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September 13, 1974 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1974-09-13

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Fridgy, September 13, 1974


Pco§e Five


-- *---,-n-,-

Pick of the week:
Paper Aoon
New World, Nat. S. Aud.
Su., 7, 9
This fine, although somewha
erratic, quasi-period piece fron
Peter Bogdanovich returns t
town for the fourth time thi
year on Sunday - but it's nic
to see it again.
In keeping with his typica
pattern of "imitating" Holly
wood genres, Bogdanovich her
drags out some black-and-whit
film stock and creates a charm
ing little pseudo-'30s portrait.
Ryan O'Neal portrays Mose
Pray, a very small-time con
man who-comes to a little Kan
sas town to pay last respects
to an old flame - but finds by
graveside Addle, a shrewish
nine-year-old imp (played by
Oscar winner Tatum O'Neal
Ryan's daughter) who migh
just be his illegitimate child.
Forced .by circumstance to
give Addie a lift to Missouri
Pray thinks the con game rac-
ket is over for a while - until
he discovers that the cigarette-
smoking Addie is better at the
trade than he is.
Viewers of the new ABC tele-
vision series half-heartedly
based on this film will quickly
recognize the brilliance and ta-
lent imbedded in Tatum's strik-
ing performance. One charming
smile from Miss O'Neal is
orth a thousand from Jodie
Ester, the refugee from Tom
awyer who muddles through
he part of Addie on the air-
-David Blomquist
* *
Nixon and Checkers
College Democrats
Fri., Alice Lloyd
Now that he's gone, it should
~interesting to relive the video
Abut of Richard M. Nixon. In
92 the now ex-president gave
TV speech (one of the first
ide that TV was used for a
litical campaign) defending
iiv'self against allegations
ade by the opposition concern-
nI campaign finance.
It is interesting to see the
oung Nixon, heavy beard, shif-
eyes and all, talking about
irty politic. It becomes evi-
ent about halfway through the
inln that the man is paranoid.
e hasn't changed at all in
wenty years.
The climax comes when the
oung senator tells his audience
at his wife (Pat-you remem-
er her) had a good, honest,
epublican cloth coat (what
bout the diamonds?).
A real tear jerker for those
ho still think that he is inno-
-David Warren
Miss Jane Pittman
U-M Audio Visual Ctr.
Schorling Ad., Ed School
Fri., noon
The Autobiography of Miss
iam Pittman, a made for TV
daptation of the book by Er-
est Gaines, is a poignant por-
rait of a black woman who
urvived 110 years in a society
hich denies her claim to hu'
atity and robs her of every
ers6n she cares about.
Cicily Tyson as Miss Jane
ill knock your socks off with
er sensitive portrayal of a wo-
an born in slavery, aging
killfully across a century and
catapulting with grace and dig-
ity into the civil rights strug-
les of the 150's.
The film lacks the guts and
~ore and alienation needed to
je a big box office draw, but
is a humane experience that
Bnrits attention from a wider1

-Marnie Heyn




lines so badly only the wretched
"Raindrops" musical sequence
can make you feel worse.
Director Hill, who once engi-
neered the excellent Henry Ori-
ent (1964) and Period of Adjust-
ment (1963), is the perfect cap-
tain for the Newman-Redford

