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February 14, 1978 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1978-02-14

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Somali leader fe
Cuban aid to IE

Campaigning Carl
Congressman Carl Pursell, Ann Arbor's man in Washington, stop-
ped by campus yesterday to offer first-hand obseriations on the fine
art of political campaigning. Speaking before Prof. Arthur Miller's
Contemporary Issues class, Pursell made no effort to hide the fact that
he intends to make another bid for his congressioal seat this year. A
veteran of over 10 years on the campaign trail, Pursell acknowledged
that campaigns are "not all issues, honesty, and integrity." However,
he did say that running for election can be "fun" and added that many
of his campaigns were launched after his "blood started turning" in
what might be described as, a fit of campaign fever.
Gone with the mail
Movie patrons Saturday, hoping to revisit Tara and shed a few tears
along the way, were disappointed to find "Gone With the Wind" just
that-gone..The film was lost in the mail, explained the Cinema Guild,
as they cancelled its showing at the Old Architecture and Design
Auditorium this weekend. Apparently University students will haveto
wait a while longer for Rhett to tell Scarlett...
Happenings.. ..
... the Spartacus Youth League will hold an all-day display of
revolutionary Marxist literature in the Fishbowl from 10 until 3 ... a
noon-hour program entitled "Booked for Lunch" sponsored by the Ann
Arbor Public Library will be held at the Main Library Meeting Room
from 12:10 to 12:50 p.m., the subject for today is J.R.R. Tolkin. . . Ann
Schlitt, the affirmative action assistant to President Fleming will
speak on "Affirmative Action Programs at the University" at noon in
the International Center Recreation Room. . . All students, faculty,
and staff are invited to meet LSA Dean Billy Frye at 4 in 1017 _angell
Hall today, refreshments served. . . the award winning documentary
film on the Attica Prison Rebellion, "Cages", will be shown at noon
and 4 in MLB 3 ... Steve Kerr of the Bedford Institute of
Oceanography at Dartmouth will speak on "Analysis and Description
of Ecological Systems" at 4 in 1528 C.C. Little. . . Professor Eric Stein
of the Law School will speak on the "European Common Market"
tonight in Lecture Room One of the MLB at 8.
Indian taker
Cherokee Chief William Redbird's 50-year tradition of presenting a
feathered Indian headdress to each newly elected U.S. President has
hit a snag with Jimmy Carter. The White Huse first told Redbird that
Carter could not accept the headdress because of a policy of turning
down all private gifts. Officials later relented and offered a White
House representative to accept it. However, Redbird wants a personal
appointment with the President. And time is running out for the 78-
yar-old chief, who lost his voice to throat-cancer surgery last month.
The White House now says the administration is trying to find a place
in Carter's schedule for the presentation. "After the bonnet was rejec-
ted, he just kept it inside. He didn't tell anybody or anything. He just
said, 'Well, he sent it back. He sent it back,' " said Della Dudley. A
former rodeo cowboy, Redbird lives in a senior citizens' apartment
with his wife, Edith, in Madison Heights, Mi.
Winter survival tips
If you are still experiencing some discomfort due to the cold
Michigan weather, these tips from Sherri Johnson, extension textile
and clothing specialist at the University of Minnesota, may be helpful.
Johnson says if your feet are still cold even when you are wearing your
warmest winter boots, your boots and/or socks may be too tight. This
can restrict blood circulation and make your feet colder instead of
warmer. She suggests wearing heavy wool socks that resisit com-
pression, leather boots to reduce condensation to a minimum, and
mesh insoles to allow ventilation under the soles of your feet. Johnson
also recommends wax-type-instead of oil-based compounds for water-
proofing leather footwear because the oil-based ones soak into leather
and reduce its natural insulating properties.
On the outside.. ..
Our luck is continuing weather-wise. Ann Arbor was narrowly
missed by a large, mean, and ugly winter storm that passed just south
of us and is now headed towards the East Coast. It passed, leaving us
untouched except for a light brush of snow. Today it should be mostly
cloudy and cold with highs between 24 and 27 and lows tonight of 10 to

