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March 30, 1973 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1973-03-30

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Vol. LXXXIII, No. 142

Ann Arbor, Michigan-Friday, March 30, 1973

Ten Cents

Twelve Pages

"Massive fraud" has been found Ma
in this year's all-campus election,~
according to Election Director Ken ..
.Newbury, possibly invalidating the "I have positi
whole election. one has broken
A full investigation will be held system," he con
to determine whataction will be crap game,, so
taken in the election which ended the system."
yesterday and was termed "gross, "There's been
unbelievable and phenomenal" by bet my life on i
election personnel. Newbury refu
"As far as I'm concerned," said situation at leng
Newbury, "the election is absolute- fraud will be
ly null and void. I will not run it shows Student G
through any computer program to. members and I
tabulate results." reportedly stuffe



Sbe thrown out pending further investigation

ve proof that some- Newbury and Assistant Elections
down the election Directors Mat Dunaskiss and Bob
ntinued. "It's like a Bauer said secrecy was necessary
nebody has cracked at present to protect certain in-
massive fraud, I'd Newbury did, however, announce
t." some details of the alleged ballot
sed to discuss the stuffing at last night's SGC meet-
gth, saying that the mg.
obvious when he He reported that several series
Government Council in the sticker system, particularly
Daily reporters the the 3400 series, had been heavily
ed ballots today. used, and that the votes were, in

most cases, identical.
Newbury claims there are 200 to
300 ballots marked in this fashion.
Some, he said were stuffed for
other candidates.
Bauer characterized these votes
as "stray ballots to make it (the
fraud) look decent."
The majority of the supposedly
fraudulent ballots voted for man-
datory funding and constitutional
reform for SGC.
Mark Schare, a candidate for

SGC president, later revealed that
in a private meeting Newbury had'
with each of the candidates he had
been told that a small number of
these ballots had been cast for him.
Who the majority of the ballots
named for president is still un-
known. Newbury and Dunaskiss
refused to comment.
Paul Howard, who wrote the pro-
gram used for the computer that
will tabulate the election results,
claims that "the only massive

fraud would be made by the person
who had access to the magnetic
tape (used in computer tabulation)
and a supply of stickers."
Although Newbury would not
deny that interpretation of the
fraud, Dunaskiss called it "ques-
Newbury said the most likely ex-
planation of the fraud was that
someone had stolen stickers during
this term's registration and prob-
ably the receipts as well.
Whoever is responsible, said New-
bury, has apparently "screwed up"
the whole system so that all of the
See ELECTION, Page 8






