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February 07, 1974 - Image 9

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Michigan Daily, 1974-02-07

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Page Nine

)rcist' provokes

HPC blasts Johnson

DailvhOffical Bulletin
Thursday, February 7,

4 IJ J(Continued from Page 1)
nausea ai Briarwood displeasure with a censuring of
Johnson. HPC will meet with him
(Continued from Page 1) to discuss the matter later this

I L4, m- A:«., ,.4.... I--- .- I-- 1---A

read the reviews in the paper, now I'm here to see," he commented. month.
THE MANAGEMENT was playing it safe. Barb Hendal, the mana- The policy committee feels that
ger said, "We hired two extra security guards with first aid training. law which states:
We also have an extra usher, with smelling salts and first aid training. "Student participation in Univer-
Between shows we'll check the theater and clean if we have to." sity decision making is important
The ushers were unimpressed before the show. Brian McAllister . . . and shall be encouraged.
scoffed, saving, "I think they overrated it." "The vice president for student
Don Pierce noted that the movie hadn't dampened any appetities. services shall assist students in
"People have still been going to the concessions stand, he added. promoting the establishment of
When the movie began the crowd was loose. When uinatural cir- ent partiechanisms for such stu-
cumstances began to appear' on the screen, people laughed nervously, JOHNSON SAID 1 a s t night,
as if they were afraid to be scared.
j These committees exist only as


"Th d e irector nas to be held Day Calendar
accountable for a final decision Indus. & Op. Engineering: L. Long,
just as I am held accouitable. U of Oklahoma, "A Priori Prediction of
Effective participation can never an Individual's Heart Rate Pattern dur-
be equated with final decision-mak- ing Periods of Varying Physical Stress,"
ing," e coninued W. Engin.. 8:30 am.
ing," he continued. Maternal, Child Health Film: "Hun-
"The policy board (the Office of FuriAmerl: 30SarshallSahlins 1,
Student Services Policy Board) of Chicago, "The Symbolic Constitu-
that advises me," Johnson con- tion of Production," Aud. 3, MLB, 3
cluded, "seems to understand this pm.
yet deern sch (HP er) w ith is a MHRI: S. Berl, Mt. Sinai Sch. of
Med., "Actomyosin-like Protein in the
creature of that committee seem- Brain: A Suggested Function in Trans-
ingly does not understand." mitter Release," 1057 Mental Htih. Res.
Inst., 3:45 pm.
LATER IN THE meeting, HPC tr. Early Childhood Dev., Educ.: H.
LATE INTHEmeetngHPCStevenson, "The Education of Young
passed a proposal to make Stock- Children in China," Schorling And.,
well Hall a co-ed dormitory ny SEB, 4 pm.
Romance Languages: F. Marquez,
admitting 150 men next fall. "Literatura y Moral en la Dorotea de
Also HPC ruled in favor of o-Lope de Vega," W. Conf. Rm., Rack-
'lo ICrld nfvro 0 ham. 4:10.
litical and non-profit solicitation in Int'l Night: So. American food,
he doLeague cafeteria, 5 pm.
the dorms.Women's Studies: "Women in the
The decision passed states that Reel World," women film maker's fes.,
Audi. E-170, P-A Bldg.. 6 pm.
any solicitation that is neither non- Romance Languages: "I Am Pablo
profit rnor political are not per-Neruda-" "The Inner World of Jorge
Luis Borges," Lee. Rm. 2, MLB, 7, 8:15,
mitted in the dorm. 9:30 pm.


