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February 11, 1978 - Image 8

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Michigan Daily, 1978-02-11

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age 8-Saturday, February 11, 1978-The Michigan Daily
U. of Wisconsin will sell stock
in companies with S. African ties

MADISON, Wis. (UPI) - The Uni-
v-rsity of Wisconsin Board of Regents
voted 14-2 yesterday to sell about $9
million of stock in companies with
holdings in racially troubled South
Africa as soon as possible.
Regents Arthur DeBardeleben of
Park Falls and Ody Fish of Hartland
voted against the proposal for prudent,
but rapid divestiture recommended
Thursday by the board's Business and
Finance Committee.
CAMPUS POLICE arrested three
people in a brief scuffle during a protest
by about 40 people in a hall near the
board room on the 18th floor of Van Hise

Joseph Mason, 20, Alexan
Phillips, 26, and Robert Pittman, 22,
of Madison, were charged with dis
derly conduct and released, a pol
spokesman said. Pittsman is a stude
but Mason and Phillips are not stud
ts, he said.
The demonstrators took the stairs
the 18th floor, removed hinges fromn
door to the 18th floor and confron
police, the spokesman said.
divestitute since Attorney Gene
Bronson La Follette said state 1
prohibits the state from investing
companies that discriminate.
DeBareleben challenged La Fol


te's opinion. Fish said the resolution
would tie the board's hands in investing
the system's $28 million in trust funds.
"The only thing we can do with this
resolution is put the money in a Mason
jar, cover it with paraffin and hide it
under Van Hise Hall," Fish said.


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in Jeres
to meet
By The Associated Press
Egyptian President Anwar Sadat will
discuss his stalled peace bid in Austria
today with the chief of Israel's op-
potition Labor Party, Shimon Peres.
Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky
disclosed the meeting yesterday in a
television interview, saying both men
had shown''a certainrwillingnessito
establish contact." There was no im-
mediate confirmation from Egypt or
THE EGYPTIAN president is on an
eight-nation tour to drum up support for
the peace initiative he began last
November with his historic journey to
Jerusalem-the first face-to-face
political confrontation between Israel
and Egypt.
Sadat had been scheduled to meet
Kreisky during a brief stopover in Salz-
burg. The chancellor said the Sadat-
Peres meeting became possible
because both men happened to be in
Western Europe at the same time.
While Sadat and Peres meet in Vien-
na, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem
Begin was to confer with U.S. Am-
bassador to Israel Samuel Lewis for a
briefing on the Egyptian leader's talks
last week with President Carter.

High anxiety Daily Photo by JOHN KNOX
This reunion of fine-feathered fowls may be a signal that spring is on the way, but the seedy-looking characters could be up
to fowl play in their rooftop rendezvous.
Milliken will run agarn

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(Continued from Page 1)
that gave him his slimmest margin of
victory," Fitzgerald said in Ann Arbor
"It doesn't change our strategy any. I
think the people are not satisfied with
the cosmetic approach to solving
problems. Behind the Milliken smile is
a record of mismanagement."
FITZGERALD also took advantage
of the occasion to blast the Senate can-
didacy of conservative Patterson. "It
scares me," he said.
"Brooks is a narrow, polarized,, one
issue candidate. The right wing of the
Republican party is certainly strong.
How strong it is, we'll probably see."
William Ralls, formerly of the public
service commission, now running for
governor, said the Governor choosing
his old running mate "is an example of
a tired stale administration that has
lost its imagination.
"IT REFLECTS a lack of capacity to
reach out to new people," Ralls said.
"Iy's a personnel problem. They're not
breaking any new ground."
East Lansing attorney and guber-
natorial contender Zolton Ferency,


reacting to yesterday's Republican
blitz, said L. Brooks Patterson "is a
long way from becoming a United
States senator."
"He's painted himself into a corner
on a single-issue basis," he said.
FERENCY SAW the Milliken re-
election bid as an opportunity "to go af-
ter the man who is responsible for the
poisoning of Michigan cattle."
But the Democrats were not the only,
ones who fired off against the governor
for his.unexpected choice of Brickley 'as
a running mate. Conservatives likewise
lambasted the incumbent for choosing
the liberal former lieutenant governor.
State Senator Jack Welborn called
the Brickley decision "stupid and
"THE GOVERNOR talks about
broadening the base of the Republican
party," he said. "Then he picks
someone who's more liberal than he
Welborn, formerly Ronadl Reagan's
Michigan campaign organizer, was
working on the Senate campaign of
conservative Hillsdale College



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Summer 1978 - Day Phone_
June 12 - Aug. 25

