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January 13, 1971 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1971-01-13

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Page Seven


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t j
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The Daily Official Bulletin is an
official publication of the Univer-
sity of :Michigan. Notices should be
sent in TYPEWRITTEN f o r m to
Room 3528 L.S.A. Bldg., before
2 p.m., ef the day preceding pub-
lication and by 2 p.m. Friday for
Saturday and Sunday. Items ap-
pear only once, Student organiza-
tion notices are not accepted for
publication. For more information,
phone 764-9270.
Day Calendar
R +.r< C rrsr .D Ctn< nn+ x+ sA n

Women's Recreational Swimming: --- Commissioner Floyd Taylor from Salem
Margaret Bell Pool Schedule, Winter Township, the county Republican and
Term, 1971: Pool opens Jan. 6, 12:15; Democratic Chairmen, and lawyers Ed-
Pool Closed - Spring Recess, Feb. 26, mund De Vine, Casper Cast, George
6:10: Pool Opens, Spring Recess, Mar. Stripp, Booker Williams, Richard Bene-
7, 3:00: Pool Closed, Mar. 14, 3-9; Pool dek, Jerald Lax, George Stewart, and
Closed, Mar. 21, 6-9; Pool Closed, Ed Commisky. A Selection Committee,
Mar. 25, 26, 27, 6-9; Michifish W a t e r chaired by Commissioner Taylor w i t h
Show, Mar. 25, 26, 27; Additional Re- member attorneys Devine and Stripp, is
creational Hours, Apr. 21-25; Pool Cbos- now at work. Applications were solicit-
ed. Apr. 25, 9 p.m. ed from members of the Washtenaw,
Sun., 3:00 - 5:00, Co-Rec; 6:30 - 8:30, County 'ar Association, but not
Michigan Night (UM Employees' Fami- through any broad advertising.)
lies). M n. 12:15 - 1:10, Women Only; Whereas: The Public Defender is ap-
5W15e n610y. Tesm 12:15 l1:10 Women pointed by and responsible to the
WomeOnlyy:Tue-.,:12:1W5m-n1:n1y,:ome-County Board of Commissioners, a n d
Only. 5:15 - 6:10, Women Only; 8:15 - therefore, not sufficiently buffered to
9:10, Women Only. Wed., 12:15 - 1:10, insure its independence;
Women Only; 5:15 - 6:10. Women Only;
Thurs. 12:15 - 1:10, Women Only; 5:15 - Whereas: The proposed 'location of
6 10, Women Only; 8:15 - 9:00, Women the office insthe County Building is not
Only (Except Feb. 4, All of March class desirable;
Meets). Fri., 12:15 - 1:10, Women Onlly; Whereas: The salary schedule is low-
7:00 - 9:00, Faculty Family Swim; 5:15 - er than that for the County Prosecutor
6:10, Women Only; Sat. 7:00 9:00, Co- and his staff;o

'FTive Easy Pieces':
Between two cultures!I

(Continued from Page 2)

Botany Seminar: R. Stewart, Studies
on the Flora of West Pakistan and SGC MINUTES
Kashmir," MattliaeI Botanical Gardens, Approved: The Office of the Public
4 p.m. Defender will be funded next year by
Education Research Seminar: Panel, a county appropriation of about $70,-
"Research in Education: Where is its an aferlgatthohte
ISptat, Schsormin Aud 4H p. n"Safe Streets Act of 1968" of about $35,-
Z tsLaw," 2019 Angell Hall, "4'On 000. This grant runs for five years, the
Physics Colloquium: R. Williams,federal contribution being reduced in
"Stratospheric Pollution by the SST," each succeeding year. The public de-
P&A Colloqf Rm., 4 p.m. ender plan is tantamount to a com-
P&A o~bo. Rm, 4 ~m.plete substitute for the system of court-
appointed attorneys for defendants in
General Notces felony and high misdemeanor cases in
G' the Washtenaw County Circuit Courts.
Three introductory films will be shown Whereas: The procedure followed for
in Seminar Rm at Computing Center: approval of the proposed Public De-
Jan. 11-15, "Basic Use of the' 29 Card fender Office and for the procedures of
Punch," 3:30, 4, 6:30, 7 p.m., "Advanced appointment have not permitted ade-
Use of the 29 Card Punch," 4:30, 5, 7:30, quate representation or hearings from
8 p.m ; Jan. 18-22, "Introduction to the client groups. (A twelve-member ad-
Use of the Teletypee in MTS," 3:30, 4:15, visory committee to set up the Public
6, 7:45 p.m. Defender Department included County

