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October 06, 1970 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1970-10-06

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Page, Six


Tuesday, October 6, 1970 I

Page Six THE MICHIGAN DAiLY Tuesday, October 6, 1970 ~'

Disorder laws may not cut aid
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*}-: ti{ ..:: attoi'ney Craig Christensensad
"Legislation this summer creat-
ing a new misdemeanor of disrup-
tion for which state aid is to be
revoked could technically be ap-
plicable, but its constitutionality
is doubtful," he said. "But under
these laws it would be virtually
impossible to convict anyone and
prosecutors don't think it's likely
to be used."
~ '. . >Along with the uncertainty of
inepe-ihe lw as been thefiure
of the University to form any
& machinery to deal with it. Until
July When Christensen took over,
Di ector of Financial Aids Ronald
Brown was responsible for seeing
that governmental scholarships
were administered in compliance
with the amendments. However,
"with a sigh of relief," Brown gave
responsibility to C h r i ste n s en.
Christensen now operates as "a
s01rt of record-keeper" on matters
of conviction, according to Smith.,
but Christensen disclaims that.
Thr'-ral no system exist-
ing at present to deal with mat-
ters such as these," he says. "Per-
-Associated Press haps there should be, but this
whole legislation is quite distaste-
gging on the Presidento
fu o ues."ito i ut dsat

Ruling backs
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The- University, in suspending
the employes, cited violation of a
portion of its contract with the
AFSCME local which reads: "The
union and its officials will not,
directly or indirectly, cause, sup-
port, or condone, nor shall any
employe or employ-s, directly or
indirectly, take part in any ac-
tion~ against or any interference
with the operations of the Uni-
versity during the terms of this


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761-01 10
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Union local president Charles1
McCracken said the union "was
not pleased" with the decision he ;
said he would be interested in
studying the arbitrator's report to
see which comparable unauthor- t
ized strike situations, he referred
"For every hundred cases he
came up with which were decided1
in this way, we could probably
come up with another hundred
cases which were decided in, favor
of the union," McCracken said.
The decision of the arbitrator
is now binding on the employes.

-Associated Press
Getting pinned
Astronaut James Lovell, left receives a pin yesterday from Soviet
Cosmonaut Andrijan Nikolajew in an exchange at the 21st annual
congress of the International Astronautical Federation in West


w--w- .r

A demonstrator who had hurled two eggs at a car bearing Presi-
dent Nixon during a parade yesterday, runs down a Dublin street
as security men give chiase. The egg struck the car's, windshield.
Search groups formed

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ing and decide on the method of
student selection.
Sussman said that he is op-
timistic that Fleming will accept
the faculty's recommendation in
its entirety.
"I will recommend the proposal
to President Fleming myself," said
Sussman. "I don't anticipate any
trouble whatsoever.
The original ratio proposed in
the socialtwork school of three
students to 6 faculty reached
Thursday night was considered in-
adequate by the SWSU.
On Sunday, SWSU m e m b e r s
met with faculty and negotiated
an increase in representation to
four students.
"We will consider this to be a
highly unsatisfactory arrange-
ment," said SWSU spokesman
Rick Friedman, "but due to the
constraints placed on us, it was
necessary to proceed reluctantly at
this point. Any more of a time
delay could feasibly hamper the
development of the social work
Friedman said that the purpose
of the additional student was to
give more adequate representation
tothe various groups of the school,
and he said he hoped that Flem-
ing would adopt such a view in
making his decision,
"If Fleming doesn't agree to the

proposed increase which has bee
approved by both students an
faculty of the social work schoo
we may have to resort to con.
tingency planning to take appro
priate action, and we don't war
'to have to do that."
"I wouldn't be shocked if h(
r e f u s e d the recommendation,
Friedman said, "but it would b
very unfortunate if he did."
freeze asked
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to the class, but rather be a par
of the original figure, the de
crease in available places will b
at the expense of middle clas
white students who have becom
qualified on a highly competitiv
"The college will uidoubtedl
come under some criticism fron
irate parents and others," Spu
Spurr said, however, that th
college has maintained its hig
admissions standards because a
minority students have also bee
admitted on a highly competitive