By-The Associated Press
Amid the fighting in Northern Africa,
at least two African leaders are ex-
pressing concern over increasing
Soviet and Cuban participation in the
Somali President Mohammed Siad
Barre has called on every Somali who
can shouldera rifle to battle advancing
Soviet-backed Ethiopian forces in
Ethiopia's Ogaden region, official
.somali radio reported yesterday.
SIAD MADE the mobilizaation call as
a mass rally in the Somali capital
Mogadishu, telling the 200,000 crowd:
"Death is sometimes preferable to
life," the broadcast said.
Said said last week Somali troops
were being rushed to the Ogaden to
fight alongside ethnic Somali rebels
battling to wrest the area from
This was regarded by informed ob-
servers as making official long-

MEANWHILE, Sudanese President
Jaafar el Numairi, at odds with Russia
since he thwarted a coup by Sudanese
Communists in 1971, says the Soviets
are moving to take over all of Africa
and use East Africa as a base to "look
to the oil states"'of the Arabian penin-
In an interview Numairi said he is
"disturbed" by what he called a U.S.
failure to restrain the Soviets' activity
in Africa. So far, the U.S. has stood by
and "left the Russians to play alone in
the area," he said.
The Ogaden war, he said, is of special
concern to Sudan. He said that Sudan is
prepared to provide troops for a peace
force under the Organization of African
Unity or the Arab League to stop the
fighting there.
HE ASSERTED that the Soviet's "in-
tention is to take the whole of Africa,"
adding that the Soviet Union will
become an oil importer in the 1980s and
"The Soriets' 'intention

Numairi said
mediate target"
and charged th
there . . . trainin
in Russia and Ett
"It cannot stand.
He predicted t
let the Ethiopian
military power,
take it over by ot
sion behind the s
However, mil
region continu
Ethiopia, backed
aid, has secured
Harar and Dire
three weeks.
insurgents West
Front claimed a
on the outskirtso
had been repa.ls
forces still held .f
th of Diredawa
Somali border,

The Michigan Daily-Tuesday, February 14, 1978-Page 3:
is 0
ars Soviet-
1 Kenya is an "im- claims it had fallen.
for Soviet takeover, At Harar, Ethiopian commanders:
at the Russians "are told reporters that in a separate offer
underground sive to the north, the army has advati
g some of the Kenyans ced along the Addis Ababa-Djibouti
hiopia." - railroads as far as Medlo, or about:
L fall," he predicted, halfway from Diredawa to the coast.
Jijiga-45 miles east of Harar-is the
he Russians "will not chief objective of the Ethiopians at
d take over Somalia by present, and the heaviest fighting k
but they are going to taking place on that front, the con
her means, by subver- manders said. The correspondents
cenes." were taken to Fedis, a village of several.
itary clashes in the hundred huts 25 miles south of Harar_
ie on daily basis. and six miles from the southern front. - f
I by Soviet and Cuban COL. SEBLU Kebrat, the commari
the strategic cities of der there, said his forces drove the:
dawa within the past Somalis -from south of Harrar past:
Fedis in only three days, from Jan. 24 to.
WE broadcast by the Jan. 27.
ern Somali Liberation Signs of the battle were clearly visible
in Ethiopian offensive along the road south.
f Harar and Diredawa The wooden and mud huts of the
sed. The Front sait its nomadic Somali tribesmen were
Addaallal 55 miles nor destroyed or damaged. The walls of the-
and 40 miles from the mosque in Fedis were pocked with
despite Ethiopian bullet holes.

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is to take

the whole

Africa.' East Africa is
good base for them


look to the oil states.

