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November 13, 1970 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1970-11-13

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Page Six


Friday, November 13, 1970



can use skills and degrees in Education,
Econ., Mkt'g., Bus. Adm., sciences, agricul-
ture, architecture and the trades, as well as
Liberal Arts.
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I rPen nantis

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The clinic was only recently
granted a license by the depart-
ment of Health, Education and
Welfare to dispense the drug to
addicts for a long period of time.
Methadone on a short term basis
is available from doctors who can
legally prescribe it.
As treatment for heroin addic-
tion,hmethadone is designed to
switch the user from addiction to
heroin to addiction to the new
and more easily controllable drug.
Methadone is taken orally, and
the patient can be given increas-
ingly smaller doses - and event-
ually none - without suffering the
classic symptoms of withdrawal
from heroin.
The new drug alleviates an ad-
dict's desire for a high by in-
ducing one which is not as potent
as that induced by heroin. Con-
sequently, the physiological needs
of the patient are largely taken
care of, but he is able to function
more easily under the new high
than under the heroin one.
One doctor at the clinic, Jerry
Walden reports 80 per cent suc-
cess in the cases of addicts who



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agree to undergo long term meth- avoiding the pain of withdrawal,
adone treatment. But most ad- Walden adds.
dicts, he admits, find the heroin And Walden points out that
high too enjoyable and resort to while it is possible to use heroin
methadone only when heroin is safely, "statistically it just doesn't
not available. work out as a safe thing to do."
Getting a heroin addict switched To the danger of overdoses and
to methadone is not the last step impurities, he says, is added the
in methadone treatments, h o w - danger of contracting serum hepa-
ever. Kelsew says the final part of titis, which one doctor at Uni-
any successful treatment program versity Hospital says is becoming
- that which leaves the former an increasingly, serious problem
junkie able to cope with life with- in Ann Arbor. The disease, which
out recourse to drugs - cannot damages the circulatory system, is
be accomplished in the black com- usually contracted from dirty
munity without a positive commit- needles.
ment of funds to help blacks once But even "keeping your needles
they are off heroin. clean," says Walden, is not t h e
best insurance against hepatitis
And therein lies one of the for it can be transmitted through
major obstacles preventing m o r e the heroin itself, which cannot be
widespread help for the b 1 a c k sterilized.
community. "There are no black The chemical irritants that
powers-that-be to help," Kelsew cause veins to collapse are also
maintains. "There is no reason to difficult to keep out of heroin,
kick (the heroin) if you are black. Walden explains. Another doctor
There are no jobs." at the clinic, Edward Pierce,
Even if an addict does not kick points out ,however, that damage
his habit, Walden says, a junkie done to veins by heroin is usually
can maintain the same dosage for not permanent.
a lifetime. Without a slight daily Walden, who has seen and giv-
or weekly increase, however, the en limited treatment to around 80
user will eventually fail to get his addicts over the past year and a
high and will only succeed in half, says the personal tragedy of
--___ --addiction goes far beyond the phy-
sical ill effects.
"You can't have a trusting re-
1%!0 A Dl Inlationship with anybody w h e n
INU, INFOR TIU you have to spend your whole life
running after $30 or $40 a day,"
he maintains.i
Dr. Derek Miller of the psy-
chiatry department at University
eks of pregnancy are Hospital agrees that the addict's
k State. There are no problems extend well beyond those
t coperaing ospialsof simple physical addiction. Cit-
cooperating hospitals ig the need for vocational treat-
onsent of' the patient ment centers and other therapu-
sician is required. tic measures which are not cur-
rently available, he points out
pennconsult your that the majority of heroin ad-
regnant, yudicts have no wish to stop using
Early abortions are drugs.
Miller says that treating an ad-
dict simply for the addiction is
or professional assist- missing the point. Heroin addicts
eregistration into are psychologically disturbed, he
iate e aon: explains, and Miller consequently
linics, telephone: advocates treating the causes of
the addiction as well as its symp-
IMATION AGENCY, INC. tother agency dealing w it h
th STREET drug problems - though not pri-
N. Y. 10024 marily with heroin - is Drug
Help, Inc. Located at 302 E. Lib-
10 P.M.
_S A WEEK_ _hezt CrepeI

