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March 27, 1971 - Image 19

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The Michigan Daily, 1971-03-27

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Student Publications Board

of ntercollegiate athk

jim ledger

tom kettinger


Charles bloom

do nna Zman
services, but many students here feel
that they serve only an elite, unrep-
resentative group. This criticism is
directed most often at the Daily,
which is where I shall focus my cam-
Thus I shall try as a Board member
to exert pressure towards democratiz-
ing the Daily. Because the Board sets
the budgets for all student publica-
tions, it can control them to some ex-
tent. I feel it has a responsibility
to exercise this control, if only as
If enough students feel that they
have no voice in the present scheme
of University communications, then
perhaps a second newspaper could be
established. If this proves economi-
cally unsound, then the University
Record, established by the Regents as
a direct affront to the Daily, could
be reorganized with more student in-
I would also strive, as a Board mem-
ber, to amend the Daily's advertising
policies to exclude advertising which
is sexist or racist, which promotes
p.oducts or services that could be
harmful or unhealthful, or which is
specious or seems unethical. Under
the new advertising policy, the Daily
editorial staff would reserve judgment
on what is ultimately acceptable for

ISSUES such as the war, war recruit-
ing, the economy, and racism/sexism
have no bearing on my candidacy. They
have no direct bearing because they
are not the issues concerned with the
Board of Student Publications. I will
address to those factors I feel are
the key to my stand and my platform.
I saw recently in the Detroit News
that a reader wrote in telling the
News that the Michigan Daily was a
Leftist-radical newspaper and an aid
to Hanoi in the war. Also one of the
U of M Regents in commenting about
WCBN stated that he opposed the sta-
tion going to FM because he didn't
want it to become another Daily.
This is what I am against: the fact
that students cannot run a student
newspaper without flak from the out-
side. I am running for a position on
the Board of Student Publications be-
cause I feel the student interest and
control in their own publications,
the Michagensian, and especially the
Daily must be maintained. The Daily
is a good newspaper; better than many
local "professional" papers. But the
Daily is not a professional paper and
no one should expect it to be. It is
a paper for the student, by the stu-
dent and that is the way it should re-
main. Anyone who takes a different
view is only kidding himself and the
richard ross
representation on the Publications
Board is largely ceremonial; that the
Board itself can only serve as an in-
effectual sort of playground super-
visor; that visionary candidates will
direct their far-sighted platforms and
hard-driving ambitions to a more super-
charged vehicle of reform. Could be.
Yet, there can be no harm in electing
a competent representative to the Stu-
dent Publications Board. I respect-
fully seek your support.

THE GOAL of the Board should be to
maintain Michigan intercollegiate
athletics at the highest level pos-
sible. No one can argue with a com-
mitment to excellence unless such a
commitment, and the financial obli-
gations it entails, detracts from
other functions and responsibilities
of the University.
For this reason, the athletic de-
partment should be made as self-support-
tin; as possible. Full support should
be given by the Board for post-season
play in all sports as well as giving
further consideration to the idea of
applying a "need factor" in issuing
athletic scholarships. The Board must
also work as closely as possible with
recreation, intermurals (sic) and club
sports to achieve the most effective
use of all athletic-facilities and
they should see that Michigan contin-
ues to broaden its summer recreation
and coaching clinics for underprivil-
eged children.

bob sch Wartz
a corporation which holds the assets
of- the Michigan Daily, the Michagens-'
ian, the Student Directory, and other
student publications. It has no po-
litical function. Its purpose is to
ensure that free channels of communi-
cation exist on this campus and will
exist on this campus in the future.
The Board oversees the financial as-
pect of these publications and acts
as an advisory body on other matters.
It is in this advisory capacity
that it is essential that students be
well-represented. Problems which may
have existed in the past in the Daily
or the Michagensian.might be avoided
if students sensitive to the temper of
the campus are elected. It is impor-
tant to emphasize that the Board func-
tions in an advisory capacity and has
no formal power. Candidates decla-
ing that they will reform the Dail
or make a less expensive Student Dir-
ectory should be avoided.
The power of the Board of Studen+
Publications rests in the personal
contact between Board members and the
staffs of the various publications in-
volved. For that reason, it is impor-
tant that well-rounded students be
elected. It is important to stress
continuity in the dealings with the
several Michigan student publications
and not any reactionary reorganiza-

the Board-in-Control of Intercollegi-
ate Athletics, I think it is important
that the representative have a particu-
lar knowledge of the everyday affairs
of the three main areas of intercol-
legiate athletics: Varsity Athletics,
Club Sports, and Intramurals. I be-
lieve I possess that particular knowl-
As a freshman, I participated in the
Varsity Baseball team. Even though
baseball is considered by many to be
a minor sport, it has given me a-keen
awareness of some of the problems of
our sports program. For on the one
hand, I've realized the need for such
money sports as basketball and foot-
ball; but on the other hand, I see the
necessity to use the revenue of such
sports in a more equal manner. This
area is of primary concern to club
sports as well as non-revenue varsity
athletics. Club sports need added fi-
nancial aid along with an increased
availability of the University's sports
facilities. This extreme need for ex-
pansion of our current sports facilities
was also brought to my attention
through my independent use of these fa-
cilities and in participation in IM
sports. Everyone knows it is no fun
to have to wait an indefinite period
of time to be able to play a game of
paddleball or basketball.
OBVIOUSLY, then, there are many
areas to improve. I am not permitted
to go deeply into these areas in this
brief article, but I can only hope
you see that my participation and asso-
ciation with intercollegiate athletics
gives me that "particular" insight.
Remember that, and the name Tom Ket-
tinger March 30 & 31.

Board- in-Contro
Athletics is su
student communi
decisions made
the general con
not in the past
the student men
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enunciated on t
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ferent varsity
University cont
ships in this p
ships on the -ba
rather than on -
academic qualif
THESE are onl
which need to b
in-Control, tha
ered at present
3oard, I intend
to bring about s
the Board's pol.
believe that my
the student comi
informed of what
does take.

rose sue erstein
ALTHOUGH I do not need a platform for
this position since I am the only can-
didate, I think I should make known
my views:
Rather than spending large sums for
the elite few who participate in in-
tercollegiate athletics at the expense
of the many who prefer intramural com-
petition or informal recreation, I
advocate reversing the priorities.
More students will benefit from in-
creased spending on intramurals and
and recreational facilities than are
presently accomodated in the Univers-
ity's athletic scheme.
In addition, I support increased al-
lotments for women's sports. A quick
comparison of the Women's Athletic
Building with the existing facilities
for men reveals the innate sexism of
the present system.
Moreover, a glance at all the exist-
ing facilities reveals the inherent
bias against ordinary students seek-
ing recreation, a bias to the advan-
tage of a small elite of athletes.

club spori


fames epstein

THE FUNDING of ACRICS expires this year
and there seems to be some disagree-
ment concerning whether or not to re-
new financial support for the board.
It is important that ACRICS survive,
but it is equally vital that the board
be vested with more jurisdiction over
the operations of the intramural pro-
The board in control of Intercolle-
giate Athletics, the actions of which
affect a negligible percentage of the
student body in comparison with ACRICS
has actual jurisdiction over its area
of concern. ACRICS, however, exists
in only an advisory role, leaving Don
Canham free to judge the worth of the
Board's recommendations, and if he so
chooses to. ignore them.

permanently fur
with full authc
of the recreati
grams. The prc
the University
run completely
the community.
the erection of
need for the ne
but equally app
ness of the stu
bill for the st
tuition increas
sideration for .
vestigate ways
facilities coul
facilities prov
financial pressi


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