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January 31, 1975 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1975-01-31

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Friday, January 31, 19759


Page Three




U.S. n(
American negotiators beli
they face serious and subs
tive difficulties in the Strat
Arms Limitation Talks (SAL
with Russia starting in Gen
today, a reliable source s
Although the U. S. delega
is understood to be optimis
the source said the talks
far from being concerned w
just ironing out minor tec
cal problems.
THERE WAS also some do
if the negotiations could
completed in time for the su
mit conference between Pr
dent Ford and Soviet Comn
nist Party Chief Leonid Bre
x nev in Washington in May, J
or July this year.
At issue is the tentative agr
ment which the two leaders
tablished last November
Vladivostok that both si
would limit themselves to 2,
intercontinential missiles
strategic bombers.
They also agreed on a li
of 1,320 missiles fitted w
multiple warheads capable
hitting separate targets, kno
as Multiple Independently T
geted Reentry Vehicles (M
BUT BENEATH this sim
agreement lies a complex nu
hers game of immense stra
gic importance, in which1
balance of strength of1
world's two superpowers
The biggest issue in Gen


yotiators fear

talk difficulties
- is likely to be over deciding source said.
eve whether or not a missile con- ONLY AN AGREEMENT on:
tan- tains the ultra-lethal MIRV, the verifying the deployment of
egic source said. MIRV'S will satisfy the U. S.
LT) "Until we are satisfied that negotiators, the source added.I
eva we -can verify MIRV deploy- The American side is con-
aid ment, we cannot sign," the cerned that Russia might un-
source said. derplay the need for cerification
tion BUT THE negotiators will by insisting that "national
tic, also have to decide if the mod- means" - ultra - sophisticated
are ern Soviet Backfire bomber, spy satellites - were enough.
ith now being deployed, is consid- The U. S. view is that Rus-
hni- ered a strategic bomber, like sia has an advantage in being
the American B-52 or its plan- able to read the congressional
ubt ned successor the B-1. record and other reports which
be Another complicating factor include details about U. S. stra-
um- is the cruise missile, a sophis- tegy.
esi- ticated jet engine version of the The United States currently
mu- V-1 used by Germany on Bri- has 550 MIRV'S installed or due
zh- tam during World War II, which to be installed in land-based
une could be deployed in long-range Minuteman III missiles, and
strategic roles. 496 Poseidon submarine mis-
ee- Under a definition by Secre- siles, and plans 220 Trident sub-
es- tary of State Henry Kissinger, marine missiles - a total of
in a missile will be regarded as 1,286, under the Vladivostok
des being a MIRV after it has been limit.
,400 tested and deployed.
or: SO FAR, Russia has tested THE MICHIGAN DAILY
MIRV'S aboard its huge SS-g- volume LXXXV, No. 101
mit 18 and begun to deploy the mis- edidand manag ys3u,1975
rithsil - imitd uderthe 972in-t the University of Michigan. Newrs
of terim SALT agreement to 313. phone 764-0562. Second class postage
own But Russia could also deploy epaid atAnn Arbor, Michigan 48106.
'ar- its new SS-X-17 or 19 missiles s a y Tuesday through
Sudymorning during the Ulniver-
IR- with MIRV'S in more than 1,096 sity year at 420 Maynard Street, Ann
silos built or under construc- Arbor, Michigan 48104. Subscription
rates: $10 by carrier (campus area);
ple tion for the earlier, single-war- $11 local mail (Michigan and Ohio):
um- head SS-11. $12 non-local mail (other states and
ate- This could put Russia er session puished Tues-
the the Vladivostok limit of 1,320,Suymeronuday ues-ng
>,day through Saturday morning.
the and effectively prevent the Subscription rates: $5.50 by carrier
is Kremlin from deploying MIRV (campus area): $6.00 local mail
missiles on its less vulnerable local mail (other states and foreign)
eva Delta class submarines, the

Price and Policy Changes
The Health Service prices have been revised
as of January 1, 1975. Some policy statements
have also been revised, particularly in the
charges for infirmary care. The infirmary will
now be charging for inpatient care from the
first day rather than the sixth. If you have
questions regarding any prices, call the clinic
in which you are going to be seen.
All individuals using the Health Service who
already have insurance are urged to re-exam-
ine their policy to ensure proper coverage.
Those who do not have health insurance are
advised to obtain some. Questions on Student
Insurance should be directed to the Student
Government Council Office; Blue Cross ques-
tions, contact the Ann Arbor Blue Cross Of-
fice; questions regarding other types of insur-
ance should be directed to the local agent
listed in the telephone directory.
And remember, for the most efficient serv-
ice, your ID card is required on each visit to
the Health Service
Problem, suggestion or complaint

