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September 29, 1977 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1977-09-29

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Page 4-Thursday, September 29, 1977-The Michigan Daily

0, ht


;n aug

Eighty-Eight Years of Editorial Freedom

420 Maynard St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Vol. LXXXVIII, No. 19

News Phone: 764-0552

Edited and managed by students at the University of Michigan
A costly delay on a
lif and death issue

A T EACH successive vote, the
House of Representatives seems
to achieve new depths in self-deceit. No
better example of this phenomenon
can be found than Tuesday's session,
when a large majority of the body
votjl against adopting a liberalized
Se te version of an appropriations
bile.mendment prohibiting the use of
M caid funds for abortions.
is self-deceit and boondoggling in
th worst congressional tradition for
re e sentatives to wreathe their
m4es with sanctimonious phrases
"i defense of life."
R:.e Senate language, in fact, is it-
el ia defense of life since it allows
ec ral funding for abortions in cases
f O edical necessity, which the
renal House version did not. It also
eits payment for abortions in cases
f tape or incest. And what humane
ion can justify - on any moral or
e ious plane - forcing a woman to
ala daily reminder of a painful and
r t*l experience in the countenance
f child. Or foisting the infant off of
n optive agency where its chances
f & appy life are slim indeed.
kh is is the state to which the House,
prently wishes to relegate those
olden who are too poor to pay for the
peration themselves. Members have
istened unmoved to tales of the back-
lley butchershops these women will
ow be forced to resort to, since they
on't be able to afford good doctors.
On another level, House action on.
he abortion funding issue has created
series of inexcusable delays in pas-
age of the Health, Education and Wel-
are appropriations bill, to which the
bortion amendment was cleverly at-
ached as a rider.. House refusal to
ompromise with the Senate is
ringing HEW and Labor agencies
angerously close to financial crisis:
heir funding will run out on Friday if
he bill, rider included, isn't passed.
Representatives have used many
xcuses for tying up the bill.
here can be no compromise on
h,- sue of life and death," said Rep.
rt Bauman (R-Md.) grandly.
What, then, is the death penalty?
Whit is war? Yet Congress has rather
requently funded both, with hardly a
lualm. And the victims in those cases
vere grown human beings who could
eel: the pain the mental suffering --
iot tiny embryos without capacity to
hink, feel, or even to ;breathe unsup-

ly heard is, that "my constitu-
ents are against abortion, they don't
want to pay for it."
Actually, on most national surveys,
the issue is very close, and a majority
of Americans have indicated they are
in favor of abortions in the cases the
Senate has cited. So that reason won't
hold up either.
In a June ruling, the Supreme Court
stated that government need not finan-
ce abortions. Funding by Medicaid for
the procedure has been nonexistent
since August 4, except in cases where
the woman's life was endangered.
House legislation would remove even
this exception.
The 'Court, and more vitally, the
House - because it enacts the laws -
are playing high-handedly with issues
that vitally affect the lives of thousan-
ds. They are making decisions that
should be made by two people, private-
ly: a woman and her doctor.
What is worse, they are trying to
impose a medical funding system
which clearly discriminates against
women who are statistically most like-
ly to need abortions; poor women.
On this issue, there can and should
be compromise.