Cops slam candidates
In a press release issued yesterday, the Ann Arbor Police
Officers Association slammed recent pledges by mayoral candi-
dates to fire Police Chief Walter Krasny if elected. The cops
were apparently referring to a promise made by Democratic
mayoral hopeful Franz Mogdis that if he wvere elected, Krasny
would definitely be on his way out; and to similar hints made by
HRP's candidate for mayor, Be Kaimowitz. The statement fur-
ther urged voters to elect "responsible, representative leadership
on Monday." With two candidates out of their favor, and Re-
publican James Stephenson the only hopeful who wants to retain
Krasny's services, we wonder who they were referring to.
Teachers axed
One hundred teachers and 17 administrators found themselves
without jobs yesterday as a result of belt tightening by the Ann
Arbor School Board. Director of School Personnel Stanley Vubel
told the Daily the cut-backs were the only way the school system
can meet its reduced budget. Larry Stewart, president of the
Ann Arbor Education Association, begged to differ, character-
izing the cuts as "the first concrete step to dismantle the Ann
Arbor Schools." His organization plans to file a grievance against
the board.
Franz hits back
Democratic mayoral hopeful Franz Mogdis hit back yesterday
at opponents who have charged that his drug control program
constitutes preventive detention. The proposal, Mogdis said, calls
for "voluntary, not manditory" urine tests for those accused of
property crimes. If the tests reveal heroin by-products and the
suspect agrees to treatment, normal bail would be reduced.
"There is absolutely no penalty for refusing to take the test or
refusing to enter a rehabilitation program," Mogdis said.
Proposal A boosted
No issue since mom and apple pie has attracted the almost
incredible across-the-board support which seems to be flocking
to the mass transit proposal on the April ballot. Yesterday no
less than 25 community groups-including ROTC students, the
} Tennants Union, the League of Women's Voters, and the Council
for Black Concerns-all announced their endorsement. The pro-
posal calls for a 2.5 mill tax increase to fund personalized door-
to-door bus service in the city.
Hash Fest notes
... a new wrinkle has been added to Sunday's Hash Festival.
Occuring on the Diag at the same time will be the first annual
Dog Orgy. Mysterious leaflets signed only with a paw print have
appeared around campus urging students to bring their dogs to
the festival to frolick with each other in conjugal bliss . . . and
various shady groups continue to add their endorsement to the
fest. Yesterday's entrys included the Birdland II Board of Direc-
tory ("you'll be hearing more from us"), Rudy's Raiders ("most
defeated I-M team on campus"), and the Allen Rumsey Ozone
Club . . . the Monday Night Boys of Oklahoma announced (with
regret) that travel expenses for the Ann Arbor Hash Festival
were spent and consumed for 10 lbs. of dope . . . and thanks to
the Flembeau Co. there will be a yo-yo contest along with the
other festivities.
Happenings .. .
+ are topped by Today's entertainment bargain of the
weekend: A Dance Party from 8:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. at Markley
4 Hall. New Heavenly Blue and the Mojo Boogie Band are featured.
Admission is a buck and it includes all the beer you can drink
for free . . . the New World Film Co-op is showing "Mexico:
The Frozen Revolution" at 8 p.m. at the UGLY Multi-purpose
Room. It's free . . . this morning the 50th Annual Undergraduate
Honors Convocation convenes at 10:30 at Hill Aud. Former 'U'
V-P and President of the University of Texas Stephen Spurr will
speak . . . it's visitor's night at the astronomy department feat-
uring "The Quiet Sun" (231 Angell, 8 p.m.) . . . and there is
international folk dancing at Barbour Gym from 8-11 p.m. Have
a good weekend.
Delayed reunion
' LONDON-A man who believed his mother was killed in the
bomb blitz in London during the Second World War has learned
she is alive after more than 30 years. Patrick O'Flaherty last
0 See TODAY, Page 9 0
On the inside . .
much-maligned basketball mentor Johnny Orr
spills his guts to basketball writer Bob McGinn on the
Sports Page . . . Arts Page features a "fantastic" photo of

W N. Viets
P:. with action
WASHINGTON (y - Presi-
dent Nixon last night clamped
a ceiling on retail and whole-
sale prices of beef, pork and
lamb - in effect freezing
them near current levels - in
a move to soothe consumer
unhappiness over soaring food
He announced the major eco-
nomic move in a prime-time broad-
cast address to the nation declar-
"The ceiling will remain in effect
as long as is necessary to do the
job. Meat prices must not go high-
er. With the help of the housewife?
anddfarmer, they can and should
go down."
Under orders Nixon gave his
Cost of Living Council, meat prices,
for an indefinite period, cann-^+It
exceed an index based on prices
for the past 30 days.
This means, economic experts-
said, that prices in effect arej
frozen at abouttheir presentlevel.
The meat price ceiling does not
apply to prices at the farm level-
j only to meat processors, meat
wholesalers and meat retailers. By
avoiding controls at the farm level,
V ~ officials claimed, they hope to
See NIXON, Page 12

Gunman in
Fahr case
Special To The Daily
MILWAUKEE-Police here think they have found
the missing link that connects interstate fugitive
Orville Leland Davis, caught by police in a gun
battle early yesterday, to missing University student
Melanie Fahr.
According to Deputy Inspector Kenneth Marple,
of the Milwaukee Police Department, investigators
have discovered a YMCA ticket issued in Toledo,
Ohio, Sunday, to a man fitting Davis' description.
The ticket was found in Fahr's automobile, a 1970
yellow Chevelle, which was abandoned by a gunman
early Wednesday morning in an exchange of gun-
fire with a Shorewood, Wisconsin policeman.
The discovery of the ticket, issued last Sunday
night to a man calling himself "John Tucker," sent
an Ann Arbor police detective racing to Toledo to
interrogate the manager of the YMCA.
The YMCA manager tentatively identified Tucker
as fitting the description of Davis.
According to the manager, Tucker checked into
the hostel Sunday night and left in the late after-
noon the following day.
See related story, Page 8
The evidence is considered especially important
because police and FBI agents have so far been
unable to get a good finger print of Davis from
Fahr's automobile.
Thus, the YMCA ticket may be the only link
police have between Davis and Fahr.
Though police are being cautious in their public
statements they are clearly working on the theory
that Davis, using the name Tucker, found his way
to Ann Arbor that evening, where he abductedsFahr.
Fahr, a 20-year old junior oceanography major
in the engineering school, is still missing and police
appear to be without leads as to her whereabouts.
Officers in Wisconsin and Michigan, and agents
of the FBI have launched an intensive search for
the woman.
The capture of Davis came early yesterday morn-
ing after a dramatic gunbattle in downtown Mil-
See SUSPECT, Page 8


Council passes
revenue budget

AP Photo
American base looted
A Vietnamese woman has her hands full as she hauls loot from Saigon's Camp Alpha, the main depar-
ture center for U.S. troops, which Vietnamese civilians stormed yesterday. As the last GIs were leaving
Vietnam, a mob carried off furniture, food clothing, and other goods before control was restored. (See
story, page two.)