SUMMARY OF ACTION TAKEN BY Approved: A motion on SGC Proced
STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL ures for Forming New Governments.
AT ITS MEETING . Adopted: A guideline established b
SEPTEMBER 23, 1970 -#Victor Gutman and Rick Perlman out
Appointed: Nancy Chapman, Person- lining the activities of the guard a
nel Director of SGC. the S.A.B. and other S.A.B. securit
Approved: That the following organi- measures.
zations be given recognition: FASSIT Approved: A resolution requestin
(Fly America's Super Sonic T r a n s- that Student Government Council sup
port); The Student Association; Mich- port the objectives, methods and ac
igan Student for Milliken; Citizens tions of the ad hoc Student Group o
United for the Vote at 18; Ride Switch- Committee Effectiveness as enumerate
board; Committee to Allow Students to in the Action Plan for Increasing Stu,
Register at Their Schools. dent Influence in Decision Making a
Approved: That SGCrequest that the theeUniversity of Michigan. That Bi
Student Organizations consider a Thee be appointed liaison to determin(
position to aid student organizations by further action of SGC in aiding th
advising on finances and on ways to above Committee."
raise money. Approved: Whereas: The Regents ap
Defeated: To amend the SGC-CSJ proved the report of the Academic At
Constitution (May 1, 1970) by adding fairs Committee of the Senate As
the following Section to Article IX: sembly and the relationship of ROT-
G. The Judiciary may, upon request of to the University; and
some party, decide any jurislictional WHEREAS: This report was wholel
dispute that arises between two or inadequate, and by its "moral neutral
more University judicial bodies and ity" and real-politic was taking a posi
concerns a sturlent, groups of stu- tive political measure to legitimate th
dents, or student organizations as a ROTC and keep it on campus; and
defendant. Roll Call Vote: No: An- WHEREAS: The report called for th
derson, Clay, Martin, Nelson, Oesterle, institution of a University wide com-
Scott. No: Thee. Wilson, Zimmerman. mittee to (a) evaluate and approve ap
Approved: That SGC allocate $500 to pointments to the ROTC staff (b) sup
the B,A.M. Martin Luther King Fund to ervise the curriculum of the sever
be deposited in the First Independent ROTC programs and (c) mediate inter
National Bank of Detroit instead of nal ROTC disputes; and
the Martin Luther King Fund con- WHEREAS: President Fleming h a.
trolled by Vice President Allen Smith. asked for SGC to submit a panel
Roll Call Vote: Yes: Anderson, Clay, six student names from which he sha.
DeGrieck, Martin, Nelson, Thee. No: appoint two in accordance with th
Wilson, Zimmerman. report proposal;
Approved: That SGC allocate $30 to Approved: MOVE: SGC refuses to ac
the .Bbrtar Board for expenses: Yes: in complicity with the politics of th
Clay, DeGrieck, Martin, Nelson, Thee. Board of Regents and declines the in
No: Oesterle, Wilson, Zimmerman, vitation of President Fleming to nom-
Approved: That SGC allocate $200 to inate members to the proposed ROT'
Ozone House. Roll Call Vote: Yes: De- Policy Committee;
Grieck, Martin, Nelson, Oesterle, Thee, FURTHER MOVE: That SGC appoint
Wilson, Zimmerman. the Administrative Vice President t
That Dale Oesterle be appointed lia- write President Fleming and inform
ison to determine further action of him of our refusal.
SGC in aiding Ozone House. Roll Call Vote: Yes: DeGrieck, Mar-
Approved: That SGC loan $250 to tin, Oesterle, Scott, Thee, Wilson, Zim
Student Mobilization Committee to be merman.
paid back (before all other debts) by Approved:
January 31, 1971. Yes: De Grieck, Nel- WHEREAS: The grave situation Ir
son, Oesterle, Thee, Wilson, Zimmer- the Middle East has reached a criti
man. Abstain: Clay, Martin. cal point;
. That Paul Teich be appointed liaison WHEREAS: United State continue
to determine further action of SGC and increased involvement in t h a
in aiding Student Mobilization Com- area has raised significant questions;
mittee. WHEREAS: The issues involved ar
Approved: A motion on modernization of great importance to all Americans;
of the Voting Rights Legislation. RESOLVED: That SGC join with