Wherefore art
Wal Wt er Mond
By JAMES GERSTENSANG That role last week prompted an he spei
unusual, public chastisement when Preside
WASHINGTON (AP) - Whatever Senate Democratic Leader Robert people b
happened to Walter Mondale? Byrd of West Virginia took him to consulta
Eight months ago he moved into task for failing to recognize the Re- Monda
the vice presidency, established publican leader, Howard Baker of sensitiv
what he called "a perfect relation- Tennessee, after a vote on natural discussi,
ship" with President Carter, and set gas pricing that the administration case.
off on trips to Europe and Japan as lost. It wa
the President's highly visible emis- The vice president's schedule has experie
sary. been replete with swearing-in cere- tality."
BUT IN RECENT weeks, the vice monies for ambassadors and other THE L
president has nearly sunk from administration appointees; political doldrum
public view, so much so that at least speeches in Pensacola, Fla., and Secreta
one of his staff members worries Columbus, Ohio, and fundraising ap- Mondal
that "in terms of strategy, it makes pearances in Washington. ' Page On
sense for Mondale to be a little more EARLY NEXT MONTH he will Eisel
visible than he's been." make a weekend trip to California, spoke w
While Mondale takes pains to Kansas, and Illinois - the last step about L
defer to the President, his staff will be the Chicago Columbus Day be up to
members are mindful of his public parade. the exac
image and the possibility that some- "There has been an increase in HOW
day he may run for the presidency political activities," said Johnson, dale m
himself. sitting in the vice president's office White H
Close aides to the vice president down a corridor from Carter's, while Lance,a
say he is as busy as he has ever been Mondale attended Carter's weekly cause h
in the Carter administration, but his breakfast for congressional leaders. trip in C
activities - advising Carter, attend- Pointing to such duties, one aide sota.
ing meetings with foreign officials, said: Howe
quietly lobbying the Senate, and has the
making out-of-town political speech- HE WAS ALWAYS involved in the the sam
es - are not likely to attract public base line sort of stuff that a vice since In
attention. president does ... but it is more visi- "He d
WHAT'S HAPPENED to Walter ble now. I don't think he's taking on any dim
Mondale? I don't know how many as many visible, public things, but said.
people are asking me that," said
James Johnson, his executive as-
"But the weeks since Labor Day
have been the busiest three weeks
since he came into office.
In the international sphere, Mon-
dale took part last week in meetings
Carter held with Egyptian Foreign
Minister Ismail Fahmy, Israeli
Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan, and
Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei
Gromyko._r zy;
dale has been urging his former col-
leagues in the Senate to support the
Panaa Canal treaty.
His much-heralded role in setting
U.S. policy toward Africa has les-
sened to some extent, although he is
still "keeping himself up to date on
the African developments," Johnson
On domestic issues, Mondale an-
nounced the administration's pro-
posal last week for expanded home
rule for the District of Columbia. He
is working with Carter on the admin-
istration's major tax revision plan,
expected to be announced within two ' £-,-'
weeks. a- , r'.4< -
HE TRIED TO shepherd the ad-
ministration's election law reform
package through Congress, but ran
head on into Republican and Demo-
cratic opposition that he could not

Working mostly on the telephone,
he has spent a considerable amount
of time in recent days fighting for
the administration's proposed crude
oil tax and against deregulation of
natural gas prices, -but he has met
with less than total success.
The Senate Finance Committee
rejected the crude oil tax and the full
Senate's moves toward removing
controls from the price of natural
gas forced Carter last Saturday to
raise the threat of a veto.
Senate-related activities on the tele-
phone, but on occasion fills his con-
stitutional role of presiding over the


rds more time
ant than ever befo
ring him more p
tion and advice.'
ale's staff is p
ie, and guard
rig his role in the
s, said one said,
nce with the s
is" were credite
ry Al Eisele as
e's disappears
e said the vice
ith Carter in ge
ance, but added
Mondale himsel
t role he played.
issed a number
louse meetings d
at least on one o
e was on a pri
,anada and nort
ver, said Eisel
same access to
e influence, that
auguration Day.
Doesn't feel ther
inution of his ra

e with the
re and more
roblems for
led, about
Bert Lance
"our first
siege men-
id "summer
d by Press
reasons for
ance from
e president
neral terms
that it will
f to disclose
D that Mon-
of crucial
dealing with
occasion be-
vate fishing
hern Minne-
e, Mondale
Carter, and
he has had
e has been
ole," Eisele

ori Gapczynski
If Zbigniew
:inski could
of the National
you may still
to make it to -
. And think of
i who became
But then he
o Gribbs.

Of tie irbiga r D ttt-iu



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JiMMY/ AMolk4& THE ELt)E4S

What's in a name?

Last Thursday, Daily Co-
editor Ann Marie Lipinski
wrote a heart-warming story
about a little girl who couldn't
pronounce or spell her name,
who grew up to be a big girl
who could spell and pronoun-
ce her name, but lived in a
world full of people who still
couldn't pronounce or spell
her name. Todav Ann Marie

czynski by marriage, so for most
of my life I lived unhassled as a
When the burdens and traumas
of being a Lipinski in the outside
world get to you, I recommend a
trip to Alpena, Michigan. There
you will be lost in the welter of
Gapczynskis (there are seven in
the phone book), Dziesinskis, Ci-
arkowskis, Brilinskis, Helenskis,
Idalskis, Januchowskis, Jarczyn-
skis, Jarmuzeskis, Kaczonowski,

I guarantee you could call of-
fices in Alpena and leave your
name and the secretary would
not ask you to spell it because she
would be a Lipinski married to a.
Sczukowski. It would be a real
treat for you to ask the secretary
.to spell her name to you! You
could go to McDonalds and be
waited on by Peplinskis and
Lewandowskis and Roznowskis!
When you stop for gas, you might
be served by a Rygwelski

* *
Dear Ann Marie Lij
Cheer up! I
Kazimierz Bzez
become Chairmant
Security Council,
have your chance
whatever you wish
Roman Grzybowsk
Mayor of Detroit.
changed his name t

iItI rIiw-"T ____________________

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