s everyone's name is Johnson. eoDeath Wish,- although featur- i The movie has its faults and
There he meets a has-been gun- ing pointless murder after mur- slow moments, however, Tiger
l fighter, the Waco Kid, and to- Campus der by Charlie stone-face in an Lily is an interesting and fun-
- gether, with some community One of France's most produc- absurd attempt to curb city viao- ny document of what a comic
e help, cleans up the West. tive film directors, Claude Cha lence, has been doing smash box genius was doing before pro-
e Some great performances liv- brol, has completed Wedding In office everywhere it plays and ducing his real masterpieces.
en up the flick. Harvey Korman, Mood to mark his 37th picture in will continue to do so through -Ira Mondry
as the villianous Hedley La: only 17 years of movie-making, the fall. Do yourself a favor * *
s marr, is great. Gene Wilder, as Wedding is an intriguing story and don't patronize garbage like M Little Chickadee
The Kid, is also at his best. revolving around two married this, and wait until the day
Cleavon Little, playing the overs who decide murder is the when movies will be made again Couzens Cafeteria
s sheriff, is subtle and very easiest, if not the only, way out instead of cheap sensationalis-
clever. of their complicated romance; tic stuff like Death Wish. Fri., Sat., 8, 10
But the award-winning per- the consequences of this doomed Directed by Michael Winner, One of the funniest men to
formance comes from Alex plan are devastating in idea yet the picture also features hope ever live was V. C. Fields. He
, Karras, as the dumb but soul- slightly tedious to endure on the Lange in a three-minute role made dozens of hilarious films,
t ful Mongo. He reminded me of screen. k that gives her more time than of the funeChickadee is one
a big Maron Brando. first-rate treatment of some sec- she deserves, Vincent Gardena Fields plays a charlatan, as
-Da id Ware frs-rtetrat en o s mese-tivseth oly vaidperform-usaa d M e W tply a
-D d r ond-rate Hitchcock. There is angives inthe monly.vie d astherli usual, and Mae est plays a
evidence of the Chabrol bril- charge of the vigilante inve school teacher in the Old West.
ost Horizon liance so remarkable in his gation who sprts a wisecrack- he scenes between them are
Cinema 1973 Le Boucher and also the ing attitude. full of double entendre and a lot
Fri., 7, 9.15 characteristically twisted Cha- -Michael Wilson of laughs.
Frank Copra's lavish Lost brol psyche exhibited in his The sight of Fields conning
Frazonk(19C salavsmost or 1968 Les Biches. everyone in town, drinking, and
r Horizon (1937) is almost fortyi Stephane Audran, the star of The Groove Tube trying to lure West into bed, is
years d but this entertaining Boucher, lends her mysterious- Fifth Forum classic comedy. Of course West
S and absurd melodran'a lbout lyevocative presence to Wed- rebuffs Fields all the time, but
Shangri-La still doesn't look a ding along with co-star Michel T op a t cntkn it doesn't make any difference.
- day over 21. Picli the very talented and heres Popp? It contains This film is an opportunity to
Adapted from the James Hil- highly inventive star of count- something to offend nearly ev- see one of the old masters at
ton novel concerning a plane gless Bunuel films as well as ' erybody, no matter who you his best.
forced down into a mysterious last year's Le Grande Bouffe. 'are. But its also wildly funny -David Warren
t and peaceful hideaway some-( Wedding is a bit narcisstic in spaces and i a beautiful . *
t where in Tibet, Lost Horizon for Chabrol and suffers in the roasting of the bland dreadful ;
catapults the viewer into a two lovers' passion when it pap which comprises commer-' Francois Truffau
' charmingly unreal place where t should be basking there The cial television. . . Weekend
people never age and there's result is a mixed-up lover's The short film is set in a Cinema Guild, Arch. Aud.
always a handful of grapes quarrel with a tragic ending number of short skits, many of Fri., Shoot the Piano Player
around whenevr you feel like' which parody familiar televi-Sa.StlnKse
rudwhevryufe11 and almost no explanation as to '~knnf~rmta g Sat., Stolen Kisses
rel xing why there was more hugging , s i o n formats. Predictably, Sun, Such a Gorgeous Kid Like
The perfectly stellar all-star th erem wasn mre hugging there's a Sex Olympics skit, Me
than mugging. The traditionallyte a exKOtyh ps
casts features Ronald Colman chilling Chabrol has turned in th f s ntr , 8:g45, 10:30
as Conway, Sam Jaffe as the issur seea a former participant describing The three films exhibited in
ts ie tC btisthed ctio. TeFrIen ef e this Francois Truffaut weekend
n J a yin her en he . t ter t c eChabrol is bt alia is blasted by The Kramp clearly show the decline of the
C playin ) thsoned-ou the than no Cart ath s.e n
Ca.-Michael Wilson EayLbKthes masterful French director from
Jane W att, that wonderful i But this film is noporathet n
"Mol" from Father K wrsSeed squeamish. When Itsaws it in I us ofnthevearls '60's."o
Best,a as a few takenlines t our- TmarindSaeye August, a number of patrons hapaettlyeautd m Fid
Stesv of director Capra, but hitis Michigan walked out after an episode aged man of the '70's,
iJaffe (remember when he play- The key to understanding this about a new miracle substance Truffaut's later work, although
ed Dr. Zorba?) who steals the picture is right on the second called "Brown 2", brought to professionally executed, seems
show. His wooden dialogue and ! credit slide: "Co-produced by you by "Uranus Corporation,
wordly attitude remind one more Lorimar Productions, Inc." where everything comes out aA RR V
(of a deranged mental patient Loimar, in case you've been.! little different in the end." O T VF
thana piesty Lrvabuthisstaying away from CBS lately,: Still, if you're not offended byi
t ihai rietly andasphtictehd is the sickly'sweet firm respon- National Lampoon humnor you're
smile compensates for any lack ible for the a d v e n t of 1 bound to find a great deal of: TEXT U
of real talent. The film is a "warmth" on TV (The Watons, it funny.
sure-fire winner, and not to be, Apple's Way). -Stephen Selhst AERRIVIN
missed. Well, here in Tamarind Seed,
-Michael Wilson Lorimar and director Blake Ed- hat's U Buy an
- * wards try to bring "warmth" to
your local movie theater, too. Tiger Lily?
Clockwork Orange Julie Andrews portrays a Brit- Law School Film Series FOLLI
i sediatrics Nat. Sci Aud , ish government secretary who 100 Hutchins, Law Quad
Fri., Sat., 7:30 9:30 falls in love with a Russian spy, Fri., 7, 8:45, 10:30 State Street E
This movie is, in short, a ine- and manages to talk him into Although this 1966 film was
iaic maserwhor , Dieor defecting. There's a happy end-
matc masterwork. Director ing, of course, and tears flow Woody Allen's second attempt
Stanley Kubrick is an artist at movie making, it was the'
and technician whO worries TahenoneFalls. first one in which he was in to- WOODY ALLEN'S
about every frame of film, and .an IniFafi lt tal control. (His 1964 What's
here, as with his Dr. Strange- "aerwth" m drves is a Pussycat script was so
love, he has produced a flaw-godrlholder ss watered down by executives
less picture where every de- good cold shoulder. that it bore little resemblaCto
--David Bonquist :ta tbr itersmlnet
! tail is correct. .-D * * his original.) Tiger Lily is an
The movie takes place in the outrageous, absurdly funny film
near-future and is about Alex 'Death Wish that will appeal to Woody Allen In this, his first film,
(played by Malcolm Mcflowell), The Movies, BriarwOod freaks in particular. Japanese s movie an
a young tough, and his gang of ° Death Wish features Charles Alen took a second-rate Jap- - oJpesewspyo moiegan
ruffians. An indication of Xu- Bronson as the New York City anese spy-thriller, removed all logue, without regard f
brick's genius is that the view- vigilante who has to stand by the sound, and dubbed in his the screen. Result: total
er somehow identifies and sym- and let his wife's death at the own. The result is a film where 7, 8:45, 1
pathizes. with Alex, an obviously hand of street psychos go un- there are often marvelous in-
despicable person. avenged. His daughter, raped congruities between sight and FRIDAY,
An important concern of the and brutally beaten during the sound.
film is the Skinnerian concept attack, has been left a perma- The plot concerns Phil Mos i. 100, Hutcihn
of behavior control, an idea re, nent vegetable as well but the cowitz, an Oriental secret agent, LAW STUD
pellent to Kubrick - yet the al- police seem to be doing nothing and his efforts to thwart evil by NON-LAW ST
ternative as presented is not about it. Well, thinks Bronson, obtaining the world's best re-
particularly pleasant either. somebody should. cipe for egg salad.
The answer is left open to the --
individual viewer, and this as- - :..

