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November 15, 1974 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1974-11-15

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Friday, November 15, 1074


Page' Eleven

'ri dayIIIIIIIIIIIIIII o N ovem ber115, -1974 THE- M I HI A DA L a e E e e





Agase cites injuries, turnovers
as Boilermaker trouble spots

The famous Purdue MarchingE
Band won't make the Ann Ar-
bor scene Saturday for its usual
scintillating halftime perform-
ance. Fans will have to bersatis-
fied with 60 minutes from the
world's most erratic college
football team, the Boilermakers.
Purdue has risen to the
heights of victory over its peren-I
nial tormentors, Notre Dame's
Fighting Irish, and has turned
in impressive performances
against weaker opponents.
ermakers have also sunk to the
depths of inept defeat against
such recognized patsies as Duke
and Minnesota.

Whenever the Boilermakers
get their hands on the ball,
whether by a turnover or any-
thing else, they develop an over-
whelming urge to throw it.
Standing serenely behind his
wall of blockers, and scrambling
madly when that doesn't work,
sonhomore quarterback Mark
Vitali searches out open re-
ceivers and completes passes to

firmly established, the Boiler-
makers send in the infantry, led
by the best runner Purdue has
had since Otis Armstrong, tail-
back Scott Dierking. A frequent
ball carrier in Purdue's option
attack, Dierking has rushed for
597 yards thus far.
Mike Pruitt, a Chuck Heater-
size fullback, has been doing an
excellent job since he came off
the bench five weeks ago.
The defense has been much
more porous than the usual Pur-
due variety, but Alex Agase
could explain that too.
"OUR DEFENSE is very
young, and to make things
worse we've had a lot of prob-
lems with injury," he said. In-
deed, team leader Ken Novak,

"The reason we're so erra- them with a consistency that
tic," explains Purdue head leaves defensive coaches with
coach Alex Agase, "is that we

have a very uneven pattern of
turnovers in our games. If
neither team makes big mis-
takes, we play a very even
game, but that hasn't happened
much this season."

"If neither team makes big mistakes, we
play a very even game."
-Purdue coach Alex Agase

AP Photo
PURDUE'S OLYMPIC sprinter Larry Burton tries to evade Woiverine defender Tim Davis
in action during last year's game at West La fayette. The speedy wide receiver, poses the
biggest deep threat Michigan will face this fall. Burton, who runs the hundred yard dash
in 9.4, placed fourth in the 200-meters in the 1972 Olympics in Munich.
- - - -- -- -- --- - - --- - --- - ----- -

Evidently having analyzed
this problem often, Agase ap-................
plied his reasoning to the Boiler-
makers' most recent frustration, nervous tension headaches. an imposing
a defeat at the hands of Min- has been n




"We fumbled the opening kick-
off on the 17 and they got a
touchdown. In all, they scored
24 points on us because of our
IN CONTRAST, Purdue stole
three passes in its victory over
Notre Dame, scoring a touch-
down on one return and setting
one up with another. That illus-
trates another aspect of Agase's
"When we get the breaks we
move the ball and score. Some-
times we do get the breaks."

By LEBA HERTZ two losses to Denver.
The Michigan hockey team "Minnesota is still a good
hopes to regain its winning ways hockey team," Farrell said,
tonight as the Wolverines face "They're a real solid team-
off against the Minnesota Go- big, huge, very tough. I just
phers in Minneapolis. hone we don't make the bad
Last year's NCAA chimpions, mistakes we made last time
the Gophers are 4-2 overall and around."
3-1 for the WCHA season. Farrell has been shuffling his
"We're a young team," says lineup while preparing for the
Gopher mentor Herb Brooks. Gophers. He is going back to
"Only fifty percent of our per- last year's defensive pairings-
sonnel from last year are back. Dave Shand and Randy Tru-
We're coming along pretty well. dean; Greg Fox and Greg Na-
We're making sufficient pro- ( tale; and Rob Palmer and Tom
gress, but a lot of improvement Liindskog.
is needed. "The defensemen will not be
"The odds will be against carrying the puck this week-
us to reneat as NCAA winners. end," said Farrell, "Hopefully
We're again a team of all they won't get caught up the ice
Minnesota men. We're not the and end up in so many uncom-
favorite at a!." promising positions."
Four freshman defensemen "Palmer and Natale were
are in the Minnesota lineup, olaying together and they
while only six of the Gophers' were doing the best job. Pal-
forwards have seen action be- mer is probably the best de-
fore. The only experienced de- fenseman right now. In re-
fenseman is Les Auge. turning to last year's pairings,
Minnesota's ton line consists I hope the new sets will com-
of left winger Buzz Schneider, pliment each other and keep
center Mike Polich and right the mistakes to a minimum."
winger Warren Miller. Polich, Farrell changed the forward
a senior and three year letter- lines this week because of the
man, was the Gophers' leading injuries to Don Fardig and Ben
scorer last year. Kawa. Kris Manery is returning