BUT WHEN the first bloody hospital scene came on, two people
stood up and decided that was enough. Refusing to be identified they
strode grimly from the theater. That was the start of the exodus.
After the scene in which the possessed girl masturbates with a
crucifix, Jeff Pinson got up. "That's enough for right now," he ex-
plained. Later he ret'arned with a pale face. "It's an interesting movie,"
he stammered weakly.
James Kilgore left a few minutes later. He termed the movie
"gross." His opinion: "I advise people not to come see this movie."
DANIEL WILLIS was the next to go. Leaving with his wife, holding
hit child, he called the movie, "vulgar, outrageous and despicable.
Mary McKnight found the movie to be a little much. "I just wanted
to get out. It was awful, the worst thing I've ever seen," she blurted,
sobbing and heaving before being led to a restroom by an usher.
Wanda Palmer said, "I'm gonna get sick," before she stumbled out.
Later she returned though, "I don't know why, but I'm just going tot
face it."
THE CLINCHER was the fainting. Mike, who refused to be iden-
tified further, staggered out sick, into the lobby, where then witnesses
say he fell. "I just didn't dig all that blood," he croaked, his red hair
and overalls covering the floor of the lobby.
After the movie was over, most of the crowd filed out happy and
satisfied. But not all quite were so sure.
"It was okay, but I was nervous. If I had known what it was like
I wouldn't have come," said Ginger MacArthur.
On the other hand, there was Doug Bingham: "It was scary, sure,
and it was one of the best films I've seen."
- - - - --- ---
roblems plague projet
(Continued from Page 1) service will not pick up customers
munity where we and our children in the project site, and many pizza
can have easy, comfortable rela- rjc ie n aypza
can aveeasy coforablerel- Iparlors refuse to make deliveries i
tionships across racial and eco- p
nomic lines." to North Maple Park.
However in reality, she contends, -
"the physical set-up (at North
Maple Park) divides us very ef-
Helmke adds that due to these FUTURE
factors, "There is a high density LECTURE SE
of project adolescents feeling iso-
lated from and not responsible to
the community."RU
Helmke also emphasized that she Journalist, Author:
was not criticizing the tenants of
North Maple Park, but rather the the Camp
"power structure" in Ann Arbor
for "permitting a set-apart, in TUES., Feb. 12,
stant ghetto to be created."
MANY of the project residents
agree with Helmke's analysis.
"The newspapers have written TICKETS: Michigar
so many derogatory articles about and at t
us," says one tenant. "Now people
are scared to come out here. They info: 763-1107 (coming F
think we are monsters."
The Ann Arbor Yellow Cab taxi -

creatures of the vice president, and
the Office of Student Services!
doesn't say that they have to

Becoming a physician is a tremendous
Let us give you the job satisfaction
that shou o with it.

He went on to say that the by-
law does not deliver a mandate'
saying that these committees must
Thinking about the next
steps in your life?
Come to
Personal Planning
Workshop Feb. 16-17
Call 761 -0991
or 761 -2274
F uI 11 y accredited University of
SCHOOL offers July 1-August 10.
1974 courses in ESL, bilingual edu-
cation, Spanish, anthropology, art,
folk dance and folk music, geog-
raphy, government and history.
Tuition $170: room and board in
Mexican home $215. For brochure
write: International Programs, 413
New Psychology, University of Ari-
zona, Tucson, Arizona 85721.
RIES presents
Fear and Loathing on
aign Trail"
3 p.m.-adm. $1
IUM, Ann Arbor
n Union Ticket Desk
the door
eb. 21 : Margaret Mead)



Fall Ren talts
Deluxe 1-2-3 Bedroom Apts

Whether you're still in medical school with the
rigors of three to five years of graduate medical edu-
cation still to be faced, or are already a practicing
physician, it's our opinion that the Air Force can
offer both professional and personal satisfaction
hard to duplicate in civilian life.
An overstatement? Not if you consider the
Tfake the problem of graduate medical educa-
tion. It's a period of your life the Air Force can make
considerably easier with comfortable salary and liv-
ing conditions.
Creature comforts aside, the Air Force offers
professional advantages. Besides receiving training
in your own specialty, you'd be in contact with
physicians in all of the medical specialties. You'll
function in an environment which is intellectually
stimulating and professionally challenging.
Not all physicians pursue post residency fellow-
ships. But if you are interested, the Air Force con-
ducts them both in-house and at civilian institutions.
The physician already in practice can look for-
ward to other things. If you want training in the
practice of the medicine oi the future, you'll find it
in the Air Force. For example, there's emphasis on
group medicine and preventive medicine, and the
growing specialty of "family physician." Whatever
your interest, there are few specialties which are not
being practiced in today's Air Force.
The physician starting his practice in civilian
ife has to take into account the cost of setting up an
office The physician commencing his practice in

the Air Force does not. He finds his office established
for him. Supplies and equipment readily available.
He has many options available to him when treating
patients. For example, he can consult with Air Force
specialists. He also has referral to other Air Force
facilities via aeromedical evacuation. Last, but not
least, are the satisfactions that come with having
the opportunity for regular follow-ups, and a missed
appointment rate that is practically nil.
Whether you are already a physician, or soon to
become one, you might find it extremely interesting
to fnd out what the Air Force has to offer.We think
it could be a real eye-opener. If you'll mail in the cou-
pon, we'd be happy to send you detailed informiation.
J Air 1orce Opportuniner .( p
Peoria, L61614
Please send me information on the Air Force Physician Pro
gram. I understand there is no obligation.
Name ..--
- -Od C.. - .pi'mm
Sol Sec. # .. _ _iDaic ot Brth ...
Health Care at its best.
Air Force.


