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October 31, 1973 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1973-10-31

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Wednesday, October 31, 1973


Page Three

Congress' f
claims CIA

irst report



New World Film Coop

WASHINGTON (/) - Coigres'
first official Watergate report
concludes that the CIA amd its
two top chiefs were "unwitting
dupes" in supplying disguises for
such improper acts as the burg -
lary of Daniel Ellsberg's psy-
chiatrist's office.
Rep. Lucien Nedzi (D-Mich.)
said "it is a little' more diffi-
cult" to assess the CIA's resis-
tance to being used to cover up
the Watergate in the first weeks
after the June 17, 1972, break-in
at Democratic party headquar-
Nedzi is chairman of the
House intelligence subcommittee
which issued the report yester-
Nedzi said "I'm personally
troubled by the inconsistencies''
in testimony by Vernon Walters,
deputy director of the Central
Intelligence Agency, on whether
he suggested a Cuban rather
than CIA involvement could be
used to cover up the break-in.
"But by and large :here was
resistance on the part of the
CIA to becoming involved,"
Nedzi said at a news conference.
"There is no objective evidence
thatpthere was a willingness to
The 23-page r e p o r t quotes
Walters as first testifying to the
subcommittee last May 16 that
when former White House Coun-
sel John Dean III first pressed
him for ideas he said: "Perhaps
the Cubans who were anti-Castro
might have had a hand in it but
the CIA did not."
Thereport said that is "in
sharp contrast" to Walters' testi-
mony to the subcommittee last
June 29 that:
"Ie (Dean) then asked if I
had any ideas and I said that
this affair already had a strong
aCuban flavor and everyone knew
the Cubans were conspiratarial
and anxious to know what the
policies of both parties would be
toward Castro. They, therefore,
had a plausible motive for at-
tempting this amateurish job . -
"Dean said he agreed that this
was the best tack," the report
Nedzi said he was not accus-
ing Walters or any other witness
involved in conflicting testimony
of perjury.

Chairman F. Edward Hebert
(D-La.) of the full House Armed
Services Committee said the CIA
as an agency "resisted every at-
tempt to involve it" in the -over-
"The CIA is absolutely clean,"
Hebert said.
The report also said that Dean
put "tremendous pressure" on
the then acting FBI director, L.
Patrick Gray, as well as Walters
to hold off investigating the first
evidence that campaign contri-
butions for President Nixon were
involved in the Watergate break-
Dean called Gray some 25
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Wednesday, October 31, 1973
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times in the two weeks between
June 22 and July 6, the reprt
said, to say pursuit of the so-
called Mexican connection might
expose secret CIA activities and
to hold off investigating it.
The rate of illiteracy for per-
sons 14 years and older - those
unable to read and write a simple
statement in English or any oth-
er language - was reduced by
more than 50 per cent during the
decade ending in 1969, according
to the National Education Asso-
21SFIFTH 1S.R AVE. 7 so
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. AP Photo
Rep. tor 'ui paper
Rep. William Keating (R-Ohio) tells a Washington news conference of his plans to resign from Congress
to become president and chief executive officer of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Keating will begin his
new post tomorrow, but his resignation from Congress won't be effective until Jan. 3.
South Vietnam claims entry
of North Vietnamese troops


SAIGON (Reuter) - Elements
of three North Vietnamese di-
visions have re-entered South
Vietnam in preparation for a
new offensive, the South Vietna-
mese military command said to-
A command spokesman said
units of North Vietnam's fifth,
seventh and ninth divisions,
which had withdrawn to neigh-
boring Cambodia after taking
part in last year's offensive, had
been spotted in Tay Ninh and
Binh Long provinces bordering
EARLIER yesterday the com-
mand repeated President Ngu-
yen Van Thieu's view that North
Vietnam might launch an all-out
offensive against the South early
next year if preventive measures
were not taken.
The spokesman, Col. Le Trung
Hi en, told, a briefing here there
were indications that the offen-
sive might take place but he
could not predict where it would
be directed or how intensive it
would be.
Answering a question, Hien
said: "To say that Saigon would
be threatened is not exactly true,
but it would also be optimistic
to say it would not because Sai-
gon is only about 60 miles from
Tay Ninh and Binh Long pro-
HIEN ALSO said the govern-
ment based its forecast of a Com-
munist offensive on information
on new Communist infiltration
of men and war materials from

both North Vietnam and from
neighboring Cambodia.
A government spokesman, Bui
Bao Truc, said yesterday South
Vietnam would accept a request
that trade unions from the Com-
munist side be allowed to com-
pete with labor organizations in .
South Vietnam with a number of
-conditions, including the with-
drawal of some 300,000 North'

Vietnamese troops from the
South. The request was made
here Monday by the Vietnamese
Confederation of Labor.
"The Viet Cong must first stop
its efforts to topple the legal gov-
ernment of South Vietnam,"
Truc said. "It must also put a
stop to violence and to is de-
pendence' on North Vietnam for
war materials."