t I
Y ,
T ;
. t

enabling Lindskog, who was not
getting passed to as much fromC
Moretto, to get the puck.
"We're dominating p 1 a y
more," continued Farrell, "but
we're not winning. We should
have come out with a split
against Denver. The losses put,
us in a hole."
O$0MU ti
to. cost
You can still watch the
the Michigan - Ohio State game1
in person this year - if you'
don't mind paying a mere $125
for tickets that usually cost be-
tween five and eight dollars.

- lack targets, either. Home town
t fans have a tendency to exag-
gerate the reported talents of
the local team, but when Purdue
partisans call split-end Larry
Burton the best pass receiver in
the world even the skeptics sit
up and take notice.
Double-covered or bogged
down in overshifted zone de-
fenses since the season opener,
Burton has still filtered through
and emerged at the other end of
a Purdue aerial on 33 separate
occasions for almost 600 yards.
Freshman flankers Reggie
Arnold and Paul Beery have
taken turns carrying in the
coaches' wisdom from the bench
and carrying the ball toward the
opponents' goal line, as they
have combined for 19 catches
netting just less than 300 yards.
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ankle since
game and is
That shoul
will need ai(
ines themsel
stop Michiga
The Boile
rive their
derisive tern
by Wabasht
due for an u
ratic season
gan looks a
State game,
team could
teresting tha
en Girl.

defensive tackle,
ursing an injured
the Notre Dame
finally back up to
d help, but Purdue
A from the Wolver-
ves if they are to
rmakers, who de-
nickname from a
n applied to them
C~ollege in 1889, are
upswing in their er-
ipattern. If Michi-
ahead to the Ohio
Purdue's football
be even more in-
n the smiling Gold-


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The Original Redwood Tree: Prior to 1857 all red-
wood trees \,re blue, and were caled bluewood
trees. One cay, while putting out a flash fire,
Robert Lnough-is-barely-acegLu cate Adams
emptied the Kinlenose reservoir onto the trees.
The heavy calcium deposits in the soil immedi-
ately rusted them. (Adams immediately left the
area.) The only ones to complain about this
change were some stray bulls. Seeing all this red
aboutthem, they began charging...and didn't stop
till they had run up a bill of over 78 dollars.
Burgie Beer: Burgie is origirial California beer. The
first great light California beer. A lightgolden beer
brewed with a true Western taste...and a weird
Western name. Just ask for Burgie. (If a man
answers, hang up.
Original California Beer
A light golden. beer
brewed with a. true Western tact, J he
- ~ great, light California beer.
7; ~12 Fluid Dunces
E ! N

defeated (due to OSU's loss to
Michigan State), ticket prices
have held firm Buckeye fans
still know the victor will likely
win the Pasadena trip.
If anything, the price will
probably rise slightly. Ohio
State's followers have not dis-


"The Schneider., Polich, Miller
line is our best forward line at
this point," said Brooks, "But
the others are contributing
pretty darn good. Our team de-
pends on balance, rather than
relying on any one man,"
Brooks said.
Brad Shelstad, Minnesota's
goalie who was named to the{
1973-74 Denver Post All-WCHA
Teamh, graduated last year. His
replacement this year is sopho-
more Bill Moen, who has a 2.7
goals against average thus far
this season.
Michigan coach Dan Far-
rell respects the MinnesotaE
team and its talent, but be is
hoping that his Wolverinea
squad can come back from its

to center for this series. Bill
Thaver and Pat Hughes will join
his line.
Gary Kardos, fully recovered
from a knee injury, returns to
the line-up this weekend joining
Dan Hoene and Larry Johnson
on that line.
"Gary is too good a hockey
player to be sitting around,"I
Farrell said.
In another switch, Gary1
Morrison will play right wing{
on the Angie Moretto and
Frank Werner line.
The Doug Lindskog, Dave De-
Bol and Randy Neal line re-
mains intact.
"DeBol is right handed," Far-
rell said, "Hopefully he will
pass to his left more often thus'

