy package.
"I feel some of the initiatives we are
going to take to conserve energy are not
going to be well received, initially, by
the automobile producers in the state. I
think if you have to choose between the
displeasure of the producers, in the in-
stance of the tax on gas-guzzlers, and
what you believe is the most rational
J ust for the
h ealth of it,
Get moving, America!
March 1-7. 1977 s
National Physical Education and Sport Week
Physical Education Public information
American Atlianc 'for Health.
Physical Education and Recreation
1201 16th St N W Washington. D C 20036

approach to our problems ten of 15
years from now, then you have to take
the rational approach-even if they
don't much like that.
"I WOULDN'T have felt comfortable
voting for that amendment."
Otterbacher also called for a change
in national priorities that affect em-
"The resources upon which we rely
for the production of durable goods in
this country are diminishing. And to the

extent that we are serious about em-
ploying our people, that meansweiaie
to shift away from resource-reliant jobs
that generally involve the production of
durable goods, towards the kind of,jobs
that deal in human resources.
"We have to look at a tax schedytc
and decide where the capital intensive
and labor intensive areas are, and shift
the incentives away from those that aiIe
capital intensive and resource-reliait,
towards those that produce jobs aiid
provide services."

Homemade Soup 8 Sandwiches 50C
Friday, Oct. 21st
Showing off CBS Television documentary
"The Church and the Multinationals"
602MONROE (corner of Oakland)

Student wounded at Kent State
recants story here 8 years later

(Continued from Page 1)
killers, they indicted the wounded.
It's as if to say we attacked the
National Guard bullets with our
bodies. What twisted logic.
"There's been a seven-year cover-
up. We've had no justice at Kent
State. I had a little bit of faith in the
judicial systems in 1970," he said. ''I

never would have believed that seven
years later, justice still wouldn't
have been done."
Last year, the trustees of Kent
State announced plans to build a
gymnasium on the site of the shoot-
ings. A group calling itself the May 4
Coalition was formed to stop con-
struction. Canfora spoke of the

Survivor of hijacked
Ue .a ..3

plane tells
FRANKFURT, West Germany (AP)'
-A frightening story of a raving, Jew-
hatihg hijack leader who threatened'
continually to execute his hostages was
told yesterday by the only adult
American passenger held captive on a
hijacked Lufthansa jetliner.
Sobbing frequently, Christine San-
tiago, 44, of Santee, Calif., told a news
conference she feared for her own life
throughout the 4/2-day ordeal and was
terrified over the possible fate of her 5-
year-old son, who was with her.
SHE AND HER son were among 86
passengers of a hijacked Lufthansa
jetliner freed in alightning"raid by
German commandos at the Mogadishu
airport in Somalia on Tuesday. The raid
came 41/2 days after the plane was
commandeered by four terrorists on a
flight from Majorca to Frankfurt.
Three of the hijackers were killed.
Eighty freed hostages, including the
Santiagos, returned to Frankfurt later
Santiago broke down describing how
the hijackers shot Capt. Juergen
Schumann, the only hostage to die in
the raid, and the special terror faced by
Jewish hostages.
She said Shumann begged for mercy
on his knees, but the hijack leader "told
him to shut up and shot him in cold
blood. And he laughed.
"THEN THEY dragged the body
down the aisle and threw him in a
closet. Then we lost hope and figured he
would shoot us all. Nobody said a
As for the rescue, when German
commandos stormed the plane and
killed three of the four hijackers, San-
-iago said, "I turned around in my seat.
I saw the rear door open, and a man
painted black leaped inside, screaming
_Gt down' in German.
"As soon as he spoke German I feltso
The commandos killed the three male
hijackers and seriously wounded the
A NATIVE of Austria, Santiago and
her son, Leo, one of six children, had
been vacationing on the Spanish island
of Majorca with her husband, Antonio.
Just for the
health of it.
Get moving America
Mrch 1-7. 1977t>
Naionfl Physica Ezducationi and Sport Week
Physical Education Public information
Amerian Aane for Healh
sc ua on dnd Receaion
61201 1th t N W Washington D C 20036
SSaturday Sunday
October 22 :

her story
She had boarded the Lufthansa 737 to
make a visit to her mother in
Saalfelden, Austria.
Santiago, a heavy-set woman
wearing a shawl and.accompanied by
her son and husband, began crying sof-
tly as she described the takeover of the
"About an hour after we left, a girl
stood up with two hand grenades in her
hands. Another man had a gun and
went to the cockpit screaming in
Arabic. There were two men and two
girls," she said.
She said two of the hijackers had
played with one of her sons while
waiting at the airport to board the
"As long as we didn't move, we were
treated all right. Butevery second word
he (the hijack leader) said was
'execute.' When he went into rages, it
was terrible. He got these spells. When
you disobeyed an order, it was very

details of the fight to move the gym.
"WE MOVED to the hill and set up
a tent city," he said. "Our slogan was
we shall not be moved. We stayed 62
On July 12, those occupying the site
were arrested. A total of 194 people
were taken to jail, including the
parents of Susan Schauer, one of
those killed in 1970.
Demonstrations against the con-
struction of the gym continued
throughout the summer. Altogether,
300 people were arrested.
"WE COULD have stood outside
the fence forever and given the peace
sign," Canfora explained. "What we
did stopped it. They wanted to pour
concrete in July. We postponed it.
"The first time we went under the
fence. The second'time, we went over
it. The third time, on September 24,
we knocked it down. I'd be a fool to
advocate that people come to Kent
State and tear down the fence, but
I've heard that by hook or by crook,
the fence will come down."
meimm mem mm -n imm m -m m
' The UM Black Graduate Alliance will
' hold a forum for all black grad & 1
I professional students at the U of M i
. entitled; r..3
"H w To Survive I
* at Michigan" "
on FRIDAY, OCT. 21, from 4-6 in the
East lecture room of the RACKHAM
mm mmmm m

E 4
:, 9 4
4. $
.4 4
i Y

rnnr nnnnnrinnr7rnlrn rnf7r] nt r 1717 rl7 rf r rl

Goethe's Fairy Tale of the
and the
German Department, UniversityMf Toledo
SATURDAY, OCT. 22, 1977 Sponsored by the
7:30 P.M. Rudolf Steiner Institute
Rudolf Steiner House of the
1923 Geddes Avenue Great Lakes Area
Ann Arbor




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