battleship; he salutes them on
positively uninspired when com- once looked like promising tal- time with the proper and effec-
pared with his earlier master- ent in the backbone of one TV- tive close-ups to cover up any
works, The Four Hundred Blows ; turned-movie director George reason for the two stars to act
(1959) and Jules and Jim (1962).' Roy Hill, the man responsible ;even meagerly if at all. Watch
In Shoot the Piano Player for last year's slick Sting and, for- TV's Lerch from the Ad-
(1961), Truffaut is at nearly the year before, a disgusting dar's Family in an incredibly
peak form. The film, a sort of - adaptation of Slaughterhouse hysterical cameo role during
mock American gangster mov-' Five. the first 15 minutes,
ie, stars Charles Aznavour as Hill threw away his profes-
the pianist hero. At his b e s t Hs-MichaelWilson
Truffaut's style has the look sionalism in accepting these
of a seemingly divinely-inspired last thlee assignments, and sold
improvisation. With a light- out to cigar-chomping phony
hearted gaiety, Truffaut trans- Hollywood executives that en-
herte tiesty of Une ma's gineer sucker campaigns which
neuroses into a modern exis- involve milking box office suc-
'tnuroses to amoer.eiscesses like Butch for everyE;
tentialist poem. dime before Television makes
Far less successful is Stolen an offer they can't refuse.
Kisses (1968). Starring J e a n- Thus Butch Cassidy graces
Pierre Laud as the protagonist r ewn sren r w a
(the actor who played the boy our viewing screens for what
in 400 Blows), the film is color- seems like the' 19th time and
ful and witty at times - but it's still the same boring cast
the whole movie finally bogs with the same mechanically
itself down with, the sort of sen- profound William Goldman THIS WEEKEND
timent, and cliched romance:!screenplay about two "groovy" 8:30 $2.50
bank and train robbers in a FRI. SAT.
that Truffaut should have known RCA RECpR'
well enough to avoid, hurry to get to the cemetery., A I dR,
Katherine Ross, the outstanding DAVID AMRA
Bottomiing out the festival is idiot of the cast, delivers her
Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me
(1973), one of Truffaut's weak-
est efforts. The movie is com-
pletely unsurprising and pre-
dictable almost from start to
finish as Bernadette Lafont Have a flair for
stars as victimizer of a series artistic writing?
of men, most notably Charles f you are interest-
Dennern reviewing
Denner. poet rand msi
Only Truffaut's much better or writing feature snger-Fonqwriter
Onlystores ab o t te Agreat classical, jazz, and
and latest work Day for Night stria o abae t the A t sc z n
adltswokDyfoNih drama, dance, film folk musician. One of the
(1973), just finishing its run of arts: contact Arts hits of the Mariposa Folk
commercial theaters, gives E d it or, c/o The Festival
Truffaut fans hope for the fu-v G Michigan aIay
tune after the woeful Gorgeous'- Ei iu tu
Kid.; '1MiSI