9 95


lue Frogge
2/18 /78

Dissertation-Resume Specialists


Gaafar Numairi
standing Somali participation in the
five-month war in the Ogaden-which
Somalis claimed to control 90 percent,
before the current massive Ethiopian
SAID, the radio reported, criticized
the recent call by U.S. Secretary of
State Cyrus Vance for Somali forces to
withdraw from the Ogaen, and again
complained about Western refusal to
supply arms to Somalia despite enor-
mous Soviet and Cuban aid to its long-
standing rival.
"The Russians and Cubans can go
back home, but where does he (Vance)
want the Somalis to go? Where should
they withdraw to? Are they not in-
digenous people of the land?" said Siad.
;Western diplomats report there are
now a total of .4,500 Soviet and Cuban
personnel in Ethiopia. There are repor-
ts that 3,000 more Cuban soldiers are on
the way.



that East Africa, overlooking Red Sea
lanes vital to oil tanker traffic is "a go d
base for them to look to the oil states."
He said the Soviets would turn their
attention to Kenya and then his country
once they had consolidated their power
in Somalia, which expelled Soviet ad-
visers late last year after the Soviet
Union began pouring arms into
Ethiopia to help the Marxist military
Volume LXXXVIII, No. 112
Tuesday, February 14, 1978
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Michigan Premiere of the Highly Acclaimed Film
The Politics of Celebration
GAY USA is intended for gays and straights. For lesbians
and gay men the film is a joyuous document of the demonstra-
tions/celebrations they marched in or watched. It is a cata-
lyst-helping all gays come out for their constitutionally-
guaranteed Human Rights. GAY USA encourages gays to be-
come more vocal, more visible, open. Straight people learn
about gay life in a positive non-threatening situation.
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 15-7 & 9 P.m.
Modern Languages Building
Lecture Room 1
Co-sponsored by the Gay Academic Union and the Residential College. Funded with the help of
LSA Student Government and the Lesbian Advocates Office.


c.. w> ,rte '

Breakfast All Day
3 Eggs, Hash Browns,
Toast & Jelly-$1.55
Ham or Bacon or Sausage
with 3 Eggs, Hash Browns,
Toast & Jelly-2.15.
3 Eggs, Rib Eye Steak,
Hash Browns, Toast &
Jel ly-$2.45
Egg Rolls
ar A,

Home-made Soups, B~eef
Barley, Clam, Chowder, etc.
Home-made Chili
Vegetable Tempuro
(served after 2 pm)
Hamburger Steak Dinner
Fresh Sauteed Vegetables
with Brown Rice
Baked Flounder Dinner
Delicious Korean Bar-b-q Beef
(Bull-ko-gee) on Kaiser Roll
Fried Fresh Bean Sprouts
1313 So. University

.. yf
M sus \.


A career in law-
without law school.
What can you do with only a bachelor's degree?
Now there is a way to bridge the gap between an
undergraduate education and a challenging, responsible
career. The Lawyer's Assistant is able to,do work tradi-
tionally done by lawyers.
Three months of intensive training can give you the
skills-the courses are taught by lawyers. You choose
one of the seven courses offered-choose the city in
which you want to work.
Since 1970, The Institute for Paralegal Training has
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If you are a senior of high academic standing and are
interested in a career as a Lawyer's Assistant, we'd like
to meet you.
Contact your placement office for an interview with our
We will visit your campus on:

World Youth
Festival Tours 1978
While the delegation to the Youth Festival will be chosen by the U.S.
Preparatory Committee, you can see the 11th World Festival of Youth
and Students as a tourist. You will be able to participate in many of the
mass rallies and cultural events of the Festival and have a chance to
meet the thousands.of young people from all over the world who will
gather in Havana this summer.
In addition you will have a tour of Cuba seeing the sites and achieve-
ments of the Cuban Revolution.
There will be two Festival Youth Tours at the unbeatable price of
The first tour will take part in the first four days of the Festival and the
second tour will participate in the last four days.


Festival Tour I
Festival Tour I1

July 23-Aug. 6
July 30-Aug. 13

At Tel Aviv University you
can take courses in English.
then transfer the credits to
your college bock home.
We offer semester and
full year programs in Lib-
eral Arts. Natural Sciences.
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t I
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I 1
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