AP Photo
Hunger strike
Relatives of 16 Irish Republican Army men on a hunger strike inside Portlaoise Prison near
Dublin begin their own hunger strike outside the main gate of the top security jail. The im-
prisoned men are expected to be moved to a hospital at Curragh Army camp where a 17th
man is already reported in serious condition af ter 27 days of fasting.
Viets may face crisis

about Health Service?


SAIGON, South Vietnam (P)
- President Nguyen Van Thieu
said yesterday that South Viet-
nam will face a crisis by the
end of the year unless Presi-
dent Ford gets the $300 million
in extra Vietnam aid he he re-
quested from Congress.
Military experts in Cambodia
said the Phnom Penh govern-
ment also will face a crisis be-
fore the end of 1975, running
out of rice and ammunition, un-
less Ford gets the $222 million

if a reduction of U. S. nid cutting traffic, the Saigon com-


11 U 1V4111V 11V11 Vl V. V. N2U i VNLL+lls Ll IA+l LV 111V V[.lls Vll VV1Li ' "

brought National Liberation mand reported. swtma:gee:img!isni-l : ::::: :.".:~::i.:.::*::::::...,::-:.:
Front (NLF) success in Indo- In Cambodia, insurgent forces DAILY OFFICIAL BULLETIN.
china. rocketed the Phnom Penh air-
But Robert Byrd, assistant port, damaging a fighter-bomb- :................................................................................
Democratic leader, disagreed, er, and the Cambodian navy Friday, January 31 Summer Placement
declaring that if the South Viet- sent tugboats to tow two crip- Day Calendar 3200 SAB, Phone 763-4117
namese and Cambodians want pled freighters from the be- WUOM:aGermaine Greer, author, Register in person or by phone.
more military equipment, "let sieged naval base at Neak Lu- The Female Eunuch, on "Popula- Lakeside Farm Camp, MI. coed.
more military equipment, ~~tion Control: The New Fascism," Wl neve ody e.3fo
them buy it." ong, 32 miles southeast of the 10 am.,Will interview Monday, Feb. 3 from
Despite stiff opposition from capital. The freighters were COS: B. Galler, "Design and Im- 9 to 5. Openings include general
Conres, Frd ayshe illcutofffro a ix-essl cn-plications of a Student Registra-I counselors, specialists in waterfront!
Congress, Ford says he will cut off from asix-vesselc Ition System" 2050 Frieze, 10am. Riding, western, and english, arts/'
fight for the additional $522 mil- voy that made it to Phnom Educ. Media Ctr.: Buy, Buy* crafts

lion in military aid hor South

in supplemental aid for Cam-
bodia he has asked for.
IN WASHINGTON, S e n a t e
Republican Leader Hugh Scott I
joined Vice President Nelson;
Rockefeller in declaring that
Congress would be responsible,

Vietnam and Cambodia.I
ON THE Indochina battle
fronts, NLF - led forces launch-
ed a half dozen attacks around
Saigon and Da Nang, South
Vietnam's two largest cities,
killing at least 15 civilians and
- --r