Fully furnished & carpeted
Garbage disposals
Locked storage
Live-in resident manager
Private underground parking-free
24 hr. emergency service
Burglar alarm system for each apt.
Cable TV-free

See Brent or Sharon Clark,
Apt. 10--769-5014


Pioneer's Best Stereo Receivers

o ~400.00
-y SX727
is Half Price... $


- -

Are you still
the way your
parents read?
In the first grade, when you were taught
to read "Run Spot Run," you had to read it
out loud. Word-by-word. Later, in the second
grade, you were asked to read silently. But
you couldn't do it.
You stopped reading out loud, but you
continued to say every word to yourself.
Chances are, you're doing it right now.
This means that you read only as fast
as you talk. About 250 to 300 words per
minute. (Guiness' Book of World Records
lists John F. Kennedy as delivering the fast-
est speech on record: 327 words per
The Evelyn Wood Course teaches you
to read without mentally saying each word
to yourself. Instead of reading one word at
a time, you'll learn to read groups of words.
To see how natural this is, look at the
dot over the line in bold type.
grass is green
You immediately see all three words.
Now look at the dot between the next two
lines of type.
and it grows
when it rains
With training, you'll learn to use your
innate ability to see.groups of words.
As an Evelyn Wood graduate, you'll be
able to read between 1,000 and 3.000
words per minute . . . depending on the
difficulty of the material.
At 1,000 words per minute, you'll be
able to read a tfxt book like Hofstadtler's
American Political Tradition and finish
each chapter in 11 minutes.
At 2,000 words per minute,
.able to read a magazine like Tim;7

When You Choose One of
Dual 1216 These Record Players
Flawless tracking at pressures as small as % of a gran $165


Dependable changer with adjustable anti-skating,
viscous damped cueing
Sony PS-5520
Single play automatic or manual operation with
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fPrices Inctr
/ (Irvin', .ian


When You Choose a Pair
of These Speakers...
EPI 202
Multiple element floor standing acoustic
suspension system w/ air spring tweeter
Marantz 7
Efficient 3-way system with sculpturred 6
foam grille and walnut enclosure
EPI 201
Bi-mordulr design featuring famous EP1
air spring tweeter


week and finish each page in 31 seconds.
At 3,000 words per minute, you'll be
able to read the 447 page novel The God-
father in 1 hour and 4 minutes.
These are documented statistics based
on the results of the 450,000 people who
have enrolled in the Evelyn Wood course
since its inception in 1959.
The course isn't complicated. There
are no machines. There are no notes to
take. And you don't have to memorize any.
95% of our graduates have improved
their reading ability by an average of 4.7
times. On rare occasions. a graduate's read-
ing ability isn't improved by at least 3 times.
In these instances, the tuition is completely
Take a free
on Evelyn Wood.
Do you want to see how the course
Then take a free Mini-Lesson.M The
Mini-Lesson is an hour long peek at what
the Evelyn Wood course offers.
We'll show you how it's possible to
accelerate yur speed without skipping a
sigle word. You'll have a chance to try your
hand at it, and before it's over, you'll actually
increase your reading speed. (You'll only
increase it a little, but it's a start.)
We'll show you how we can extend your
memory. And we'll show you how we make
c pter outlining obsolete.
Take a Mini-Lesson this week. It's a
-ur. And it's free.

ft -
I 7 I -
S I ' i\
~ . - j
r- /

And One of These
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Dual 1229
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Technics SL-1200
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BSR 810X
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""""sually smooth automatic operation


And a Pair of
These Speakers...


Marantz 6
Efficient 2-way acoustic suspension system
Altec 891 A
Large 2-way bookshelf system with walnut
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KLH 23
12"-24Vay acoustic suspension system with
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r; '
t' 3't
ii l!E V
7 ',I

\ '
' .i r ^


Pr"ices include a base, dust
cover, and cartridge.

Save on Stanton
Stanton Model 60 stereqphoies
so"d very good throughout
r - their very wide range, and they
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hack level controls, tape counter, pause cc'
Kyi indi"" iator and limiter , dual recuding mete
""k"tn "many more A really g eat buy a
S20 , we make it a super good buy at our sale' i ice,

Save 35.00 on a
Shure Cartrige
S $200
Tle Shure M-91 ED cartridge has
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(Carpenter Rd., Ypsilanti)I
LAST DAY: 3 P.M. or 7 P.M.

1 rln nln+ec

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