iThis aversion may be due in
part to the awkward position ad-
ministration officials are placed
-in. Assistant Director of Financial 21,.STT T
Aids Dale Hyerstay calls it "a
deadly middle between the gov- M.Payroll Checks
ernments and students." But more U.
important, it results from their
dislikeoftelgsain cashed here
"My position is that there may'
be reason for removing students
n from the University, but I don't
id believe in doing it by this discrim-
d inatory action," says Brown. Most
other officials involved with the
issue agree, suggestingthat a Phone OPEN 9-6 MON 9 9
It greater penalty is imposed on
those who are dependent on gov-{ 761-8816
ernment financial aid.
"It's just plain crummy," says
, Christensen. "It uses the blludgeon NO GIM MICKS
ie where it shouldn't be used-it's
extremely unwise and extremely
That the amendments are im- COUPON COUPON COUPON COUPON
practical appears evident. At vir- SpecialCOPNOU NCUONOU N
tually no major institutions h a sEvPi1] 5 oz.
federal aid been terminated Every Day Price 12 oz.z. o2.O75oz
C through these acts. In -addition,
no major universities in the state
have reported revoking aid under
state provisions. CG R T E C P
-t Rep. Edith Green (D-Oregon) CAPRELL
in a, speech last week said that3PKGS MOUTHWASH TOOTHPASTE SHAMPOO
~8400 students hadc aid revoked un-3MOTW S
s der federal legislation in the past SHAMPOO
le year. However, some of these were
e students whose aid had expired
for other reasons.
ly Of the three Michigan schools C Sz SC A9
M she mentioned, both Muskegon
rr Business College and Northwood Family Large r Extra l r
Institute' said that the students Size Size Lare Flavors
e mentioned had graduated, andSiet
h that this was the cause of the dis- NO LIMIT Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1,Expires 10/12/70
11 continuation of their air. The
n third school, Mid-Michigan Com-
'e munity College, could not be COUPON COUPON COUPON COUPON COUPON
reached. 10's 20 oz1 00's 50's 25's
f- other campus groups to co-sponsor a
teach-in on the issues involved in the
y-dl Middle East Crisis to provide Aneua
t- tional forum where the views of all
t sides will be discussed; COLD CAPSULES ANTISEPTIC TABLETS
calls upon the University to provide
g Hill Auditorium for such a teach-in; C
point Dale Oesterle to work with other Family9 9 100 MGc9
n groupsot this forum. Size
H AS: The Regents at theirArLimit Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 2 Exoires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70
t September 18 meeting reaffirmed that
any regional conference held by the COUPON COUPON
Gay Leratipn Fronk would have toCOPNOU NCUO
m meet Fleming's criteria of being "edu- 125'
cational"; 40's GILLETEB oz.ARESHsN
- that in the future any student organi- T A 5PS
szation that wishes to hold a confer- TA M PI W TT IN G
ence beyond a statewide level must C!WHITE VANISHING
y show that such a conference is "edu-
i WHEREAS: It is a dangerous prece-RS
dent to allow Regents and admin-
istrators to make decisions as to which
e student organizations have the right
. to hold conferences;
- WHEREAS: To hold regional and na- 1
- tional organizational and planning Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70
al conferences at U. of M. is clearly with-
- in the rights of student organizations;
s has the right to recognize student or-
ganizations and all such organizations 10 oz 7 Oz 11 oz. 7oz4oz
11 have the same rights and that Univer-
e sity facilities must be made available SWISH
for any kind of conference a particular "OXZEMARJERGENS
t student organization wishes to hold;
e FURTHER RESOLVED: That Univer-Iail
- GLF -midwestern conference and that SKIN CREAM EXTRA DRYP l
'C SGC supoprts GLF's efforts to have HAND LOTION
their conference without having to DEODORANT SHAVE BOMB
s meet any "new" or "special" criteria;
n quests that the OSS Policy Board re- All With
view the matter and use that office to I Flavors
9- insure the rights and integrity of all Flavors Disposer
- student organizations. Limit i Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70
Approved: The following students
were appointed to the Office of Stu-
n dent Services Policy Board: Marcia COUPON COUPON COUPON COUPON COUPON
i- Abramson, Rackham; Edward Fabre,
Law School; Jerry De Grieck, LS&A;UGL DCKL G AQUE4 k
d Carol Hollenshead, LS&A; Susan Rains,
Schoolof Public Health. One Size One Size HOUSEHOLD
Appointed: Elyse Fox (LS&A) and
e John Latcorvich (Rackham) to fill the
two vacancies on the Bookstore Policy LAUNDRY DETERGENT SPO N G ES
I~Oc 75c 2CCRe.. CYCors
2.00 97 1 st $38Value ~Size R5 e.7Ce
African Studies Value Quality 43
A r a tu eLimit 2 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 2 Expires 10/12/70 Limit 2 Exoires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Exoires 10/12/70 Limit 1 Expires 10/12/70




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