Meeting in a gargantuan special session last night, City Council
approved a controversial 1.4 million federal revenue sharing budget.
The special session was called so that the Democratic-Human
Rights Party (HRP) coalition could push through legislation which
7 3 5!j might not be approved were a more conservative council elected in
next Monday's city election.
are this week's winning Council approved the budget and contractual agreements with the
lottery numbers agencies being funded by 6-4 tally as the GOP council members cast
the negative votes.
Republican council member Lloyd Fairbanks called the budget "one
of the biggest plunders of citizen tax dollars ever carried out."
Fairbanks described the vote as "an HRP victory."

-Mitchell appr
By AP, UPI, and Reuters gating thedaffair that he was told
SHINGTON - T h e by G. Gordon Liddy, reputed head
ngton Post and the of the bugging operation, that Mit-
ngton Star-News re- chell approved the xwire-tapping.


vealed yesterday that former
Attorney General John Mit-
chell has beenlinked with
the Watergate bugging at-'
tempt at Democratic Nation-
al headquarters.
The Post said that James Mc-
Cord, a convicted Watergate con-
spirator testified Wednesday be-
fore a Senate committee investi-

According to the Post story, Mc-
Cord testified that Liddy told him
Mitchell approved plans and bud-
get for the operation in February
1972, while he was still attorney
McCord also said that he knew
of additional illegal wiretaps, but
would not discuss them with the'
Senate Watergate committee un-
less he is granted immunity from

The meeting was to deal with a revised Model Cities budget and
unit prices for most city stores, but these items were deferred for
1 V!lack of time.
o vgUgixo The revenue sharing budget includes major appropriations for
care, health care, drug help.programs, and city debt reduction. Each
further prosecution. ed columnist Jack Anderson claim- of these areas received $200,000.
Mitchell denied McCord's char- ed yesterday that President Nixon Before last night's meeting, council had already appropriated large
ges yesterday, labeling them as gave overall approval for an "es- sums to the city Housing commission, the Concentrated Code Enforce-
slanderous and false. "I have pre- pionage - sabotage operation" ms B u the oice a n he Catent.
viously denied any prior knowl- against the Democratic party. ment Bureau, and .the police and fire departments.
vigoyrdenovedantpioknw-agaiSeveral weeks ago, council delayed action on the revenue sharing
ergate afa rivolement in aid ant Anderson wrote, "Our sources budget when the HRP council members demanded that $50,000 be apr
ergte ffar",Mithel sad, an say the President ordered an es- propriated for the Community Women's Clinic (CWC).
again reaffirm such denials." pionage - sabotage effort in 1971 pp
A report in this morning's Bal- after Sen. Ed Muskie . . . began That group hopes to provide healthy service, including abortions
timore Sun says that McCord tes- to pass him in the polls. The origi- and VD testing for women, on a sliding fee basis.
tified yesterday that White House nal purpose, they say, was to un- The Democratic councilmen, led by Mayor Robert Harris, opposed
aide Y. R. Haldeman was "fully dercut Muskie. Another early op- the CWC appropriation. HRP, with approval from the clinic supporters,
aware" of the Watergate bugging jective was to push Alabama's withdrew their demand rather than jeopardize the entire budget.
scheme before it happened. Gov. George Wallace and South CWC spokeswomen said that they would continue plans for the
Meanwhile, nationally syndicat- See WATERGATE, Page 12 clinic despite the absence of city funds.

City's race
for mayor

Daily News Analysis
If one were to take a map of this city
divide it on the basis of economic, political,
and sociological differences, one would
probably find that there is not one Ann
Arbor, but rather that there are three.
Three people want to be mayor of this
city and each has aimed his or her cam-
paign and image to attract the residents of

with Ann Arbor's small black ghetto, the
student community, compacted into a dense-
ly populated area in the center of the citty,
is an important prize for any left of center
But not all liberal sentiment lies with the
young. The professors, teaching fellows, and
others, who were drawn to Ann Arbor by

:: :.

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