Soviet Union
VIENNA, Austria (A" Bo.ios ied
by the United States and the
Soviet Union clashed yesterday at
the opening session of the confer-
ence on reducing troops and wea-
pons in Central Europe.
East and West Germany, side
by side around the green nego-
tiating table, were the main
speakers. Both were represented
by ambassadors.
WOLFGANG Behrends of West
Germany told the delegates they
should take account of the "dis-
parities and disequlilibriuns" be-
tween Eastern and Western forc-
es. The Soviet Unixi and its al-
lies have more men and tanks
in the area than the Western
powers, he noted.
Moreover, he added, it is eas-
ier to bring reinfor, cments from
the Soviet Union than from the
United States should circumstanc-
es demand it.

yes from United States and
clash over troop reductions

"These negotiations," he said,
"should therefore aim to ulti-
mately bring about, a a lower
level, an approximate parity in
the form of a common ceiling
for ground forces of each side in
Central Europe."

an equal quantitative rate."
The United States and 'ts al-
lies want movement toward nu-
merical parity but di omats saw
room for bargaining between the
two views.
OVER A MILLION troops are

THE OPPOSITE view came in the area immediately concern-
from Ingo Oeser of Easy Ger- ed: Germany, Poland, Czecho-
many. For him, and for the slovakia and the western part of
Soviets; the aim is to keep the the Soviet Union. According to
present relationship in troops and reports from Washington, th e
weapons between the two sides. first cuts sought by the West
"This could be done," he said, would affect fewer than 100,000,
by reducing forces and arma- about 67,000 Soviets and 31,500
ments at an equal percentage or Americans.
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4. shrimp newburgh
5. boeuf burguignone
6. rice
7. swedish meat balls
8. vermicelli
9. breaded veal cutlet
10. fresh garden green
.11. tarragon peas
12. eggplant parmesan
13. beef oriental
14. veal hearts
15. chicken giblets
16. cheese casserole
17. sliced beef
18. fried chicken
19. barbecued ribs
20. fried cod fish
21. black olives
22. greek olives
23. green olives
24. dill pickles
25. celery
26. carrots
27. green onions
28. crab apples
29. red peppers
30. radishes
31. corn salad
32. sliced cucumbers
with sour cream
33. sliced tomatoes
with fresh dill
34. red bean salad
35. greek bean salad
36. italian green peppers
37. greek stuffed eggplants
38. sliced beets
39. garlic sauce
40. herring
41. portuguese sardines
42. anchovies
43. cod fish caviar mousse
44. cod fish red caviar
45.liver pate
46. sliced Jambon
47. sliced salami
48. sliced cold turkey
49. chicken salad
50. russan fish salad
51. tuna fish salad
52. cottage cheese
53. sliced mushroom in
dill sauce
54. eggrolls
55. hot mustard sauce
56. stuffed eggs bonnefemme
57. Cole slaw
58. cold salmon
59. fresh tuna in soyu sauce
60. butter
61. home made bread
62. sliced tongue
63. horse radish sauce
64. chicken wings japanese
65. fried squid
66. smoked pork chops
67. potato salad
68. russian salad
69. macaroni salad
70. jellied fruit salad
71. tossed green salad
72. chef's dressing
73. french dressing
74. 1000 island dressing
75. russian dressing
76. tartar sauce
77. hot sauce
78. bacon crumbs
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81. sliced onions
82. eggplant salad
83. cocktail sausage
84. hors d'oeuvres
85. stuffed grapeleaves
86. greek feta cheese
87. swiss cheese
88. ceddar cheese
89. bread pudding
90. rice pudding
91. creme caramel
92. baked apples
93. house cake
94. peaches
95. mandarin oranges
96. orange sliced candies
917 bananas




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