British Labor govt.
announces four year
austerity program


Penh early yesteray. CLIO Awards, Schorling Aud., SEB, Camp Sequoia, New York Coed.
Thieu told a group of report- noon. Will interview Wed. Feb. 5 from 9
emsinSagontht utsinU.. Chinese Studies: CREES; W. Euro- to 5. Age 20 and up. Openings in
ers in Saigon that cuts in U.S. pean Studies: Grey Hodnett, York eude waterfront, drama, arts!
military aid have reduced the U., "Succession in the Soviet Un- crafts, photography, ham radio, and
combat efficiency of the South ion," 200 Lane Hall, 4 pm. others.
Vietnamese armed forces by 60 University Theatre Humanities: Irish Hills Girl Scout Council,
per cent. He said $300 million I Mary Ellen Riordan, "Labor, Union- Michigan. Will interview Thurs.
pe cnieIzation Struggle: Search for Eco- Feb. 6 from 10 to 5. Openings in-
in supplemental military aid re- nomic Stability," Aud. 4, MLB, 4 dude waterfront, unit leaders,
quested from Congress by Ford pm. nurse, assistants.
is the absolute minimum need- Women's Swimming: UM Pur- Camp Tamarack, MI Coed. Will
ed to sustain South Vietnam's Men's Swimming: UM vs. India Interview Fri. Feb. 7 from 9 to 5
armed forces during intensi- Matt Mann Pool, 7:30 pm. Openings include waterfront, gen.
M t ManPooU7:0v. wCrsecounselors and specialists.
fied fighting. Wrestilng: UM vs. Iowa, Crisler
THIEU also said that Secre- Arena, 7:30 pm..Sports: Badman-
tary of State Henry Kissinger ton, volley ball, tennis jogging, ta- REFORM SA AT
told him two years ago that + ble tennis. Barbour, Waterman FR HBA
the Soviet Union and China Gym, 7:30-10:30 pm.
would reduce their supply of Indochina Peace Campaign:
"Michigan Aseembly to Save the
war materiel to North Vietnam 1973 Paris Peace Agreements," Hilly
and encourage Hanoi to abide Aud., 8 pm. sngin -discussion
by the cease-fire agreement Music School: string dept. re-
I and reach a political settlement.Icital, Recital Hall, 8 pm.
Int'l Folk Dance: Barbour Gym, FRIDAY an. 31
Asked whether the Soviets and 8:15 pm.i
Chinese were doing what Kis- General Notices
singer said they would, Thieu Students. February 21, 1975, (5:0030 . at
d s f p.m.) is the late date for the Win-
said thereporterscould see fr fwrfnd irr'p
se w eer.ter Term when Registrar'Office
themelve wheher he uder-will allow refund fora 50 per centLE-149Hl
standing was being observed. Withdrawal.

l endsa v.
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LONDON (MP - Britons are
going to pay more to do just
about anything, including just
plain watching television. j
A four-year austerity program
announced by the Labor govern-
ment yesterday warned of "in-
creases in the burden of taxa-;
tion" for the country's w o r k
force, and outlined measures to;
reduce dependence on import-
ed sources of energy.
ELECTRICITY in particular
is to be priced "realistically" -
meaning higher - to reduce de-
"and and produce capital need-
ed for future investment, the
government said.
British television viewers,
meanwhile, have been told the
cost of watching television is to
rise by up to 50 per cent April
1 to prevent "severe cuts" in
programming by the publicly
financed British Broadcasting I
The annual color, television li-
cense will cost $43, an increase
of $14.40 from the current fee,
while licenses for black and
white sets -will cost $19, an in-
crease of $2.40.
BRITONS CAN look forward
to better times in the n e x t
decade when, the government
said, most of the nation's cil
needs will be supplied from do-
mestic sources -- "a great ad-

vantage, compared with some
other industrialized countries."
The government's austerity
plan, announced in a W h i t e
Paper on public expenditures, is
aimed at reducing the balance
of payments deficit, estimated
at $8.9 million for 1974.


The document forecasts an
average growth rate of 3 per
cent and a virtual standstill in
the standard of living until 1979.
creased production will be the
main weapon against the pay-
ments deficit.t


Jan. 29, 30, 31

and Feb.


I, . M.

New investment was promis-
ed in industry, agriculture andj
manpower training, while sub-
sidies to nonprofitable national-
ized industries, such as the rail-
ways and some public utilities,
will be reduced by more than
The government pledged to
protect living standards for eld-
erly pensioners and the disab-

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delssohn Theatre
TAI N 8 P.M.
opens daily 10 a.m.





11:00 A.M. SUNDAY, FEB. 2
Our Speaker: MARTIN GOLD,
Associate Prof. of Psychology
"Some Reflections on Jewish Thought
in the Stewardship of American Jewery"
BAGEL &i LOX-75c

Full Contact Lens Service
Visual Examinations

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Kosher Meat Koop

meetings will

picking up, and
be every two weeks

at noon beginning
HILLEL-1429 Hill St.

Corned Beef and the Works
All you can eat-$2.00
H*ILLEL--1429 Hill St.
U. ofM.
WHAT: 20 Allied Health, Education,
and Social Welfare Careers




Growing Up Jewish in
20th Century Germany
Friday, Feb. 7-Sunday, Feb. 9

FOR: College Students
WHEN: Tuesday, February 4,8:30 a.m.-
4:00 p.m. Continuous Presentations



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