erty, this clinic is a 24 hour walk tion for the city police to investi-
in and telephone service, which gate.
can be reached by dialing 761- Discounting allegations that the
HELP. Police Department is not con-
While Drug Help is theraputi- cerned about the apparent growth
cally most concerned with hallu- in heroin use, Krasny says, "Ob-
cinogens like LSD, it provides in- viously we are concerned. The fact
formation to the youth commun- that we are not making arrests is
ity on all drugs. Heroin addicts are a nominal part of the concern. The
referred to the Summit Street problem is to get to the sources of
Clinic, the heroin."
Sue Heidrich, who works pri- Some critics of police action on
marily with the telephone service, the heroin problem say that more
says that calls about heroin prob- arrests could be made based on
lems are in the minority of the the increased number of larcenies
30 or so calls a day the c l i n i c believed to be committed by junk-
receives. "They have been increas- ies trying to finance their habits,
ing, though," she says. Although Krasny and the detective
One of the organizers of Drug acknowledge the increase in the
Help, Matt Helm, says his organ- past year' in breakings and enter-
ization is trying to dispel the ings, the police chief says it is
idea that heroin addiction is a impossible to be certain that hero-
terminal illness. in addicts are responsible for
While the city has not estab- crimes unless they are caught in
lished its own drug clinic, Mayor the act and can be proven to be
Robert Harris says he is trying to heroin users
secure funds through the federal Discussing the change in living
Safe Streets Act to aid financing styles, the detective says, "You
of the Summit Street Clinic. Har- never used to have students living
ris admits there are several ob- together in houses as they do
stacles hindering this funding now. More things can occur now
plan, but he believes this 'strategy without anything seeming unus-
"will all pull together." ual.
- Another avenue of drug help The officer also claims that de-
may be to get parents of addicted tection is difficult because s o m e
children together, Harris says. And dealers make their clients imme-
Police Chief Walter Krasny says diately "shoot-up" on the spot the
that it would aid police in curb- heroin they have just purchased.
ing the heroin problem if parents However, all of the local street
would give information to his de- junkies say this does not occur.
partment about their children's Working in a different manner
use of the drug, than local law enforcement agen-
"People who have information ties, the White Panther party has
will not work with us to make an initiated an anti-heroin program,
apprehension," Krasny laments. still in its early stages. Through
Several difficulties occur in try- their magazine, "Sundance," t h e
ing to arrest large volume heroin Panthers have launched what they
dealers, he says, explaining that term an "educational war" against
dealers who are arrested often es- "death drugs."
cape legal proceedings by fleeing "The pig drug has taken Janis
before results of laboratory tests (Joplin) and (Jimi H endrix and
on confiscated substances can be as far as the pigs are concerned it
used as evidence by thedpolice, can take the rest of us, too," says
The suspect cannot be detained Bill Goodsen, a coordinator of the
while the test - which can take party's "anti-smack" campaign.
up to two weeks is being run. The Panthers cite heroin and
This year the police have a re- amphetamines (speed) as the
cord of 87 cases involving hard main threat to the solidarity of
narcotics, Krasny says. One de- the youth community. In Ann Ar-
tectiveon the force, however, bor, they are working with Tribal
notes that only four arrests in- Council, an ad hoc coalition of
volving heroin have been made local youth and student groups,
this year. And only one of them, to combat the spread of these
he says, was a dealer. drugs.
This inability to make arrests Heroin dealers will not be ex-
stems from two major problems - posed to the police, Goodsen says,
lack of coordination of area po- but the campaign will utilize all of
lice agencies and a change in life the financial resources available
styles - like communal living - to the youth community.
among young people in the area This program, like the others, is
which makes heroin detection dif- proof of one significant realiza-
ficult. tion. Heroin is here. It is not safely
The city police have no special confined to the inner core of
drug squad, Krasny says, and con- large cities or to Ann St. It is on
sequently, the detective division State St., on South University, in
has the responsibility for under- high schools and junior highs. Ef-
taking investigations into cases forts to deal with the problem
involving heroin. Washtenaw have subsequently e m e r g e d
County has a drug squad, the through drug help clinics, but
chief adds, but he explains that they have made little inroads intr
this agency only provides informa- the drug using community. T h e
clinics either cannot effectively
reach a large majority of the users
or the users themselves are not
eople present interested in kicking their habits.
Perhaps the biggest problem is
that too little is being done to
help individuals before they take
S ch ee r heroin in the first place.
w --w





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