Resolved: That the Michigan Wol-
verine Bar Association be included in'
choosing the Public Defender;
j Further Resolved:: That SGC make
the following statement concerning the
Office of Public Defender, and that
Jerry D Grieck be made responsible to
convey the views of Council to the
proper bodies.
Statement: The Office of Public De-
fender is a new and important position
established by Washtenaw County, The
interests of fairness and justice dictate
the creation of such a post.
The person who oecomes Public De-
fender will have a very special clientele.
The people he will primarily serve will
be therpoor of Washtenaw County. It
is therefore imperative that the Public
Defender have the support and confi-
dence of his constituency.
The method now being enployed to
select the Public Defender prevents all
input into the selection process by
those the Public Defender is supposed
to serve. To allow three white conserva-
tive lawyers to act as the sole screening
committee is incredulous and an insult
to the people in this county.
As the student government of the
University of Michigan we see the need
for the inclusion of student views on
the subject of whom the Public De-
fender will be.
But more important, unless the input
of blacks and the poor are listened to
and sought, and unless the independ-
ence of the office is insured, the post-
tion of Puiblc Defender could become
of little value to those who the office
was intended to serve.
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niches is to be exiled from each.
You must choose!
Dupea chooses to evade the
choice. "I moved around a lot,"
he says. "Not because I'm look-
ing for anything really but be-
cause I'm getting away from
things that get bard if I stay."
It is from this movement
(though we see very little of it
in the film) that Five Easy
Pieces is labeled a road picture.
I think this is misplaced em-
phasis, but the road does func-
tion to underscore Dupea's di-
liemma. Technology homogen-
izes. It becomes master by re-
ducing all of us to consumption
machines and luring us into
pigeon-holes. As one of the les-
bian hitch-hikers says, "I had
to leave this place because I got.
depressed seeing all this crap."
Technology also impersonalizes.
When Dupea, caught in a free-
way tie-up, hops on a truck
with a piano in the back, his
music competes with a coaco-
phony of auto horns as the
hundreds of thousands of ;n-
terchangeable cobs grind on un-
feelingly to work.
But most of all, as Rafelson
shows in one of the film's most
brilliant scenes, technology sets
up its own irrational imperative.
Dupea tries to circumvent a
restaurant's rules by getting a
side order of toast. His waitress
tells him it can't be done, though
there is bread and a toaster.
Dupea flares and the waitress
points to the sign: We reserve
the right to serve ... He snaps
back, "You see this sign?" and
with a sweep of his arm knocks

the glasses onto the floor. It isĀ±
the oily response to a system
that has elevated nonsense to
the throne.
Technology. sensitivity, art,
happiness are the substance of
Five Easy Pieces, one of the
most full-bodied films in some
time. Adrien Joyce has written
a credible, sensible screenplay,
and Bob Rafelson, whose only
previous effort was the Monkee's
Head, directs with simplicity
and force. But what fuses the
film's parts is an intelligent
complex, disturbing performance
by Jack Nicholson, who, .with
Brando dormant, may be the
best film actor we have. Nichol-
son fleshes out the characteri--
zation with his tone of voice, a
nod of his head, a roll of his
eyes. He involves. he excites, he
mesmerizes. Perhaps the best
word for his Dupea is haunting.
You just can't forget it.
Unfortunately, Nicholson can-
not make Five Easy Pieces a
great film. Though it comes
close, it has several thematically
distracting scenes-notably the'
pickups in the bowling alley-
that should have been snipped,
and several others-Elton's ar-
rest, Dupea's confession to his
father-that should have been
reworked to better fit the whole.
But even with its faults, it is-
one of the most intelligent
American films I've seen, and I
think it will better stand the
test of time than more popular,
more fashionable pictures. It
doesn't tell us what's wrong
with America. It doesn't rub our
noses in the filth. It doesn't 'opt
for easy audience approval. It
does require us to think.
And when haven't we nee-ed
a film like that?




.,.i. .w





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662 5903,

Michigan League
227 S. Ingalls
11 A.M. to 8 P.M.
both days




Democratic Candidate for Re-election
in the 2nd Ward{
active supporter of Public .and Low Income Housing
active supporter of Ozone House and Drug Help r.
advocate of expansion of mass transit system
instrumental in development of air and water pollution curbs K
guided development of CATV Ordinance
developed neighborhood park on South University
strong supporter of new Housing Code
advocate of city-wide network of bicycle paths and parking
founded Mary Street Project for alienated youths
supported continuation of Summer Rock Concert series
authored Faber Report on South University riot
active supporter of Model Cities Program

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