THE OHIO STATE ticket of- carded their national title
fice has already sold 88,000 tic- hopes, and realize that the
kets for a stadium which seats Michigan game is even more
just over 83,000. The tickets al- important now.
lotted to the University of For those who still desire a
Michigan have already been fun afternoon in Woodyland,
distributed among various UM now would be the best time to
Clubs, the players, and VIP ' get tickets. Even more infla-
Those ticket holders in Co- tion is on the way.
lumbus who would rather sell _ ____
their tickets than watch the
perennial powerssmeet are re-
portedly getting somewhere be- D C M E
tween $100 and $125 for their u T
cardboard gold mines.
One reason the price is so
high, even for the student sea If you are graduating
son tickets, is that OSU stu- in December you must
dents were given only one tic- o r d e r your CAP &
ket for the season, not a book GOWN no later than
such as Michigan sells. Thus, NOV. 19 at
students could not sell tickets
to only one game, without for- UNIVERSITY CELLAR
geiting their entire season pass. 769-7940
To make up for this loss, they
want more money for the last
game of the season.
The holder of such a ticket
can make a modest 2,400 per SUNDAY c
cent profit. S^ fAN11

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Ann Arbor.

122 East Washington Street,
Ann Arbor.
* 1_


Gridde Picks

DAILY LIBEL player-coach-owner-general manager Fielding H.
Feldman has been reprimanded by sports czar Bowie Rozelle
for "intimidating opponents."
The alleged intimidation occurred at the Libels' weekly
press luncheon. At the luncheon, the aging quarterback was
heard to say "Those Yomiuri Giants are in for a lot of
trouble. After being held to only 18-0 and 12-0 wins by the
Datum Technics, we're going to want a rout. I'd say 222-0
would be a good guess of the score."
The reprimand might never have hanpned, though, if
Feldman hadn't turned to a representative of the Giants, laughed
in his face. and given him a copy of the Libel playbook while'
saying, "a lot of good this will do you. Start praying, loser."
The nennlty will he that Feldman will not be allowed to turn


EVEN THOUGH both teams
will not go into the game un-
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stereo systems
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75c Lox-Bagel-Conversation
Topic: "Police and Social Protest in Israel"
6 p.m.-DELI
All you can eat for $2.00
1429 HILL ST.
Eugene Gilmer presents:
ve Unlimited Orchestra
A ...a- S* ato -I . - raa 1 a

--..a. " ,"" " "r"-"" " "
A lot of stores will try to get
you to buy the most expen-
" FULL SCIENTIFIC sive calculator they can. Not
" LOG, NATURAL LOG t h e University Cellar. We
actually s p e n d more time
" TRIG FUNCTIONS telling people to buy less ex-
pensive calculators than we
" SCIENTIFIC NOTATIONS do telling them to buy more
" MEMORY expensive models.
The University Cellar is your
" PARENTHESES store. We want to match you
" DEGREES AND RADIANS up with the calculator you
need and want. If that means
we sell you a calculator, fine.
If it means we don't sell you
a calculator, that's fine too.

in his gridde nicks this week.
1. P-ardte -t MICHIGAN
(nick score) .
2. Ohio St-te Rt Iowa
3. Michigan State at Indiana
4. Illinois pt Minnesota
5. Wisconsin at Northwestern
6. No. C0rolina St. at
Ari'~ona Stte
7. Arkana-+s -t SMU
8. Tex s Tech at Baylor
9. Bowline Green vs. So.
Mi~iscinni ^t 'Mobile

Tie was unavailable for comment.
I oisiana
18. Temmnle at West Virginia
19. Tulqne at Vanderbilt
Yomiuri Giants

New Vork 94. Clevelauid 89
Iiifft''n 11 ivBosfl l100

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