President George Roche III. However,
Roche, the best financed of the
Republican contenders, was forced to
pull out of the Senate race because of ill
Welborn said he would not support
Patterson's candidacy. "I wanted to
support George Roche," Welborn said.
"I don't see any difference in the
Republican candidates now. It's
tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum."
BRICKLEY, WHO is at the center of
the partisan crossfire, was Milliken's
first running mate in 1970. He dropped
out' of government after one term,
however, citing the ineffectiveness of
his office.
Many in both parties questioned why
Brickley is making a comeback, and
speculation centers on the possibility
Milliken could be naming his own heir
in case he decides to accept appoin-
tment to a national ticket in 1980.
Others simply attribute the Brickley
decision to a lack of viable alternatives.
"I THINK IT'S going to be an issue in
the campaign," said Michigan House
Speaker Bobby Crim. "The king is-
going to leave and he's picking his
Crim said the Governor "is going to
outside people" and ignoring qualified
Republicans in the legislative branch.
Milliken, formerly lieutenant gover-
nor to George Romney, was thrust into
the governor's office in 1969 when
Romney quit to become HEW secretary
to Richard Nixon. The Yale-educated
businessman from Traverse City won a
term of his very own with Brickley in
1970, and was re-elected in 1974 with
current Lieutenant Governor James
Dammon as his running mate.
Dammon is now running for the
Republican U.S. Senate nomination, the
only announced candidate besides Pat-
terson in the field.
DETROIT (AP) - There's nothing
like a circus to lift the spirits, and in
this city a record run by the circus is
being hailed as evidence of a dra-
matic crime turnaround.
More than 115,000 persons jammed
Olympia Stadium here in a recent
six-day runeof the Ringling Brothers
Barnum & Bailey circus - setting an
all-time record for the circus in this



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Fall 1978 - Day
Sept. 25 - Dec. 15

Spring 1979 - Day
Feb. 12 - May 4



Fall 1978 - Evening Spring 1979 - Evening Q
Sept. 19 - March 10 March 20 - Sept. 1

Psalms 2:1 and Acts 4:25

Alpha Omicron N

Before we started advertising our article in the Columbus,
Ohio paper, we received and responded to a request to send
our articles to a man in that city.
The man wrote us and thanked us for sending the articles,
saying he found them stimulating and enjoyable, however,
our concept of Christianity was quite a bit different from his
and it was seldom that he agreed with us. Also he wrote: "if
,you don't mind a word of caution, be wary that you are not
'using' God to justify your own wants and desire - many --
have.used God's Word to suit their own prejudices - a des-
picable feat, at least." Then he asked that we please write and
comment on his ideas. We reblied that we were not in a
position to comment on his concept of Christianity for the
simple reason that he did not tell what .it was nor point out
where ours was wrong., Therefore, we could not comment
nor were we in a position to "see the light and get right,"
provided we were wrong and it was he that was living and
walking "in the light and right paths." We stated we did not
consider it charitable to leave one"walking in darkness until
he falls in the ditch," especially since "the ditch of eternity" is
a little ways ahead for every soul that continues walking in
In regard to the word of caution: "Be wary that you are not
'using' God to justify your own wants and desires-- many -
have used God's Word to suit their own prejudices - a des-
picable feat. at least": Our comment was that we would have

years had often noticed when some were unable to answer
the facts and logic of an opponent, then they begin to attack
the other's motives and character regardless of their
knowledge of either, and to borrow his own expression that
appeared to be "a despicable feat, at least." Of course,
however, my correspondent would not be guilty of suchl
John The Baptist's message to prepare men for the com-
ing of Christ was to "flee the wrath to come," for Christ would
gather His wheat into the garner and burn the "chaff" with
unquenchable fire - if you call yourself Christian what do
you consider yourself, "Wheat," or "Chaff" - there is no life,
no spiritual life in "chaff!" The Apostle Paul was caught up
Into heaven and heard "unspeakable words" not lawful for
him to utter, and later, in speaking of "the judgment seat of
Christ," he said: "Knowing the terror of The Lord, we
persuade men:" and at another time he said he could "wish
himself accursed from Christ" in order that his brethren after
the flesh might be saved!
The great work for God accomplished by men like Luther,
Calvin, Knox, Bunyan, Wesley and others, began as a result
of their want and desire to be saved from their sins and es-
cape "eternal heill" Recently I read that mighty man of God,
Jonathan Edwards, said the cause of his beginning to seek
the Lord and to do His will was the result of meditation on
The Bible's message of hell fire for the lost soul that Jesus
Christ so often and so faithfully warned men, and then

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