-Jeff Sorensen
Butch Cassidv
The Movies, Briarwood
Butch Cassidy (1969) marked
the directorial downfall of what

U ------_________ A


d Save

Saturday 1:15 pem.
"The Voice of Michigan Football for 30 Years"


nd of the Diag


u pU
Woody Allen takes a
d dubs in English dia-
or what's happening on
0:30 p.m.
SEPT. 13
s Hall, Law School
UDENTS $1.00
Law School Film Series

Sept. 16 Sept. 17 Sept. 18
Reform 7:15 p.m. 10:00 a.m.
(1429 HILL>
Orthodox 1:15 p.m. 8;30a.m. 8:30 a.m.
(1429 HILL)
Conservative 7:15p.m. 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m.
Mendelssohn )

HILLEL--1429 Hill St.
Reservations by 1 p.m. Friday - 663-4129



pect of provoking thought, as;
well as being fine entertain-
ment, is what makes Clockwork
Orange such a superb film.
-Ira Mondry
* 1I

Thie Whole World Needs To Be Reformed
University Reformed Church
1001 E. HURON (at Fletcher)
Classes: 9:30 a.m. Worship: 10:30 a.m.
Communal Supper for Students:5:30 p.m.

1-3-5:05-7:10-9:15 p.m.
12:45 pn.

Tonitp at 7 & 9 p.m. ONLY
1:15-3:10-5:05-7-9 p.m.

Lihazing Saddles
I'SO Movies, Briarwood
Mel Brooks is a crazy man.
- has been crazy for a long
ine. -He was the man who
~rought you Got Smart, The
roducers, and now the biggest
>OX bfflce comedy of the year, I
3lazing Saddles. This film has
very bad joke, pun, and sight
ag of history.
A black man working on the,
ailroad becomes sheriff of a
mall, but racist town where

TG-Sept. 13
8:30 P.M.
Medical Fraternities



"A slave, accused of stealing sheep, was hang-
ed from a tamarind tree; he protested his in--
nocence, saying that the tree would vindicate
him. Since then the tamarind tree has borne a,
seed in the shape of a man's head."
-the legend of the Tamarind Seed



Israeli Dancing
SUNDAY, Sept. 15,
12:30 p.m.
HILLEL--1429 Hill St.

WCBN89 Im and WR(N Rockin 650
-The campus broadcasting network-
Positions Open in These Departments:
k sales record and tape librarians
publicity production
news disk jockeys
Come on Down-
We're Interested in YOU!




^ p%4#,

L~h1~Technicolor 0
A fi4 +v 4 M P4o.u - "From Warner Bros.GA Warner Communicatibns Company



Shows Tonight at 7 & 9 ONLY
1 -3-5-7-9 p.m




ouzens' Film Co-op
Mw Little Chickadee

THE YEAR!" -Andrew Sarris, Village Voice

a _


I _.. 'J5° .'.a... . .._....S'e: °.,. s 4 ,?f a .a

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